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London Coins Auction 169
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1 Anglo-Russian Cotton Factories second charge debenture certificates for £100 dated 1897, pink & black (5) with coupons, VF to EF £50 - £75
2 Australia and South Africa (3) Australia, Tasmania Government debenture for £100 sterling, 1867, issued bond, blue/black with GB Royal seal, a rare early Australian document, some light creases, Good Fine, South Africa (2), English and French Gold Mines Syndicate Limited, 1895, bearer warrant for 5 Shares of £1 sterling, blue/green and pink, slight discolouration on the top edge otherwise NVF. Transvalia Land Exploration and Mining Company Limited, Pretoria, 1889, bearer bond for one share, text in three languages, English, French and Afrikaans, Good Fine with minor pencil annotation at the top left £75 - £100
3 China (2) The 27th Year Gold Loan of the Republic of China (1938) $5 US, Blue with red/orange panel at top left, some folds, Near VF with 12 coupons, The 29th Year Gold Loan of the Republic of China (1940) $5 US, Blue with red panel at top left, VF with 38 coupons £45 - £70
4 Ephemera includes Bank Deposit Receipts, includes some 18th and 19th Century items, also a group of documents of Temporary Regulations relating to the re-opening of the Stock Exchange 1916-1917, in varied condition (small lot) £25 - £75
5 Great Britain (21) The Kinetic Company Limited, 1910 issue for £3500 First debentures, each for £10 (18) VF to GVF, East London Water Works Transfer certificate, No. 2170, dated 19th January 1822, printed on vellum, Fine with some light folds, Insurance Policy Provident Life Office , dated August 15th 1841, some folds, Good Fine, The Victoria Palace Limited, 1929, Share Certificate for 210 shares, red/brown with a picture of the Victoria Palace incorporated into the title heading. The Victoria Palace was situated in Victoria Street, London, was built for Sir Alfred Butt who introduced Pavlova to London, a statue of the ballerina was placed on top of the theatre, maroon, red ink cancellation and paper clip mark on the top edge, Good Fine £85 - £165
6 Great Britain, Liverpool Conquitt Street Tontine Share Certificate, No.76, dated January 1807, printed on vellum, ink cross across text, lightly soiled as normal , an early certificate, Fine or better £100 - £150
7 Great Britain, The Weymouth & Portland Railway Company Mortgage Deed No.13, for £1000, dated 30th March 1864, with re-attached counterfoil, hole cancelled, Good Fine £125 - £175
8 Great Britain, The Weymouth & Portland Railway Company Mortgage Deed unissued (18--), No.30 (will date around 1860), with counterfoil and coupons attached on the right, some edge staining otherwise VF or better £75 - £100
9 Malaya, Galang Besar Rubber Plantations Ltd., bearer warrants (6) for twenty five shares of 2 Shillings each, 5 dated 1937 and one dated 1935, vignette of plantation being worked, text in English & French, black & green, with coupons, all VF £250 - £350
10 Russia City of Nikolaef 1912 Loan, first issue, blue, bonds for £100, 945 Roubles, with coupons, VF (4), Russia, Petrograd, Tchoodovsky Cement Works 500 Roubles blue (2) both VF, Russia Black Sea Railway Company 1913 4 1/2% Loan, 187 Roubles 50 Kopeks, green with ornate patterned border, VF with 9 coupons (6 items in lot) £70 - £105
11 Russia Railway bonds (5) The Russian South-Eastern Railway Company 1914, 4 1/2% bonds (3) £500 red, £100 blue and £20 brown with some coupons, GF to NVF the £500 with some tears and folds, Troitzk Railway Co. 1913 Loan issue bond for £500, 4725 Roubles, black on red with ornate border, with UK revenue stamp and with coupons, Near VF, 1909 D'Eisk Railway 4 1/2% loan for 100 Roubles, brown, VF or better with two coupons £100 - £175
12 Russia, Imperial Government of Russia 1890, 1250 Gold Roubles, Consolidated 4% Railroad bonds (2), red , Fine to Good Fine with some coupons (detached), with pinholes, one with an edge tear, along with Russia City of Moscow 1908 Loan, 189 Roubles, black on orange with ornate border, with UK revenue stamp, Fine with two coupons, Russia, Ville de Kharkov 1911 Loan, 187 Roubles 50 Kopeks, brown with decorative vignettes of the city in each corner, ornate border, no coupons, VF and trimmed £110 - £175
13 Russia, The Russian General Oil Corporation bearer certificates for 25 shares of £1 each (2), dated April 1918, text in three languages, English, French and Russian, red/orange VF with coupons. China 5% Kaiserlich Chinesische Tientsin-Pukow-Staatseiosenbahn-Anleihe, 1908 Deutsche-Asiatische Bank issue bond for £20 lilac and blue/green, with coupons, Good Fine with central fold. Bulgaria 7% Settlement Loan 1926, bonds for £100 sterling (2), red with vignette of farming scene and haystacks, one with staple and pinholes, the other with a small pencil annotation at the top, each with coupons, VF £80 - £130
14 Sweden Kreuger & Toll share certificates for one share (20) 1928, 19 pieces dated Stockholm 1/7/1928 and one piece dated Stockholm 15/6/1928 Fine to VF with coupons £80 - £160
15 USA (10) The New York Central Railroad Company 1964 Share certificate for 100 Shares, blue VF with a tear on the top edge. The Western Union Telegraph Company 1968 Share certificate for 100 Shares, red, punch hole cancelled, stapled VF. The Grand Union Company 1962 Share certificate for one share, green, GVF with some pinholes and a staple, punch hole cancelled. Eaton & Howard Balanced Fund 1962 Share certificate for 100 shares, green, punch hole cancelled, GVF. American Telephone and Telegraph Company 1971, share certificate for 100 shares, ink annotations, VF. LNC Corporation 1962, Share certificate for 100 shares, blue ornate border, vignette of eagle, punch hole cancelled, VF. Bond Stores, Incorporated, 1945 Share certificate for 100 shares, GVF. Magma Copper Company 1943, Share certificate for 30 shares, orange, VF, The International Nickel Company 1917 Share certificate for 50 shares black on green, punch hole cancelled NVF with some stains and old staple residue, The Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company 1943 Share certificate for 25 shares, orange, punch hole cancelled, NVF £50 - £100
16 USA (8) USA National Union Bank, Philadelphia 1866 Share Certificate for 6 shares of $50 each, VF with some folds, USA Railway shares and scrip certificates (7) Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railway Company Share Certificate 10 shares of $100 each 1890 Vignette of Cattle at watering hole at top, VF with two cancellation punch holes. Utica, Clinton and Binghamton Rail Road Co. 1927, Share Certificate for 36 shares, cancelled, small tears and pinholes otherwise around VF. The Cincinnati, Washington and Baltimore Railroad Company 1883 Third Mortgage Bond Scrip Certificate for $105, small central hole, otherwise VF. Missouri Kansas Texas Railroad Company 1929 Share Certificate for 5 shares, orange, vignette of steam train at the top, VF with cancellation punch holes. Missouri Kansas Texas Railroad Company 1928 Share Certificate, preferred stock, Series A, 7 per cent, for 7 shares, brown, vignette of steam train at the top, cancelled with punch holes, Near VF with some foxing and a small pencil annotation at the top right corner. Dubuque and Pacific Railroad Company, State of Iowa 185- (unissued) share certificate for $100 EF. Baltimore and Ohio Southwestern Railway Company share certificate for 10 Shares, shares $100 each, green with round vignette of steam train at the right, signed but unissued 18-- (1899) GVF £75 - £140
17 USA Confederate States (4) Confederate States of America, Fourth Series, Section 6 of February 17,1864, $1000 6% Loan, black on brown/sepia with vignette of equestrian statue of Washington, edge with some creasing and small tears, Fine with coupons. Confederate States of America, Act of February 20 1863, $1000 8% Loan bond dated Richmond 2 March, 1863, (Ref. Ball 201), signed by Rose, printed by G. Wojciechowski, vignettes of President Jefferson Davis & view of Richmond, with coupons. Slight damage at top left edge VF. Confederate States of America, Act of August 19 1861 $500 8% Loan bond, dated 23rd Feb 1863, signed by Tyler, central fold, otherwise Good Fine with some coupons. Confederate States of America, Act of February 20 1863, $500 8% Loan bond, signed by Tyler, printed by Evans & Cogswell, central vignette of Memminger, with central fold VF, with some coupons £85 - £170
18 USA, Bank of the United States of America certificate number 5972 of capital stock, 30 shares, Philadelphia 16th August 1937, issued to Baring Brothers, London, and signed by Nicholas Biddle as president, vignette of standing allegorical female, with shield and eagle, and ship sailing behind, VF with clear and bold signature, we note that a similar example is in the American Museum of Finance, we have seen no recent transactions of this item £450 - £550
19 USA, of Historical Railway interest - Yosemite Short line Railway Company 40 Year First Mortgage Sinking Fund 4 1/2% Gold Bond, 1905, green, with coupons, GVF. Note: The Yosemite Short Line Railway was a 2 ft 6 in (762 mm) narrow gauge railway constructed in the Yosemite region of California. The plan was to construct a railway 60 miles long, serving logging interests and tourists visiting the Yosemite National Park. Construction commenced in 1905 but construction was abandoned due to the financial crisis caused by the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, with only 8.5 miles (14 km) constructed. The railway was abandoned by 1917. Locomotive power was provided by two Porter 0-4-0T steam locomotives. £30 - £60
20 USA, South and Central America (3) Cuba, Empresa del Ferro-Carril de Guantanamo, certificate for one share, 1882, vignettes of train at top, allegorical female at bottom, black, stamped cancelled, some tears in the centre from writing on the reverse, otherwise Good Fine. Brazil Railway Company 500 Francs or £19/17/5 60 Year Gold Bond 4 1/2%, black and green with ornate border, with vignette of train crossing a bridge. VF USA, Insurance Policy, The Social Insurance Company, for the cover of a schooner on a voyage from Manchester to Wilmington, North Carolina, Salem 1810, (date inked on the reverse, some folds, Good Fine, an interesting early document £70 - £105
21 World a mixed group (7) Palestine (2) Bearer bond for One 10 Palestine Pound share 1947 Relief and Consolidation Housing Co. Ltd green and black, Text in Hebrew and English, small vignette of modern style flats, VF with one coupon. The Marine Trust Ltd., Certificate for 2 shares of 1 Palestine Pound each. 1937. Shipping in overprint, blue and olive printing, distressed at folds. Otherwise Fine. Portugal, Companhia Nacional de Caminhos de Ferro ao Sul de Tejo, 1858 certificate for one share, with attractive vignette of train at centre, text in French, Portuguese and English, Barreiro & Veadea Novas Railway with branch line to St. Albes, GVF printed on very thin paper. Italy, Petroles Milano, Share certificate for 500 Francs, 1920 issue, red/Brown with yellow underprint, GVF with all coupons. Canada, Investors Overseas Services (I.O.S) Limited share certificate for 10 shares, 1969, blue with ornate border and vignette of allegorical female at the top, VF, Note: this company operated a pyramid scheme in the 1970s. L'Aiglon Assurances Compagie Anonyme d 'Assurances a primes fixes centre les Accidents et autres risques, 1904 Share Certificate, 100 Franc Share with 25 coupons Good Fine. Spain Dueda Publica de Espana share certificate Madrid unissued 3% Loan Series D black print with brown underprint, printed in London by Bradbury and Evans, Bank Note engravers & Printers, Whitefriars some light foxing VF with some folds £125 - £250

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