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114 Angola 300th Anniversary of Portuguese Rule in Angola 1648-1948 set (2) both VG comprising 1 Angolar Pick 70 serial number R 030802, green with Portuguese landing in Angola illustration and Palanca negra. Along with the 2 and 1/2 Angolares Pick 71 serial number A 933736 missing small marginal corner piece, purple with a Canon Bombardment of fortress scene and a Rhinoceros. Both Decreto 37.086 dated 6th October 1948, and a nice examples of early Portuguese Africa issues printed by the English printers Thomas De La Rue and always keenly collectible £40 - £70
115 Asia mostly modern issues (1090) in 11 bundles in consecutive or near consecutive runs. Comprised of notes such as Bhutan ND 1986 issues 1 Ngultrum Pick 12a prefix A/1 (100) and 5 Ngultrum Pick 14a (190). Mongolia 1 Togrik Pick 35a 1966 issues (200) and 5 Togrik Pick 53a ND 1993 (200). Indonesia 1000 Rupiah Pick 129i 1992/2000 issues (400) in original Bank Indonesia bank wrappers and including a REPEATER serial number GAT650650. Most if not all in fresh and crisp UNC £170 - £260
116 Asia South East mostly (1090) in 11 bundles in consecutive or near consecutive runs. Comprised of issues such as Myanmar 1 Kyat Pick 67 ND 1990 (100). Burma (400) including 5 Kyats Pick 57 ND 1973 (100) and 15 Kyats Pick 62 ND 1986 (300). Cambodia 20 Riels Pick 31a 1979 Vietnamese backed regime issues (201). Vietnam (389) including 200 Dong Pick 100a 1987 serif prefix and narrow distance between numbers (289) and 500 Dong Pick 101a 1988 small serial number digits (100). Most in fresh and crisp UNC £200 - £300
117 Australia (4) 50 Dollars issued 1999 series DG99161153 Pick54b, 20 Dollars issued 2002 series BH02285138 Pick59a, 10 Dollars issued 2002 series BF02213046 Pick58a, 5 Dollars issued 2002 series CE02601667 Pick57a, set of polymer notes, Uncirculated £45 - £60
118 Australia Reserve Bank (2) comprising 5 Dollars Pick 44a (McD. 144; Rks. 205) ND 1974 signatures Phillips & Wheeler serial number NLU 797277, about UNC to UNC, a pleasing note and a first signature pair for the Reserve Bank of Australia. Along with the 100 Dollars Pick 48c (McD. 223; Rks. 612) ND 1990 signatures Fraser & Higgins serial number ZFP 432369, EF and the highest denomination for the series with this design being the last before the polymer issues. An attractive collectible pair £60 - £100
119 Australia Reserve Bank 100 Dollars First of the Polymer issues Pick 55a (McD 701a; Rks. 616) 1996 signatures Fraser & Evans serial number CA96 515575, GVF. Black and green on orange and multicolour featuring Dame Nellie Melba and an interior illustration of "Her Majesty's Theatre" in Sydney on obverse. The reverse "Rising Sun" badge, "Simpson and Donkey", a portrait of Sir John Monash and World War I battle scenes. Watermarked with Australia's Coat of Arms and features a Kiwi bird window £40 - £60
120 Austria & Germany Notgeld in 2 original old Notgeld Albums (547) mixed grades mostly to UNC and mostly in complete or near complete sets of different varieties and types. Various Stadts (Issuing Authority/Towns). Austria (304) includes a Rare example Hainburg A.D. Donau N.Ö. Statemented 20 Heller 2, d Haulage overprint on 40 Heller amongst other issues from Halluin Sag., Halluin Sag., KEITH an der Stubaitalbahn Bezek Nieders Tirol, Haag Am Hausruck O.Ö. Marktgemeinde, Obernberg bei Gries am Brenner Tirol, Gries Am Brenner Tirol, Radstadt Sbg. and many others. Germany (243) also includes various issues from Koolberg, Klutz, Lugde, Dobeln, Aken, Altona, Frose, Feldberg, Bremen Deutsche Amerika, Gross Nordende, Dahlenburg, Naumburg, Boppard, Pyrmont Kreis, Mainz, Rinteln a.W., Orsoy, Naumburg, Laage and others. An interesting and attractive selection for the Notgeld enthusiasts £55 - £120
121 Belarus National Bank of the Republic of Belarus 20 Rubles Pick 24 issue 2000 (200) all consecutive and in 2 bundles of 100 notes each the first bundle serial numbers KB 3629701 through KB 3629800 and the second bundle serial numbers KB 3629801 through KB 3629900. All in brown on multi-coloured underprint featuring National Bank building in Minsk and a device for the sight impaired at lower left on obverse and the reverse showing the Bank Building's interior in its 'bourgeoisie' architectural design. All watermarked with a stylized monogram of the bank "НБРБ". All crisp UNC £40 - £60
122 Bermuda Government 10 Shillings Pick 19c LAST date of issue for this denomination 1st October 1966 series V/1 975700, VF - GVF pressed. The note in red on multicolour featuring a young bust of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II facing right and Gate's Fort (St. George's) on obverse. The reverse illustrating the Royal Great Britain's Coat of Arms. A scarce and desirable example of the last of the pound system issues for Bermuda £80 - £100
123 Bermuda Government 5 Pounds Pick 21d last date for this issue 1st October 1966 Hamilton, Bermuda serial number S/1 666561, in a PMG holder graded Choice VF 35 EPQ (Exceptional Paper Quality) an alluring design of this second highest denomination for the series and Exceptionally Scarce note. Orange on multicolour featuring a portrait of a young Queen Elizabeth II at right and an illustration of ships in Hamilton harbour at left. The reverse with an elaborate orange and green guilloche panel featuring the Royal Coat of Arms at centre. Printed by Bradbury Wilkinson & Co this is an example of the last series notes from the Pound system before Bermuda converted into dollars. £300 - £500
124 Bradbury Wilkinson reverse unfinished trial proof, circa 1907, Asian or Middle Eastern design (Bank and country need verifying), rectangular pale pink, green and multi-coloured, stuck to thin paper from a book page.  £30 - £60
125 British Armed Forces 1 Pound ERROR mis-cut fishtail with extra paper to right Pick M36 4th Series ND 1962 serial number K/2 139826, about UNC - UNC with only 1 crease just at beginning of the mis cut area at right. An interesting and very rare error to make its way into private hands £45 - £90
126 British Armed Forces 1 Pounds Pick M36 ND 1962 Series 4 (100) an original bundle in a paper wrap and in fully consecutive order K/1 612901 to K/1 613000, most in UNC only slight wear to the utmost outer notes which show faint handling. These series 4 were never released into circulation and feature an attractive Bradbury Wilkinson purple-brown on green design. This K/1 prefix is the first for the 1 Pound Series 4 notes. £40 - £80
127 Canada (Lower) Champlain & St. Lawrence Railroad denomination set of 3 unissued remainders all dated Montreal, 1st August 1837 and side A (3) generally about EF - EF and Scarce comprising 7 Pence 1/2 Penny = 15 Sous, this with a 20mm uneven tear at top margin. A 15 Pence = 30 Sous. And the Half a Dollar = 2 Shillings 6 Pence = 3 Francs. Each note uniface with a different vignette of a passenger steam train at centre and all feature the reverse of different Latin-American coin as follows - the 7 Pence 1/2 Penny has the Mexico 1 Real MO, the 15 Pence - Peru 2 Reals LIMAE and the 1/2 Dollar - a Bolivian 4 Reals PTS. These notes were issued in sheets of six with side B on the left and the side A on the right. An interesting historical fact is that the Champlain and St. Lawrence Railroad was the first public railroad in Canada and one of the first railways in British North America as we now understand the term, although the country had several tram-roads earlier - at least 2, and it was the first to use steam locomotives with a 14 miles of railway in operation, with the first steam locomotive used at the official opening of the railroad on July 21st 1836. £80 - £140
128 Canada Dominion of Canada 1 Dollar Pick 33e dated Ottawa, 2nd July 1923 Bronze seal block R-1 (Group 1) signatures McCavour & Saunders, Fine - VF pressed with several pinholes in body and a 7mm uneven tear to lower left. A very Rare note and the early Dominion of Canada issues always keenly sought after. The note in black on green underprint featuring a portrait of King George V at centre on obverse. The reverse in green featuring an illustration of the Library of Parliament building in Ottawa. Printed by the Canadian Banknote Company Limited with imprint. £65 - £100
129 Canada The Government of Newfoundland 1 Dollar Pick A14c dated 2nd January 1920 series A202843, VG Inked Graffiti in the body of the note, the left signature slightly faded and hard to come by early George V British dominion issue. Black on blue underprint featuring a portrait of King George V at left and a reindeer, also known as Caribou, at right on obverse. The reverse in blue featuring the Coat of Arms incorporation the Royal Coat of Arms, sailing ships at sea and anchor. £65 - £100
130 Caribbean & Central America (4) comprising Bahamas (2) including Government 50 Cents Pick 17a Law of 1965 issue serial number B999154 bearing signatures of Sands & Higgs in purple and multi-coloured, a beautiful example featuring a portrait of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II on obverse, a colourful straw market scene and Coat of Arms on reverse, accompanied by One Dollar Pick 35a Law of 1974 issue and a single letter prefix variety serial number X 983113 bearing the signature of T.B. Donaldson and in dark blue-green on multi-coloured underprint, another beautiful example featuring H.M. Queen Elizabeth II on obverse and a colourful sea garden scene and Coat of Arms on reverse. Both printed by Thomas De La Rue & Co. Limited and watermarked with a shellfish. Along with Cayman Islands Currency Board One Dollar Pick 5e Law of 1974 issue serial number A/6 506002 bearing the signature Jefferson in blue on multi-coloured underprint featuring H.M. Queen Elizabeth II, Coat of Arms and a treasure chest on obverse and a fish and coral scene on reverse, printed by Thomas De La Rue & Co. Limited and watermarked with tortoise. Also a Belize One Dollar Pick 43 issued under Act of 1982 and dated 1st July 1983 serial number A/5 789234 in green on multicolour underprint featuring H.M. Queen Elizabeth II looking 3/4 left, the unmodified wreathed Coat of Arms without the tree behind the Arms at upper left, Jade Head at upper right followed by the queen Angel fish underneath on obverse and the reverse main illustration depicts the National Assembly building in the capital city of Belmopan at centre, the Jabiru stork (Jabiru mycteria) at right which also serves as the Central Bank of Belize logo and the green Iguana at lower left, a native lizard considered a delicacy in the local cuisine of Belize. Watermarked with the Carved head of 'Sleeping Giant'. All UNC £100 - £200
131 China Japanese Military World War II Imperial Government 100 Yen Pick M30 (JNDA-13-54) ND 1945 overprint "Chun Yung Shou Piao" in a PCGS Gold Shield holder graded Choice UNC 64 OPQ. This note issued in Occupied Hong Kong & Mainland and printed by JIPB £30 - £50
132 Congo Democratic Republic (Congo-Léopoldville / Congo-Kinshasa) Conseil Monétaire de la République du Congo 1.000 Francs Pick 2a dated 15th February 1962 serial number CM 7205645, VF cancelled with 8 star-shaped perforations and a Rare note. Obverse in purple on multi-coloured underprint featuring a portrait of a Man from the Moliro region at left, a river scene at lower centre and overprinted "EMISSION DU CONSEIL MONETAIRE DE LA REPUBLIQUE DU CONGO" possibly on remainders of Belgian Congo Pick 29 in place of watermark on both obverse and reverse. The reverse in deep violet on pink underprint illustrating a Waterbuck drinking. A scarce note and first and possibly used as transitional issue after Congo declared independence in 1960. £60 - £90
133 Congo Democratic Republic 1 Zaire=100 makuta SPECIMENS (2) EF or better both dated 1967, both glued at one end to a paper page with a front and back visible & information in French, Specimen number in ink top left No.299 & No.300, Pick12as1, some stains, £75 - £100
134 Cuba 1 Peso Specimen notes (12) various dates 1968, 1969, 1970, 1972, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1985, 1986 and 1988 all UNC some with discoloration £50 - £80
135 Cyprus 10 Pounds/Lires Pick 62e dated 1st April 2005 (3) a consecutively numbered trio BT 857115 - BT 857117. All about UNC - UNC and each note in olive-green on multicolour featuring an illustration of a marble figure of Artemis -the Greek goddess of the hunt, wilderness, the moon and chastity and daughter of Zeus and Leto on obverse. The reverse illustrating various native wildlife as the Cyprus warbler, Cyprus mouflon, green turtle, cyclamens, tulips, Pathos Blue Butterly (glaucopsyche paphos). Watermarked with a bust of Aphrodite. £50 - £90
136 Cyprus Central Bank 1 Pound Pick 43a dated 1st June 1972 serial number F/51 131326, about UNC - UNC with a minor very faint stain on lower reverse. Brown on multicolour featuring a Rosette at left and Cyprus Coat of Arms at right with map below. The reverse illustrating the Roman viaduct near Larnaca & pillars at Salamis. Printed by Bradbury, Wilkinson & Co. without imprint and watermarked Eagle's head. £50 - £100
137 Cyprus Central Bank 1 Pound Pick 43b dated 1st May 1973 serial number H/64 120057, UNC and a pleasing example. Brown on multi-coloured underprint featuring a Rosette at left and the Cyprus Coat of Arms at right with Cyprus map below on obverse. The reverse illustrating the Roman viaduct near Larnaca & pillars at Salamis. Printed by Bradbury, Wilkinson & Co. without imprint and watermarked with an eagle's head. £65 - £100
138 Cyprus Government 3 Piastres/Grosia/Kurush Pick 28a first date for this type 18th June 1943 serial number A/1 247491, VG and small sized George VI portrait World War II period issue. £25 - £40
139 Czech Republic 1.000 Korun Pick 3c ND 1993 (old date 1985) serial number U13 825342, fresh and crisp UNC. Dark green M-1000 revalidation stamp printed on Czechoslovakia 1.000 Korun Pick 98. Blue-black, blue and purple on multi-coloured underprint featuring Bedrich Smetana at right and coat of arms at centre. The reverse with an illustration of Vyšehrad/Wyschehrad/Chrasten castle (Vltava/Moldau River near Prague). Watermarked with stars and leaves across whole body. £40 - £70
140 Czechoslovakia & Czech Republic 1970-80s issues (4) comprising Czechoslovakia (3) all about UNC - UNC including examples of the last notes before the dissolution 100 Korun Československých Pick 97 dated 1989 (2) a consecutively numbered pair A19 694453 & A19 694454, green with Klement Gottwald on obverse and view of Prague on reverse. Also a 500 Korún Československých Pick 93b dated 1973 serial number W02 645293, deep brown-violet and multicolour with armed soldiers at right on obverse and the reverse with a medieval shield illustration and fortress ruins at Devin, a desirable note and a Scarcer type. Also includes a Czech Republic Provisional issue 1000 Korun Pick 3a old date 1985 (1993) with an adhesive green stamp on Czechoslovakia Pick 98 serial number C64 199222, this in VF-GVF. A pleasing group £40 - £80
141 Dominican Republic Banco Central Franklin Mint Collectors Set Pick CS4 of 8 notes - 1 to 1.000 Pesos. All with Maltese cross prefix, serial numbers 009808, overprinted SPECIMEN in red and come with the original envelope , informative card and Certificate of Authenticity signed William F. Kriegg, serial number of the set and dated 12th February 1979. These were produced in cooperation with the printer Thomas De La Rue and the Franklin Mint in 1978-80's. All notes UNC and a pleasing set £45 - £65
142 Dominican Republic SPECIMEN Franklin Mint Collectors set Pick CS4 of85 notes -1 to 1.000 Pesos Oro (Similar to Pick 116, 118a-120a, 121, 122a, 123 and 124a). All with Maltese Cross prefix and suffix, serial numbers 006620, overprinted SPECIMEN some in red and 2 in black and come with the original envelope, informative card and Certificates of Authenticity signed William F. Krieg. All notes UNC and a very collectable set £35 - £50
143 East Caribbean States (2) comprising 20 Dollars Pick 15d serial number A3 803438 QE2 Annigoni's portrait, VF. Along with 100 Dollars Pick 55b ND 2012 segmented security thread and with marks for the sight impaired, building in the underprint without extension & Sir Arthur Lewis on reverse serial number VP 785662, UNC and the highest denomination in the series. These Central America Commonwealth issues always keenly collectible with their colourful and eye-catching designs £50 - £90
144 Eastern Europe modern issues 1976 - 2000 (3044) in 32 bundles in fully consecutive, near consecutive runs or made-up of a few consecutive sets. Includes various issues such as Belarus 1000 Rubley Pick 16 from 1998 (300) along with 2000's issues 1 Rubley Pick 21 (100), 10 Rubley Pick 23 (167) and 50 Rubley Pick 25a (200) with the earlier old denomination spelling 'ПЯЦЬДЗЕСЯТ'. MMM (Ponzi scheme company) part-shares commonly known as 'Mavrodki' including Series 1 - 10 Biletov (90), 50 Biletov (80), 100 Biletov (90) and 500 Biletov (340) along with examples from Series 2 - 100 Biletov Series 2 punchole-cancelled (90) and 1000 Biletov (89). Greece 1978 issue 100 Drachmai with "Λ" (L - Litho) at lower left corner on reverse Pick 200b (100). Yugoslavia 1990 issue 10 Dinara Pick 103 (100). Albania 1976 issues 1 Lek Pick 40a (200) and 3 Leke Pick 41a (100). Lithuania 1992 issue 1 Talonas Pick 39 (173). Bosnia & Herzegovina 1992 issue 25, 50 and 100 Dinara Pick 11,12 and 13 respectively. Most in original fresh and crisp UNC as just walked out of the printers and include quite desirable and affordable for many new collectors issues featuring illustrations of various and interesting wild life typical for the region such as the Eurasian lapwings bird (Vanellus vanellus), Squirrels, Eurasian brown bear (Ursus arctos arctos) and Eurasian Lynx with kitten. Total Pick book value over $4,400 £500 - £800
145 Egypt Arab Republic 10 Piastres Currency Notes Pick 183g Law of 1940 (1971-1986) signature Aly Loutfy Mahmoud Loutfy (November 1978 - May 1980) titled Minister of Finance, series 38-43 and the Flag on obverse with 2 stars (United Arab Republic) variety (101) a bundle in a plastic wrapper with different prefixes in the series but all series 42 and 43 which are the last series for this type and many come in consecutively numbered sets. Each note in black on brown (obverse) / pale red (reverse) underprint and feature a group of militants with the United Arab Republic Flag with 2 stars. Printed by the Survey Authority inscribed in small script in lower centre margin in English on reverse and all watermarked with letters in Arab and English across the body of the note. Mixed grades mostly UNC includes a few lower grade examples GVF and above £40 - £60
146 Egypt Central Bank 25 Piastres Pick 57a dated 4th April 1987 signature S. Hamed and with a solid security thread (300) in 3 bundles of 100 consecutively numbered notes all with prefix 149/S. The first bundle in the number range of 0788701 through 0788800 including a few BINARY numbers. The second bundle falls in the number range of 0788901 through 0789000. The third bundle in the range 0788201 through 0788300. Each note in Purple and pale blue on pale lilac and multi-coloured underprint featuring Al-Sayida Aisha mosque at centre on obverse and standard Egypt's Coat of Arms at centre left on reverse. All watermarked with Tutankhamun's golden death mask discovered in the Valley of Kings in 1925 one of the best-known works of art in the world. All crisp UNC £50 - £80
147 Ethiopia State Bank 5 Dollars obverse and reverse SPECIMEN similar to Pick 13a ND 1945 (2) both about UNC - UNC with the usual glue residue, punch-hole cancelled twice and Exceptionally Rare. The obverse SPECIMEN No. S217261, printed in blue with star on blank reverse, serial number AA 000000 with SPECEIMEN printed above and bearing signature Blowers as for Pick 13a overprinted SPECIMEN, black on lilac and orange featuring Emperor Haile Selassie I at left and acacia tree oval vignette flanked by flowers and bees. The reverse SPECIMEN No. S223244, again printed in blue with star on blank reverse, 2 red SPECIMEN overprints at centre left and right and in orange with Coat of Arms at centre with the Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah (symbolizing the House of King Solomon) - crowned Lion holding a long cross. These very rarely seen and certain to attract the attention of any collector. £50 - £90
148 Europe Central (24) mixed grades to about UNC - UNC all different notes and various issues and denominations. Comprising Austria (3) including 50 Schillings (2) Pick 143 and Pick 149, along with a 100 Schilling Pick 145. Belgium (3) consisting of 20 Francs (2) including a Treasury Pick 132a and Pick 116, along with 100 Francs Pick 147. Together with various issues from post war Germany (15) including West Germany (8) Bank Deutscher Länder 10 Marks Pick 16a. Bundesrepublik Deutschland Bundeskassenschein (Federal Treasury Note) 10 Pfennig Pick 26. Deutsche Bundesbank (3) 5 Deusche Mark (2) Pick 30b and 37, along with 10 Deutsche Mark Pick 31c. Also US Army Command Deutsche Bundesbank 1/2 Deutsche Mark Pick 1, 1 Deutsche Mark Pick 2 and 10 Deutsche Mark Pick 5. Federal Republic (3) including a 5 Deutsche Mark Pick 13i along with interesting small sized notes 5 and 10 Pfennig Pick 11 and 12 ND 1948. East Germany (3) Deutsche Notenbank Pick 17. Along with Staatsbank der DDR (2) 50 Mark der DDR Pick 30 and 500 Mark der DDR Pick 33. Also a Democratic Republic 100 Deutsche Mark Pick 15. Also France (3) comprising 50 Francs (2) including the "Le Verrier" Pick 127b (Fayette F20.10) Gargam & Rousseau dated 8th April 1948 and issued in honour of Le Verrier's discovery of planet Neptune 1846. Also the "Ceres" Pick 85b Type 1933 Modified (Fayette F18.14) Rousseau & Favre-Gilly dated 15th September 1938, usual set of pinholes. 1.000 Francs "Minerva et Hercule" Pick 130b (Fayette F41.25) Belin, Gargam & Rousseau dated 17th February 1949, usual pinholes. All very desirable issues with French notes always being ones to incorporate the most attractive designs £70 - £130
149 Europe circa 1940's to modern (22) in mixed grades VG to UNC and comprising various issues from Cyprus (6) consisting of George VI portrait 3 Piastres Pick 28a dated 18th June 1943 series A/1 342034. 500 Mils Pick 42b dated 01.06.1974 series 1/33 031827. 1 Pounds (2) Pick 43b dated 01.05.1973 series H/63 003422 & 01.07.1975 series J/79 083058. 1 Pound Pick 60b dated 01.12.1998 series W527018. Along with the Scarcer Central Bank 5 Pounds Pick 44c dated 1st June 1974 serial number N/124 086770. Greece Local Banks Crete (Trapeze Kritis) 25 Drachmai Pick S153 dated 26th September 1915 FIRST series A001 number 290,341Germany. (5) consisting of a Bank Deutscher Lander (3) including a Reich banknote 100 Reichsmark Pick 190a Emergency issue - photo-mechanically produced (blurred printing), dated 24th June 1935 (1945) all these issues have an identical serial number T 7396475 and similar to Pick 183, these notes were printed few days before the end of the war by order of the bank and were to be printed by any means necessary locally if they had to so the banks used whatever supplies they had and ended up printing on paper used for the food ration cards, the notes did not have a long life in circulation. 5 Deutsche Mark 1948 series Pick 13i serial number 7T 138077 printer BDK without imprint. 1949 series (2) both dated 22nd August 1949 including 10 and 20 Deutsche Mark Pick 16a and 17a and serial numbers N5795169H and P5834987T respectively, both American Banknote Company printing without imprint. Democratic Republic Deutsche Notenbank 5 Mark der DDR dated 1964 series JJ 241008. Iceland Haskola (Haskoli) Islands fund raising ticket 1/4 hlutur I 5. flokki 1943 d. Italy 100,000 Lire Pick117b. Yugoslavia & Croatia (7) including Yugoslavia 50 Dinara (3) - Pick64a & Pick64b, 10 Dinara Pick50c (2) and Croatia (2) 200 Kuna colour trial notes for the 1993 issue one obverse and one reverse similar to Pick33. And an Austria 100 Shilling Pick 150. An interesting and varied group £65 - £130
150 Europe Eastern (97) an attractive mostly high grade about UNC - UNC group including various eye-catching and non duplicated issues from Albania (6), Belarus (14), Bosnia & Herzegovina (5), Bulgaria (5), Croatia (5), Cyprus (2), Estonia (2), Greece (5), Hungary (3), Lithuania, Macedonia (4), Poland (6), Romania (2), Russia (10), Slovenia (4), Ukraine and Yugoslavia (22). A significant portion come in denomination sets/pairs , mostly near complete, as the Albania 1976 issues 1 to 50 Leke Pick 40 to 45. Macedonia 10 to 100 Denari Pick 1 to 4. Bosnia & Herzegovina 10 to 100 Dinara 1992 Pick 10 to 13. Also some Soviet Union period issues from Russia and examples of Biletov (tickets) from one of the biggest Ponzi schemes - MMM Corporation. £110 - £180
151 Europe South & South-West (31) late 1950's to modern in mixed grades to UNC comprising Gibraltar (2) consisting of 10 Shillings "Rock of Gibraltar" Pick 14c 1958, Ink annotation along with 1 Pound Pick 20d. Malta Law of 1967 issues (3) including 2 Liri Pick 41 1989 and 5 Liri (2) Pick 35a 1979 and Pick 38 1986. Spain 1000 Pesetas Pick 154 Commemorative issue Centennial of Banco de Espana becoming the only Issuing Bank (1874-1974) dated 17th September 1971. Portugal (10) including 20 Escudos (2) Pick 167b and 176b. 50 Escudos (2) Pick 168 and Pick 174b. 100 Escudos (2) Pick 169a and 178b. 500 Escudos (3) Pick 177, Pick 180b and Pick 187b. And 1000 Escudos Pick 172a. Along with Italy (15) including Biglietto di Stato issues (4) consisting of 50, 100, and 500 Lires Pick 91 - 94. Also, Banca D 'Italia issues including 1000 Lires (4) Pick 88d, Pick 96d, Pick 109a and Pick 114a. 2000 Lire Pick 103. 5000 Lire (2) Pick 105b and Pick 111b. And 10000 Lire (3) Pick 97f, Pick 106b and Pick 112b. £150 - £250
152 Falkland Islands 1 Pound Pick 8c dated 1st December 1977 signature H.T. Rowlands serial number F30707, UNC a very attractive and highly sought after and Scarce note in this choice grade. A Thomas De La Rue print in blue on grey-green and violet underprint featuring a stylized crowned portrait of young Queen Elizabeth II at right. The reverse with an elaborate blue guilloche panel. £65 - £100
153 Far East mostly China including some Japan and Korea early issues (27) all in various grades VG to UNC and comprising various denominations and issuers as Farmers bank of China, Central Bank of China, Central Reserve Bank of China, Bank of China, Bank of Communications, Bank of Chosen and others. A desirable exotic group certain to attract much attention £200 - £300
154 Fiji last of the Pound system QE2 portrait issues (3) in average VF-GVF comprising 5 Shillings (2) Pick 51c dated 1st December 1962 series C/9 149482 and Pick 51d dated 1st September 1964 series C/11 01215. Along with the 1 Pound Pick 53c dated 1st September 1959 series C/8 36509. Eye-catching and always desirable Bradbury, Wilkinson & Co. print notes all watermarked with a Fijian youth's bust. £120 - £150
155 France (31) in various grades average about VF - GVF to EF and including various denominations - 5 to 200 Francs and dates ranging from early 1900's to modern. Also includes a Scarce World War I Trésorerie aux Armées 1 Franc Pick M2 ND 1917 issue Redeemable prior the end of the 2nd year after the end of hostilities ("...2e année qui suivra la cessation des hostilités") series B number 0423998 and printed by Imprimerie National £70 - £140
156 France 10 Francs "Minerva " Pick 73e (Fayette F6.18) very LAST date for this issue 25th February 1937 signatures Strohl & Boyer a later block number , given that the last recorded block number for this type is 68208, J.68158 series 680 number 1703933680, a presentable VF with no pinholes only a very minor rust spot to lower margin and a very minor and small 1mm and 2mm marginal tears to upper margin. An Exceptionally Rare last date issue and very seldom seen. Blue featuring Minerva at upper left on obverse. The reverse illustrating a resting seated farmer woman in field holding scythe and surrounded by agricultural produce. A rare opportunity for French, or any collector, to get their hands on this splendid last date example £50 - £90
157 France 10 Noveaux Francs 'Richelieu' Type 1959 Pick 142 (Fayette F57.21) dated 4th October 1962 block C.246 series 59746 number 0612759746 signatures Gargam, D'Ambrieres & Tondu, pleasing VF with very Minor Rust spots. Multicolour featuring Armand Jean du Plessis Richelieu (Cardinal Richelieu) and Palais Cardinal on obverse. Watermarked Cardinal Richelieu bust facing right. £35 - £60
158 France 100 Francs "Merson" Type 1906 modified Pick 86b (Fayette F25.15) dated 14th April 1938 signatures Rousseau & Favre-Gilly block Z.58615 series 494 number 1465373494, Fine with marginal 7mm tear to lower right margin. Multicolour featuring trees with fruit and Allegorical women with children at left and right on obverse. The reverse with a resting blacksmith with hammer and anveil at left and allegorical figures of a child with wreath and olive branch and a woman with cornucopia and ship's wheel at right. France 100 Francs "Merson" Type 1906 modified Pick 86b (Fayette F25.15) dated 14th April 1938 signatures Rousseau & Favre-Gilly block Z.58615 series 494 number 1465373494, Fine with marginal 7mm tear to lower right margin. Multicolour featuring trees with fruit and Allegorical women with children at left and right on obverse. The reverse with a resting blacksmith with hammer and anvil at left and allegorical figures of a child with wreath and olive branch and a woman with cornucopia and ship's wheel at right. £30 - £55
159 France 20 Francs "Bayard" Pick 74 (Fayette F11.3) last date for this year type 31st December 1918 signatures Picard & Laferriere block F.6105 series 688 number 152605688, a presentable VF with the usual multiple pinholes to left body, small rust spots and a small 2mm tear to upper right margin. A desirable note now little over a century old in blue portraying Pierre Terrail, seigneur de Bayard on obverse and as watermark. The reverse illustrating a farmer in field sharpening scythe. £85 - £140
160 France 200 Francs 'Montesquieu' Type 1981 Modified Pick 155f (Fayette F70/2.1) the very last date for this design 1994 block B.159 series 937750 number 3161937750 signatures Bruneel, Bonnardin & Vigier, about UNC - UNC and a pleasing high grade note. £35 - £60
161 France 5 Francs Pick 70 (Fayette F2.45) month in date with signs from the zodiac 14th November (Sagittarius) 1916 signatures Picard & Laferriere block J.14909 series 657 number 372708657, pleasing and well-kept early issue in EF 2 small pinholes to upper left, minor staining and a very minor rust spot to centre but an overall pleasing example. Blue featuring Allegorical figures of standing man to left and a woman with longsword at right. The reverse featuring various ornaments. Watermarked with a large allegorical bust facing left and bank title below. £50 - £90
162 France 5 to 1000 Francs various dates from 1930-40's to modern (22) in various grades Fine to EF-GEF including some interesting issues, WW2 Allied Military 100 Francs (2) Pick 118b block 2 French flag reverse and Pick 123a "France" on reverse, Tresor issues, some consecutively numbered and last dates of issue for respective types. All various designs and very desirable £200 - £250
163 France 50 Francs "Ceres" Pick 85b (Fayette F18.15) dated 15th September 1938 signatures RP. Rousseau and R. Favre-Gilly block J.8488 series 591 number 212183591, presentable about VF with a single set of Pinholes to left body and an overall pleasing and eye-catching example. Multicolour featuring an illustration of Ceres to left obverse, a reclining allegorical woman's figure to lower right and Park of Versailles in the background. The reverse illustrating Mercury at right holding The Caduceus staff. £45 - £85

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