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London Coins Auction 169
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22 Bank of England 10 Shillings, 1 and 5 Pounds various design examples O'Brien to Somerset circa 1950's to modern, also accompanied by Guernsey, Republic of Ireland and Yugoslavia SFR 1990 issues (98) averaging Fine - VF and interestingly perfect or near perfectly folded examples in mostly brick pattern, with possibly an interesting story perhaps stuck in machine rollers or from storage, or even possibly kept by an origami enthusiast. Consists of various design examples as the Britannia medallion and H.M. Queen Elizabeth II both pictorial and portrait series. Includes a few first and last series prefixes and a replacement note. Also comes with Guernsey 1 Pound Pick 52c signature Clark and Ireland (Republic) Lady Lavery last date issues for their respective types (2) consisting of 10 Shillings Pick 63a dated 6th June 1968 later prefix 87P together with a 1 Pound Pick 64b dated 17th September 1970 prefix 97H. And the Yugoslavia (20) all comprised of 1990 issues 500 Dinars Pick 106 (10) and 1000 Dinars (10) stamped with the seal of Bosnia & Herzegovina Narodna Banka (National Bank) on watermark area. An interesting find £60 - £100
23 Great Britain & the Channel islands (10) all in average good Fine to VF and various issuers and issues. Comprising England (4) consisting of a Treasury 1 Pound Fisher Second issue T31 Dot in no. 1923 serial number C1/7 117577. Bank of England 1 Pound Catterns B225 Green Britannia medallion 1930 series M22 258760. Together with a provincial Newcastle upon Tyne Joint Stock Banking Company 5 Pounds Cancelled twice in ink handstamp (Outing 1515b) and a British postal order George VI for 2 Shillings issued office Babington Lane, Derby 1948 with no paying office stamp. Also Scotland (3) including The Royal Bank of Scotland 1 Pound Pick 336 1975 signature Burke prefix A/95. The Royal Bank of Scotland Limited 5 Pounds Pick 337a 3rd May 1977 signature Burke prefix A/51. And the British Linen Bank 1 Pound Pick 162a 30th September 1961 signature Anderson prefix T/3. Isle of Man Government (2) including a 50 New Pence Pick 28c signature Paul together with 1 Pound Pick 38 Tyvek signature Dawson. Also a Jersey 1 Pound Pick 11a signature Clement. A varied and interesting group £50 - £100
24 Ten Shillings Bradbury T9 First issue Dash in No. ornate font and 6 digit serial issued 1914 serial number A/20 198340, VF-GVF very minor ink on reverse but not affecting the note's general appearance. An interesting and scarce example of this type with only a single prefix A recorded and thru variety with letters "GE" of "POSTAGE" appearing in the watermark. A pleasing and very sought after collectible note, being in a fabulous condition considering it has been a little over a century since its official issue date £250 - £500
25 Ten Shillings Fisher T26 First issue Red dash in No. photogravure printing and Ireland in title issued 1919 serial number F99 451915, pressed GEF looks about UNC. A very pleasing and eye catching example of this early note, and very well kept considering it has been a century since their initial issue £200 - £400
26 One Pound Bradbury First Issue T3.3 Black Six-digit serial number Dot in No. issue 1914 series G/21 015545 original and relatively crisp GVF Rust Paper Clip Marks, Minor Edge tears one at paper clip mark, a Scarce and pleasing early note £150 - £300
27 GB Bank of England & Treasury issues (52) in mixed grades average VF-GVF and above comprising 10 Shillings to 5 Pounds various issues and cashiers, including a few scarcer notes as Hollom B296 Replacement issue 1963. Fforde B309 & B310 issues including a pair of consecutively numbered REPLACEMENT notes series M64 428337 & M64 428338, a further replacement note series M78 151683, plus a note with a FUN serial number 22X 222228. One Pounds QE2 portraited & seated Britannia most of which in consecutively numbered sets/pairs. Treasury 10 Shillings Fisher T30 issue 1922 serial number R34 349492. One Pounds Green Britannia medallion issues £110 - £220
28 Ten Shillings Fisher T30 Second Issue Red Serial No. omitted issue 1922 serial number O/39 139273 original and paper still relatively crisp VF - GVF Minor Rust Paper Clip Marks, Minor edge tear at one of the paper clip marks, serial number lightly faded and a presentable example getting Scarcer by the day £40 - £80
29 Treasury & Bank of England (9) in assorted mostly high grades ranging from VF-GVF to EF-UNC comprising Treasury 10 Shillings Fisher Second issue T30 Red serial No. omitted in prefix issued 1922 serial number P/55 343920. Along with Bank of England issues (6) consisting of O'Brien 10 Shillings B286 issue 1961 serial number B12 647593. Fforde 1967 issues (4) consisting of 10 Shillings (2) including B309 serial number 77Y 652749 & B310 serial number A66N 688409. 5 Pounds Fforde B312 FIRST series and an earlier prefix serial number R21 432253, considering series start with prefix R20. And 10 Pounds Lion & Key B316 serial number A85 800160. Page 1 Pound B322 issue 1970 serial number HU73 770233. The lot also comes with a copy of the 'English Paper Money' 5th Edition by Vincent Duggleby and British Armed Forces notes (2) involving a 1 Pound Pick M22a 6th series ND 1948 paper with metal strip serial number AA/9 515707 along with 10 New Pence Pick M45 ND 1972 serial number A/5 105532. A varied and desirable lot £75 - £150
30 One Pound Henry Hase White Note B201b dated 3rd November 1814 series No.20102 manuscript signature R. Lowe originally paper re-joined at right serial number and manuscript signature, probably originally for accounting purposes or similar, VG and an Exceptionally Rare note seldom seen, this example has been kept in a book in the possession of the vendor's family for a couple of generations £55 - £100
31 Five Pounds Harvey White note B209a dated 31st October 1922 serial number C/29 86193 LONDON branch issue EF very minor rust and Exceptionally Scarce note now almost a century old. Sir Ernest Musgrave Harvey was the 17th Chief Cashier which he became on the 6th May 1918 just as the end of World War I was approaching. The inflation caused during the war meant that demand for banknotes increased during Mr Harvey's time in office. Sir Harvey was knighted in 1920 and created a Baronet in 1933, among his other honours which were the CBE, Chavlier of the Legion of Honour and Chavlier of Leopold of Belgium. £300 - £400
32 Ten Shillings Mahon B210 Red-Brown issue 1928 FIRST series number Z37 914 549, VF - GVF and Rare example of the first Britannia medallion Red-Brown design 10 Shillings notes £90 - £180
33 Bank of England 1 Pounds different designs from various cashiers (4) in VF to UNC comprising a Scarce example of the first Britannia medallion Green design 1 Pound notes - Mahon B212 issue 1928 serial number B14 166800. Beale B268 Britannia medallion Green issue 1950 serial number W06B 110613. Page QE2 portrait & seated Britannia B305 serial number W51A 602680. And Somerset QE2 pictorial & Sir Isaac Newton B341 serial number CU81 951805. A desirable group £40 - £60
34 Bank of England 10 Shillings to 10 Pounds 1930's to modern (46) a pleasing collection in an album averaging VF to UNC incorporating the Bank's various designs, issuers and cashiers as Catterns, Peppiatt, Hollom, Fforde, Page, Somerset, Gill, Lowther, Kentfield and Salmon. Some earlier and scarcer issues include the Catterns (2) 10 Shillings B223 Red-Brown Britannia medallion prefix T01 and a 1 Pound B225 Green Britannia medallion Prefix K77. A Peppiatt Second Period World War II Emergency issue B251 Mauve Britannia medallion prefix K16D. Together with Hollom QE2 portrait issues (4) 10 Shillings B294 (2) and 1 Pounds B288 (2). Fforde QE2 portrait (5) including 10 Shillings B310, 1 Pounds B305 (3) including a last series prefix X41C, and 5 Pounds B314. Page QE2 portrait & pictorial (10) including 1 Pounds (7) including B320 (2) and B322 (5), 5 Pounds (3) B324 and B334 L Reverse (2). Somerset QE2 pictorial (11) consisting of 5 Pounds B343 L Reverse (8) including 2 last series prefixes LZ07 and LZ35 along with 10 Pounds (3) including B347, B348 L Reverse and B349 L Reverse 1mm windowed thread. Gill (5) 5 Pounds (3) including B353 L Reverse and B357 Crown at upper right (2) together with 10 Pounds B354 L Reverse (2). Kentfield 5 Pounds B364 Crown at upper right (2). Lowther 5 Pounds (2) B380 Crown at upper right and B393. Also, Salmon 5 Pounds B407 (2) with same prefix MA17 and fairly close numbers. £200 - £300
35 Ten Shillings Catterns B223 Red-Brown issue 1930 serial number S33 843633 about UNC - UNC and very desirable in these higher grades £110 - £170
36 One Pounds Britannia medallion 1930's and World War II period (4) in average VF - GVF and very collectible. Comprising a Catterns B225 Green Britannia medallion issued 1930 serial number W04 963407. Together with Peppiatt (3) consisting of a First Period B239 Green Britannia medallion Unthreaded issued 1934 serial number C64A 057395. Along with World War II Emergency issues B249 Blue/Pink Britannia medallion Metal Thread issued 1940 (2) serial numbers C08H 351308 and C08H 351308 the later lightly trimmed at left and right. A pleasing early collectible group £30 - £60
37 Ten Shillings Peppiatt & Beale Britannia medallion issues (5) in various grades VF - GVF to EF - GEF. Comprising Peppiatt examples of each period including First Period B235 Red-brown issued 1934 a LAST series prefix A52 903741, pinholes. Second Period WW2 Emergency Issue B251 Mauve Metal threaded issued 1940 a first series prefix Z80D 166447. Third Period B256 Red-brown Unthreaded issued 1948 using up pre-war stockpiled banknotes and supplies of paper and serial number 47O 187401. And a Fourth Period B262 Red-brown Threaded issued 1948 serial number 78K 016780. Together with the Beale B265 Red-brown issued 1950 serial number 95D 590399. A collectible and desirable group, sleeping in a collectors album for some time £80 - £160
38 Ten Shillings Peppiatt B236 Pre-war First Period Red-Brown Unthreaded issues 1934 (2) a consecutively numbered pair serial numbers 37R 118134 & 37R 118135. Both about UNC and very collectible £75 - £150
39 One Pounds Peppiatt (6) comprising different period examples in VF-GVF to about UNC - UNC including B239 Pre-war First Period Unthreaded issue 1934 serial number H85A 212334. B249 World War II Blue/Pink Emergency issues 1940 (4) including a consecutive pair serial numbers W89H 242357 & W89H 242358 along with E91E 739285 and U50H 870549. And B258 Post-war Third Period Unthreaded issue 1948 serial number S11A 724761. An attractive and collectible group £140 - £200
40 Bank of England 10 Shillings, 1 and 5 Pounds various design examples from Peppiatt to Gill circa 1940's to modern (38) in mixed grades averaging VF including a few better examples. Comprising Peppiatt 1 Pounds Britannia medallion issues (2) a World War 2 Emergency issue B249 and a Green Fourth Period B260. Beale Britannia medallion (2) including 10 Shillings B266 and 1 Pound B268. O'Brien (20) including a Britannia medallion 10 Shillings B271. 1 Pounds B281 first and last series prefixes (11) including prefixes as A09, A49, A55 and Z02, Z16, Z20, Z25, Z53, Z73, Z91 and Z93. Also, B282 (5) including some first series prefixes as 07A, 72A, 96A and 98A along with 71D and 94D. Together with B285 Replacement issues (2) prefixes M26 and M52. Hollom (3) consisting of 1 Pounds B288 (2) prefixes A32X and E44T together with 10 Shillings B294 prefix N33. Fforde (4) including 1 Pounds (2) consisting of B303 G Reverse prefix K64Z and B305 prefix T86C. Along with 10 Shillings B310 (2) prefixes C12N and C39N. Page (4) consisting of 1 Pounds (2) including B3222 prefix HX80 and B339 prefix 78R. And 5 Pounds (2) including B332 prefix D15 together with the later L Reverse (Lithography) issue B334 prefix 10C. Somerset (2) 1 Pound B341 W Reverse (Web-press) prefix DT73. Together with 5 Pounds B343 L Reverse prefix HX33. Also, a 5 Pounds Gill B353 L Reverse prefix RH90. An interesting amalgamation of various designs and issues £110 - £180
41 Great Britain & Channel Islands circa World War II onwards (23) in various grades ranging from Fine/VF to GEF - about UNC and an interesting amalgamation of notes. Comprising Isle of Man Garvey & Stallard signature issues (3) consisting of 10 Shillings Annigoni's portrait of QE2 Pick 24a (IOMPM M500, BY IM21a) ND 1968 serial number A 157078. 50 New Pence Annigoni's portrait of QE2 Pick 27a (IOMPM M507, BY IM22) ND 1969 serial number 091518. And 1 Pound Pick 29 (IOMPM M509, BY IM32a) ND 1972 serial number C894203. Also, Scotland (4) consisting of Bank of Scotland 1 Pound Pick 111f (BY SC109e) signatures Risk & Pattulo series D/99 0585738. The Royal Bank of Scotland plc 1 Pounds signature Maiden (2) in 2 different types including Pick 346 (BY SC832) series A/19 660591 and Pick 351a (BY SC833a) series A/41 486001 first prefix for this type. Also, a Clydesdale Bank plc 1 Pound Pick 211d (BY SC328d) signatures Hamilton series D/DW 920380 last prefix for type. Bank of England issues (15) consisting of a Peppiatt World War II Emergency issue 1 Pound B249 Blue/Pink Metal Thread issue 1940 prefix K34H. Fforde 10 Shillings QE2 portrait B310 prefix B54N. Page 1 Pounds QE2 portrait & pictorial examples (10) including examples of the last QE2 portrait design issues B322 (7) including LAST series consecutively numbered trio serial numbers HZ53 826434 - HZ53 826436, a consecutive pair LAST series HZ54 826010 - HZ54 826011 together with prefixes EU51 & EU56. Along with QE2 pictorial (3) consisting of B337 prefix X37 together with B339 (2) prefixes 35A and 71B. Somerset 1 Pounds QE2 pictorial B341 W Reverse (3) prefixes AS84, BY58 and DX46 Pound. The lot includes a Netherland Indies - World War II Japanese Occupation Dai Nippon Teikoku Seihu (Japanese Imperial Government) 1 Roepiah Pick 129 ND 1944 block SN. £25 - £50
42 One Pounds Peppiatt Second Period WW2 Emergency issues B249 Blue/Pink Metal thread Britannia medallion issued 1940 (11) all GEF - about UNC and in a consecutively numbered set U43E 792178 - U43E 792188 £70 - £140
43 One Pounds Peppiatt Second Period WW2 Emergency issues B249 Blue/Pink Metal thread issued 1940 (70) an impressive amalgamation of these always desirable notes and all are in very high grades on average EF-GEF some better and most in consecutively numbered sets. Serial numbers include M23H 363671 - 74, M34H 894790, N04H 127598-600, N04H 128910 - 12, N84H 289873-4, O31E 258863, O32E 585321, O83E 990283, T13E 791194 - 96, T29E 576948 - 955, T28E 762722, T29E 579605, T59E 920985, T29E 579151 - 53, B28E 030772, C96E 506261, D08E 159933, D18E 637918, D33E 563261, D41E 370373, D72E 497904, E96D 362332, K29H 771931 - 933, K73H 949302 - 04, K85H 705951 - 53, K95H 841151 - 53, L53H 772631 - 33, L62H 880570, L62H 880855 - 56, L71H 327637 - 40, L77H 282703 - 06 and L78H 566096 - 98. An impressive and eye-catching lot, these notes always very keenly sought after in higher grades £600 - £1,000
44 Bank of England 10 Shillings and 1 Pounds 1940's onwards including different cashiers and examples of the Britannia medallion and QE2 portrait/pictorial designs (23) in various grades averaging VF-GVF some a little better and comprising Peppiatt 10 Shillings WW2 Emergency issue B251 prefix B84D. Beale 10 Shillings B266 prefix T16Z. O'Brien 1 Pound B285 Replacement issue prefix M33. Fforde 10 Shillings (17) including B309 (4) prefixes 14R, 65R, 71R & 19U. B310 (12) including some closely numbered and 1 consecutive set prefixes B26N amongst prefixes B44N, C09N, C28N, C73N and C89N. Also, a B311 Replacement issue LAST RUN serial number M80 493192 and a Scarcer note. Page 1 Pounds (2) consisting of B320 prefix Y42K and B339 prefix 79W. Also, a Somerset 1 Pound B341 prefix CS54. £25 - £50
45 Ten Shillings Peppiatt B251 World War II Mauve Emergency issues 1940 (2) serial numbers J51D 486585 and K72D 863888. Both about UNC and always collectible and eye-pleasing £70 - £140
46 Ten Shillings Peppiatt Second Period World War II Emergency issue B251 Mauve Metal threaded Britannia design issued 1940 (26) most in original GEF - about UNC along few EF examples including the utmost outer notes of an original small bundle of 25 consecutively numbered notes serial numbers B66D 924752 through B66D 924776, an astonishing and exceptionally well kept find with notes still sticking as if were in the originally issued bundle. Also includes a serial number Z43E 981492. This lot certain to attract significant attention from both collectors and dealers alike, as these now almost 80 year old notes rarely appear in such high grades and in consecutively numbered bundles £200 - £400
47 Bank of England 5 Pound White notes (2) comprising a Peppiatt Second Period B255 Thick Paper Metal thread bearing the historical date 6th August 1945 on which the American B-29 bomber dropped the world's first deployed atomic bomb over the Japanese city of Hiroshima, serial number J90 069802 and this note in VF or near so. Along with a Beale B270 Thin Paper Metal thread issue dated 28th August 1950 serial number S42 089384 and this note in Fine. Both London branch issues and very collectible £75 - £125
48 Bank of England Peppiatt, Beale & Hollom 1940-60's issues (4) mostly about UNC - UNC includes 1 VF example comprising Britannia medallion issues as 1 Pound Peppiatt B260 Fourth Period Threaded serial number A28B 052585 and 10 Shillings Beale B267 Replacement 1950 serial number 16A 204739, this VF. Along with Hollom QE2 portrait (2) including B294 FIRST series K68 925630 along with B295 series 91H 121883. A desirable and collectible group £50 - £100
49 One Pounds Green Britannia medallion Threaded issues 1948 & 1955 (9) all in all in EF/GEF - about UNC some still retaining some fair embossing. Comprising of Peppiatt Fourth Period B260 Threaded issues 1948 (4) a consecutively numbered set serial numbers T26A 261501 - T26A 261504. Together with O'Brien B273 issues 1955 (5) a consecutively numbered set W57K 576910 - W57K 576914 and collectible examples of the last Britannia medallion design 1 Pounds £40 - £60
50 One Pounds Peppatt Fourth period B260 Green Britannia medallion Threaded issues 1948 (10) a consecutively numbered set serial numbers U05A 821610 - U05A 821619, all fresh and crisp about UNC - UNC and still retaining some original embossing. A desirable set in this high grade £100 - £200
51 One Pounds Peppatt Fourth period B260 Green Britannia medallion Threaded issues 1948 (5) a consecutively numbered set serial numbers U05A 821594 - U05A 821598, all crisp about UNC - UNC some with very minor marginal foxing but not endangering their general appearance and still retaining some original embossing £50 - £100
52 One Pounds Peppiatt Fourth Period B260 Green Britannia medallion Threaded issued 1948 (28) all averaging VF - GVF and comprising examples of almost all recorded prefix types including T46A, T57A, T70A, T92A, U12A, U97A, X10A, X53A, X64A, Y14A, Y45A, Y62A, Z66A, A24B, B01B, B38B, B47B, B90B, C04B, C78B, C84B, C89B, C99B, D35B, E05B, E73B, E79B and E88B. An attractive group perfect for both beginning a collection as well as filling the gaps for an advanced collection £50 - £100
53 Five Pounds Peppiatt White Note B264 Fourth Post-war Period Thin paper Metal thread dated 9th July 1947 serial number M65 088628 London branch, in a PMG holder and very high graded Choice UNC 64 Pinholes. Printed at St. Luke's Works, London these notes are seldom seen in such high grades £75 - £150
54 Ten Shillings a collection in a small album of the transition between designs 1950-60's period Red-Brown Britannia medallion and the QE2 portrait issues (51) with various cashier signatures and averaging VF-GVF to about UNC - UNC. Consisting of a Beale B266 Red-brown Britannia medallion issued 1950 prefix Y23Z. O'Brien (12) including the Red-Brown Britannia medallion B271 issued 1955 (3) prefixes R25Y, E85Y and Z80X. Together with QE2 portrait B286 issued 1961 (9) consisting of examples of the FIRST series prefixes A18, A27, A73, A78 and A83 along with B03, B68, D30 and E69. Hollom QE2 portrait issues 1963 (19) consisting of B295 (13) prefixes 40A, 11B, 92C, 93H, 76K, 03N and a consecutively numbered set of 7 notes prefix 14L. Also, B294 (6) including prefixes L53, L73, a consecutive pair R57 and a consecutive pair Z16. Along with Fforde QE2 portrait issues 1967 (18) including a Replacement issue B311 prefix M59. Together with B309 (5) prefixes including 77Z along with a consecutive pair 38Z and a consecutive pair of the LAST series 96Z. And B310 (12) including some numeronym prefixes amongst A05N, B01N, C01N spelling 'COIN' (4) along with LAST series D01N, a near consecutive set D02N (3) and a D15N. £70 - £140
55 Ten Shillings examples of the transition between designs 1950-60's period Red-Brown Britannia medallion and the QE2 portrait issues (4) with various cashier signatures and averaging GVF including a GEF - about UNC. Comprising Britannia medallion designs (3) consisting of a Beale B266 issued 1950 serial number X62Z 786943. Together with O'Brien B271 issued 1955 (2) serial numbers A90Z 828912 & D05Y 588818. Along with a Hollom QE2 portrait & seated Britannia B294 issued 1963 serial number S96 544442. A pleasing collectible group £20 - £40
56 One Pounds Beale & O'Brien a collection of the transition between designs 1950-60's period Britannia medallion and the QE2 portrait issues (33) in various grades averaging VF - GVF to EF - GEF/about UNC. Comprising Beale B268 Green Britannia medallion issued 1950 (13) including a FIRST series prefix H86B and LAST series prefix L59J amongst R81B, S60B, U64B, M73C, B67C, Z09C, A25J, A47J, B25J, D31J and J84J. Together with O'Brien (20) consisting of the B273 Green Britannia medallion issued 1955 (11) prefix M33J, O59J, R66J, S51J, W47J (2), S51K, S95K, J87L, U85K and W07K. Along with QE2 portrait & seated Britannia issued 1960 (9) including B281 (4) prefixes including a FIRST & LAST series A72 and Z71 together with B19 & B98. Also, B282 (5) prefixes including a FIRST series 35A amongst others as 10B, 81C, 09Y and 41Y. £50 - £100
57 Five Pounds Beale White note B270 Thin paper Metal thread dated 31st March 1952 serial number X42 005187 London branch and an original GVF. Printed at St. Luke's Works, London £60 - £100
58 Bank of England O'Brien & Hollom 1955-63 issues (11) in various high grades about EF - GEF to about UNC - UNC comprising O'Brien 10 Shillings B271 Red-Brown Britannia medallion (3) serial numbers C80Z 234013, C90Z 761866 and N56Y 196872. Together with 1 Pounds B273 Green Britannia medallion (2) serial numbers S72K 023844 & S11J 771625. Along with Hollom Ten Shillings QE2 portrait & seated Britannia B294 issues 1963 (6) serial numbers R36 275057, S38 256914, T22 039318, U27 057103, W77 029256 and X32 216813 £90 - £180
59 One Pounds O'Brien B273 Green Britannia medallion issues 1955 (3) a consecutively numbered trio serial numbers R09J 345635 - R09J 345637. All about UNC or near so £50 - £100
60 Five Pounds O'Brien Lion & Key B280 White £5 Symbol on reverse issued 1961 (5) a consecutively numbered set K08 275365 - K08 275369. All in PCGS Gold Shield holders and graded respectively for each serial number respectively as follows - Choice AU58 Details Minor Tear, Choice AU53 Details Minor Tear, About UNC 55, AU55 Details Minor Tear and About UNC 53 Details Minor Tear. These single cashier design, collectible and short-lived notes are always keenly sought after and an interesting fact about this issue is that opposing to regular convention of each prefix made of 1 million notes, instead each prefix for these notes was only going up to 960,000. According to the Bank a total of 649 million of the series B Helmeted Britannia notes were issued however this is not necessarily the same as the number printed or that all of them went into circulation. £90 - £140
61 One Pounds mostly QE2 portrait & seated Britannia O'Brien, Fforde, Page including some Somerset pictorial (160) a 'brick' and all in average VF to EF comprising O'Brien (87) including a B285 Replacement serial number M15 032452 amongst B281 issues (86). Fforde (67) including Scarce Replacement issues (3) as B306 (2) prefixes R04M and R08M and B308 series N02M 760906 amongst B301 (18), B303 (3), B305 (40) and B307 (3). Page issues B322 (3). Also the pictorial Somerset includes a B341 example prefix CT28 with torn notes - a left and right hand side pieces from different notes. £175 - £200
62 Bank of England Fforde, Hollom & O'Brien QE2 portrait & seated Britannia issues (21) in various high grades GVF-EF to about UNC - UNC comprising O'Brien (4) including 10 Shillings B286 issue 1961 (2) prefixes D14 and B64 along with 1 Pounds issue 1960 (2) B281 prefix W12 and B284 prefix B75N. Hollom 1963 issues (8) including 10 Shillings (2) B294 prefix R35 and B295 prefix 20H along with 1 Pounds (6) including B288 (4) prefixes D16X, a consecutive pair D19U and J09X and the G (Goebel printing) Reverse (2) prefixes D69T and LAST series L18X with obverse design slightly offset. And Fforde issues 1967 (9) including 10 Shillings (7) consisting of B310 (6) prefixes B70N, C25N, C55N (2) and a consecutive pair C93N along with B309 prefix 62Y. Also 1 Pounds B305 (2) consecutive pair prefix S60H. Some of the 10 Shillings Fforde accompanied by a vintage letter from A. Hopkins, Electrical Engineer & Contractor. £90 - £150
63 One Pounds Hollom & Page QE2 portrait & seated Britannia issues circa 1960's (36) all in various grades averaging VF-GVF to about UNC. Comprising Hollom (27) including the Scarcer Replacement issues (6) consisting of B290 prefix 75M. B291 prefix M05R. And B293 G Reverse (German Goebel printing) (4) including prefixes M04N, M06N, M24N and M25N. Together with B288 (18) prefixes A24W, A60Y, A64X, A68W, A85S, B11X, B87W, D08N, D60W, D79U, E01X , H83X, J15X, J74W, K05W, K89X, K90W and L19W. And B292 G Reverse (German Goebel printing) (3) prefixes L07X, D08N and D95T. A collectible and varied group £65 - £130
64 Five Pounds QE2 portrait & seated child Britannia Hollom, Fforde and Page circa 1960-70's (35) all averaging VF and comprising Hollom examples B297 Blue issued 1963 (4) prefixes H35, J90, N96 and a LAST series R07. Fforde B312 Blue issued 1967 (29) with examples from almost every recorded prefix for this type including S38, T23, T42, T70, U22, U26, U54, U86, W27, W34, W84, X39, X40, X54, X60, X71, Y36, Y43, Y58, Y62, Z28, Z29, Z44, Z57, Z76, Z78, Z83, Z89 and Z93. Together with Page 1971 issues (2) including the Rare B325 Replacement issue series 08M 654539 along with a B324 example prefix 78D. £195 - £225
65 Ten Pounds Lion & Key with examples from each cashier for this short-lived design 1964-71 including Hollom, Fforde and Page (24) in average VF comprising Hollom B299 issued 1964 single letter A prefix for this type (2) prefixes A21 & A38. Fforde B316 again single letter A prefix type continued from Hollom (15) prefixes including the very RARE FIRST RUN serial A41 159394 amongst others as A47, A49, A51, A52, A53, A54, A55, A58 (5) including a consecutive trio A58 562408 - A58 562410 and A61 (2). Together with the last of this design Page issues B326 issued 1971 (7) prefixes B12, B31, B38, B76, B79 and B84 (2). An interesting find certain to attract attention £260 - £300
66 Bank of England Fforde, Page & Somerset issues mostly 1 Pounds including a 5 Pound note (78) all in various grades ranging from good Fine - VF to about UNC - UNC. Comprising Fforde 1Pound QE2 portrait B305 issue 1967 prefix R43D. Page (33) consisting of a 5 Pounds QE2 pictorial & The Duke of Wellington B336 L Reverse (Lithography) issue 1973 prefix AX60 along with 1 Pounds QE2 pictorial & Sir Isaac Newton 1978 issues (32) different type examples including B337 (9) prefixes A57, B20, B23, C36, E68, K25, L21, T78 and X47. B339 (19) prefixes 24A, 11C, 25C, 20D, 17H, 73K, 60R, 57S, 62S (4) consecutively numbered, 05U, 06U (2) consecutively numbered, 35U, 38X and a LAST series 28Y. B340 (4) prefixes C65N, D05N, D39N and a LAST series E60N. Also Somerset 1 Pounds QE2 pictorial & Sir Isaac Newton B341 W Reverse (Web-press) issued 1981 (44) prefixes AU50, AU73, AW32, AW47, AX30 (4) as 2 closely numbered consecutive pairs, AX32, AX34, AX47, AX70, AX75, AY06, AY76, AZ78, AZ79, BN84, BR12, BS08, BS17, BT58, BT71, BU70, BZ24, BZ30 (2) a consecutive pair, BZ66, CN52, CN79, CR12, CR25, CS26, CT31, CU06, CY02, DN24, DN52, DR81, DX37, DW41 (2) a consecutive pair, DX24 and DY13. £100 - £200
67 One Pound Page QE2 portrait & seated Britannia B302 Replacement issue 1967 serial number M27R 355776 about UNC - UNC £50 - £100
68 One Pound Fforde QE2 portrait & seated Britannia B304 Replacement G (Experimental German Goebel printing press) Reverse issue 1967 very FIRST RUN serial number M29N 306078 in a PMG holder and graded Choice About UNC 58, Small tear and an Exceptionally Rare first run note especially in high grades £150 - £200
69 Bank of England 1 Pounds QE2 portrait & Pictorial issues 1967-81 (13) in various very high grades GEF - UNC comprising Fforde (4) including B307 gaps/links issues 1967 (4) two of which with G (German Goebel printing) on Reverse serial numbers R41B 195378, U10E 315339 along with a consecutive pair S60H 386903 & S60H 386904. Page (6) including QE2 portrait B320 issues 1970 (2) consecutive pair X70H 820387 & X70H 820388 along with QE2 pictorial B337 issues 1978 (4) serial numbers A29 102277, Y57 493985 and a consecutive pair Y57 493991 & Y57 493992. Along with Somerset QE2 pictorial B341 W (Web-press) reverse issues 1981 (3) a consecutive trio DX57 186945 - DX57 186947. £45 - £65
70 Ten Shillings QE2 portrait & seated Britannia issues mostly Fforde includes some Hollom circa 1960's (27) all in average VF comprising Fforde (25) including B309 (6) prefixes 93X, 03Y, 56Z (2), 60Z and 98Z. Along with B310 (19) prefixes A06N, A65N (2), A68N, A84N, A89N, A90N, A99N, B12N, B13N, B15N (3), B21N, B72N (2), B74N, B76N and B91N. Also the Hollom (2) B294 prefix W35 and B295 prefix 13K. £15 - £30
71 One Pounds Page QE2 portrait & seated Britannia B322 issues 1970 (12) all about UNC - UNC and in a near consecutively numbered LAST series set HZ29 273401 - HZ29 273414 £60 - £100

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