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London Coins Auction 165
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1302 17th Century Kent (12) Canterbury, undated, Sibb Smith W.77/8 VG. Gravesend, Iacob Parsson 1651 W.302 About Fine. Gravesend, Iohn Watson 1653 W.308 VG. Greenwich, undated, E.B At The George W.314/7 VG. Lydd 1662 3 Cloves W.377 NVG. Maidstone undated, James Ruse W.385 VG. Maidstone, undated, Richard Wicking W.397 Fair., Margate, undated, Ioseph Mackrith W.410 Fair. Milton-next-Sittingbourne, undated, William Bissy W.430 VG. Rochester Alice Cobham 1651 W.464 NVG. Rochester Ioseph Travers 1666 W.478 VG. Sturry 1650 Thomas Iohnson W.542/3 Fine, all with the respective attributions £150 - £175
1303 17th Century Kent (13) Honychild W.354, Thomas Foord 1667 Lenham W.372, James Ruse Maidstone W.385, Elizabeth Webb Maidstone W.393, Francis Chambers West Malling W.400, Steven Greedier Margate W.405, Joseph Mackrith Margate W.410, Milton-Next-Gravesend W.419, Milton-Next-Sittingbourne W.430, Milton Cheny Bourne W.431, Ramsgate W.453, Thomas Palmer Rochester W.475, Rochester W.478, Fair to Fine, most with attributions £220 - £260
1304 17th Century Kent (18) Brookland 1671, W.39 John Eve. undated. Canterbury W.77/8, Sibb Smith, undated, Thomas Parkson Deal W.154, undated Moyses and Potter Deal W.158, 1651 CD AT THE LEOPOLDVS Dover W.209, Eltham W.248, Gravesend (3) Iacob Parsonn W.301, A.M.W At the San W.306, John Watson W.308, At The George in Greenwich, Greenwich W.314, Robert Hovend, Harrietsham W.346, Sandwich 1656 Danill Pickley W.501, Sittingbourne W.524 John Milway, Sevenoaks, Nathll Owen 1669 Octagonal (holed) , Sittingbourne W.525 Thomas Pearce, 1650 Thomas Johnson Sturry W.542/3, John Solley Wingham W.569, Charles Allfrey Wrotham W.579 in mixed grades Poor to Fine, many with attributions £220 - £260
1305 18th Century copper (50) mostly Halfpennies a wide variety, from circulation generally F-VF a few tarnished £250 - £350
1306 Augustus Cove, London medalet in the style of an 18th Century Halfpenny Token 27mm diameter and in copper, die axis upright, Augustus Cove a dealer in China and Glass, was criminally and unjustly treated by the Grand Junction Canal Company. The sorry tale began when Cove took a lease on a wharf at Paddington basin. What followed is told in Cove's book which is named on the medalet. The second edition of the book ran to 185 pages. Obverse: BEWARE OF THE GRAND JUNCTION CANAL COMP.Y SOME OF WHOSE FRAUD, OPPRESSION, PERJURY, FORGERY, & ROBBERY &Ca, ARE SET FORTH IN ...Reverse: .AUGUSTUS COVE'S PUBLICATIONS. ENTITLED THE TOCSIN SOUNDED OR THE BULL TAKEN BY THE HORNS &c TO BE HAD OF THE BOOKSELLERS Lustrous About UNC toning, with a few spots, Rare £120 - £140
1307 Farthing 17th Century Essex - Pleshy HVMPHREY SARIENT W.253 VG Rare £50 - £60
1308 Farthing 18th Century Middlesex 1797 Harrison's - Hairdressers DH1059 Obverse: HARRISON HAIR DRESSER, Hair Dresser . No 64 . Long Lane West, legend in five lines/Reverse two busts facing . Bleeding and Tooth Drawing 1797 NEF £60 - £80
1309 Halfpennies 17th Century (5), Farthings 17th Century (5) includes examples from London, Essex, Bedfordshire, Kent, Gloucestershire, Hertfordshire, Somerset, VG to Fine £100 - £150
1310 Halfpennies 18th Century (11) includes Alexander Cornwell and other Irish types, all different, Fine to GVF £70 - £100
1311 Halfpennies 18th Century (13) includes some Scottish types, and a low grade Slave token (this holed) in mixed grades to GVF £60 - £80
1312 Halfpennies 18th Century (17), Farthings 18th Century (3) includes many different types, Fine to Good Fine, Pennies 18th Century (1), 19th Century (6) VG to Fine £60 - £120
1313 Halfpennies 18th Century (3) Bedfordshire - Leighton Buzzard 1794 Girl making lace DH3c NEF, Cambridgeshire - Newmarket 1795 Druid's Head/Beehive and bees DH12 About EF, Hertfordshire - Stortford 1795, Obverse: Shield/ Reverse: River and barges DH4 EF £70 - £90
1314 Halfpennies 18th Century (3) Yorkshire - Hull 1791 Obverse: King on horseback/Reverse: Shield of City Arms, within an oak wreath, DH21 King on horseback, with the baton more elevated, the 1 in the date points to the centre of the H, UNC or near so with traces of lustre. Essex - Warley 1794 Obverse: Portrait of the Prince of Wales, right, /Reverse: Prince of Wales feathers, Edge WARLEY CAMP HALFPENNY MDCCXCIV DH38a UNC or near so with traces of lustre. Middlesex National Series 1794 Obverse: Three-quarter facing portrait of the Prince of Wales/Reverse: Arms and supporters LONDON AND MIDDLESEX HALFPENNY DH952 Edge: BRIGHTON CAMP HALFPENNY MDCCXCIV EF £50 - £75
1315 Halfpennies 18th Century (4) Bedfordshire - Leighton Buzzard 1794 Girl making lace/Lamb, edge Chambers, Langston Hall DH3c EF. Cambridgeshire - County 1795 Druid's Head/Beehive DH12 GEF and nicely toned. Devon - Plymouth 1796 Spinning Wheel/Loom DH12 NEF. Gloucester - Brimscombe Port 1795 DH60 Barge/Tunnel entrance EF £70 - £90
1316 Halfpennies 18th Century (8) all different, Near Fine to Good Fine £30 - £60
1317 Halfpennies 18th Century (8) includes issues from Hull, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Southampton, in mixed grades some in VF to EF, along with Penny 19th Century undated Barnsley, Jackson and Lister VF toned £60 - £120
1318 Halfpennies 18th Century (8), Farthing (1) VF to NEF a few with spots £60 - £120
1319 Halfpennies 18th Century (9), Pennies 19th Century (3), Halfpenny 17th Century 1669 Iohn Copping W.49, George III Contemporary Counterfeit Halfpennies (9), Evasion Halfpenny (1), Halfpennies (4) 1757, 1806 (2), 1826, Penny 1863, Model coins (2) 5 Pounds 1887 and Half Sovereign 1902, Gaming Token 1798 J.Sainsbury, Scotland Communion Token 1831 Aberdeen, in mixed grades £120 - £150
1320 Halfpenny 18th Century Dublin 1795 Alexander Cornwell, Obverse Bust left ALEXr CORNWELL , Reverse: A Shield on which is FOR TRADE surmounted by the Prince of Wales' Crest, DH307 Plain edge, EF with some surface marks, the obverse with the distinctive die break for this issue. Cataloguers Note: Now thought by many to be attributed to Alexander Cornwell of Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland £70 - £100
1321 Halfpenny 18th Century Middlesex undated DH363 Obverse: Mail coach, Reverse: To J.Palmer etc. GVF, Road Pass undated (c.1750) 32mm diameter in brass (?) Obverse Crowned Royal cypher, Reverse 'For The Kings Private Roads' in four lines Good Fine, holed, in a maroon presentation case £25 - £50
1322 Halfpenny 18th Century Scotland - Ayrshire 1797 Obverse: Bust left Armoured and helmeted, Reverse: A female figure seated, supporting a shield SCOTIA REDIVIVA GEF with traces of lustre £70 - £90
1323 Halfpenny 18th Century Scotland - Ayrshire 1799 Obverse: Bust of the Prince of Wales left/Reverse: The British Arms on four shield cruciform, DH5 GEF with traces of lustre, a very pleasing example £150 - £200
1324 Halfpenny 18th Century Scotland - Perthshire, Perth 1797 Church and Watermill DH4 restrike in silver VF with a little dirt in the mill wheel, exhibiting the normal rim flaws and cuds associated with this striking £40 - £80
1325 Halfpenny 18th Century Scotland - Perthshire, Perth 1797 Church and Watermill DH4 VF £40 - £50
1326 Hertfordshire 17th Century - Hitchin (8) Farthing 1663 Joseph Baker W.110 Fine, Halfpenny 1667 W.Drage W.114 VG, Farthing 1667 Fran. Field W.115 VG, Halfpenny 1667 Thomas Hayward W.117 Fine, Farthing undated Dan Hurst W.119 VG, Halfpenny 1667 John Rugeley W.122 VG, Farthing 1666 Mary Tristtram W.124 Fine, Farthing 1664 Henry Warner W.125 Fine £80 - £120
1327 Pennies 19th Century (12) Cornwall 1811 Cornish Penny Withers 700 VF, Devon 1811 Tavistock - Devon Mines Withers 1130 VF or better with old lacquering, Somerset (2) Bath 1811 Withers 22 Good Fine, Bristol 1811 Bust of George III Withers 416 GVF with a few small spots, Gloucestershire - Cheltenham 1812 J.Bishop and Co. Withers 673 Good Fine, Northumberland - Newcastle-upon-Tyne 1811 Bewicke Main Colliery Withers 885 NVF, Worcestershire (2) Worcester 1811 T.Wood and Co. Withers 860 VF, Lye 1811 J.Forrest and Co. Obverse draped bust of George III Withers 855 GVF, Surrey - Weybridge 1812 Weybridge Mills, I.Bunn & Co. Withers 1200 EF stained on the obverse. Staffordshire - Walsall 1811 Fletcher & Sharratt Withers 1150 VF the reverse with scratches. Suffolk - Lowestoft 1811 I.Chaston Withers 850 NVF with some spots. Durham - Stockport 1813 Christopher & Jennett, Tees Bridge Withers 1115 GF/NVF, an interesting and varied group £200 - £250
1328 Pennies 19th Century (3) Nottinghamshire (2) 1812 J.M.Fellows and Co. Withers 940 VF, 1813 J.M.Fellows and Co. Withers 950 VF/GVF lacquered, Essex 1812 British Copper Company - Rolling Mills at Walthamstow Withers 568 Good Fine, Rare £70 - £80
1329 Pennies 19th Century (6) Warwickshire (3) 1812 Birmingham and South Wales Withers 180 VF, Birmingham Union Copper Company 1812 Withers 348 VF with a few small spots, 1813 Birmingham Workhouse Withers 402 NEF with traces of lustre, Yorkshire (3) 1812 Hull Lead Works Withers 760 VF, Sheffield 1813 Overseers of the Poor, Withers 1005 VF, Sheffield 1813 Phoenix Ironworks Withers 1040 VF £100 - £120
1330 Penny 18th Century Suffolk - Woodbridge 1796 Bust of Thomas Sekford three-quarters facing/Shield of Arms and motto DH15 EF toned with an edge nick £40 - £80
1331 Penny 18th Century Suffolk - Woodbridge 1796 Bust of Thomas Sekford three-quarters facing/Shield of Arms and motto DH15 NEF £50 - £100
1332 Penny 19th Century London - William Till 1834 36mm diameter in copper, Obverse: Legend on five lines within floral wreath DEALER IN ANCIENT & MODERN COIN MEDALS ANTIQUES &C. Reverse: Shield of Arms above banner ANTIQUAM OBTINENS, legend WM.TILL 17 GT. RUSSELL ST, COVENT GDN. LONDON. 1834. Plain edge NEF with traces of lustre £30 - £50
1333 Scotland Communion Tokens (6) 1847 North Free Church Kirriemuir (2), 1845 Free Church Durness (2), 1836 Saint Paul's, 1847 AC LOC on reverse VG to Good Fine £25 - £50
1334 Sentimental Magazine Tokens by John Kirk (4) 1772 Duke of Gloucester. 1773 Lord Chatham. 1773 Charlotte, Queen of Great Britain. 1774 Marquis of Granby. Good Fine to GVF £30 - £50
1335 Shilling 19th Century Forfarshire - Dundee, James Wright Jr. undated Obverse: An armed Highlander FROM THE HEATH-COVERED MOUNTAINS OF SCOTLA WE COME, below, in a sunken oval, the arms and motto DEI DONUM (The Gift of God) of Dundee The end of the Highlander's sword points to the T in MOUNTAINS, Reverse: View of the Cross, DUNDEE SILVER MEDAL PRICE ONE SHILLING. At the sides of the cross W DES, under the cross TAKEN DOWN 1777, Davis 5, Near EF and lustrous with some contact marks, Very Rare £50 - £100
1336 Shilling 19th Century Northumberland - Newcastle-upon-Tyne 1811 Iohn Robertson, Spear points between the N and D of NORTHUMBERLAND, Davis 11 EF £40 - £60
1337 Shilling 19th Century Northumberland - Newcastle-upon-Tyne 1812 A.Kelty Davis 8 GEF £50 - £70
1338 Shilling 19th Century Somerset - Bristol 1811 Messrs FRAs GARRATT, Wm TERRELL, EDWD BIRD,LANt BECK & FRANs H.GRIGG. Davis 21, EF £40 - £60
1339 Shilling 19th Century Warwickshire - Birmingham 1811 Payable at the Workhouse, Davis 8, NEF and lustrous, Halfpenny 1793 Warwickshire - Birmingham Boy Standing/Shields bearing four hedgehogs, crest another hedgehog DH50 NEF with traces of lustre £60 - £80
1340 Shillings 19th Century (3) Northumberland (2) Newcastle-upon-Tyne 1812 Obverse: Arms and supporters/Reverse: View of a Colliery Davis 8, NEF. Newcastle-upon-Tyne 1811 Obverse: Arms and supporters, IOHN ROBERTSON legend, Reverse: Female seated, left holding a spear, the spear points between the N and the D, Davis 11 NEF. Yorkshire - Sheffield 1811 No wreath to shield, Flat tops to 1's in the date Davies 39 VF £80 - £100
1341 Tokens a small and varied group (7) USA Hard Times Token undated (c.1820) New York - Erie County, Patterson Brothers Hardware dealers, Anvil/Padlock, engrailed edge, Near Fine. Ireland - Ballyglunin Estate Truck tokens or Scrip tokens (2) Four Pence W.I.Blake in copper VF, Eight Pence W.I.Blake in copper VF, 'The Constitution Club' Pall Mall, London Oval 50mm x 40mm VF, holed, once cleaned. Theatre Token countermarked on a France 10 Centimes 1854A, 'EMPIRE IMMENSE SUCCESS THEATRE' Countermark Fine, coin VG. Inn/Pub Tokens (2) Twopence undated John Brown Oddfellows Arms, Tunstall About VF, Threehalfpence John Markey Primrose Hill Retreat, Fine with pitted surfaces £90 - £120
1342 Unofficial Farthing Tokens (10) Wales - Monmouthshire, Abergavenny J.H.Conway Grocer, Tea & Coffee Dealer Bell 7546 NVF, Ireland - Dublin (2) undated, Todd Burns & Co. Tailors Drapers and General Furnishers 47 Mary St. Dublin Bell 6320 Fine, Byrne & Co. Tea and Wine Merchants, 6&7 Granby Row Bell 5970 Fine, W.Ford & Co. Drapers 2350, Fine, holed at the top, James Stelfox, Provision Dealer, Salford, Manchester 3570 Fine, Plymouth - Hockley, Clothier 4285, NVF, Rare, Worcester Co-Operative Company 5240 Fine, John B.Hanman, Southgate St. Gloucester, 1660 VG, John Nutall 3494, Grocer, Tea Dealer and Importer 206 Deansgate, Manchester, Fine, Henry Evans, Oldham, Tea Dealer, Market Place, 4210 Good Fine, along with Inn/Pub Tokens (4) Sherborne Threehalfpence 1845 Half Moon Inn NVF, Worcester Cross 2 1/2d T.Ward About Fine, Threehalfpence 1850 George Hotel, Castle Carry, F.W.Harrold EF and lustrous, W.Smith Queen's Head, Phillips Street, Aston, Fine, along with Victoria Diamond Jubilee Token Obverse Partial Brockage 1897 the impression of the head is incuse the lettering and date appears to have been removed from the die, Fine, unusual £240 - £280

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