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London Coins Auction 164
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578 17th Century (5) Farthing Norfolk - Harleston Cleare Shewell 1656 W52 VG. Norfolk - Burnham Market Farthing John Tucke W13 Fair. Halfpenny Yorkshire - Howden, John Wighton 1668 W129 Fair, holed. Yorkshire - Malton, John Pinnock 1666 W225 NVG/VG. Farthing Lincolnshire - Lincoln, Barton-on-Humber, George Kidson W11 NVG £50 - £100
579 17th Century (7) Farthing Cambridgeshire - Cambridge, Richard Allen W.11/12 undated VG. Farthing Gloucester - Cirencester Isaac Small W.66 Fine on a wavy flan. Farthing Gloucester - Northleach William Souch W143 NVG. Halfpenny London - Strand Bridge, Will Brunsley undated W3021 NVG. Farthing London - West Smithfield, John Conaway W2850 VG/Poor. Farthing Cambridge, George Felstead, W41 VG. Halfpenny Derbyshire - Chesterfield, William Millnes W45 Poor £50 - £100
580 17th Century (9) Farthing Bedfordshire John Paulin W18 VG. Farthing Wiltshire - Salisbury 1664. Farthing George Clemens W167 VG. Farthing Wiltshire - Salisbury 1666 Simon Rolfe W222 Near Fine. Farthing Norfolk - Yarmouth 1667 Borough W284 VG/NF. Farthing London - Wapping 1650 T.Dry W3294 VG. Farthing Suffolk - Southwold Thomas Postle 1652 VG. Farthing Norfolk - Norwich Edward Hyrne undated, W157 NVG. Farthing Kent - Gravesend William Crouch 1658 W294 NVG. Farthing Gloucester 1669 W77 VG £75 - £125
581 17th Century Farthings - Berkshire (5) Abingdon - Sarah Playdell 1667 W8, VG/Fine. Maidenhead - Edmond Stone undated, 5 points to crown W49 VG. Lambourn - Henry Knighton 1666 W.43 Fine. Wallingford - Anthony Boulter1664 W131 VG. Windsor Thomas Adames 1652 W163 Bold Fine, all with attribution tickets £50 - £100
582 17th Century Kent (12) Canterbury, undated, Sibb Smith W.77/8 VG. Gravesend, Iacob Parsson 1651 W.302 About Fine. Gravesend, Iohn Watson 1653 W.308 VG. Greenwich, undated, E.B At The George W.314/7 VG. Lydd 1662 3 Cloves W.377 NVG. Maidstone undated, James Ruse W.385 VG. Maidstone, undated, Richard Wicking W.397 Fai., Margate, undated, Ioseph Mackrith W.410 Fair. Milton-next-Sittingbourne, undated, William Bissy W.430 VG. Rochester Alice Cobham 1651 W.464 NVG. Rochester Ioseph Travers 1666 W.478 VG. Sturry 1650 Thomas Ihonson W.542/3 Fine, all with the respective attributions £160 - £200
583 17th Century Kent (12) Maidstone, James Walboll 1664 W398/9 Good Fine. Maidstone, Stephen Weeks undated W395 Good Fine. Dover, Martha Fforde W212 Fine. Deal, James Coston 1653 W148/9 Near Fine. Maidstone, Richard Walker 1658 W389. Canterbury, Walter Maplisden undated W65. Halfpenny Canterbury, T.Jennings 1669 W60, VG. Halfpenny, Canterbury Edward Fray 1667 W58 Fine. Halfpenny James Cheever 1663 W50 Near Fine with an edge chip. Halfpenny Ashford, Samuel Wood 1666 W18 NVG. Canterbury, Sibb Smith W77/8 Fine/VG on an irregular flan. Halfpenny Canterbury Jeremiah Masterson , Octagonal W66 VG £120 - £180
584 17th Century Kent (13) Honychild W.354, Thomas Foord 1667 Lenham W.372, James Ruse Maidstone W.385, Elizabeth Webb Maidstone W.393, Francis Chambers West Malling W.400, Steven Greedier Margate W.405, Joseph Mackrith Margate W.410, Milton-Next-Gravesend W.419, Milton-Next-Sittingbourne W.430, Milton Cheny Bourne W.431, Ramsgate W.453, Thomas Palmer Rochester W.475, Rochester W.478, Fair to Fine, most with attributions £220 - £260
585 17th Century Kent (18) Brookland 1671, W.39 John Eve. undated. Canterbury W.77/8, Sibb Smith, undated, Thomas Parkson Deal W.154, undated Moyses and Potter Deal W.158, 1651 CD AT THE LEOPOLDVS Dover W.209, Eltham W.248, Gravesend (3) Iacob Parsonn W.301, A.M.W At the San W.306, John Watson W.308, At The George in Greenwich, Greenwich W.314, Robert Hovend, Harrietsham W.346, Sandwich 1656 Danill Pickley W.501, Sittingbourne W.524 John Milway, Sevenoaks, Nathll Owen 1669 Octagonal (holed) , Sittingbourne W.525 Thomas Pearce, 1650 Thomas Johnson Sturry W.542/3, John Solley Wingham W.569, Charles Allfrey Wrotham W.579 in mixed grades Poor to Fine, many with attributions £240 - £280
586 19th Century Kent - Folkestone Sixpence 1811 unlisted by Davis, DH Non-Local 14, VF, the obverse with some friction to the high points, comes with old collector's ticket £55 - £75
587 Augustus Cove, London medalet in the style of an 18th Century Halfpenny Token 27mm diameter and in copper, die axis upright, Augustus Cove a dealer in China and Glass, was criminally and unjustly treated by the Grand Junction Canal Company. The sorry tale began when Cove took a lease on a wharf at Paddington basin. What followed is told in Cove's book which is named on the medalet. The second edition of the book ran to 185 pages. Obverse: BEWARE OF THE GRAND JUNCTION CANAL COMP.Y SOME OF WHOSE FRAUD, OPPRESSION, PERJURY, FORGERY, & ROBBERY &Ca, ARE SET FORTH IN ...Reverse: .AUGUSTUS COVE'S PUBLICATIONS. ENTITLED THE TOCSIN SOUNDED OR THE BULL TAKEN BY THE HORNS &c TO BE HAD OF THE BOOKSELLERS Lustrous About UNC toning, with a few spots, Rare £130 - £160
588 Birth of Prince Charles 1720 42mm diameter in bronze, by O.Hamerani, Obverse Busts conjoined right, IACOB.III.R.CLEMENTINA.R. Reverse Providence, leaning against a column, indicates to an infant in her arms the territories of Britain and Ireland, labelled ING.SC and IRL. on a globe, PROVIDENTIA OBSTETRIX. . in Exergue: CAROLO.PRINC:VALLIAE NAT:DIE.VLTIMA A: MDCCXX. Eimer 488 GEF £80 - £120
589 Colliery Tokens (45) in aluminium and brass, includes 5 stamped with Sharleston Colliery, in mixed grades £90 - £120
590 Farthing 17th Century Essex - Pleshy HVMPHREY SARIENT W.253 VG Rare £50 - £60
591 GB and World 18th to 20th Century a collection of Tokens, Countermarked coins, Transport Tokens, Medals, Gaming Counters, Toy Money, Co-op Tokens, and Jetons (708) in a home-made cabinet, includes a wide variety of types, in mixed grades £200 - £300
592 Halfpennies 18th Century (2) Buckinghamshire - Amersham 1797 'A Speedy and Lasting Peace' with engrailed edge DH 2a EF struck on an imperfect flan with a flan crack at 12 o'clock, Scarce. Cumberland 1797 Low Hall Colliery DH1 Good Fine/Fine the reverse with some digs at the top, Rare £75 - £100
593 Halfpennies 18th Century (3) Kent - Deal 1794 Obverse: Man of war sailing/Reverse: Shield of Arms of the Cinque Ports DH11 EF with traces of lustre, Lancashire - Lancaster 1794 Daniel Ecclestone, No stop after COMMERCE DH58 NEF, Warwickshire Birmingham 1794 DH59 EF or near so with traces of lustre £80 - £100
594 Halfpennies 18th Century (3) Bedfordshire - Leighton Buzzard 1794 Girl making lace DH3c NEF, Cambridgeshire - Newmarket 1795 Druid's Head/Beehive and bees DH12 About EF, Hertfordshire - Stortford 1795, Obverse: Shield/ Reverse: River and barges DH4 EF £80 - £100
595 Halfpennies 18th Century (3) Cambridgeshire 1795 DH12 Obverse Druid's Head/ Reverse: Beehive and bees NEF, Middlesex (2) Blackfriars undated Obverse: Blackfriars Monk/Reverse: Arms, supporters and crest, Plain edge, DH257A EF or very near so with a small planchet clip, Isaac Newton 1793 No dot under small R of SR, DH1034 GVF £50 - £75
596 Halfpennies 18th Century (3) Devon - Plymouth 1796 Loom/Spinning Wheel DH6 VF with some light pitting, scarce. Somerset - Bath 1796 DH41 Bust of Bladud/North Front of Pump Room, Heaths, Bath, EF. Herefordshire - Hereford 1794 Anglesey, London or Liverpool edge DH5a VF scarce £90 - £120
597 Halfpennies 18th Century (4) Bedfordshire - Leighton Buzzard 1794 Girl making lace/Lamb, edge Chambers, Langston Hall DH3c EF. Cambridgeshire - County 179 Druid's Head/Beehive DH12 GEF and nicely toned. Devon - Plymouth 1796 Spinning Wheel/Loom DH12 NEF. Gloucester - Brimscombe Port 1795 DH60 Barge/Tunnel entrance EF £70 - £90
598 Halfpennies 18th Century (4) Yorkshire (2) Hull 1791 DH17 EF. Leeds 1791 Paley's DH44 EF toned. Kent 1794 Lamberhurst DH35 NEF toned. Middlesex 1789 Prince Regent of Great Britain, France and Ireland appointed Feb 1789 29mm diameter in copper DH968 NVF/VF the obverse once lightly cleaned, now almost fully retoned, Gas Exhibition Earl's Court 1904 31mm diameter in bronze R&A Main Ltd.49 Queen Victoria Street, Falkirk/Thomas Glover & Co.Ltd 49 Queen Victoria Street, Edmonton NEF £30 - £50
599 Halfpennies 18th Century (6) Wiltshire - Salisbury 1791 Bust/WGM Cypher, Milled edge DH12 GVF/NEF. Kent (2) Deptford 1795 Kentish Men DH13 VF. Deptford 1795 Kentish Men DH13a GVF. Lincolnshire (2) Wainfleet 1793 Wainfleet Abbey/Figure of Hope, Warehouses edge, DH8a GVF. Spalding 1794 Britannia standing/Arms, Lettered edge, DH5 VF. Scotland Lothian - Edinburgh 1790 DH25 A/UNC and lustrous £150 - £200
600 Halfpennies 18th Century Middlesex (5) Skidmore's 1795 Register Stove/Forge, milled edge, DH480 NEF toned with a few small tone spots. Pidcock's undated Elephant/Toucan DH426 struck in brass approaching Fine, scarce. Spence's 1796 Reverse Soldier and Citizens, Lettered edge, DH691 VF, undated. John Bebbington, Bust/Umbrella DH254 NEF. 1800 Christ's Hospital DH280 VF. Pennies 18th Century Middlesex (2) 1800 Christ's Hospital 1800 DH10 About Fine, struck on an imperfect blank and with some pitting. 1800 Christ's Hospital DH11, Fine, lightly pitted £150 - £200
601 Halfpennies 18th Century Norfolk (4) Aylsham 1795 Grocers Arms/Prince of Wales Plumes, edge S & T.Ashley DH5a About EF, scarce. Yarmouth 1792 Ship/Arms, edge The Glass Warehouse of W.Absolon DH51 VF. Norwich 1793 Eagle/Arms DH32 Dunham and Yallop Goldsmiths edge, NEF with a trace of lustre. Norwich undated, Hope standing/Bottle, Finger points to Y, DH24 EF £100 - £150
602 Halfpennies 18th Century Warwickshire (4) Birmingham, Bissetts, undated, Museum, plain edge, DH120, EF with traces of lustre. Birmingham, Kempson's undated, Bust/Arms of Kempson, Plain edge DH218 EF or better with a small spot in the obverse field. J.Priestly Bust/Flame of Liberty above tomb, edge milled over lettering, DH221a VF or better, scarce. 1794 Kempsons - Blue Coat Charity School DH197a struck in brass VF with some uneven tone £150 - £200
603 Halfpennies 19th Century (12) About Fine to VF, along with Wakefield Spitafields One Shilling Market Token Fine and a small brass weight Fine £80 - £120
604 Halfpennies 19th Century (4) Warwickshire 1811 Birmingham Rose Copper Company Withers 271 GVF, Essex 1814 British Copper Company, stated by Withers to be a pattern or contemporary counterfeit, Withers 625 Fine, Rare, Non-Local (2) Wellington 1814 Withers 1571 NVF, Canada 1813 Withers 1711 Good Fine £80 - £100
605 Halfpennies 19th Century Ireland (3) Dublin (2) 1794 Sugar Loaf and bottle/Hope, edge reads 'Payable at Banbury, Oxford or Reading', DH309b, Good Fine, possibly once cleaned, Rare, 1795 Feathers/Fame flying, Reverse legend 'For the Convenience of the Public' DH328 Fine with some pitting, Rare, Munster 1795 Bryen Boiroimhe DH9 VF with signs of old cleaning, Rare £100 - £140
606 Halfpenny 18th Century Ireland - Dublin Fyan's 1794 Obverse Justice standing/Reverse Sugar Loaf and Brandy Bottle DH 308A EF or near so with a few very small spots £70 - £90
607 Halfpenny 18th Century Middlesex 1793 Spence's DH833 Obverse Hanging Man, Reverse: Book reading 'The Wrongs of Man Jan 21 1793, milled edge Good Fine, Rare, we note a VF example in our Auction A141 in VF grade realised £421 inclusive of buyer's premium £75 - £150
608 Halfpenny 18th Century Middlesex National Series undated, Bust of Princess of Wales/Portcullis DH980 EF nicely toned. Penny National Series 1793 King & Constitution DH188 in white metal VF with some spots, Dalton states 'Very Rare'. Penny 1789 National Series - St. Pauls Bust of King George III/London Arms, DH177 About EF £110 - £140
609 Halfpenny 18th Century Scotland - Perth 1797 Church and Watermill DH4 VF £70 - £90
610 Halfpenny Middlesex Slave Token 'AM I NOT A MAN AND A BROTHER' undated edge PAYABLE IN DUBLIN OR LONDON DH 1037 Good Fine, Medals (2) 1837 Death of William IV/The Abolition of Slavery 1834 24mm diameter in brass GVF, Austria (Vienna) 2 Ducat 1642 Restrike, struck in 1963 X#M29a GEF and nicely toned, Penny 1797 VF gilded with surface marks £40 - £70
611 Halfpenny Middlesex, undated, T.Halls Obverse: Toucan on branch/Reverse: The 1st ARTIST IN EUROPE in four lines, T.HALL, PRESERVER OF BIRDS BEASTS OR REPTILES, CITY.ROAD.NEAR.FINSBURY.SQUARE EF, the obverse with traces of lustre, the reverse with a few thin scratches below the inner legend £60 - £80
612 Jetons a large and wide-ranging group (259) with many different types represented, includes some larger Shilling and Florin sized examples, we noticed two pieces dated 1660 and 1664 similar in style to the Farthing -type medalet of William and Mary, would make an excellent study group, in mixed grades to GVF, along with Gaming Counters (4) in mixed grades to EF £250 - £350
613 Medals, Tokens, Machine and Telephone Tokens, mostly modern issues (over 1000 pieces, over 7 Kilos) many different types represented, in mixed grades £120 - £150
614 Medals, Tokens, Medalets, Jetons and elongates (354) includes some interesting items, with a few in silver, in mixed grades to UNC £200 - £250
615 Pennies 18th Century Anglesey (2) 1788 25 Acorns DH220 GVF/VF, 1788 24 Acorns, No stop at end of legend DH239 GVF £75 - £100
616 Pennies 19th Century (2), Halfpennies 18th Century (16), Farthings 19th Century (2) one mis-struck with a raised rim in parts, in mixed grades VG to VF £100 - £150
617 Pennies 19th Century (4) Cornwall 1811 Cornish Penny Withers 700 VF, Devon 1811 Tavistock - Devon Mines Withers 1130 VF or better with old lacquering, Somerset (2) Bath 1811 Withers 22 Good Fine, Bristol 1811 Bust of George III Withers 416 GVF with a few small spots £70 - £90
618 Pennies 19th Century (4) Gloucestershire -Cheltenham 1812 J.Bishop and Co. Withers 673 Good Fine, Northumberland - Newcastle-upon-Tyne 1811 Bewicke Main Colliery Withers 885 NVF, Worcestershire (2) Worcester 1811 T.Wood and Co. Withers 860 VF, Lye 1811 J.Forrest and Co. Obverse draped bust of George III Withers 855 GVF £90 - £120
619 Pennies 19th Century (4) Surrey - Weybridge 1812 Weybridge Mills, I.Bunn & Co. Withers 1200 EF stained on the obverse. Staffordshire - Walsall 1811 Fletcher & Sharratt Withers 1150 VF the reverse with scratches. Suffolk - Lowestoft 1811 I.Chaston Withers 850 NVF with some spots. Durham - Stockport 1813 Christopher & Jennett, Tees Bridge Withers 1115 GF/NVF £80 - £100
620 Pennies 19th Century Nottinghamshire (2) 1812 J.M.Fellows and Co. Withers 940 VF, 1813 J.M.Fellows and Co. Withers 950 VF/GVF lacquered £40 - £60
621 Pennies 19th Century Staffordshire (5) 1812 Bilston Samuel Fereday Withers 76 VF, 1811 Bilston Priestfield Furnaces Withers 45 VF with a striking flaw on the obverse, 1812 Cheadle Withers 667 GF with old lacquering, 1811 Walsall Joseph Parker, Withers 1169 Good Fine/Fine, 1811 Walsall Withers 1158 Fine or better £80 - £120
622 Pennies 19th Century Warwickshire (3) 1812 Birmingham and South Wales Withers 180 VF, Birmingham Union Copper Company 1812 Withers 348 VF with a few small spots, 1813 Birmingham Workhouse Withers 402 NEF with traces of lustre £60 - £80
623 Pennies 19th Century Yorkshire (3) 1812 Hull Lead Works Withers 760 VF, Sheffield 1813 Overseers of the Poor, Withers 1005 VF, Sheffield 1813 Phoenix Ironworks Withers 1040 VF £50 - £75
624 Penny 18th Century Anglesey 1787 4 acorns at tie, thick wreath, date above cypher, 1 between N and Y, DH42 GVF, Halfpennies 18th Century (10) Lothian - Edinburgh 1790 DH23 A/UNC, Lanarkshire - Glasgow (2) 1791 R.D. below date, DH2 struck on a thick flan with O instead of CO at the end of the edge legend, EF with some scratches, 1791 Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dumfries edge DH3 GVF, Warwickshire - Coventry 1793 Lady Godiva, Birmingham, London or Bristol edge DH238 EF, Middlesex - Newgate 1794 DH393 No stop after date, Milled edge, About EF, Cheshire - Macclesfield (3) 1789 DH 13/14 (threads on screw not visible) NVF, 1790 DH26 About VF, 1790 DH16, Lancashire - Liverpool 1791 DH67 VF, Middlesex - Masonic 1790 DH370b VF, Penny 19th Century Birmingham and Neath/Crown Copper Company 1811 GVF £110 - £150
625 Penny 19th Century Essex 1812 British Copper Company - Rolling Mills at Walthamstow Withers 568 Good Fine, Rare £40 - £60
626 Penny 19th Century Staffordshire - Perry Barr 1811 William Booth a later restrike, 21.21 grammes Withers 956 UNC or near so with some lustre £125 - £250
627 Scotland Communion Tokens (10) Kilmarnock 1778 uniface on a square flan Minister I.K , Fine Perth - Four Parishes of Perth - Erected 1807 Minister John Findlay, on an oval flan, Fine, Free Church of Scotland 1843 oval (4) and St.Ninian's Relief Church, Built 1772 undated octagonal issues (4) Fine to GVF, Halfpennies 18th Century Scotland (12) a good mix includes Glasgow, Leith, Edinburgh. Montrose and Dundee types, in mixed grades Near Fine to VF, many with attribution tickets, along with Florin 1887 the reverse enamelled in 6 colours, fair workmanship, pin mounted £80 - £120

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