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London Coins Auction 169
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896 17th Century a mixed group :- Farthing Gloucestershire - Bristol 1652 W.12 Fine, Farthing Warwickshire - Coventry 1669 W.55, Farthing Hampshire - Andover 1666 For The Poor W.14 Near Fine, Halfpenny Lincolnshire - Stamford Town Arms/Woolpack Fine, Northamptonshire - Northampton W.74 Town Arms VG, Suffolk - Ipswich 1670 W.158/9 Near Fine, Norfolk - Norwich 1667 W.225 Fine £70 - £80
897 Advertising Token Johnson Matthey & Co. Refiners, Hatton Garden undated (c.1860-1890) 20mm diameter in aluminium, Obverse as Farthing 1860-1895 Toothed Border design, EF and lustrous. Cataloguers Note: made from the first electrolytic aluminium produced in England by the Hall-Heroult process. This reduced the cost of refining of aluminium considerably, and the first mass production plant opened in 1888. In it's pure state it had previously been considered a precious metal £10 - £20
898 Bronze Ticket or Pass Liverpool Royal Colosseum undated (c.1860) 32mm diameter by T.Heath NVF/VF with old cleaning £25 - £50
899 Charlie Chaplin 'The Goldrush' 1926 26mm diameter in brass, Obverse: Facing bust of Charlie Chaplin CHARLIE CHAPLIN IN IN 'THE GOLDRUSH' Reverse GAIETY THEATRE MANCHESTER COMMENCING 11th JANUARY 1926 4 WEEKS VF with some toning spots £30 - £50
900 Farthing 18th Century Middlesex 1796 Spence's - Obverse: Padlock/Reverse: Evenfellows Plain edge, NEF £50 - £75
901 Farthings 17th Century Kent (11) Folkestone - Edward Franklin W.278 Good Fine, scratched on the reverse, Maidstone - James Ruse W.385 Grocer's Arms W.385 VG, Greenwich John Ellis Reverse Sugarloaf W.325 Fine, Rochester - Anthony Lovell at the King's Head W.470 VG, Greenwich E.B at the George, W.314/7 Fine, Rochester - William Campian 1658 W.460 Fair/VG, Rochester - Joseph Travers 1666 W.478 VG, Farningham - Henry Pound W.462, Goudhurst - John Austin W.284, Gravesend - John Watson W.308, Greenwich E.B at the George W.W.314/7, Halfpennies 17th Century Kent (2) Lenham - John Lake, Grocer's Arms W.373, Queen-borough Richard Poley 1666 W.451, Fair to Good Fine, some with attributions £200 - £250
902 Farthings 17th Century Kent (5) Malling - Francis Chambers W.400, Sturry - Thomas Johnson W.542/3, Rochester - Anthonye Lovell at the King's Head W.470, Sittingbourne - John Milway W.524, Halfpennies (2) Penhurst - Henry Constable W.444, Sittingbourne - Thomas Pearce - Ironmongers W.525 VG to Good Fine, the Rochester Token with a central split in the flan £140 - £180
903 Farthings and Halfpennies 17th Century Yorkshire (4) Halfpenny Doncaster - Ottewell Robotham 1669 W.83 Fine, Farthing - Pontefract George Daniel 1667 Castle W.258 VG, Halfpenny Scarborough - Peter Hodgson 1667 W.297 VG, Halfpenny York - Rich Booth at the Golden Fleece W.385 Fair, all with attributions £140 - £160
904 GB and World Medals and Tokens in base metal, includes some Fantasy items, a wide variety (around 2.2 Kilos) in mixed grades £100 - £150
905 GB and World Tokens, Co-op Tokens, Gaming Counters, Machine Tokens, Medals and Jettons a wide variety (over 3 Kilos) in mixed grades £50 - £75
906 Halfpennies 18th Century (2) Westmoreland (now Cumbria) 1794 Kendal, Obverse: a cypher R&D crest a lion, Reverse: a figure of Justice standing, Edge: Payable at Banbury, Oxford or Reading, DH4 UNC with traces of lustre and very light cabinet friction, undated Kendal, Obverse a cypher R&D crest a lion, Reverse: a man-of-war sailing, edge Payable in Dublin or London, DH5a A/UNC some spots, nicely toned £25 - £50
907 Halfpennies 18th Century (3) Warwickshire - Coventry 1792 Lady Godiva DH231 GVF, Hampshire - Portsmouth 1795 John Howard DH57a GVF, Middlesex - Whitfields - Long Live The King 1795 DH911 NVF, Pennies 19th Century (2) 1812 Birmingham and Sheffield Copper Company VF, 1812 Birmingham Union Copper Company NEF, Halfpenny 19th Century London - 1834 William Till Good Fine, Wellington Token 1812 Cuidad Rodrigo Good Fine with a heavy dig in the obverse field, Wellington Token 1813 Britannia Reverse Near Fine, along with a mixed group of Tokens and medals (21), includes Casino Tokens, Engraved and Gaming Counters £95 - £125
908 Halfpennies 18th Century (9) all different, includes one officially holed type, Good Fine to GVF £90 - £120
909 Halfpenny 18th Century Middlesex Political and Social Series - undated Obverse: Stanhope, Reverse: Tomb of Hampden & Sidney DH1040 A/UNC with traces of lustre £75 - £100
910 Halfpenny 19th Century Warwickshire, Atherstone, Sir George Chetwynd, Grendon 1842. Obverse: Bust to right: "SIR GEORGE CHETWYND BARONET. 1842.". Reverse: Coat of Arms of the Chetwynd family: "GRENDON HALFPENNY". Lettered edge. PAYABLE AT GRENDON HALL. Privately issued by Sir George Chetwynd, a great numismatist of the 19th century, for fellow collectors. His collection was sold over four days in September 1872, EF with a small spot on the reverse £50 - £100
911 Halfpenny and Farthing Tokens 17th Century (66, nine holed) a wide ranging group in mixed grades from Fair to Fine £100 - £150
912 Ireland Penny Token 1800 or 1822 34mm diameter, 14.19 grammes Obverse : Bust George III right, laureate and draped, ONE PENNY TOKEN. Reverse : Hibernia seated right holding a sprig of shamrock, the 00 of the date slanted to the right. IRELAND. The lower part of the date is worn, and examination of archive pictures of a similar piece suggest this may be 1822. Edge slant-milled with raised centre line. Die Axis inverted. Davis 37 Struck from very worn dies, causing much of the legend to be missing, the detail that remains around Fine. Listed as RRR by Withers and as R by Davis. Cataloguer's Note: Davis states that this is a forgery of the time, as Hibernia is seated to the right. This can be no doubt that these pieces were struck much later as the style of the reverse is similar to the British Pennies of 1825 onwards. This would suggest that 1822 is the more likely date for this piece. There also exists an example 'post-dated' 1827. £25 - £75
913 Medals and Tokens a wide variety includes a few GB 18th and 19th Century, World , machine tokens and more, in mixed grades (lot, over 6 Kilos) £200 - £250
914 Paranumismatic including Market Tokens Spitalfields, Borough Market. Transport Tokens, Commemoratives and more (lot) £90 - £120
915 Paranumismatic including Market Tokens Spitalfields, Borough Market. Transport Tokens, Commemoratives and more (lot) £90 - £120
916 Paranumismatic including Market Tokens Spitalfields, Borough Market. Transport Tokens, Commemoratives and more (lot) £90 - £120
917 Paranumismatic including Market Tokens Spitalfields, Borough Market. Transport Tokens, Commemoratives and more (lot) £90 - £120
918 Pennies 19th Century (3) Staffordshire 1812 Cheadle Copper & Brass Company Withers 667 GVF with uneven tone and some unevenness to the surfaces, Suffolk - Bury (2) Charles Marquis Cornwallis (2) undated DH4 VF and GVF, along with Augustus Cove, London medalet in the style of an 18th Century Halfpenny Token 27mm diameter and in copper, die axis upright, Augustus Cove a dealer in China and Glass, was criminally and unjustly treated by the Grand Junction Canal Company. The sorry tale began when Cove took a lease on a wharf at Paddington basin. What followed is told in Cove's book which is named on the medalet. The second edition of the book ran to 185 pages. Obverse: BEWARE OF THE GRAND JUNCTION CANAL COMP.Y SOME OF WHOSE FRAUD, OPPRESSION, PERJURY, FORGERY, & ROBBERY &Ca, ARE SET FORTH IN ...Reverse: .AUGUSTUS COVE'S PUBLICATIONS. ENTITLED THE TOCSIN SOUNDED OR THE BULL TAKEN BY THE HORNS &c TO BE HAD OF THE BOOKSELLERS Lustrous About UNC toning, with a few spots £160 - £200
919 Pennies 19th Century (4) Somerset 1811 Bath Withers 25 VF, Staffordshire - Walsall 1811 Joseph Parker Withers 1169 Good Fine, Surrey - Weybridge 1812 I.Bunn & Co. Withers 1200 VF, Yorkshire - Doncaster 1812 Thomas Birkinshaw - Pawnbroker Withers 720, VF with a stain on the obverse £60 - £80
920 Pennies 19th Century (5) Yorkshire - Doncaster 1812 Thomas Birkinshaw - Pawnbroker Withers 720 VF, Essex - Walthamstow 1812 British Copper Company Withers 563 VF, Worcester (2) 1811 The House of Industry (Workhouse) GVF, 1813 John Knapp Junior, Withers 1276 VF, Yorkshire - Sheffield undated, John Blurton Printer EF and nicely toned £90 - £120
921 Pennies 19th Century (6) Staffordshire (5) Bilston 1812 Samuel Fereday Withers 75 Good Fine, Burton 1813 Burton Exchange Withers 648 NVF, Newcastle-under-Lyme 1813 Cotton Works Withers 900 Fine, Walsall 1811 Walsall Church Withers 1158 Good Fine, Walsall 1811 Joseph Parker Withers 1175 Fine/About Fine. West Bromwich, Oldbury, Tiptin and Brierly 1811 Withers 1193 Fine, Rare £110 - £140
922 Penny 18th Century Anglesey 1787 DH37 NEF/GVF, 19th Century (3) Swansea and Morriston Nantrhyd y Vias Air Furnace Co. Withers 1333 Fine, scarce, Carmarthenshire (2) 1812 W.Griffiths & Co. Withers 1302 Fine, 1813 W.Moss & Co. Withers 1307 Fine with scratches £75 - £100
923 Shilling 19th Century Northamptonshire 1811 Peterborough - Peterborough Cathedral, Cole & Co. Davis 5, GVF with signs of old gilding with golden tone, Very rare £120 - £150
924 Threepence Warwickshire - Birmingham Workhouse 1813 Fine, as part of a group of Tokens (19) 18th Century Penny (1), 19th Century Pennies (3), 18th Century Halfpennies (3), 19th Century Unofficial Farthings (6), Canada Halfpennies (5), St. Helena Halfpenny 1821, and an Irish uniface Brass Pub token Tho.s Jackson, in mixed grades VG to Good Fine £40 - £80
925 Ticket or Pass 1731 THE KINGS PRIUATE ROADS 31mm diameter in bronze,. With surveyors initials RA (Richard Arundel) between the 17 and 31 of the date, About VF officially holed. Note: The Kings Road was formerly a private road and these tickets were issued to holders to gain admission. £80 - £120
926 Tokens and Paranumismatic 17th century (1), 18th century 1/2d (5), 19th century 1D (1), Harrington Farthings (3) these generally lower collectable grades, Fantasy Gothic Crowns in gilt base metal 21mm (3), 1952 - 2002 QE II Medals 21mm gilt base metal (2), Crown sized replicas (3) £50 - £80
927 Toy Money, mostly Lauer types and Spielgeld (13) in a cylindrical miniature box shaped in the style of a stack of 14 x 1900 Shillings, Toy Money and medalets (13) in a small box with Windsor castle on the lid, some of the medalets depict Queen Victoria's children, along with Tokens, Medals, Checks and Jetons (11) an eclectic mix in mixed grades to GVF £40 - £60
928 Unofficial Farthing Tokens (10) Wales - Monmouthshire, Abergavenny J.H.Conway Grocer, Tea & Coffee Dealer Bell 7546 NVF, Ireland - Dublin (2) undated, Todd Burns & Co. Tailors Drapers and General Furnishers 47 Mary St. Dublin Bell 6320 Fine, Byrne & Co. Tea and Wine Merchants, 6&7 Granby Row Bell 5970 Fine, W.Ford & Co. Drapers 2350, Fine, holed at the top, James Stelfox, Provision Dealer, Salford, Manchester 3570 Fine, Plymouth - Hockley, Clothier 4285, NVF, Rare, Worcester Co-Operative Company 5240 Fine, John B.Hanman, Southgate St. Gloucester, 1660 VG, John Nutall 3494, Grocer, Tea Dealer and Importer 206 Deansgate, Manchester, Fine, Henry Evans, Oldham, Tea Dealer, Market Place, 4210 Good Fine, along with Inn/Pub Tokens (4) Sherborne Threehalfpence 1845 Half Moon Inn NVF, Worcester Cross 2 1/2d T.Ward About Fine, Threehalfpence 1850 George Hotel, Castle Carry, F.W.Harrold EF and lustrous, W.Smith Queen's Head, Phillips Street, Aston, Fine, along with Victoria Diamond Jubilee Token Obverse Partial Brockage 1897 the impression of the head is incuse the lettering and date appears to have been removed from the die, Fine, unusual £180 - £220

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