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14 Bank of England (37) 10 Shillings and 1 Pounds an attractive collection in an album of Britannia medallion issues with examples of every cashier late 1920's to mid-1950's issues Mahon to O'Brien all in mixed grades including GEF-about UNC examples and comprising scarcer earlier notes as the Mahon 1 Pound B212 series E87 876848. Catterns 1 Pound B225 series Y95 591918. Peppiatt (26) consisting of 10 Shillings B251 Mauve WW2 Emergency issues (3) prefixes W93D, S31D and X06E. Along with various period examples of the 1 Pounds (23) including First Pre-war period Unthreaded examples (7) consisting of B238 (6) prefixes 39M, 74O, 06U, 95Y, 62D and 93E together with the B239 LAST series prefix L36A. Second Period B249 WW2 Blue/Pink Emergency issues (11) prefixes B80E, E57E, O14E, R55D, Y30D, A27H, A07H, A06H, H54E, D96E and E01D. Third Post-war Period Unthreaded continued example B258 prefix R95A. Along with Fourth Post-war Period Threaded issues (4) prefixes including a FIRST series S82A together with W92A, X06A and Y27A. Beale (6) including 10 Shillings B266 (3) prefixes Y05Z, M46Z and X01Z. Along with 1 Pounds B268 (3) prefixes A91J, B21J and J26J. And O'Brien 10 Shillings B271 (3) prefixes B06Y, C92Y and D01Y. £180 - £300
15 Bank of England & Treasury (33) a selection of notes in a small album and in mixed grades from Good/Fine to UNC. Comprising Treasury 1 Pounds (2) including a Bradbury Third issue T16 Dot in No. 1917 serial number C/58 334995, inked number on reverse along with a Fisher First issue T24 Dot in No. 1919 serial number M/3 028710, 4 pinholes at upper left. Also comprises a selection of Polymer Churchill 5 Pounds B414 2016 (25) including a range of AA prefixes and a FIRST RUN AA01 prefix along with other later prefixes, some in consecutively numbered sets. Together with a Fforde QE2 portrait 10 Shillings and 1 Pounds (2), a Page QE2 portrait 1 Pound and a Somerset QE2 pictorial 1 Pound. The lot also comes with a Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe 50 Billion Dollars Pick 87 dated 2008. £150 - £200
16 Bank of England (12) comprising Hollom (1) Ten Pounds Lion & Key B299 issued 1964, series A32 449570, Fine with pinholes and inked numerals, Page (2) Five Pounds QE2 pictorial & The Duke Of Wellington, B336 "L" Reverse issue 1973, series AU73 328042, GEF and Ten Pounds Lion & Key, B326 issued 1971, series C36 986665, GVF, Page (4) One Pound QE2 pictorial & Sir Isaac Newton, B341 "W" Reverse issue 1981, series DX06 022799, GVF, Five Pounds QE2 pictorial & The Duke of Wellington, B343 "L" Reverse issue 1980, series DU26 579706, about UNC and Ten Pounds (2) QE2 Pictorial & Florence Nightingale, B346 issued 1980, a near consecutive number pair W61 583409 & W61 583411 both GEF, Gill (2) Five Pounds QE2 & George Stephenson, B352 Crown at top right issue 1990, series H35 730757 & B82 919588 both about UNC, and last Kentfield (3) Ten Pounds (2) QE2 & Charles Dickens, a consecutively numbered pair, B366 Crown at top right issue 1992, series A39 263721 & A39 263722 both about UNC, along with Twenty Pounds QE2 & Michael Faraday , B371 Crown top right issue 1991, series H40 826569, GVF with inked numerals £70 - £100
17 Bank of England 1 and 5 Pounds QE2 portrait & pictorial designs 1960-80's (16) in various mostly higher grades GVF to about UNC comprising Hollom 1 Pounds B288 (2) consecutive pair prefix B98R. Fforde 1 Pound B305 prefix N79H. Page (8) including 1 Pounds (5) B320 prefix BT72K and B322 (4) prefixes CY55, CY76, CY80 and DT80. Along with 5 Pounds The Duke of Wellington (3) including B332 prefix C32 together with B334 L Reverse (2) prefixes 22Y and 46X. Somerset 1 Pounds B341 W reverse (5) prefixes CX67, CY20, DN47, DT42 and DY08. £50 - £70
18 Bank of England 1 Pounds Green Britannia medallion examples circa 1930-40's (4) comprising a Catterns example B225 serial number J58 733105 in about VF and pleasing. Along with Peppiatt examples (3) consisting of First Period B238 Unthreaded Pre-war issues (2) including serial numbers 14M 484445, EF and a LAST series 18Z 736305, in about UNC and very pleasing in this high grade. Accompanied by a Fourth Period B260 Post-War Threaded issue and a FIRST series example serial number S40A 856918, VF - GVF. These notes are always collectable and becoming scarcer with early examples as Catterns approaching the century old mark. £50 - £100
19 Bank of England 1 Pounds various designs and cashiers circa 1940's to 1980's (14) mixed grades average VF or about to GEF-about UNC comprising Peppiatt (2) including a Second Period B249 Blue/Pink World War II Emergency issue 1940 prefix B32E along with Third Period B258 Green Britannia Medallion Post-War Unthreaded issue continued 1948 prefix S21A, and a scarcer type. Beale B268 Green Britannia medallion threaded issue 1950 prefix T65C, possible original ink-transfer in printing small smudge, from what appears to be a part of some from the flourishes, near lower left serial number. O'Brien (5) consisting of Green Britannia medallion 1955 issues (2) including B273 prefix A78L and 274 Replacement issue serial number S77S 749116, this with minor repair & erasure and 2 pinholes. Together with QE2 portrait & Seated Britannia issues 1960 (3) consisting of B281 prefix L21, B282 prefix 66C and a B285 Replacement issue serial number M45 583595, this about UNC and pleasing. Hollom QE2 portrait & seated Britannia B288 issue 1963 prefix J45S. Fforde QE2 portrait & seated Britannia 1967 issues (2) consisting of B305 prefix S60J and B307 G Reverse prefix R71L. Page QE2 portrait & seated Britannia issues 1970 (2) including B320 prefix W69E and B322 prefix HU74. Also a Somerset QE2 pictorial & Sir Isaac Newton B341 Green W Reverse issue 1981 first series prefix AN15. A pleasing and collectable group £40 - £80
20 Bank of England 10 Shillings to 20 Pounds mid 1900's to present, varied examples of designs and cashiers Beale to Cleland (24) all in mixed mostly high grades ranging from VF-GVF to about UNC - UNC. Comprising Beale Green 1 Pounds Britannia medallion issues B268 (2) prefixes A40J & B55C. O'Brien Green 1 Pound Britannia medallion B273 prefix J43K. Hollom QE2 portrait (3) including 10 Shillings B295 prefix 64B, 1 Pound B288 prefix C06R and 5 Pounds B297 prefix H07. Fforde QE2 Portrait (2) consisting of 10 Shillings B310 prefix C41N and 1 Pound B305 prefix S32D. Page (4) 1 Pound QE2 Portrait B322 prefix HU06, 5 Pounds QE2 pictorial B336 L Reverse (2) prefixes including a FIRST series AN08 along with CR78 and a 10 Pounds Lion & Key B326 prefix C45. Somerset QE2 pictorial (3) including 1 Pound B341 W Reverse prefix AR73 along with a pair of 5 Pounds QE2 pictorial B343 L Reverse (2) prefixes EX06 and DZ25. Kentfield (2) 5 Pounds QE2 pictorial B364 prefix AD48 and a 20 Pounds B375 prefix CH21. Lowther (4) including a pair 5 Pounds B393 (2) prefixes HB23 and JA62, a 10 Pounds B390 "AND COMPANY" prefix AJ07 and 20 Pounds B386 prefix AA29. Bailey 20 Pounds B402 prefix DH79. Together with a consecutive pair of the Cleland 5 Pounds Polymer B414 (2) prefix AJ54. £130 - £200
21 Bank of England 10 Shillings to 5 Pounds O'Brien, Hollom & Page 1950-80's (13) all in GEF to about UNC comprising 1 Pounds O'Brien B273 Green Britannia medallion issued 1955 (4) a consecutively numbered set Z35K 948096 to Z35K 948099. 10 Shillings QE2 portrait & seated Britannia B295 Red-brown issued 1963 (4) a consecutively numbered set 65A 175996 to 65A 175999. Together with Page issues (5) including 1 Pounds QE2 portrait & seated Britannia (3) a consecutive trio serial numbers AN19 217588 to AN19 217590. Along with a near consecutively numbered pair 5 Pounds QE2 pictorial & The Duke of Wellington B336 L (Lithography) Reverse (2) serial numbers BY07 991881 & BY07 991883. £25 - £50
22 Bank of England 5 and 10 Pounds Kentfield & Lowther FIRST RUN LOW matching serial numbers 997 (3) consisting of 5 Pounds Lowther B380 issue 1999 prefix EA01 along with the 10 Pounds Kentfield of the 2 design types - B366 Crown at upper right issue 1992 prefix A01 and the B369 Denomination at upper right issue 1993 prefix DD01. All UNC and a very desirable set £110 - £180
23 Bank of England Lowther & Bailey issues (19) all circulated and a pleasing mid-grade group Fine to VF/GVF consisting of 10 Pounds Bailey QE2 pictorial & Charles Darwin B400 Orange-brown issues 2004 (9) including prefixes CD79, CE33 this with inked numerals at reverse upper margin, DC31, DD06, DD41, DJ47, EA20, HH60 and JB76. Together with 20 Pounds Lowther QE2 pictorial & Sir Edward Elgar B386 Purple & Black Foil hologram Windowed thread issues 1999 (5) prefixes AD27, BE41, BE77, BK58 and CE72. £180 - £260
24 Bank of England matching FIRST RUN LOW serial number pair 5 and 10 Pounds (2) both UNC comprising 5 Pounds Lowther QE2 & George Stephenson B369 Turquoise Crown at upper right issue 1999 serial number EA01 000964 together with 10 Pounds QE2 & Charles Dickens B369 Orange-brown Denomination at upper right on obverse and reverse issue 1993 serial number DD01 000964. £45 - £75
25 Bank of England matching FIRST RUN LOW serial numbered pair 1 and 10 Pounds number 324 (2) both UNC or about comprising 1 Pound Somerset QE2 & Sir Isaac Newton B341 Green 'W' Reverse serial number AN01 00324, this with a minor stain to marginal area. Along with the 10 Pounds Kentfield QE2 & Charles Dickens B369 Orange-Brown issue with denomination symbol at upper right 1993 serial number DD01 000324. Exceptionally rare and very collectable pair with these low numbers. £45 - £90
26 One Pound Bradbury Second Issue T11.1 De La Rue Black Type one prefix with letter only issued 1914 serial number F/17 37790, VF or about and an overall pleasing appearance with a small 3mm tear at centre fold at top margin and a 22x3 mm oblong tear to lower margin and both tears not extending to design. a scarcer note , now over a century old note watermarked with the denomination, the four British emblems (Rose, thistle, shamrock and daffodil) and the George V Royal cypher. £50 - £90
27 One Pound Bradbury Third Issue T16 Ireland in title & Dot in No. issue 1917 serial number D/20 143631, VF and always collectable note now being a little over a century old and similar notes of the type featured in the popular British Drama series Peaky Blinders with cast including popular actors as Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy CBE, Paul Anderson, Aiden Gillen, Sam Neill and others. For any fans of the show this could be a unique chance to acquire a real piece of history from that period. £65 - £100
28 One Pound Bradbury Third Issue T16 Waterlow Bros & Layton photogravure printing in Brown, Purple and Green and Dot in No. issue 1917 FIRST series prefix A/24 431942, VF or about with a set of pinholes to upper left body and 3 small pinholes to centre right body. Rare and always collectable note now over a century old £45 - £70
29 Ten Shillings Bradbury Third Issue T18 Dash in No. Black serial number and single prefix A variety recorded only 1 to 40 issue 1918 serial number A/3 156998, Fine - VF with several Pinholes in the body of the note but fairly well kept, presentable and Very Rare now more than a century old note. An interesting inked annotation on the reverse reads "U.D.F to F.U.G / Peace day / 11 Nov 1918" which is indeed the date of the armistice signed at Le Francport near Compiegne that ended fighting on land, sea and air in World War I between the Allies and Germany, also known as the Armistice of Compiegne where it was signed at 5:45 a.m. by the French Marshal Foch and came into force at 11:00 a.m. Paris time on 11 November 1918 and marked a victory for the Allies and a defeat for Germany, although not formally a surrender. It is uncertain if the lettering was made on this exact date but it is very likely as the first issue date for these notes is 22nd October 1918 which puts them at the appropriate time, so this makes a very interesting piece which possibly had and still is bearing a significant historical echo across the decades £110 - £220
30 Ten Shillings Fisher T30 Second Issue Red Serial No. omitted issue 1922 LAST series number S25 853114 about EF small Pinhole and Scarce £70 - £100
31 Ten Shillings Mahon B210 Red-brown Britannia medallion issue 1928 FIRST series prefix serial number Z98 924025, GVF and Rare example of the first Britannia medallion Red-Brown design 10 Shillings notes £120 - £180
32 Ten Shillings Mahon B210 Red-brown Britannia medallion issue 1928 serial number X50 887415, VF or slightly better £70 - £100
33 One Pound Green Mahon B212 issued 1928 FIRST series serial number A36 452495 crisp GEF retaining some original embossing and very Scarce £50 - £90
34 Ten Pounds Mahon White note B216f MANCHESTER Branch issue dated 9th March 1927 serial number 103/V 75930, VG tape repairs, faint original ink annotations and an Exceptionally Rare branch note especially of this early variety. These early branch notes very seldom offered £200 - £270
35 One Pound Catterns B225 Green Britannia medallion issue 1930 serial number L13 462436, a pleasing and eye-catching GEF - about UNC with only 1 faint centre fold. £35 - £55
36 One Pound Catterns B226 Green Britannia medallion issue 1930 serial number 40A 0018470, GVF and a Rarer type £55 - £85
37 One Pound Catterns B226 Green Britannia medallion issue 1930 serial number 89A 530321, pressed EF £60 - £90
38 Ten Shillings Peppiatt First period B236 Red-brown Britannia medallion Pre-war Unthreaded issue 1934 LAST series 48O 163900, about UNC and Rare in these higher grades £50 - £90
39 One Pounds Green Britannia medallion issues circa 1934-55 (3) comprising Peppiatt issues (2) including the First Period B239 Pre-war Unthreaded issue 1934 and a LAST series serial number L21A 382818, GEF and the Fourth Period B260 Post-war Threaded issue 1948 and a last prefix of the FIRST series serial number S99A 155797, VF. Together with the O'Brien B274 Green Replacement issue 1955 serial number S73S 981196, EF-GEF and Scarce. £45 - £65
40 One Pound Peppiatt World War II Guernsey overprint B239A Duggleby Type A overprint September 18th, 1941. with dot after year on obverse only and serial number E15A 639414, VF Scarce and always collectable £160 - £240
41 Bank of England amalgamation of high-grade PMG Certified notes (3) comprising a Peppiatt World War II Emergency issue 1 Pound B249 Blue/Pink Britannia medallion Metal thread issued 1940 serial number O50D 454214 graded PMG About UNC 53 EPQ (Exceptional Paper Quality). Hollom 1 Pound QE2 portrait & seated Britannia B288 Green issued 1963 FIRST series serial number B95N 441502 graded PMG Choice UNC 64. Along with Fforde 10 Shillings QE2 portrait & seated Britannia B309 Red-brown issued 1967 serial number 94Z 317729 an Exceptionally high grade note PMG Superb Gem UNC 67 EPQ (Exceptional Paper Quality), with PMG having recorded only 22 examples in this grade and only 1 in the higher 68 grade at the time of writing. A very pleasing group £40 - £80
42 Ten Shillings Peppiatt Second Period World War II Emergency B251 Mauve Britannia medallion issues 1940 (2) serial numbers C94D 261448, EF and K67D 970241, about UNC - UNC. Always collectable and appealing designs, very sought after in higher grades £40 - £60
43 Five Pounds Peppiatt White Note thick paper B255 dated 19th November 1945 K81 074686, GVF looks better £60 - £120
44 Ten Shillings Peppiatt Fourth period B262 Red-brown Post-war threaded Britannia medallion issue 1948 LAST series prefix 41E 296600, EF or better £30 - £55
45 Ten Shillings Beale B266 Red-brown Britannia medallion issues 1950 (4) a consecutively numbered set serial numbers R55Z 417279 - R55Z 417282, all about UNC £70 - £120
46 One Pound Beale B269 Green Britannia medallion Replacement issue 1950 and a very LAST RUN serial number S70S 202699, GVF and a Rare note £65 - £100
47 Ten Shillings O'Brien Offset (misalignment) ERROR B271 (BY E2d(iii)) Red-brown Britannia medallion issue 1955 serial number Y44Y 005834, VF. Parts of the Britannia medallion and the denomination value with ghost impressions at centre left. £50 - £90
48 Bank of England along with a Wales Black Bull 5 Swllt-Shillings (12) in various grades VG to GVF comprising a Five Pounds O'Brien White note B276 dated 5th August 1955 serial number A44A 007471. A pair of the Peppiatt Second issue World War II Emergency 1940 issues (2) including a 10 Shillings B251 Mauve series Z71D 814200 and the 1 Pound B249 Blue/Pink series H34H 753086. A pair of 10 Shillings QE2 portrait Fforde B310 issues (2) last series prefixes D16N and D27N. A consecutively numbered trio of 1 Pounds QE2 portrait Page B322 (3) last series HZ 32 041070 - HZ32 041072. Together with another consecutive trio 1 Pounds QE2 pictorial Somerset B341 W Reverse (3) series AY54 357391 - AY54 357393. £15 - £30
49 Five Pounds O'Brien Lion & Key (4) average VF to about EF comprising B277 Shaded Symbol variety LAST series prefix serial number E13 240808. Along with the later 1961 B280 White Symbol variety (3) all FIRST series prefixes serial numbers H29 504070, H94 324243 and H94 860892. £70 - £140
50 Bank of England Hollom QE2 portrait & seated Britannia 1963 issues (2) comprising a 10 Shillings B296 Red-brown Replacement issue serial number M45 232985, GVF-EF. Together with 1 Pound B288 Green issue and a LAST series serial number B06Y 495269, EF-GEF. £25 - £50
51 Five Pounds Hollom QE2 portrait & seated child Britannia B297 Blue issue 1963 (60) all circulated in various grades in the range of VG to VF, some with inked or pencilled accounting numerals and include prefixes some of which from the first series - A18, A36, A41, A47, A48, A53, A55, A56, A58, A65, A67, A70, A73, A76, A78, A79, A82, A85, A86, A89, A90, A93, A95, A97, A97, B01, B04, B04, B05, B12, B15, B18, B25, B32, B41, B52, B64, B66, B70, B74, B75, B79, B82, B96, C04, C19, C21, C22, C27, C29, C29, C33, C35, C35, C38, C45, C48, C50, C78 and C92 £285 - £365
52 Five Pounds Hollom QE2 portrait & seated child Britannia B297 Blue issue 1963 (66) all circulated in various grades in the range of VG to VF, some with inked or pencilled accounting numerals and include prefixes some of which from the first series - £315 - £385
53 Bank of England Fforde QE2 portrait & seated Britannia Replacement issues 1967 (2) comprising a 10 Shillings B311 Red-brown and a very LAST RUN serial number M80 373635. Together with the 1 Pound B302 Green serial number M33R 409195. Both about UNC - UNC and very Scarce in high grades £50 - £100
54 One Pounds Fforde QE2 portrait & seated Britannia Green G (Goebel) Reverse Replacement issues 1967 (2) comprising B304 serial number M37N 819414 and B308 serial number N03M 433795, both about UNC - UNC and Scarce in these high grades £60 - £100
55 One Pounds Fforde QE2 portrait & seated Britannia 'slip & stick' ERROR pair B305 (BY Error Ref. E3h) issue 1967 (2) matching different ERROR serial numbers - the upper left serial number T74L 011076 and lower right T74L 011077. A seldom seen ERROR pair of notes both in GVF-EF £150 - £300
56 One Pound Fforde QE2 portrait & seated Britannia B306 Green Replacement issue 1967 and a very FIRST RUN serial number R01M 948457, about UNC and Exceptionally Rare and sought after in this high grades £170 - £250
57 One Pounds Fforde QE2 portrait & seated Britannia B308 Green G (Goebel) Reverse Replacement issue 1967 (2) a consecutively numbered pair serial numbers N08M 917162 & N08M 917163, both about UNC - UNC and Seldom seen as a high grade consecutive pair £60 - £100
58 Five Pounds Fforde QE2 portrait & seated child Britannia issues 1967 (34) all circulated and in various grades ranging from about Fine/Fine to VF some with inked/pencilled accounting numerals and include a few examples of the first series prefixes from B312 (31) R55, R59, R67, S12, S23, S83, T16, T72, T92, U83, U85, W46, W48, W70, W76, X04, X44, X50, X54, X62, X97, Y14, Y37, Y44, Y50, Y97, Z13, Z69, Z70, Z72, Z75 and B314 (3) - 06B, 29B and 50A £160 - £220
59 Five Pounds Fforde 1967 portrait issue B313 Replacement series M24 705769 GEF with some minor dirt however a rather scarce piece £40 - £60
60 Ten Pounds Fforde Lion & Key B316 Brown issued 1967 (4) a consecutively numbered single prefix type for this cashier set serial numbers A88 382184 - A88 382187, EF and always collectable notes £40 - £60
61 One Pound Page QE2 portrait & seated Britannia ERROR note B320 (BY Error Ref. E3f(iii)) issue 1970 with different serial numbers - at upper left U85B 886948 and at lower right U85B 886949, about UNC - UNC £35 - £60
62 One Pound Page QE2 portrait & seated Britannia B322 Green issue 1970 and a VERY LAST RUN serial number HZ63 832746, UNC and Exceptionally Rare in this superb grade £160 - £220
63 One Pound Page QE2 portrait & seated Britannia B322 Green issue 1970 very LAST RUN serial number HZ63 832748, fresh and crisp choice UNC and very Rare and keenly sought after in this superb grade by both collectors and dealers alike. For a consecutively numbered note to this see next lot £175 - £300

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