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London Coins Auction 170
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288 17th Century (5) Lincolnshire - Boston 1666 Iohn Brown W.17 VG, Norfolk (2) Outwell 1667 William Bayley W.231 VG, Yarmouth 1656 William Bateman W.297 VG/Near Fine, Suffolk (2) Boxford Iames Wacwell W.26 NVG with an edge chip, Saxmundham - Thomas Knights W.285 Fair £40 - £80
289 17th Century Kent (5) Gravesend - Marck Medhovst W.298 About Fine, Gravesend 1651 Iacob Parson W.301/2 Fine, Maidstone - Steven Weekes W.395 VG, Rochester Robert Mitchell W.472 VG, Sandwich Nenry Fvrnice W.498 VG/Fine £35 - £55
290 17th Century London (5) Aldgate Without - Andrew Lidermore W.94, Near Fine, Bow Lane - I.K at the Greene Dragon W.381 VG or better with some pitting, Old Fish Street (Upper Thames Street) Wil Baggot W.2136 Fair/Fine, St Martin's Le Grand W.S.A, W.2656, VG with some corrosion and an edge nick, Snow Hill - Allen Sartan W.2910 VG £40 - £80
291 18th Century Shillings to Halfpennies (8) Shilling Nottinghamshire - Newark 1811 View of a building/T.STANSHALL. CHAs MOOR, RICHd FISHER, Wm FILLINGHAM, Wm READETT AND T.WILSON in 6 lines, Good Fine/Fine. Pennies (2) Glasgow - Phoenix Iron Works 1813 Fine, Trade and Navigation 1814 Fine, Halfpennies (4) Hull - I.K.Picard Lead Works 1812 Fair. Norfolk - Norwich Dunham and Yallop 1811 Fair, Somerset - Bristol Patent Sheathing Nail Manufactory 1811 VG. Canada (2) Montreal undated T.S.Brown & Co. Importers of Hardwares Reverse: a selection of tools Fine. Cuidad Rodrigo 1812 Fine £20 - £50
292 19th Century Tokens (29) Twopence (1), Pennies (19), Halfpennies (9), includes Ireland Pennies (2) and Wellington Halfpennies (2), in mixed grades VG to Good Fine £70 - £100
293 19th Century Tokens (5) Ireland Penny 1858 William Hodgins Bankers, Cloghjordan Fine, Australia Penny 1862 T.Stokes, Melbourne KM#Tn228 Good Fine, Isle of Man Halfpenny 1831 KM#21 Fine or better, London Essex, Walthamstow 1813 Lion Token (2) Fine and Good Fine, 18th Century Dorset - Poole 1795 Obverse: Hope leaning on an anchor DH6 VF £30 - £40
294 Canada Bank Tokens (12) Pennies (2), Halfpennies (10) includes types from Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, Upper Canada and Lower Canada, in mixed grades VG to VF £30 - £40
295 Canada Tokens (8) Nova Scotia (4) Pennies (3) 1832 KM#2 Good Fine, 1840 KM#4 Good Fine/Fine, 1856 with L.C.W KM#6 Fine, Halfpenny 1823 KM#1 Fine or better. Lower Canada - Montreal Sou undated (1837-1838) KM#Tn5 reverse with TOKEN MONTREAL legend Fine/Good Fine. Upper Canada Penny 1857 KM#Tn3 Good Fine. New Brunswick Pennies 1843 (2) ONE PENNY TOKEN legend KM#2 Near Fine to Fine £30 - £50
296 Copper and base metal (33) mostly 19th Century including Canadian Provincial issues, low to middle grades along with 18th century Halfpennies (12) F-GVF little or no duplication and from an old collection £150 - £300
297 Copper Tokens (53) mostly 18th century Halfpennies in circulated grades £250 - £350
298 Farthing Token 19th Century County Dublin - Kingstown Harrison & Co. Obverse: A Rose, Thistle and Shamrock HARRISON & CO. s TEA IS THE BEST. Reverse: Inscription in 5 lines the first two and last two being curved HARRISON & Co. GENERAL GROCERS .KINGSTOWN & DALKEY, Plain edge NEF and scarce, Schwer states issued in 1854. £20 - £40
299 Farthing Tokens (5) 17th Century Dorset - Dorchester 1669 Town Arms H.D. W53-56 Near Fine. 18th Century South Wales 19th Century (4) 1793 Bust right, with stop at the end of the legend/Shield PRO BONO PUBLICO DH27 milled edge Good Fine, Lanarkshire - Glasgow 18th Century undated, Arms of Glasgow with bird under second G of GLASGOW/GLASGOW RETAILERS TOKEN, DH45 Fine with edge flaw caused in minting, rated RR by Dalton and Hamer. 19th Century Arnott Cannock & Co. Glasgow, Drapers, Jamaica Street, Withers 7284 VF. Evasion 18th Century undated Lord Camden/Female seated left PEACE AND TRADE Coleman EF-491 Fine £20 - £50
300 Farthings 17th Century (6) Kent (5) Malling - Francis Chambers W.400, Sturry - Thomas Johnson W.542/3, Rochester - Anthonye Lovell at the King's Head W.470, Sittingbourne - John Milway W.524, Halfpennies (2) Penhurst - Henry Constable W.444, Sittingbourne - Thomas Pearce - Ironmongers W.525 VG to Good Fine, the Rochester Token with a central split in the flan, Yorkshire - Pontefract George Daniel 1667 Castle W.258 VG. Halfpennies 17th Century Yorkshire (3) Doncaster - Ottewell Robotham 1669 W.83 Fine, Scarborough - Peter Hodgson 1667 W.297 VG, York - Rich Booth at the Golden Fleece W.385 Fair, all with attributions (9 pieces in lot) £225 - £250
301 Farthings 17th Century Kent (11) Folkestone - Edward Franklin W.278 Good Fine, scratched on the reverse, Maidstone - James Ruse Grocer's Arms W.385 VG, Greenwich John Ellis Reverse Sugarloaf W.325 Fine, Rochester - Anthony Lovell at the King's Head W.470 VG, Greenwich E.B at the George, W.314/7 Fine, Rochester - William Campian 1658 W.460 Fair/VG, Rochester - Joseph Travers 1666 W.478 VG, Farningham - Henry Pound W.462, Goudhurst - John Austin W.284, Gravesend - John Watson W.308, Greenwich E.B at the George W.W.314/7, Halfpennies 17th Century Kent (2) Lenham - John Lake, Grocer's Arms W.373, Queen-borough Richard Poley 1666 W.451, Fair to Good Fine, some with attributions (13 pieces in lot) £160 - £180
302 France Jeton - Chambre de Commerce Bordeaux 1750 30.5mm diameter in silver Obverse: Bust right, laureate D.V below, Reverse: Ship's deck and compass QUO NON BAC DUCE, Feuardent 9185 EF £40 - £60
303 France Jetons 1659 Henry and Marie de la Trémoille, Duke and Duchess of La Trémoille 27mm diameter in silver (2) Feuardent 9044, Obverse: Arms of Henry on a mantle HENRY DE LA TREMOILLE. Pr. DE TARENTE DVC DE TOVARS.P.D.F. Reverse: A Tower in the middle of the sea, battered by winds. Above on a banner: NUMINE FRETA. MARIE . DE . LA . TOVR . DAVVERGNE . DVCHESSE . DE . LA . TREMOILLE. both Near VF and attractively toned £40 - £80
304 George Washington Lord's Prayer Souvenir Tokens (2) undated Obverse: Bust of Washington right, GOD AND OUR COUNTRY, Reverse : The Lord's prayer in 15 lines, holed at the top one with red ribbon and one with green ribbon attached NEF and EF, reported to be souvenirs from the celebration when the Eastern leg of the railroad and the Western met to complete the First Railroad across America, at Promontory, Utah, referring to the Golden Spike Ceremony commemorating the joining of the Central Pacific and Union Pacific Railroads May 10, 1869. Other similar tokens, also holed, without the ribbon were issued at the World Columbian Exposition in 1893. £100 - £300
305 Halfpennies 17th Century (5), Farthings 17th Century (5) includes examples from London, Essex, Bedfordshire, Kent, Gloucestershire, Hertfordshire, Somerset, VG to Fine £100 - £150
306 Halfpennies 18th Century (10) a high grade group, Middlesex (9) 1795 Corresponding Society Obv: The fable of the bundle of sticks/Rev: A dove flying with an olive branch. Milled edge DH286, EF the reverse with some thin scratches. Coventry Street, Obv: A filtering stone/Rev: Coventry Street, London. DH292 NEF. Davidson's 1795 (2) Obv: A female seated, with arms of London, St.Paul's behind, Rev: A Crowned Triangle with CONSTITUTION in the centre, lettered edge DH295 the first NEF, the second EF with traces of lustre. Eaton's 1795 Obv: Bust of D.I.Eaton left/Rev: A cock crowing over pigs in a sty DH301 GEF/EF with traces of lustre. Moore's 1795 Obv: A girl sitting under a tree making lace/Rev: A scroll inscribed MUSLINS IRISH CLOTH HOSE &c., Edge: Coarse milled DH389 GVF. Shackleton's 1794 (2) Obv: The Royal Arms and Crest/Rev: A candle mould, Edge: Payable in Suffolk - Street, Hay - Market DH477 the first NEF, the second GVF/VF. Heslop's undated Obv: A Man and a monkey in postures/Rev: Legend in 6 lines. Plain edge DH336b. Hampshire - Portsea 1796 Obv: George and the Dragon, Rev: A man-of-war sailing GVF with traces of lustre £120 - £160
307 Halfpennies 18th Century (12), Farthings 18th Century (6) Near Fine to VF £50 - £60
308 Halfpennies 18th Century (13) Norfolk - Norwich 1792 Arms of the City/Man working in a loom DH42 VF. Northamptonshire - Northampton 1794 George Jobson/Castle and Lion DH1 NVF, the reverse with a spot after the legend. Warwickshire (2) Coventry 1793 Lady Godiva/Elephant and Castle DH243a VF with some scratches on the obverse. Coventry 1793 Lady Godiva/An ancient cross DH246 VF with dome discoloration on the reverse. Middlesex (4) General Convenience 1797 Helmeted Bust/Britannia seated left, Edge: PAYABLE IN LONDON, the remainder engrailed DH1018 NVF with a small flan crack, Lackington's 1795 Profile bust/Small figure of Fame, Edge: milled to left DH357a GVF with a small spot on either side. National Series - 1795 Princess of Wales with ear-rind and four pearls in her hair, Edge: milled DH979 VF. Isaac Newton, Newton, with dot below Sr./Cauceus DH1033 Edge: Engrailed NVF/GF. Hampshire Emsworth 1795 RULE BRITANNIA Britannia 1795/Bust of Earl Howe, left DH24 Edge: PAYABLE IN LONDON the remainder engrailed VF. Lancashire (2) - Lancaster 1792 John of Gaunt/Shield, Edge: PAYABLE IN LONDON BRISTOL & LANCASTER DH29 Near VF, Manchester 1793 A porter carrying a pack/Shield of Arms Edge: Engrailed DH135e Near VF. Staffordshire - Leek 1793 DH13 Caduceus supported by a large bale of goods/two hands united, with an olive branch Edge: PAYABLE AT LEEK STAFFORDSHIRE DH13, NVF. North Wales 1793 Druid with 31 Acorns, 14 to the left and 17 to the right/A harp between sprigs of oak DH8 NVF £60 - £120
309 Halfpennies 18th Century (14) includes Sussex, Yorkshire, Lancashire, Lothian, Inverness and more, all different VG to Good Fine £50 - £100
310 Halfpennies 18th Century (4) Gloucestershire - Newent 1796 Industry Leads to Honour DH64 Good Fine. Norfolk - Norwich 1792 City Arms/Man in loom DH38. Oxfordshire - Banbury undated William Rusher three-quarters facing/Sun and legend DH1 Good Fine. Wiltshire - Devizes 1796 Shield/Stag, I.Baster, Edge: Milled over Anglesey, London or Liverpool DH2a, VF £60 - £80
311 Halfpennies 18th Century Scotland (10) Lothian (4) Leith (2) 1796 Obverse: A ship and a boat sailing by a fort 'Success To The Port of Leith', Reverse: Seated female holding a wand and a pair of scales, DH58 Bold VF. 1797 Obverse: A ship sailing, below, a spring of leaves LEITH HALFPENNY , Reverse Britannia seated LEITH HALFPENNY DH60 GVF. Edinburgh (2) 1796 Joseph Archibald, Obverse: Shield of Arms 17-96, crest a palm branch, Reverse: SELLS GARDEN , GRASS, FLOWER SEEDS, FRUIT TREES in 4 lines, Edge: Milled DH10 VF or better. 1791 Hutchison's, Obverse St. Andrew and Cross, The top right corner of the cross points to the beginning of the letter A, the top leaf just below the period, Reverse: Arms of Edinburgh, the thistle bud points to the end of the second N , the top leaf between the Y and the period, DH37 VF. Invernesshire - Inverness 1794 Obverse: Rose and Thistle united, Reverse: A cornucopia of flowers DH2 GVF with a spot on the rim. Perthshire - Perth 1797 Obverse: A hank of yarn and a package of dressed flax , spread lettering with a star at the end of the legend, Reverse: The Arms of Perth PRO REGE LEGE ET GREGE, Edge: PAYABLE AT THE HOUSE OF PAT.K.MAXWELL DH9 Bold VF and scarce. Fifeshire - Burntisland 1797 , Obverse: A cypher B V Co, under it a carbor, rose and thistle, Reverse: BURNT ISLAND VITRIOL COMPy. 1797 in 5 lines within a garland radiated, on which is inscribed NEMO ME IMPUNE LACESSIT DH2 VF. Kirkcudbrightshire - Gatehouse 1793 Obverse: A gryphon standing GATEHOUSE HALFPENNY, Reverse: A view of a large building PAYABLE AT THE HOUSE OF THOs. SCOTT & Co. date in exergue below, DH1 Good Fine. Angusshire (2) Dundee 1796 Obverse: A public building with I.W.I DESIGN below, DUNDEE HALFPENNY 1796, INFIRMARY FOUNDED 1794, Reverse: View of a harbour with a ship alongside a quay. Edge: Engrailed, with a waved line and dots, DH16, VF. Dundee 1797 Obverse: An ancient fortress, Exergue: Dudhope Castle Found'd 1660 Converted into Barracks 1794, DH18, VF with a small planchet clip £50 - £150
312 Halfpennies 18th Century Tokens (4) F - VF, Barn Tavern Islington 6D Refreshment Token brass VF, Garrick Hotel Bristol 2D brass Fine, RH London 1D brass VF, North Wales Evasion Halfpenny 1769 Fair, and two Farthing tokens both holed £25 - £35
313 Halfpenny 18th Century Cornwall - County 1791 Obverse: Druid's head left, Reverse Shield of Arms and coronet DH2 EF/NEF £20 - £40
314 Halfpenny 18th Century Cornwall - Penryn 1794 Obverse: Shield of Arms, Reverse: A Laureate Bust on a shield, PENRYN VOLUNTEERS on a ribbon, DH4 About EF with some edge nicks £30 - £50
315 Halfpenny 18th Century Hampshire - Portsea 1794 as DH70 Coat of Arms with javelin at top pointing just above the second limb of the A of PORTSEA/Ship sailing right PAYABLE legend, Edge : PAYABLE AT I.IORDANS DRAPER GOSPORT (as Gosport DH40) so a Portsea strike on a Gosport edge flan, the edge unrecorded by Dalton and Hamer for the Portsea token, VF or better and presumably Very rare £20 - £50
316 Halfpenny 18th Century Middlesex - Hall's 1795 Obverse: A woman standing, Mrs Newsham, Reverse: Near Finsbury Square, London, Plain edge DH317, VF/NVF £35 - £45
317 Halfpenny 18th Century Warwickshire - Birmingham 1794 Birmingham Coining & Copper Company, Obverse: Female seated on a rock, Reverse a stork upon a cornucopia, Edge : PAYABLE AT THE WAREHOUSE OF THOMAS CLACKE DH74L, very rare edge reading, rated RRR by Daltons GVF £20 - £50
318 Halfpenny 18th Century Warwickshire - Birmingham 1796 Meriden Obverse: An Archer shooting, Reverse: The Prince of Wales crest, radiated, over a bow, quiver and horn DH315 EF with the distinctive reverse die crack, Rare £200 - £250
319 Halfpenny 19th Century Middlesex Heslop's undated Obv: A man and a monkey in postures, Reverse: Legend in 6 lines, Plain edge DH336b EF the reverse with a few small spots £15 - £30
320 India, Bombay Duncan, Stratton, & Co. Half Rupee Trial strike Coin. undated (1905) NEF and scarce. In February 1905, Duncan Stratton & Co. of 9 Marine Street, Bombay, on behalf of H. H. the Nizam of Hyderabad's mint, ordered coin presses from Greenwood and Batley of Leeds. These presses, to strike coins of one, half, quarter and eighth rupee (2 annas), were dispatched in February 1906. The manufacturers made dies and struck ‘proving pieces' to test the equipment and to 'prove' the efficiency of the minting presses to the purchasers. Proving pieces for each of the four coin sizes One Rupee, Half Rupee, Quarter Rupee and 2 Annas each bear the same designs. Thomas Green Wood and John Batley established the partnership in 1856. They were electrical Mechanical engineers who specialised in manufacturing small arms and ammunition at the Albion Foundry, Leeds. They later moved to the Albion Works, Armley, Leeds, where this proving piece was struck. They supplied coining presses and associated machinery to several foreign governments (firstly; China in 1887: at Tientsin). The Greenbat trade mark was adopted in 1967 and the company later became Greenbat Ltd. in 1973  £40 - £60
321 London 1809 Covent Garden New Theatre pass uniface in lead, P P . S on reverse (Pit on Prince's side) D&W 13/146 Fine £40 - £50
322 Market Tokens - Borough Market (15) as follows:- J.Boulden 1s, W.Brookbank 6d, W.Brookbank 1s, W.A. Chapman 4s, C.Cunary 1s, W.H.Dorsett 5s, Fletcher & Wells 6d, Furner Bros 6d, W.Gay 1s, John W.Gunn 1s, , John W.Gunn 2/6, P.C.Hegerty & Co. 1s, Ingleden & Davenport 6d, Ingleden & Davenport 2s, W.N.White & Co.Ltd 6d, along with Covent Garden H.T.Wooderson 1s, in mixed grades £30 - £50
323 Market Tokens - Covent Garden (16) Bradley & Sons 1s, Bradley & Sons 5s, E.J.Coleman & Sons 4s, E.J.Coleman & Sons 2s, W.Grove 4s, W.T.Jay 1s, W.T.Jay 2s, F.C.Kitchiner & Co. 8s, E.H.Lewis 1s6d, Major Bros. 3s, William Medlocke 1s, Richards & Smith 6d, Ridley, Houlding & Co. 4s, Spear Vellacott 2s, C.Stones & Co. 2s, C.Stones & Co. 5s, in mixed grades £30 - £50
324 Market Tokens - Spitalfields (34) as follows:- H.W.Arnold 4s, R.Carter 6d, J.S.Daniels 6d, J.S.Daniels 1s, Dorset & Son 6d, G.Harlow 5s, J.Ives 6d, O.D.Johnson 1s, J.T.Kemsley 4s, Killingback 2s6d, Charles Knights 10s, J.O.Lindell 2s, J.O.Lindell 20s, Marshall & Masters 1s, Marshall and Partners 4s, Marshall and Partners 6s,. Marshall and Partners 10s, Harry Marshall 10s, A.Q.May 6d, A.Q.May 1s, A.Q.May 2s, Parrish & Falkmer 10s, James Ruanel & Sons 2s, L&H Starns 2s, L&H Starns 20s, J.Stratton 3s, J.Stratton 5s, J.Stratton 10s, W.Stratton 3d, Sutton Kirkman 10s, R.F.Wagstaff 6d, E.Wakefield 6d, W&HB 6d, in mixed grades to EF £70 - £100
325 Market Tokens - Stratford (15) as follows:- S.W.Bennet 6d, E&C.Bradley 10s, C.Coppin 20s, E.Ellison 2s, G.H.Fennel & Sons 10s, G.H.Fennel & Sons 1s, A.E.Gibson 10s, Charles Knights Ltd. 20s, Charles Knights Ltd 4s, Payne, Martin & Co. Ltd. 1s, Payne, Martin & Co. Ltd. 10s, H.R.Norman & Sons 10s, Chas. Steward 5s, Wadley & Son Ltd. 20s, in mixed grades some EF £30 - £50
326 Market Tokens, Transport Tokens, Commemoratives and more, a wide variety (50, all different) in mixed grades £50 - £60
327 Market Tokens, Transport Tokens, Commemoratives and more, a wide variety (50, all different) in mixed grades £50 - £60
328 Market Tokens, Transport Tokens, Commemoratives and more, a wide variety (50, all different) in mixed grades £50 - £60
329 Market Tokens, Transport Tokens, Commemoratives and more, a wide variety (50, all different) in mixed grades £50 - £60
330 Market Tokens, Transport Tokens, Commemoratives and more, a wide variety (90, all different) in mixed grades £70 - £100
331 Medals, Tokens, Weights, a few modern Replicas, and Gaming Counters a wide variety of types (84) includes a contemporary Counterfeit George III Farthing dated 1737 VG, in mixed grades some of the more modern issues EF £40 - £70
332 Model Pennies by Joseph Moore, undated -1844 (11) Fine to VF £30 - £40
333 National Transport Tokens (65) 5 Pence, undated 27.5mm diameter in aluminium (53), 3 Pence undated 25mm diameter in aluminium (12), both types with central hole EF to UNC and lustrous £50 - £60
334 Pennies 19th Century an interesting group (15) Staffordshire (7) Bilston 1812 Samuel Fereday Withers 75 Good Fine, Burton 1813 Burton Exchange Withers 648 NVF, Newcastle-under-Lyme 1813 Cotton Works Withers 900 Fine, Walsall 1811 Walsall Church Withers 1158 Good Fine, Walsall 1811 Joseph Parker Withers 1169 Good Fine, Walsall 1811 Joseph Parker Withers 1175 Fine/About Fine. West Bromwich, Oldbury, Tiptin and Brierly 1811 Withers 1193 Fine, Rare. Yorkshire (3) Doncaster 1812 Thomas Birkinshaw - Pawnbroker Withers 720 (2), both VF one with a stain on the obverse, Sheffield undated, John Blurton Printer EF and nicely toned, Somerset 1811 Bath Withers 25 VF, Surrey - Weybridge 1812 I.Bunn & Co. Withers 1200 VF, Essex - Walthamstow 1812 British Copper Company Withers 563 VF, Worcester (2) 1811 The House of Industry (Workhouse) Withers 1249 GVF, 1813 John Knapp Junior, 3 over smaller 3 in date, Withers 1276 VF £225 - £250
335 Penny - Anglesey 1788 25 Acorns, 12 to the left, 13 to the right, Straight 1 and 7 in date, DH224 Bold VF £40 - £60
336 Penny - Hertfordshire - Sawbridgeworth 1801 Robert Orchard, a modern copy of DH1, About as struck. The original is a celebrated and rare token, of which only 4 examples are believed to exist, the extremely high relief design causing the die to shatter after just a few impressions £25 - £35
337 Penny 19th Century Cornwall 1811 County issue. Obverse: Pumping station, Reverse: Ingots of tin and a pilchard W.701 VF £40 - £60

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