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London Coins Auction 167
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1702 17th Century a mixed group :- Farthing Gloucestershire - Bristol 1652 W.12 Fine, Farthing Warwickshire - Coventry 1669 W.55, Farthing Hampshire - Andover 1666 For The Poor W.14 Near Fine, Halfpenny Lincolnshire - Stamford Town Arms/Woolpack Fine, Northamptonshire - Northampton W.74 Town Arms VG, Suffolk - Ipswich 1670 W.158/9 Near Fine, Norfolk - Norwich 1667 W.225 Fine £70 - £100
1703 17th Century Buckinghamshire (2) Halfpenny - Wooburn, undated Jonathon Kingham W.154B Waterwheel, VG, Farthing Wycombe - undated Robert Whitton W.173 Reverse Stag, Fair £40 - £60
1704 18th and 19th Century in copper (18), Silver Tradesman's Tokens early 19th century (4) some of these in higher grades, Jettons (8) along with more recent medals and tokens (over 3 kilos) £150 - £300
1705 19th Century Shillings (6) Warwickshire - Birmingham 1811 Workhouse (2) Davis 9 Near EF with an attractive golden tone, and Davis 10 VF, Cheshire - Nantwich Shilling 1811 Davis 1 Near VF, Yorkshire - Bridlington Quay 1811 James Stephenson Davis 6 Fine, Staffordshire (2) Bilston 1811 Rushbury and Woolley Davis 2 (2) both Fine. Sixpences 19th Century (3) Staffordshire - Fazeley 1811 Arms of the Harding Family Davis 11 Near VF with some spots, Staffordshire - Bilston 1811 Rushbury and Woolley Davis 3 (2) NVF/Fine and Fine. Ireland Bank Tokens (2) Ten Pence 1813 VF, Five Pence 1805 Fine, GB One Shilling and Sixpence Bank Token 1812 About Fine, toned £100 - £150
1706 Advertising Token Charlie Chaplin 'The Goldrush' 1926 Manchester Gaiety Theatre, 26mm diameter in brass Obverse: CHARLIE CHAPLIN IN IN 'THE GOLDRUSH' Reverse: GAIETY THEATRE MANCHESTER COMMENCING 11th JANUARY 1926 4 WEEKS About VF, 19th Century Medalet 1843 Thames Tunnel 24mm diameter in brass Obverse: Small bust of Sir I.M.Brunel in a central circle THAMES TUNNEL AND OTHER MEDALS. TO BE HAD OF THE PUBLISHER W.GRIFFIN 25 CHANGE ALLEY CORNHILL LONDON GF/NVF with a little uneven tone £60 - £80
1707 Brass Token or ticket 1797 harp countermark design with date and 3 P encircled, uniface 25mm square with rounded corners VF and unusual £50 - £75
1708 Farthing 18th Century Middlesex undated - Pidcocks Exhibition, Obverse: Elephant/Reverse: A Cockatoo sitting on a branch AU/GEF and attractively toned £25 - £50
1709 Farthings 17th Century Kent (4) Farningham - Henry Pound W.462, Goudhurst - John Austin W.284, Gravesend - John Watson W.308, Greenwich E.B at the George W.W.314/7, Halfpennies 17th Century Kent (2) Lenham - John Lake, Grocer's Arms W.373, Queen-borough Richard Poley 1666 W.451, Fair to Good Fine, all attributed £110 - £140
1710 Farthings 17th Century Kent (5) Malling - Francis Chambers W.400, Sturry - Thomas Johnson W.542/3, Rochester - Anthonye Lovell at the King's Head W.470, Sittingbourne - John Milway W.524, Halfpennies (2) Penhurst - Henry Constable W.444, Sittingbourne - Thomas Pearce - Ironmongers W.525 VG to Good Fine, the Rochester Token with a central split in the flan £150 - £200
1711 Farthings 17th Century Kent (7) Folkestone - Edward Franklin W.278 Good Fine, scratched on the reverse, Maidstone - James Ruse W.385 Grocer's Arms W.385 VG, Greenwich John Ellis Reverse Sugarloaf W.325 Fine, Rochester - Anhony Lovell at the King's Head W.470 VG, Greenwich E.B at the George, W.314/7 Fine, Rochester - William Campian 1658 W.460 Fair/VG, Rochester - Joseph Travers 1666 W.478 VG £110 - £140
1712 Farthings 18th Century (5) Middlesex - Pidcock's Elephant/Cockatoo DH1067 GVF, Warwickshire - Birmingham 1792 Bust of John Howard/Cypher DH481A GEF with traces of lustre, Anglesey 1793 Druids Head/Cypher DH457 Fine, Scotland - Lothian (2) St. Andrew 1792 Shield between sprigs DH66 Good Fine, 1796 Bird on branch DH69 VF £90 - £120
1713 Farthings and Halfpennies 17th Century Yorkshire (4) Halfpenny Doncaster - Ottewell Robotham 1669 W.83 Fine, Farthing - Pontefract George Daniel 1667 Castle W.258 VG, Halfpenny Scarborough - Peter Hodgson 1667 W.297 VG, Halfpenny York - Rich Booth at the Golden Fleece W.385 Fair, all with attributions £160 - £200
1714 GB and World Tokens (31) South Africa Halfpenny 1861 Whyte & Co. Obverse: TEA MERCHANTS ANDS GROCERS. CAPE TOWN with WHYTE & CO in centre, Reverse: Figure of Hope seated with anchor behind to right, 1861 in exergue, VF. New Zealand Penny undated Obverse: Standing Female with arm on shield, Palm Tree behind NEW ZEALAND, Reverse bust of Maori warrior 3/4 right ADVANCE NEW ZEALAND KM#Tn49 VF, Ireland Penny 1818 Obverse Bust of George III, LUKE XX.CHAP.XXV.VER, Reverse Harp VG. Halfpennies 18th Century (18) Kent - Lamberhurst 1794 DH32 Fine, Rare. Yorkshire - Leeds 1791 Paley's Bishop Blaze standing DH43 EF with traces of lustre. Warwickshire (2) - Birmingham 1793 DH50 Obv: Figure of Boy/Rev: Shield, VF. Birmingham Mining and Copper Company 1792 DH85 NVF. Hampshire - Emsworth 1793 Obv: Ship sailing/Reverse: Seated female DH9 Fine. Shropshire - Shrewsbury 1793 Obverse: Shield/Reverse: Woolpack DH19 NVF, Lancashire - Rochdale 1791 Obv: Man in loom weaving Reverse: Hanging Fleece, Edge Payable at the Warehouse of John Kershaw DH140. Plymouth - Devon 1796 Obverse: A female spinning/Reverse: A man in a loom weaving, DH6 VF. Middlesex - Salter's The Cheapest Hat Warehouse in the World undated DH473 GEF with traces of lustre. Middlesex - Lackington's 1795 milled edge, DH357a VF. Middlesex Lackington's 1794 Edge Payable at the Temple of the Muses DH353 NEF/GVF. Norfolk - Norwich undated Obverse: Bottle/Reverse: Hope standing, Plain edge DH23b NEF. Middlesex Political and Social Series 1793 Newton DH1033 NVF/GF. Hampshire - Emsworth 1794 Earl Howe, plain edge not in collar DH14a GVF/VF. Somerset - Bath 1794 F.Heath DH39 NVF. Warwickshire - John Wilkinson Iron Master 1792 with plain edge DH451h, GVF. Warwickshire - Birmingham undated Dr.Samuel Johnson DH71 VF. Dublin undated John of Gaunt, Plain edge DH231a VF. Pennies 19th Century (3) Staffordshire Penny 1811 TO FACILITATE TRADE Davis 21 EF, 1811 Bristol and South Wales Fine with poor surfaces, 1812 Birmingham and South Wales About Fine, Borough of Gateshead 1849 Boundary Token 32mm diameter in bronze George Hawks, NEF, and Masonic Tokens in bronze, Halfpenny sized (4) along with Halfpenny 1699 Date in Exergue Peck 687 NVF/GF and Gibraltar Two Quarts 1842 Fair, Mother of Pearl Decorative counters , oval shaped (2) EF £150 - £200
1715 Halfcrown 19th Century Staffordshire - Fazeley 1812 Obverse: Arms of the Harding family, within palm branches, Reverse: HALF CROWN TOKEN within four sprigs of palm Davis 4, VF and very rare £180 - £220
1716 Halfpennies 18th Century (10, one holed) a varied group, all different, VG to Good Fine, along with Penny 1794 H.Young Dealer in Coins. Obverse: View of St. Paul's/ Reverse: A Star and Garter, Penny 19th Century 1811 Bristol and South Wales, Farthings 19th Century (2) 1844 Rushbrook's Family Tea and Grocery, Cannock, White & Co. Dublin & Cork, along with British Empire Exhibition Medal 1924 VF £40 - £80
1717 Halfpennies 18th Century (17), Penny 18th Century (1), Halfpennies 19th Century (5), Pennies 19th Century (13), one silvered, Earls Court Token 1905 Gigantic Wheel, Medal British Empire Exhibition 1924, Medal 1739 Capture of Portobello - Admiral Vernon, in mixed circulated grades mostly VG to Fine £80 - £100
1718 Halfpennies 18th Century (3) Warwickshire - Coventry 1792 Lady Godiva DH231 GVF, Hampshire - Portsmouth 1795 John Howard DH57a GVF, Middlesex - Whitfields - Long Live The King 1795 DH911 NVF, Pennies 19th Century (2) 1812 Birmingham and Sheffield Copper Company VF, 1812 Birmingham Union Copper Company NEF, Halfpenny 19th Century London - 1834 William Till Good Fine, Wellington Token 1812 Cuidad Rodrigo Good Fine with a heavy dig in the obverse field, Wellington Token 1813 Britannia Reverse Near Fine £80 - £100
1719 Halfpennies 18th Century (5) - Middlesex (2) Shackleton's 1794 Obverse: The Royal Arms and crest FRANCIS SHACKLETON LONDON, Tail of the unicorn comes to the O of LONDON/ Reverse: A Candle Mould FINE MOULD AND STORE CANDLES 1794, Edge: PAYABLE IN SUFFOLK STREET HAYMARKET, DH477 Good Fine/NVF, Coventry Street 1795 Obverse: A Filtering stone FOR PURIFYING WATER/ Reverse: THE FILTERING STONE WARE-HOUSE * COVENTRY STREET LONDON DH292 GVF with a trace of lustre. Warwickshire - Coventry 1792 Obverse: Lady Godiva on horseback PRO BONO PUBLICO/ Reverse: Elephant and Castle (The Arms of the City) Edge: PAYABLE AT THE WAREHOUSE OF ROBERT REYNOLDS & CO. DH231 VF. Somerset - Bath (2) 1794 Obverse: Bladud SUCCESS TO THE BATH WATERS. BLADUD FOUNDER OF BATH. Reverse: A Tea Urn IRONMONGERY BRAZIERY & CUTLERY Exergue: F. HEATH 1794. Edge: PAYABLE BY F.HEATH BATH DH39 VF. 1794 Obverse: A CAmel; and rays of sun. TEAS COFFEE SPICES & SUGARS Exergue: A 5-pointed star, Reverse: View of a building. INDIA HOUSE 1794 within a circle M.LAMBE & SON TEA DEALERS & GROCERS BATH Edge: PAYABLE BY M.LAMBE & SON, DH50 £50 - £100
1720 Halfpennies 18th Century (9) all different, one holed Good Fine to GVF £90 - £100
1721 Halfpennies 18th Century a small group (3) Middlesex 1795 T.Hall - Citty Road 'Kanguroo', 'Armadillo' and 'Rhinoceros DH313 VF, Shropshire 1789 Coalbrook Dale - Obverse: View of a bridge with a vessel sailing under. ERECTED/ANNO 1779/SPAN 100 FEET. Reverse: A man working a machine, In Exergue INCLINED PLANE AT KETLEY. 1789 DH10 NVF, Somerset - Bath 1795 Heath - Ironmonger Obverse: Bust of Bladud to left with bow and quiver BLADUD FOUNDER OF BATH - SUCCESS TO THE BATH WATERS Reverse: A public building WEST FRONT OF NEW PUMP ROOM BATH, Exergue HEATH IRONMONGER 1795 GVF/NEF struck on a 31mm flan along with 19th Century Token 1832 The Reformation of the People's Rights, T.Attwood, in brass, Fine/NVF, holed at the top £20 - £50
1722 Halfpennies 18th Century Middlesex (2) 1795 T.Hall - Citty Road 'Kanguroo', 'Armadillo' and 'Rhinoceros DH313 VF once cleaned, Scarce, 1795 Pidcocks Exhibition, Obverse: Antelope/ Reverse: Ostrich Plain edge DH447a NVF with some old contact marks, scarce £25 - £50
1723 Halfpennies 18th Century Warwickshire (7) Birmingham - Donald & Co. 1792 Beehive DH123, Coventry (2) 1792 Elephant and Castle/Lady Godiva DH231 VF, and 1793 Elephant and Castle/Lady Godiva DH244 GVF, Stratford - 1792 Bust of Shakespeare DH327 F, Stratford - 1792 John Wilkison error legend DH454 Fine, Rare, Stratford 1792 John Wilkison error legend DH454B Fine, Very Rare, Stratford - John Wilkinson/Reverse Harp DH468 Good Fine £80 - £100
1724 Halfpenny 18th Century Hampshire - Newport (Isle of Wight) 1792 Obverse: Robert Bird Wilkins/Reverse: Sailing Ship left, lettered edge DH46 GF/VF £10 - £30
1725 Halfpenny 18th Century Kent - Hythe 1794 Obverse: Shield of Arms of the Cinque Ports/Reverse: An ancient sloop Edge: AT RICHARD SHIPDEN'S .X.X.X.X.X. , DH31 VF with a trace of lustre, we note that our archive database stretching back to 2003 shows that we have not previously offered this type £40 - £60
1726 Halfpenny 18th Century Lincolnshire - Sleaford Obverse: John of Gaunt/Reverse: Coat of Arms - SUCCESS TO NAVIGATION, edge Plain (rounded) DH3b GVF/VF £50 - £60
1727 Halfpenny 18th Century Middlesex - Chelsea 1795 Obv: A sailor with a wooden leg presents a petition to Britannia / Rev:a figure of Hope leaning on an anchor. DH277 EF with some small spots £75 - £100
1728 Halfpenny 18th Century Middlesex undated - Pidcocks Exhibition, Obverse: Two-Headed Cow/Reverse : Toucan DH454 EF/NEF with blue, green and magenta tone £25 - £50
1729 Halfpenny 18th Century Yorkshire - York 1795 Clifford's Tower Obverse: View of a cathedral/ Reverse: View of a Castle and Drawbridge CLIFFORD'S TOWER DH63 GEF and nicely toned with traces of lustre £25 - £50
1730 Halfpenny Tokens - Isle of Wight Cowes Bridge (2) both Uniface undated the first 31mm Good Fine, the second 20.5mm square issue, scarce Good Fine and along with One Penny 1851 Anchor Brewery 23mm diameter in White Metal EF £15 - £45
1731 Pennies 19th Century (3) Staffordshire 1812 Cheadle Copper & Brass Company Withers 667 GVF with uneven tone and some unevenness to the surfaces, Suffolk - Bury (2) Charles Marquis Cornwallis (2) undated DH4 VF and GVF, along with Augustus Cove, London medalet in the style of an 18th Century Halfpenny Token 27mm diameter and in copper, die axis upright, Augustus Cove a dealer in China and Glass, was criminally and unjustly treated by the Grand Junction Canal Company. The sorry tale began when Cove took a lease on a wharf at Paddington basin. What followed is told in Cove's book which is named on the medalet. The second edition of the book ran to 185 pages. Obverse: BEWARE OF THE GRAND JUNCTION CANAL COMP.Y SOME OF WHOSE FRAUD, OPPRESSION, PERJURY, FORGERY, & ROBBERY &Ca, ARE SET FORTH IN ...Reverse: .AUGUSTUS COVE'S PUBLICATIONS. ENTITLED THE TOCSIN SOUNDED OR THE BULL TAKEN BY THE HORNS &c TO BE HAD OF THE BOOKSELLERS Lustrous About UNC toning, with a few spots £180 - £220
1732 Penny 18th Century Suffolk - Bury 1794 Obverse: Charles Marquis Cornwallis/Reverse: Figure of Fame, lettered and dated edge DH4 NEF/GVF, along with Halfpennies 18th Century (9) Suffolk - Hoxne 1795 DH33a Obverse: Yeoman/Reverse: Castle within a garter NVF. Suffolk - Bury St. Edmunds undated Obverse: Shield of Arms/ Reverse: a cypher PD above a crown, between palm and laurel branches DHDH25 VF. Suffolk - Lowestoft 1795 Obverse: Bathing machines in the water/Reverse: Men in a boat fishing, DH37 About VF once cleaned. Essex - Colchester 1794 Obverse: Colchester Castle, design runs to the edge of the flan//Reverse: A loom DH10 Near VF. Hampshire - Southampton 1791 Obverse: Sr. Bevois Southampton/Reverse: Shield of Arms DH89 VF/GF. Shropshire - Shrewsbury 1794 Woollen Manufactory Obverse: Shield of Arms/ Reverse: Woolpack, Edge: Payable at London, Liverpool or Bristol DH25d GVF with some lustre. Middlesex 1795 Kilvington's, Obverse: Bust left, with top of wreath under J/ Reverse: Britannia seated left, BRUNSWICK HALFPENNY DH346 Good Fine, the reverse a little better. Middlesex - National Series undated - Obverse: Prince of Wales/ Reverse: Royal Arms with the Prince of Wales motto, edge Payable at London or Dublin DH953a NVF/GF. Middlesex - Mail Coach undated Obverse: A Mail coach travelling/ Reverse: legend in eight lines DH363 NVF £50 - £100
1733 Railway, Colliery and Ferry tokens, tickets and passes (77), a wide variety of types, Collieries include Kellingley, Rossington, Littleton, Daw Mill, Birch Coppice, Markham, Celynen, Barrow, Manton, and Hatfield types, many are uniface types, also includes Street Railway Tokens, from Warwickshire, Leicestershire, and a bus token from Liverpool in mixed grades £24 - £36
1734 Shilling 19th Century Hampshire - Newport (Isle of Wight) 1811 Davis 22 GEF and lustrous with a few small tone spots, Rare in this high grade £55 - £75
1735 Slave Token Middlesex 1795 Obverse: Dove and olive branch, Reverse: Two clasped hands, Edge : AN ASYLUM FOR THE OPPRESS'D OF ALL NATIONS DH289e Good Fine, along with Halfpennies 18th Century (3) Hampshire 1794 Portsmouth and Chichester DH54 NVF, Middlesex Political and Social Series 1796 Stag Edge PAYABLE IN LONDON, the remainder of the edge engrailed to right DH1041, Good Fine, Somerset John Howard Remember the debtors in gaol Edge: Payable at Lancaster London or Bristol edge DH35a VF £40 - £60
1736 Slave Token Middlesex, undated Obverse: Kneeling Slave, AM I NOT A MAN AND A BROTHER, Reverse Two handed joined, Edge :PAYABLE IN DUBLIN OR AT BALLYMURTAGH, DH1038 GVF and a very pleasing example, seldom seen in grades above Fine £60 - £120
1737 The North's Typewriter Token 1895, 53 Queen Victoria Street E.C. Reverse with calendar, 38mm diameter in bronze by R.E.Daish, Edinburgh UNC or near so with some lustre, scarce thus £70 - £90
1738 Tokens (21), Casino Tokens (4), Engraved (3), Gaming Counters (2) and Medals (4) a varied group includes some countermarked issues, the Casino Tokens include Monte Carlo (3) and World Poker Tour types, in mixed grades £60 - £80
1739 Unofficial Farthing Tokens (10) Wales - Monmouthshire, Abergavenny J.H.Conway Grocer, Tea & Coffee Dealer Bell 7546 NVF, Ireland - Dublin (2) undated, Todd Burns & Co. Tailors Drapers and General Furnishers 47 Mary St. Dublin Bell 6320 Fine, Byrne & Co. Tea and Wine Merchants, 6&7 Granby Row Bell 5970 Fine, W.Ford & Co. Drapers 2350, Fine, holed at the top, James Stelfox, Provision Dealer, Salford, Manchester 3570 Fine, Plymouth - Hockley, Clothier 4285, NVF, Rare, Worcester Co-Operative Company 5240 Fine, John B.Hanman, Southgate St. Gloucester, 1660 VG, John Nutall 3494, Grocer, Tea Dealer and Importer 206 Deansgate, Manchester, Fine, Henry Evans, Oldham, Tea Dealer, Market Place, 4210 Good Fine, along with Inn/Pub Tokens (4) Sherborne Threehalfpence 1845 Half Moon Inn NVF, Worcester Cross 2 1/2d T.Ward About Fine, Threehalfpence 1850 George Hotel, Castle Carry, F.W.Harrold EF and lustrous, W.Smith Queen's Head, Phillips Street, Aston, Fine, along with Victoria Diamond Jubilee Token Obverse Partial Brockage 1897 the impression of the head is incuse the lettering and date appears to have been removed from the die, Fine, unusual £200 - £220

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