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117 A small collection includes QE II Canada and Cayman Islands in high grades, Azerbaidjan, Sweden and Switzerland from the 1950s, Cuba 10 Pesos 1896, Germany Doe Badische Bank 100 Marks 1907 and more, and Book 20th Century Scottish Banknotes by James Douglas £75 - £150
118 Africa (13) all in various grades to UNC and a pleasing amalgamation of notes including a South Africa Reserve Bank Full Denomination set of the ND 2012 Nelson Mandela without Omron Rings & various animal life issue 10 to 200 Rands Pick 133 - 137 (5). Along with a selection of Kenya late 1960's to 1990's (8) including examples of the President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta obverse issues (6) consisting of 5 Shillings (3) Pick 6b serial number A/44 703045. Pick 11b serial number B/34 440551. And Pick 15 serial number C/33 157012. 10 Shillings Pick 16 serial number C/27 944913. 20 Shillings Pick 3c variety with Arabic value numerals at upper left and lower right corners serial number A/22 147783. And 100 Shillings Pick 10b variety with western values only serial number A/23 836263. Together with President Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi obverse issues (2) including the 50 Shillings Pick 22d serial number D/80 978415. And the 100 Shillings Pick 27g dated 1st January 1995 serial number BA 7487725. A very collectible group £85 - £140
119 Africa (35) a tantalizing mostly high grade group about UNC - UNC with various all different denominations, issuers and colourful notes. Consisting of Angola 1000 Escudos Pick 103 1972. Lesotho 2 Maloti Pick 4a ND 1981. Mozambique (11) including an earlier example 20 Centavos Pick 60 dated 5th November 1914, this in Fine or near. Along with the Provisional Overprint issues 50 Escudos Pick 116 dated 1970 (1976) and 100 Escudos Pick 117 dated 1961 (1976). Also, 1980 issues (2) 100 Meticais Pick 126 and 1000 meticais Pick 128, the later with a fairly earlier serial number AA 0018891. Together with 500 Meticais Pick 131b 1986. 1000 Meticais Pick 132a lower number AB 0016400. 5000 meticais Pick 133a 1988 earlier serial number AA 0019482. 1991 denomination trio (3) 500 Meticais Pick 134, 1000 Meticais Pick 135 and 5000 Meticais Pick 136. Sierra Leone 1 Leone Pick 5d 1981. South Africa 10 Rand Pick 123b. South Africa 10 Rand Pick 123b signature Mboweni. Somaliland (2) 5 Shillings Pick 1a 1994 and 100 Shillings Pick 5b 1996. Zaire (7) including 5 Zaire's Pick 26Aa 1985 printer: Hotel de Moniz - Zaire. 20000 Zaire's Pick 39 1991. Various denominations all from 1993 (4) 10 Nouveau Makuta = 0.10 Noveau Zaire's Pick 49. 50 Nouveau Makuta = 0.50 Noveau Zaire's Pick 51 Hotel de monaiz / green + red-brown. 5 Nouveau Zaires Pick 53a. 10 Nouveau Zaire's Pick 54a German print : Giescke & Devrienta. Also a 500 Noveau Zaire's Pick 64A serial number prefix "X" double letter beginning with X - Hôtel des Monnaies - Zaïre (printed in Argentina; allegedly a non authorized issue). Zambia (9) including small near complete denomination sets like the ND 1980-88 (3) 2 Kwaca Pick 24c, 5 Kwacha Pick 25c and 10 Kwacha Pick 26e. Also, ND 1989-91 signature Bussiere (3) 10 Kwacha Pick 31b, 20 Kwacha Pick 32b and 100 Kwacha Pick 34. Also, 1992 signature Mulaisho print TDLR (3) 20 Kwacha Pick 36a, 50 Kwacha Pick 37a and 100 kwacha Pick 38a and these with matching 2 last digits of the serial numbers. Together with a Zimbabwe 500 Dollars Pick 11b 2004. Nigeria (2) 10 Naira Pick 25c ND 1984-2000 and 100 Naira Pick 28j 2010. £40 - £80
120 Africa Central (25) a selection in album pages mixed grades mostly UNC circa 1970's to modern comprising various issues from Angola, Congo & Congo Democratic Republic and Zaire. Includes an interesting Zaire 500 Nouveau Zaires Pick 64A serial # prefix "X" double letter beginning with X - Hôtel des Monnaies - Zaïre (printed in Argentina; allegedly a non-authorized issue). Also, some come in denomination sets and including some examples of both German and African printers £45 - £95
121 Africa Eastern (61) a collection in an album circa 1970's onwards mostly UNC including various issues and denominations some of which highest for the series. Comprising countries as Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Rwanda, Somalia including interesting 1991 Mogadishu Northern Forces issue, Somaliland, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. In 1991 manufacturers delivered the New Somali Shillings notes into the turmoil and disturbances of the Somali Civil War but with the Central Government no longer effective and no functioning Central Bank these notes were seized by the USC (United Somali Congress) and were used to circulate in the areas under their control, i.e. North and around Mogadiscio. Later in 2000 further unauthorized issues were imported by businessman. £90 - £130
122 Africa Western (26) a selection in album pages mixed grades to UNC circa 1960-70's to modern comprising various and interesting all different and colourful eye-catching issues some of which higher denominations from Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Nigeria and Sierra Leone. £55 - £100
123 America - South & Central (24) a delightful selection of all high grade notes about UNC - UNC and different denominations and issuers. Comprising Argentina 5 Australes Pick 324 ND 1985-89. Colombia 10 Pesos Pick 407c 1965. Ecuador 20 Sucres Pock 121A 1988 without printers imprint & "Sociedad Annonima". Guatemala (3) including 50 Centavos de Quetzals = 1/2 Quetzals (2) Pick 58c 1983 and Pick 72a 1989. Also a 1 Quetzal Pick 73c 1992. Guyana 5 Dollars Pick 22e ND 1966-92 signatures Mathews & Greenridge, TDLR print. 1 Lempira Pick 68c 1989. Jamaica (5) including 5 Dollars Pick 70d 1991. 10 Dollars Pick 71d 1992. 50 Dollars (2) Pick 73b 1993 and Pick 79c 2002. 100 Dollars Pick 80b 2002. Nicaragua 1 Cordoba Pick 173 Series A 1990. Peru (4) including 5 Soles de Oro Pick 83 1966. 50 Soles de Oro Pick 101c 1974. 50000 Intis Pick 142 1988 and 100000 Intis Pick 145 1989 this a Banco de Mexico print. Suriname (5) including a 2 and 1/2 Gulden Pick 119 1985. 25 Gulden Pick 132b 1988. 10 Gulden Pick 137b 1996. 25 Gulden Pick 138c 1996. And a 100 Gulden Pick 139b 1998. Uruguay 2000 Nuevos Pesos Pick 68 Series A 1989. Some of these notes with matching last numbers in the serials. £30 - £60
124 America South (76) a vast selection mostly UNC and comprises various all different notes circa 1950-60's to modern and features examples of different printers including some English as Waterlow & Thomas De La Rue along with American Banknote Company and others. Countries consist of Argentina including a 5 Pesos Pick 264 L. 12.962 & 13.571 and some overprint examples, Bolivia, Brazil also including some overprinted examples, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador a beautiful 1980's denomination set 5 to 100 Sucres, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru including a very attractive 500 Soles de Oro Pick 91, Suriname, Uruguay and Venezuela. A certainly eye-catching group £90 - £140
125 Asia - Far East (24) mostly UNC comprising various and interesting notes including countries and issuers as China - Peoples Republic, Hong Kong - various issuers as HSBC including 1960-70's examples, The Chartered Bank including a $5 Pick 68c (Mars S6) ND 1962-70, Special Administrative Region $10 issue, Korea with examples from both North & South including a SPECIMEN 5000 Won Pick 46s1, Macau, Malaya - Japanese Occupation $1000 and Vietnam including examples from Northern Vietnam. A pleasing group £75 - £120
126 Asia - South East (25) a mostly high grade group about UNC - UNC and including various and all different denominations and issuers. Consisting of Burma 10 Kyats Pick 58 ND 1973. Myanmar 100 Kyats Pick 74b ND 1996 segmented security thread. Cambodia (3) including an interesting 100 Riels Pick 13b ND 1956-72 and without the print's imprint. 100 Riels Pick 15b ND 1973-75 not issued. And a 50 Riels Pick 35 1992. Indonesia 50000 Rupiah Pick 136a 1995. Laos (6) containing some supposedly replacement prefixes DA, EA and AQ amongst 10 Kip Pick 27 ND1997. 20 Kip Pick 28 ND 1997. 50 Kip Pick 29 ND 1997. 100 Kip Pick 30 ND 1979. 1000 Kip Pick 32Aa ND 1998. And 2000 Kip Pick 33 ND 1997. Malaysia 1 Ringgit Pick 19a ND 1981-83. Nepal (2) 1 Rupee Pick 22 ND 1974-91 and 5 Rupees Pick 30b ND 1985-2000 serial number 20mm variety signature Ganesh Bahadur Thapa. Philippines 5 Pesos Pick 135e ND 1949-69 signatures Macapagal & Castillo. Singapore 1 Dollar Pick 9 ND 1976. Sri Lanka small denomination set of the Heritage series all dated 1995 (3) 10 Rupees Pick 108a, 20 Rupees Pick 109a and 50 Rupees Pick 110a. Thailand 10 Bahts (2) the regular issue Pick 87 ND 1980 along with the Commemorative 120th Anniversary of Ministry of Finance BE2418 - BE 2538 (1875-1995) wit Commemorative overprint on lower front margin Pick 98 BE 2538 (1995). Together with Vietnam (3) 100 Dong Pick 105a 1991 small digits serial. 200 Dong Pick 100a 1987. And 500 Dong Pick 101a 1988 small digits serial number. £30 - £60
127 Asia South East & Central (69) a collection in an album mostly UNC circa 1950-60's issues to modern. Countries including Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma, Cambodia including examples from the Vietnamese backed regime which overthrew Pol Pot in 1979, Ceylon & Sri Lanka, India, Laos including some replacement prefixes - DA, EA and AQ, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal including a Rastra (National) Bank 100 Rupees Pick 15 ND 1965-72 variety with currency 'Rupee' in Nepalese and Thailand including 10 Baht (2) the regular issue along with a 120th Anniversary of Ministry of Finance BE2418 - BE 2538 (1875-1995) commemorative overprint note. £100 - £180
128 Australia (2) a pair of the Reserve Bank 1966 signatures Coombs & Wilson issues comprised of 1 Dollar Pick 37a (McD 101; Rks 71) serial number ACH 459366, QE2 and Aboriginal paintings (Bark painting by Arnhem Land artist David Malangi), presentable GVF. Along with 2 Dollars Pick 38a (McD 121; Rks 81) serial number FDC 522242, John McArthur and William Farrer, GEF - about UNC. Both watermarked with a bust of Capt. James Cook and with the "COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA" title. £30 - £60
129 Australia (4) very pleasing high-grade assortment about UNC or near to UNC comprising a 1 Dollar Pick 42 (McD 105; Rks. 75) 1974 signatures Phillips & Wheeler serial number BPH 494787, QE2 portrait no Commonwealth in title. A pair of 5 Dollars (2) including Pick 44d (McD 149; Rks. 208) 1983 signatures Johnson & Stone serial number PFE 056891. Along with the Polymer example Pick 51a (McD 303a; Rks. 217a) 1995 signatures Evans & Fraser with the correct wide bonds orientation to lower left variety serial number GA 95 944914, first 2 digits of prefix give last 2 from the year of issue. And together with the 20 Dollars Pick 46e (McD 191; Rks. 409a) 1985 signatures Johnston & Fraser serial number ECY 953551 variety with the OCR font in the serial number £50 - £75
130 Australia Commonwealth 1 Dollar Pick 26b serial number H/71 893963 signatures H. T. Armitage and S. G. McFarlane and the note in dark green on multicolour underprint featuring portrait of King George VI at right on obverse and Allegorical Pastoral figures shepherds with sheep on reverse. Watermark Captain Cook bust. About UNC, pressed and an Exceptionally scarce note in high grades £100 - £180
131 Australia Commonwealth Bank 1 Pound King George V Pick 22a (McD 44, Rks. 28) ND 1933-38 signatures Riddle & Sheehan serial number N/56 463189, crisp GVF and Scarce. The note in dark green on multicolour underprint featuring portrait of King George V at right and Australia's Coat of Arms at upper centre on obverse. The reverse depicting Allegorical Pastoral figures - shepherds with Merino sheep and shepherd’s dog. Watermark: Edward VIII, Prince of Wales and denomination in wording ("ONE POUND") at lower centre panel £175 - £250
132 Australia Commonwealth Bank 1 Pound Queen Elizabeth II Pick 30 (McD 50, Rks. 33) ND 1961-65 signatures Coombs & Wilson serial number HB/02 511487, presentable VF. The note in black on green and yellow underprint featuring Australia's Coat of Arms at upper centre and a cameo portrait of young H.M. Queen Elizabeth II looking left on obverse. The reverse illustrating 2 Medals (Charles Sturt 1795 - 1869 & Hamilton Hume 1797 - 1873). Watermarked with a portrait of James Cook FRS with watermark area on reverse with text "James Cook / Endeavour" and denomination in wording at lower centre. £30 - £60
133 Australia Reserve Bank 1 Pound Queen Elizabeth II Pick 34 (McD 52, Rks. 34b) ND 1961-65 signatures Coombs & Wilson serial number HK/62 792114, presentable and relatively crisp VF - GVF. The note in black on green and yellow underprint featuring Australia's Coat of Arms at upper centre and a cameo portrait of young H.M. Queen Elizabeth II looking left on obverse. The reverse illustrating 2 Medals (Charles Sturt 1795 - 1869 & Hamilton Hume 1797 - 1873). Watermarked with a portrait of James Cook FRS with watermark area on reverse with text "James Cook / Endeavour" and denomination in wording at lower centre. £25 - £50
134 Australia Reserve Bank 10 Shillings Pick 33a (McD 25, Rks. 17) ND 1961-65 signatures Coombs & Wilson serial number AG/62 065705, presentable good Fine. The note in dark brown on orange and green underprint featuring Mathew Flinders portrait and Australia's Coat of Arms on obverse. The reverse illustrating the Parliament house, Canberra. Watermarked James Cook and denomination in wording ("HALF") twice at lower centre. £25 - £50
135 Austria Oesterreichische National bank (2) a pair of high denomination notes for their series, both VF and consisting of the 500 Shilling Pick 139 dated 1st July 1965 (1966)serial number A 95209592, Joseph Ressel on obverse and a ship on reverse. Along with the 1000 Schilling Pick 147a dated 1st July 1966 serial number C 654311 L, Bertha von Suttner on obverse and Leopoldskron, Hohensalzburg castle on reverse. £30 - £50
136 Bahamas (3) a high grade, about UNC - UNC, consecutively numbered trio of the QE2 portrait 3 Dollars Pick 44 Law of 1974 (1984) signature William C. Allen (3) serial numbers A637426 - A 637428. Each note in red on multicolour with the QE2 portrait at right and beach scene at left on obverse. The reverse with an illustration of sailing Regatta boats. Watermarked with a ship and a fabulous Thomas De La Rue prints. £45 - £70
137 Bahamas Central Bank 5 Dollars Pick 37b Law of 1974 serial number K 369486 signature W. C. Allen, in a PMG holder and in the Exceptional grade 67EPQ (Exceptional Paper Quality) with very few examples recorded in this outstandingly high grade on the PMG Population Report at the time of writing and along with the fact that this signature variety is much Rarer and sought after than its predecessor makes this note a very desirable example. Orange on multicolour underprint featuring young Queen Elizabeth II at left on obverse and the reverse with a beautiful illustration of the Government House and the Columbus Monument. Printed by Thomas De La Rue & Company and watermarked with a shellfish. This is a unique opportunity for any collector to obtain such a high grade and attractive piece £400 - £600
138 Belgium Banque Nationale 50 Francs / Frank = 10 Belgas / Belga Pick 100 dated 14th September 1927 serial number 0072B0958, in a PMG holder and graded VF 25 EPQ (Exceptional Paper Quality) and a rare note with this being one of only 3 recorded examples by the PMG Population Report at the time of writing. In brown on yellow underprint featuring a farm woman holding a sheaf of wheat and two horses. The reverse illustrating an Allegorical female figure holding a ship and a large cornucopia (a symbol of abundance & nourishment) and an industrial factory illustration in the underprint. These illustrations enframed in an exquisitely designed frame with agricultural produce, flowers and stars. A few tonal blue outlines appear on the note to attribute to the fabulous design. Watermarked with a bust of King Leopold I of Belgium. £75 - £100
139 Biafra (10) a selection of the ND 1969 "Second" issues in 2 complete denomination sets and mixed circulated but presentable grades VF with few better examples. Comprising 5 Shillings Pick 3a (2) serial numbers MZ 0598392 and MV 0839754, illustration of 4 native girls on reverse. 10 Shillings Pick 4 (2) serial numbers GD 0531819 and GF 0374569. 1 Pounds Pick 5a (2) black close to each other serial numbers CV 0345313 and CV 0345310, Biafra's Coat of Arms on reverse with motto - "Peace Unity Freedom". 5 Pounds Pick 6a (2) serial numbers WA 0129633 and WA 0209287, the reverse with illustrations of a female carpet weaver at work. 10 Pounds Pick 7a (2) serial numbers ZA 0388091 and ZA 0062330, a skilful Carver at work crafting what appears to be a wooden decorative piece. Each banknote with the distinctive illustration of the Palm tree and rising sun, believed due to the country adopting the song 'The Land of the Rising Sun' as its national anthem. Biafra, or Republic of Biafra, did not have a very long lived life as an independent state and its declaration of independence from Nigeria in May 1967, due to rising tensions in economic, ethnic, cultural and religious tensions in nature, between the various people of Nigeria, led to a Civil War that ended in January 1970 with what is believed almost 2 million Biafran civilians losing their lives (3/4 of which small children) caused by starvation in the region. The starvation was in result of the complete blockade of the Biafran region by the Nigerian Government and it led to the surrender of the Biafran Forces to the Nigerian Federal Military Government (FMG) in 1970, and the state re-joining Federal Nigeria. £50 - £100
140 British Honduras Government 1 Dollar Pick 28c dated Belize 1st January 1973 serial number G/6 733867. PMG 65 EPQ £75 - £100
141 British Military Authority & Armed Forces issues (14) various grades to UNC comprising some scarcer denominations and example. British Armed Forces (2) consisting of 5 Shillings Pick M4 ND 1943 series S and 10 Shillings Pick M5 ND 1943 prefix 04k. Along with a group of British Armed Forces (12) consisting of a 1st series 1 Shilling Pick M11a. 2nd Series part denomination set (7) including 3 Pence Pick M16a. 6 Pence Pick M17a. 2 shillings 6 Pence Pick M19b, Rare . 5 Shillings Pick M20c (2) one with punch hole cancellations. 10 Shillings Pick 21a, this also a Rare note of the series. And a 1 Pound Pick M22b. 3rd series (3) including 1 Shillings Pick M26b. 10 Shillings Pick M28b. 1 Pound Pick M29. And a 4th series 1 Shilling Pick M32b. £30 - £60
142 Canada Dominion of Canada 1 Dollar Pick 18a (DC-8e) variety with value numerals in the corners dated 1st June 1878 Payable at Montreal blue serial number 255590 plate B manuscript signature at left Taylor and printed signature Harrington at right, about VG. Black on green underprint featuring a portrait of Countess of Dufferin on obverse and seal of Queen Victoria on reverse. Printed by the British American Banknote Company, Montreal. Hariot Georgina Hamilton-Temple-Blackwood, Marchioness of Dufferin and Ava VA CI DBE (1843 - 1936) was a British peeress and the great-granddaughter of both United Irishmen patriot and hero Archibald Hamilton Rowan as well as the political writer, activist, and Irish nationalist General George Cockburn. She was known for her success in the role of "diplomatic wife", and for leading an initiative to improve medical care for women in British India. For an example with red serial number and payable at Toronto see next lot £70 - £100
143 Canada Dominion of Canada 1 Dollar Pick 24Ab (DC-13c) Fine and Scarce variety with vertically printed word "ONE" at left and right on reverse curves outward, away from the centre of the note, at the centre of the word, dated 31st March 1898 left counter-signature manuscript and slightly faded, right signature Boville printed, plate D, series P and a collectible REPEATER number 703703, and well preserved for its age. The obverse in black on light brown with a busy log drive scene on a Canadian river flanked by portraits of Countess of Aberdeen at left and Earl of Aberdeen at right. The reverse in green with guilloche panels and an illustration of the Parliament building, Ottawa with a view from the front Gate to the Centre Block. Printed by the American Banknote Company, Ottawa in sheets of four notes with the check/plate letters A, B, C and D. The left signature varies and is manuscript entered by one of the many women employed by the Finance Department with exactly this purpose. Ishbel Maria Hamilton-Gordon, Marchioness of Aberdeen and Temair, GBE (1857-1939) was a British author, philanthropist, and an advocate of women's interests. As the wife of John Hamilton-Gordon (who's portrait is at right), 1st Marquess of Aberdeen and Temair, she was viceregal consort of Canada from 1893 to 1898 and of Ireland from 1906-1915. John Campbell Hamilton-Gordon, 1st Marquess of Aberdeen and Temair, KT, KP, GCMG, GCVO, PC (1847-1934) known as The 7th Earl of Aberdeen from 1870 to 1916, was a Scottish politician. Born in Edinburgh, Lord Aberdeen held office in several countries, serving twice as Lord Lieutenant of Ireland (1886; 1905–1915) and serving from 1893 to 1898 as the seventh Governor General of Canada. £50 - £90
144 Canada The Bank of Upper Canada, York (Toronto) 10 Dollars Pick S2037 (Charlton Unlisted) dated 1st January 1861 Number 43552, a manuscript signature at lower centre right and with no observable overprint, in a PMG holder graded VF 20 this is a fabulous example of this Exceptionally Rare note. A collaboration of engraving by Rawdon, Wright, Hatch & Edson, New-York on plate patented 30th June 1857 and printed by the American Bank Note Company is the result of this fabulous note in black on green underprint featuring a young portrait of Queen Victoria at lower left, seated Britannia with trident and shield with the crest of Upper Canada at right, and at upper centre 2 Allegorical female figures symbolizing Upper and Lower Canada, which united in 1841, and a Lion and a Unicorn, possibly representing Great Britain, and 3 crests in the middle. The 3 crests as follows - lower left and right depict the arms of the Provinces of Upper and Lower Canada and the top - surmounted by a crown, shows the badge of The Order of the Garter, a clear reference to the monarchy. Below the whole allegory is a plinth carrying the words "VICT...TTANNIARM RE DEF"-Victoria, Queen of the Britons, Defender of the Faith. The reverse with an ornate panel and value at centre. An excellent example from one of the first Canadian Banks to issue their own banknotes following the success and the provided model of the Bank of Montreal, the very first Bank to issue any banknotes in Canada just following its establishment in 1817, and which in turn was itself following the model of the First Bank of the United States established in 1791 by Alexander Hamilton, the first U.S. secretary of the Treasury. Also, one of the most influential early banks which ended up in a "Bang" in 1866 after having setup close relationships with the government from the moment of its establishment. The first significant bank failure in Canadian history, with its shareholders losing all their capital, which at a time had amounted up to over three million dollars and the government losing another million dollars. Banknotes at the time represented the principal liability of a bank and were redeemable in specie, upon demand. The issue of banknotes was well received by the public and became the principal means of payment along with the fact that they helped mitigate the problems that were associated with having a vast range of foreign coins circulating with different ratings. This note is a bit of an outlier as although featuring Royal portraits and images to relate to Great Britain, the Bank chose to use dollars as their denomination in contrast to others circulating in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland that were typically denominated in Pounds, Shillings, and Pence. Online research could not find any of this denomination offered in recent times, with only a few of the lower denominations in similar grades that were so keenly sought after they ended up in the 4 figure range, and the only example that occured is currently in the collection of the Bank of Canada Museum and these early issues are very unlikely to be seen in much higher grades, infect the current SCWPM prices them only up to the VF grade. Such an early Rarity, especially in issued format, is certainly a 'tasty' find for any serious collector and will most certainly serve as an absolute treasure in their collection. According to an official publication of the Canadian Paper Money Society Journal Volume 50, Number 143 of December 2014 this denomination was ordered May 1861 in Sheet Numbers 34001 - 44000 and October 1861 in Sheet Numbers 44001 - 49000 and was in a total of only 60000 notes £500 - £1,500
145 Central America & Caribbean territories (44) mostly UNC and various issues and denominations with pleasing and eye-catching colourful designs. Includes examples from Bahamas, Barbados, Costa Rica, Cuba including Foreign Exchange Certificates and a Che Guevara signature example, Dominican Republic, Eastern Caribbean States, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico including El Estado de Chihuahua early 1914 issues (2) 50 Centavos Pick S527a and 50 Pesos Pick S538e, Netherlands Antilles, Nicaragua and Trinidad & Tobago. £95 - £130
146 Ceylon Central Bank 5 Rupees Pick 54 dated 16th October 1954 serial number G/17 687177. A stunning Bradbury, Wilkinson & Co print in orange on aqua and multicolour underprint featuring a young portrait of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II at left. The reverse in green and orange on multicolour featuring a standing figure illustration. Watermarked Chinze. PMG 50 £170 - £220
147 Ceylon Government 25 Cents Pick 44a dated 1st February 1942 serial number on back A/16 466585, EF and a pleasing always collectible World War II period example. Uniface with black serial number only on reverse and the obverse in brown and multicolour featuring a portrait of King George VI facing forward. £15 - £30
148 China - Banque Industrielle De Chine 1914-17 "Tientsin" Issue 5 Dollars Pick S399 (S/M#C254-2b) place of issue - TIENTSIN overprinted in black, 2 manuscript signatures series B 1914 number 091838, the 1914 supposedly because of the issue date, however hand stamped with 25th October 1917 at centre obverse, in a PMG holder graded Choice Fine 15 NET Ink Burn. This is an Extraordinarily Rare note especially in issued format due to the extremely successful note redemption rate nearing 100%, in fact its so Rare that the current SCWPM records this and the higher denominations from the series only as SPECIMENS and this is the ONLY issued example recorded on the PMG Population Report at the time of writing. A very attractive design as expected from Bradbury Wilkinson & Co., London in blue on multicolour featuring guilloche panels with values in Chinese and English along with 2 statues of what appear to be Chinese mythological creatures at lower centre left and right on obverse, also the text at centre in a mix of English, French and Chinese. The reverse in violet on multicolour with what appears to be an illustration of the popular Temple of Heaven in its methodical Confucian design. The temple originally served as a vast stage for solemn rites performed by the emperor (the literal 'Son of Heaven'), who prayed there for good harvests at winter solstice and sought divine clearance and atonement. Since 1918 this private imperial domain has opened its gates to the public and is a poplar site where people perform daily taichi, twirl on gymnastic bars and sing revolutionary songs. The Rarity of this note makes it a real treat for any collector and most likely to be missing from even the utmost advanced collections. In contrast, online research shows none of this denomination offered with only 1 of the same type currently in the collection of the National Museum of American History and only the 10 Dollars denomination of the same type offered in recent times £250 - £500
149 Cuba (22) mostly about UNC - UNC comprising 50 Pesos Pick 81b series of 1958 (10) all in about UNC to UNC and includes some near consecutive or consecutive serial numbers as follows - a near consecutive pair B 130712A & B 130714 A, a consecutive pair B 130778 A & B 130779 A, a consecutive pair B 947364 A & B 947365 A, along with non-consecutive numbers B 133064 A, B 266992 A, B 333304 A and B 887944 A. Along with 100 Pesos Pick 93 series of 1959 (12) in a consecutively numbered set A 459629 A to A 459635 A and a near consecutive A 459111 A to A 459116 A. £120 - £220
150 Cyprus Central Bank 250 Mils Pick 41b dated 1st July 1974 signature C. C. Stephani serial number K/44 077603, a fresh and crisp UNC and still retaining original embossing. Mainly in blue on multicolour and featuring olives at left and Cyprus Coat of Arms at right with map of the island below. The reverse with an illustration of a Limestone quarry view. Printed by Bradbury, Wilkinson & Co without imprint and watermarked with an Eagle's head, this note is a fabulous and very sought after example especially in this superb grade £40 - £80
151 Cyprus Government 1 Pound Pick 35a first date of issue for this type 1st June 1955 serial number A/3 049473 signature Denis John Mahony. The note in brown on multi-coloured underprint featuring a portrait of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II at right with map of Cyprus below on obverse. The reverse with numerical denomination in panel at left and Colonial Coat of Arms with 2 Lions in panel at right. Watermarked with an Eagle's head. In a PMG holder graded Choice VF 35 and an Exceptionally Scarce and very sought after note £320 - £500
152 East Africa Currency Board 100 Shillings = 5 Pounds Pick 31b dated Nairobi 1st October 1949 serial number C/7 70614 4 signatures. A Thomas De La Rue print in blue-black on green and lilac underprint featuring a portrait of King George VI at upper left on obverse. The reverse displaying a guilloche panel with a Lion at centre. PMG 30 Very Fine £200 - £300
153 Eastern Caribbean (2) a high grade QE2 portrait pair, UNC or near so, consisting of a 20 Dollars Pick 44v ND 2003 serial number M 348896 V suffix V for St. Vincent, Governor House, map of the isles and Nutmeg plant. Along with a 50 Dollars Pick 54a ND 2012 narrow segmented security thread variety with red marks for the sight impaired, St Kitts, Brimstone hill, map of the isles and St Lucia, Les Pittons. Both bear the signature of K.D. Venner along with a silver foil Butterfly/Hummingbird security device and Bank building in the underprint without the extension on obverse, also featuring various sea and bird life. £50 - £90
154 Egypt (4) a selection of replacement notes in various grades average VF or better and different denominations including a 5 Pounds Pick 45* 1976 serial number Z 0510165, Ahmad Bin Tulun mosque, Cairo. 10 Pounds Pick 46* (2) serial numbers R 0039152 dated 1969 and R 0703968 dated 1976, both with Sultan Hassan mosque, Cairo. Together with a 20 Pounds Pick 48* dated S 0054926, Mohammed Ali mosque, Cairo. An interesting group £100 - £120
155 Egypt (5) a selection of various bank remainder cheques, perhaps circa early 1900's, in well kept condition and higher grades EF - about UNC - UNC. Comprising Barclays Bank D.C.O. (Dominion, Colonial and Overseas), Cairo - hand stamp partially visible reading Bank of Alexandria(one of the largest banks in Egypt) and 3 emblems at right - The Colonial Bank with the Royal Coat of Arms, The Anglo-Egyptian Bank Ltd with a Sphinx and the National Bank of South Africa Ltd with their monogram. Credit Lyionnais Bank, Cairo - a remainder cheque No. 15536 hand stamped et left "35853 WAKF PATRIARCAT CREO CATH. / DU CAIRE", uniface in faint olive. Together with a request cheque for a new cheque book with same handstamp and No. D 35858. Also, National Bank of Egypt, Cairo No. H 428417 hand stamped at lower left "Dar Al Shifa "Hospital Fund", uniface in blue. And finally The Anglo-Egyptian Bank, Limited , Alexandrie No. M/G 661948, mainly in violet with a Sphinx statue at left. £40 - £60
156 Egypt (6) a very attractive selection in mixed grades GVF to About UNC-UNC of various denominations circa 1960-70's all with number 1 for each of the notes respective prefix and fairly large sized notes. Consisting of 1961 Tutankhamen issues (2) 1 Pound Pick 37a serial number T/1 616849 along with a 10 Pounds Pick 41 serial number J/1 069890. Also, 25 Piastres Pick 42a 1967 serial number 1/H 0791748, Sphinx at Gizeh and statue "Egypt's Renaissance (near the entrance of the University of Cairo) by Mahmoud Mokhtar and this with a pair of pinholes to far right body. 1 Pound Pick 44a 1968 serial number 1/H 0999394, Sultan Quayet Bey mosque. 10 Pounds Pick 46a 1969 serial number 1/J 0020552, Sultan Hassan mosque, Cairo. Along with a 20 Pounds Pick 48 1976 serial number 1/S 0798042, Mohammed Ali mosque, Cairo. £135 - £170
157 Europe (17) in mixed grades Fine to about UNC - UNC including various issues comprising Austria 100 Schilling Pick 145 2nd January 1969 serial number P 006358L, Anglika Kauffmann. Belgium 1 Franc Pick 92 dated 1st October 1920 serial number Z03 035134, King Albert and Queen Élisabeth. Germany (4) including an Allied Millitarbehorde 50 Pfennig = 1/2 Mark Pick 191A series 1944 number 030848367. Along with Reichsbanknote examples including 1 Milliarde Mark Pick 122 dated 20th October 1923 block AR. 10 Reichsmark Pick 180b dated 22nd January 1929 serial number C 00135175, Albrecht D. Thaer. 50 Reichsmark Pick 186a 1st August 1942 Watermark "5" upright and 8 digit serial number R 15469252 , "Löwendenkmal" (Lion's monument). Greece (2) 50 Drachmai Pick 104 dated 1st September 1935 block AM=081 number 920694 plate A' and an interesting French style printing. Along with 5 Million Drachmai Pick 128a 20th July 1944. Hungary (2) including a 100.000 (Egyszázezer) Adópengő (Tax Pengo) Pick 144e Law 5.600/1946 no watermark no serial number. Along with 20 Forint Pick 169g 30th September 1980 Red serial C255 094007, Dózsa György. Iceland 100 Kronur Pick 44 Law No. 10 of 29th March 1961 serial number DA 29506037, Tryggvi Gunnarsson. Italy (3) including an Allied Military Currency 10 Lire Pick M19 series 1943A serial number A 53521762 A with Printer's Code letter. Along with Banca d'Italia (2) including 10000 Lire Pick 97c 20th May 1966 block S0286 number 073286, Michelangelo and 1000 Lire Pick 101d 5th August 1975 serial number SC 023541 D, G Verdi. Portugal (2) including 20 Escudos Pick 176b 4th October 1978 serial number AXP 097750 and 50 Escudos Pick 174b 1st February 1980 serial number AHG 67096. And finally Spain 100 Pesetas Pick 83 25th April 1931 number 6248482, Casado Del Alisal. £30 - £60
158 Europe (21) an interesting group all in mixed grades VF - GVF to EF - UNC. Consisting of Italy (10) an interesting accumulation circa World War II period including Allied Military issues to modern 1980's. Consisting of the Allied Military issues of 1943 (2) including the 10 Lire Pick M13b series of 1943 and variety without the printer's Code letter series A 04788845 A. Along with the 100 Lire Pick M21b series 1943 A and variety with serial number prefix - suffix "A-B" in serial number A 57895275 B. Also a group of the Biglietto Di Statto (4) including 5 Lire Pick 28 dated 1940-XVIII block 0287 number 839724. 50 Lire Pick 91a 31st December 1951 signatures Bolaffi, Cavallaro and Giovinco, block 2009 number 044654. 100 Lire Pick 92a 31st December 1951 signatures Bolaffi, Cavallaro and Giovinco, block 2727 number 027616. The Aretusa 500 Lire Pick 93a 20th October 1967 block K18 number 818006. Along with a Banca d'Italia group (4) including 1000 Lires (2) Pick 96e 1968 block U42 number 161539 and Pick 109a 1982 signatures Ciampi & Stevani serial number RD 854632 O. 5000 Lire Pick 111b 1985 signatures Ciampi & Speziali serial number PC 517069 Y. And finally, the 10000 Lire Pick 112b 1984 signatures Ciampi & Speziali serial number VE 109657 M. Along with Portugal (11) a varied selection of different denominations circa 1960's to 2000. Consisting of 20 Escudos Pick 167b 26th May 1964 serial number prefix variety with 3 letters - BNB 09536, Santo Antonio. 50 Escudos Pick 168 28th February 1964 serial number AFM 81003, Queen Isabella. 100 Escudos Pick 169b 20th September 1978 Camilo Castelo Branco (2) serial number HTM 41346 and HJN 37545. 50 Escudos Pick 174b 1st February 1980 serial number AHG 67097, Infante Dona Maria. 20 Escudos Pick 176b 4th October 1978 serial number AXM 083677, Admiral Gago Coutinho. 500 Escudos Pick 177 4th October 1979 serial number VJ 87535, Francisco Sanches. 100 Escudos Manuel Maria Barbosa Du Bocage (2) Pick 178b dated 24th February 1981 serial number ANS 45046 and Pick 178c 31st January 1984 serial number DML 88532. 100 Escudos Pick 169b , Camilo Castelo Branco. Together with examples from the last pre-euro issues 500 Escudos Joao de Barros (2) Pick 187b 11th September 1997 serial number 79A 200971 along with Pick 178c 7th November 2000 serial number 82A 642383. £40 - £80
159 Falkland islands (3) a mostly high grade QE2 portrait signature H. T. Rowlands trio, about UNC - UNC and a VG-Fine example, consisting of the 1 pound Pick 13a dated 1st October 1984 serial number A 154161, this the VG - Fine. Commemorative 5 Pounds 150th Anniversary of British Rule (1833-1983) Pick 12 dated 14th June 1983 serial number A 101824, red on multicolour. Along with the 10 Pounds Pick 14 dated 1st September 1986 serial number A 085030, green on multicolour. Both with Penguins to left obverse and Governor's house, Cathedral and Whale Bone monument in Stanley. £30 - £60
160 Falkland Islands Government 50 Pence UNC Pick 10a dated 25th September 1969 signature L. Gleadel titled Commissioner of Currency BINARY-RADAR serial number D17171 and the note in brown on grey underprint featuring a young Queen Elizabeth portrait in a Crowned ornate frame at right on obverse and the reverse with an ornate design in light brown. printed by Thomas de La Rue & Co. Limited London imprinted in small script at lower centre margin. £45 - £80
161 France (2) a pair of 1000 Francs including "Ceres Et Mercure" Type 1927 modified Pick 90c (Fayette F38.30) dated 20th October 1938 signatures de Bletterie, Rousseau & Favre-Gilly block A.4610 306 number 115225306, GVF with usual small inner body holes and very tiny edge nicks on this very large sized note with an alluring and pleasing appearance. These earlier French series notes incorporate various beautiful and colourful designs and are very hard to maintain and find in high grade due to their nature with not very thick paper and especially this example with it's excessively large size. Ochre, blue and multicolour with portraits of Ceres and Mercury, also serving as watermarks, at upper left and right obverse with 2 cherubs - with Cock lower centre left holding sickle and maritime at right with paddle and anchor. The reverse with a four various craftsmen figures - Mathematician/Astronomer, Blacksmith, Painter/Artist and Scientist/Alchemist, on a river scene backroad with bota and ships. Along with the "Commerce Et Industrie" Type 1940 Pick 96a (Fayette F39.3) a LAST date 19th December 1940 for this signature type de Bletterie, Rousseau & Favre-Gilly block T.1260 963 number 031493963, about UNC or near so with minor rust at left 2 pinholes mostly marginal and very pleasing and scarce in this high grade World War II period note. Multicolour with allegorical female portraits at left and right with flowers, butterflies, agricultural produce and Cock on obverse. The reverse with illustration of Factories and ships in the background and allegorical man representing Industry at left with hammers, anvil, cog wheel and related along with Ceres at right holding the Caduceus staff representing Commerce with boat and anchor. Watermarked with another allegorical female portrait. An alluring and beautiful design certain to be enjoyed by any collector £60 - £90
162 France (3) a very collectible small group comprising 50 Francs "Ceres" Pick 81 (Fayette F17.36) dated 25th March 1937 signatures Boyer & Strohl block U.5863 series 645 number 146569645, a pleasing EF. 100 Francs "Jeune Paysan" Pick 128d (Fayette F28.31) dated 7th February 1952 signatures Gouin d'Ambrières & Gargam block R.431 number 89480 series 1076689480, correct watermark variety, about UNC. Along with 1000 Francs "Minrve & Hercules" Pick 130b (Fayette F41.24) dated 2nd December 1948 signatures Rousseau, Belin & Gargam block Z.508 number 68608 series 1269868608, Fine or about with the expected usual pinholes and a small tape repair on reverse at small centre hole. £50 - £90
163 France including a French Oceania example (8) a mixed group averaging Good/VF to VF and includes a Scarce and very pleasing example of the unusual denomination 300 Francs Ceres & Mercury Type 1938 Pick 87 (Fayette F29.3) signatures Rousseau & Favre-Gilly block X number 0827074, this in VF with no observable pinholes. Also, an alluring large-sized 50 Francs Luc Oliver Merson dated 18th July 1928 serial number block V.2602 number 932 serial number 065045932 signatures Platet & Strohl. Accompanied by a 5 Francs Violet Type 1917 Pick 72d (Fayette F3.12). 10 Francs (3) consisting of the Mineur Type 1941 Pick 99e (2) Fayette F8.17 dated 9th January 1947 last date for signature pair Rousseau & Favre-Gilly along with Fayette F8.16 dated 19 December 1946 signature pair Rousseau & Favre-Gilly. Along with the Minerve Type 1915 Pick 73d (Fayette F6.14) dated 18th December 1930. And a 20 Francs Pecheur Type 1942 Pick 100a (Fayette F13.5) dated 28th January 1943. The lot also includes the not so common French Oceania 1 Franc Pick 3 Law of 29th December 1919 serial number 52625 Series B, handwritten signatures slightly faded in blue at left for Secretary and in black at right for President, American print by Halpin Lithograph Company, San Francisco on watermarked paper. £30 - £50
164 France Kingdom (7) a selection of early Assignat notes in a well preserved state VF - GVF and better with some foxing spots expected for age. All with rather clear emboss stamps and large original cuts with very wide margins and some of the utmost corner notes from the sheets. Comprising a 15 Sols Pick A65 (Ass-35a) dated 24th October 1792 series 1839. 50 Sols Pick A70b (Ass 42-a) dated 23rd May 1793 series 3477 watermark "RF 50s" with dot on i in "Republique" at upper right. Along with a selection of 5 Livres Pick 76 (Ass-42a) (5) 10. Brumaire l'an 2ème (31st October 1793) all with different signatures and with matching series - 3 of which series 6596 and the other 2 with series 4736. £50 - £100
165 Germany (14) in various mixed grades mostly in the Fine/VF to about UNC - UNC and consisting of various issues and issuers mostly early 1900's and including both World War period examples. Also includes a high denomination Notgeld example from Buer (Westfalen) Stadt 5 Billion Mark Keller 659g.4 dated 23rd October 1923 uniface watermarked Verschlungene Kreise. Also, a selection of German Occupied territories issues with examples from World War I Occupation of Lithuania produced by Darlehnskasse in Posen (Poznan, Poland and part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth) dated 17th April 1916 (2) consisting of 20 Kopeken Pick R120 and the 1 Rubel Pick R122c variety with last words of text at lower right reverse "ASTONI GADEEM" in clear print. These were issued due to the shortage of Rubles in the regions and initially they were equal to the Russian rubble. Also, World War II period examples issued by the Reichskreditkassen issued between 1939-45 (2) including the 50 Pfennig Pick R135. The 1 Reichsmark Pick R136a variety with embossed stamp series 315 number 215174. And the 2 Reichsmark Pick R137a 7 digit serial number G 5183107.These notes circulated and served as legal tender alongside the occupied country's currency. Also, the interesting Federal republic small sized Bank Deutscher Lander 10 Pfennig Pick 12 and an example from the first post-war non U.S. Army command issue. Together with a selection of the Reichsbank Reich banknote various issues and denominations circa 1903 - 23 (7) including 100 Mark Pick 22 dated 17th April 1903 series 5589168 Red serial and seals. 100 Mark "Flottenhunderter" (Fleet 100 note) Pick 43 dated 21st April 1910 serial number G 5469442, green seals and serial number. 50000 Mark Pick 79 dated 19th November 1922 red serial number A 44637422, green tint at right. 20000 Mark Pick 85a series D-DK number 259064 watermark variety with small circles. 20 Million Mark Pick 97b dated 25th July 1923 and 6 digit serial variety in red 13N 021659, violet tint at right. 200000 Mark Pick 100 dated 1st September 1923 with Printer's block mark ("Firmenzeichen") at upper left V13. And last, a 2 Million Mark Pick 104b dated 9th August 1923 block CD and watermark variety with small circles. An interesting group £25 - £50
166 Gibraltar (23) a high grade about UNC - UNC selection of 2 closely numbered consecutive sets of 1 Pounds Pick 20e dated 4th August 1988 signature B. Traynor. The first set of 14 notes serial numbers L 629501 through L 629514 and the second set L 629612 through L 629620. An attractive group from the last of the 1 Pound notes before they got replaced by a coin £95 - £180

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