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929 A History of the English Speaking Peoples a 50-piece set each medal showing key historical events and key figures in British History from 55BC to 1945, many depicting iconic coins, medals, seals or coats of arms on the reverses, by Danbury Mint 1971 each medal 45mm diameter in gold-plated silver, UNC in the green album of issue, some pieces with toning, comes with 47 accompanying information cards regarding the subjects of most pieces £400 - £700
930 Austria Calendar Medal 1944 Obverse : Saturn standing on the rings of the planet, sowing seeds, the reverse a calendar showing all the dates of the Sundays in 1944, 20.35 grammes. In silver with A 835 mark on the edge EF £20 - £40
931 Austria Medal 1792 Coronation of Franz II (1792-1806) 24mm diameter in silver Obverse: LEGE.ET.FIDE Crowned globus cruciger with crossed sword and sceptre behind. Reverse FRANCISCVS./HVNG.ET.BOH.REX/ARCH.AUST.M.D.HETR/ELECTVS/REX ROMANORVM/ CORONATVS. FRANCOFVRTI. XIV. IVL. /MDCCCXCVII, VF toned. Along with Shilling-sized Token 1804 SOLD BY CLARK WESTAND Co. FOR ONEC BRITISH SHILLING 1804 Reverse seated female left with three-masted ship behind, Good Fine toned £50 - £75
932 Battle of Vitoria 1813 Obverse: Bust right, ARTHUR DUKE OF WELLINGTON, Reverse: Bellona advancing, left, driving a biga. In Exergue: BATTLE OF VITTORIA 1813. 41mm diameter in bronze by G.Mills/Lefevre, Eimer 1033 EF £90 - £120
933 Battle of Waterloo 200th Anniversary 1815-2015 a 6-medal set by Worcestershire Medal Service comprising 14 carat Gold medal 22mm diameter weighing 7 grammes Prooflike UNC, and Bronze medals (5) each 36mm diameter the obverses depicting George IV, Napoleon, Francis I of Austria, Tsar Alexander I of Russia and King Frederick William IIII of Prussia. The George IV medal is paired with a seated figure of Victory on the reverse, with inscription WATERLOO June 18 1815 and WELLINGTON, the other medals share a common reverse, that of a statue of a heraldic lion, with right front paw upon a sphere, in front of a silhouette of the Lion's Mound at the Waterloo Battlefield in Belgium these also Prooflike UNC in the folder of issue £100 - £200
934 Birmingham Pitt Club 1814 Obverse: NON SIBI SED PATRIAE, Reverse: BIRMINGHAM PITT CLUB MDCCCXIV in three lines, within a wreath, as Eimer 1039, 51mm diameter in silver, EF in a lunette-style case £200 - £300
935 Birth of Prince Charles (King Charles II) 1630 30mm diameter in silver Eimer 115 Obverse four heart-shaped shields united in the centre at their bases, HACTENVS. ANGLORVM. NVLLI Reverse HONOR' . PRIN'. MAG'. BRI'. FR'. ET.HIB'. NAT'. 29. MAII'. ANN'. 1630 within a decorative square tablet, Good Fine or better £150 - £200
936 Carpathia Medal ornately shaped, in art nouveau style, in bronze. Obverse: within a border composed of two dolphins Neptune's head (above centre) with flowing beard and an anchor and staff crossed below. Starboard bow view of the Carpathia with lifeboats standing by in search. Icebergs in the background. Reverse Inscription : PRESENTED TO THE CAPTAIN OFFICERS & CREW OF R.M.S.CARPATHIA IN RECOGNITION OF GALLANT & HEROIC SERVICES FROM THE SURVIVORS OF THE S.S.TITANIC APRIL 15th 1912. DIEGES & CLUS N.Y Good Fine to NVF with some weakness to OF and DIEGES & CLUST N.Y. Very Rare with only 180 awarded. 711 survivors were picked up by the Carpathia whose officers and men were subsequently awarded this medal in gold, silver or bronze according to rank, with chain and black ribbon £2,000 - £2,500
937 Charles I Death and Memorial 1649 (undated) 50mm diameter in copper by J.and N.Roettier Eimer 162a Obverse bust right armoured and draped, CAROL.D.G.M.B.F.ET.H.REX.&.GLOR.MEM. Reverse A hand issuing from heaven holds a celestial crown. Below: sheep in a landscape, VIRTVT. EX. ME.FORTVNAM. EX. ALIJS, NEF with some light contact marks, comes in the original round box £95 - £125
939 Coronation of Edward VII 1902 31mm diameter Eimer 1871 in gold, by Saulles. Obverse: Bust right, crowned and draped, EDWARD VII CROWNED 9 AUGUST 1902, Reverse: Bust right, Crowned, veiled and draped, ALEXANDRA QUEEN CONSORT, below, a ribbon inscribed 9 AUG. 1902, The Official Royal Mint issue, UNC and lustrous with a small rim nick, in the official red box of issue £1,000 - £1,200
940 Coronation of George III 1761 34mm diameter in silver by L.Natter. Eimer 694 Obverse Bust right laureate and armoured, GEORGIVS. III. D.G. M. BRI. FRA. ET. HIB. REX. F.D. Reverse the king enthroned, left crowned by Britannia standing before him. PATRIAE. OVANTI Exergue. CORONAT. XXII. SEPT. CDDCCLXI GEF with a lovely tone £450 - £650
941 Coronation of James II 1685 34mm diameter in silver Eimer 273 the official Coronation issue Obverse: Bust right Laureate, armoured and draped, IACOBVS. II. D.G. ANG. SCO. FR. ET. HI. REX Reverse: A laurel wreath upon a cushion; above, a hand issuing from heaven. A. MILITARI. AD. REGIAM. Exergue: INAVGVRAT. 23. AR. 1685 by J.Roettier NEF with some light adjustment lines, a bold and attractive example with underlying golden tone and lustre £500 - £600
942 Death of William Pitt 1806 53mm diameter in bronze, by T.Webb, Eimer 975. Obverse: Bust left GVLIELMO PITT R.P.Q.B, Reverse: An island rock buffeted by heavy waves and lightning. PATRIAE COLVMEN DECVS. In Exergue: OB.A. MDCCCVI, UNC with traces of lustre £90 - £120
943 Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria 1897 the official Royal Mint issue Eimer 1817 25mm diameter in gold, a small test mark on the edge and a thin scratch on the obverse otherwise UNC, in the official red dated box of issue £325 - £450
944 Election Medal 1816 Thomas Leyland 39mm diameter in silver by T.Halliday, named to T.J.Oates, Obverse: A Liverbird on seashore, withy boats at sea in the distance. LIVERPOOL BE FREE. Reverse: T.J.Oates engraved in cartouche above text: ONE OF THE INDEPENDENT MINORITY 738 WHO VOTED FOR THOS. LEYLAND Esq AT THE LIVERPOOL ELECTION 1816 VF with some surface marks, holed at the top, comes with copies of an article from the Evening Express September 10 1950. also with a copy of two pages from 'Memorials of Liverpool' compliments of Central Libraries, Liverpool £200 - £250
945 George I Entry into London 1714 47mm diameter in copper by J.Croker Eimer 467 Obverse Bust Right Laureate, Armoured and draped, GEORGIVS .D.G. MAG.BRI. FRA. ET. HIB. REX. F.D. Reverse the King in a carriage before the Royal Exchange, is presented with the City Keys by Londinia LAETITIA PVBLICA Exergue ADVENTVS. REGIS. IN. VERBVM 20.SEPT: 1714, EF with some minor residual dirt within the design £170 - £220
946 Germany - 1880 Cologne Cathedral - Shrine of the Three Kings 51mm diameter in bronze by Gottfried Drentwett. Obverse: DER DOM ZU KOLM / BEGONNEN 1248 VOLLENDET 1880 - View of the cathedral. Reverse: ANBETUNG DER HL. DREI KONIGE / DOMBILD ZU KOLN - Virgin Mary sitting on throne, baby Jesus in arms, surrounded by the three kings and witnesses. EF with a few small spots visible under magnification. Comes in an original round card box. £10 - £40
947 Germany - 300th Anniversary of the Reformation in Berlin/Festival of the Reformation 31 Oct 1817, 25mm diameter in silver by Daniel Loos, Obverse: Bust of Doctor Martin Luther, right, Reverse: Castle Church at Wittenberg ER PREDIGTE GEWALTIG . MATTH 7,29, in exergue: DRITTES IUBELFEST DER REFORMATION D.31 OCT. 1817, Brozatus #1210, Whiting 577, Zak 191 EF with attractive toning £75 - £100
948 Germany - Hamburg 1765 Patriotic Society Silver Medal with 925 on the edge Obverse: Seated female left, Reverse: Beehive and bees, EF, Masonic Gilded medal 1913 37mm diameter About EF £45 - £55
949 International Society of Postmasters 1976-1978 a collection of 36 all Crown-sized and in Silver housed in an album with World First Day Covers, all coins and covers UNC as issued £150 - £250
950 Investiture of the Prince of Wales 1969 39mm diameter in silver Obverse: Bust left robed and crowned, Reverse Caernarvon Castle, toned UNC, boxed with certificate, along with Silver Ingot 1969 Investiture of the Prince of Wales 100 grammes of Fine silver, UNC toned, in a presentation box with certificate £75 - £100
951 Jernegan's Lottery 1736 39mm diameter in Silver by J.S.Tanner Eimer 537 Obverse: Minerva standing between military trophies and emblems of the Arts and Sciences. BOTH HANDS FILL'D FOR BRITAIN. Exergue: GEORGE REIGNING. Reverse Caroline royally robed waters a grove of young palm trees. GROWING ARTS ADORN EMPIRE.. Exergue CAROLINE PROTECTING 1736 EF or near so with some minor field and rim nicks and scarce thus Note: originally given to purchasers of a Lottery Ticket for a silver cistern made by Henry Jernegan (d.1761) a London goldsmith and banker £60 - £100
952 Marriage of Charles I and Henrietta Maria 1625 23mm diameter cast in Silver by P.Regniet, Eimer 105b, Obverse: Facing busts, above: celestial rays.CH.MAG.ET.HEN.MA.BRIT.REX.ET.REG, Reverse: Cupid walking, right, scatters roses and lilies. Above, celestial rays. FVNDIT.AMOR.LILIA.MIXTA.ROSIS, in Exergue .1625. VF £200 - £250
953 Marriage of Queen Victoria to Prince Albert 1840 54mm diameter in white metal by Davis, Birmingham. Obverse busts left conjoined, VICTORIA BORN MAY 24th 1819. ALBERT BORN AUG 26th 1819. Reverse: Victoria and Albert stand before an Archbishop performing the ceremony VF £15 - £30
954 Medallic Cased items in silver (8) 2011 Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton Gold layered Silver Proof nFDC-FDC in the London Mint Office box with certificate, 2017 Queen Elizabeth II Birthday Medal Silver Proof FDC in the Jubilee Mint box with certificate, Princess Charlotte of Cambridge Christening 2015 50 grammes Gold Plated Silver Proof FDC in the Jubilee Mint box with certificate, 2017 Prince Harry and Ms Meghan Markle Engagement One Ounce in .999 silver, gold plated (2) both Proof FDC in the boxes of issue with certificates, 2018 Birth of Prince Louis of Cambridge One Ounce of .999 silver with inset diamond birthstone (2) both Proof FDC in the boxes of issue with certificates, 2018 End of World War I Centenary - The Unknown Warrior Antique Silver Proof with soldier-shaped cut-out 15.55 grammes of .999 silver FDC in the box of issue with certificate £80 - £110
955 Medals (2) Marriage of George III and Charlotte 1761 26mm diameter in silver Eimer 691 Obverse: Busts right, conjoined, Reverse Two cherubs carry a scroll inscribed FELICITAS BRITANNIAE, below, a view of London, Fine. Act of Union 1707 26mm diameter in silver by J.Croker, Eimer 424 Obverse: Bust left crowned and draped, ANNA. D:G: MAG: BRI: FR: ET. HIB: REG: Reverse: British shield within the Garter, crowned, upon a pedestal inscribed with the double cypher of A R supported by a lion and a unicorn, MAII I.MDCCVII NVF, struck on a thin flan £30 - £60
956 Medals (2) Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee 1897 37mm diameter in silver, Heaton Mint, Obverse: Bust left crowned and Veiled, VICTORIA REGINA ET IMPERATRIX, Reverse Coat of Arms and supporters ; above: IN COMMEMORATION, below, VICTORIA 1837-1897 within a wreath, EF with grey tone, Coronation of Edward VII 1902 Obverse: Busts of King Edward VII and Princess Alexandra conjoined, left, THEIR MOST GRACIOUS MAJESTIES EDWARD VII & ALEXANDRA, Reverse: Crowned County Arms COUNTY OF WORCESTER one of many local issues for the King's Coronation 39mm diameter EF £50 - £75
957 Medals (3) , Coronation of George II 1727 34mm diameter in silver by J.Croker Eimer 510 Obverse Bust left laureate GEORGIVS. II. D.G. MAG. BR. FR. ET. HIB. REX. Reverse the King enthroned right, is crowned by Britannia. VOLENTES. PER. POPULOS Exergue CORON.XI. OCTOB. MDCCXXVII NEF with some scratches in the obverse field. George IV Coronation 1821 35mm diameter in silver Eimer 1146 The Official Royal Mint issue 35mm diameter in silver by B.Pistrucci Obverse bust left laureate GEORGIUS IIII D.G. BRITANNIARUM REX F.D. Reverse George IV enthroned left, crowned by Victory behind, before him stand Britannia, Hibernia and Scotia PROPRIO JAM JURE PATERNO Exergue INAUGURATUS DIE. JULII. XIX ANNO MDCCCXXI NEF, Coronation of William IV 1831 33mm diameter in silver by W.Wyon Eimer 1251 The official Royal Mint issue after F.Chantrey NEF £100 - £200
958 Medals (35) a wide variety of subjects includes Explorers, Music, Arts and more, base metal types, the vast majority UNC in the boxes of issue, The Penny Black Stamp, in a Jubilee Mint folder with certificate, USA Quarter Dollars (77) all but two are State types, in mixed grades, along with a further group of USA State Quarter Dollars (72) Massachusetts (6), Georgia (3), Pennsylvania (6), Maryland (6), New York (3), Connecticut (6), Virginia (6), New Jersey (6), South Carolina (6), Rhode Island (4), Delaware (3), North Carolina (15), New Hampshire (2), in mixed grades with many UNC £50 - £100
959 Medals (9) Coronation of Edward VII 1902 39mm diameter by Spink & Son, Sheffield Locality Fine, holed at the top. First World War Peace 1919 64mm diameter in bronze by Spink & Son. Obverse: Bust of the King left crowned and draped UNC with matt finish. King George VI Silver Jubilee 1935 Eimer 2030 51mm diameter in silver by Turner and Simpson UNC and boxed, Coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth 1937 Obverse: Busts left conjoined Reverse: Coat of Arms NVF, Coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth 1937 44mm diameter in bronze, Obverse: Busts left, conjoined, Reverse: Britannia standing facing EF. Investiture of Prince Charles as the Prince of Wales 1969 31mm diameter EF boxed, Coronation of Elizabeth II 1953 38mm diameter in White metal GEF boxed , Battle of Jutland 1916 Eimer 1951, 22mm diameter by Spink, Good Fine with suspension loop Ex-Jewellery. Replica Medal uniface DIVA. IVLIA. AVSALIA 61mm diameter in bronze, with suspension loop at the top, Fine, we note the original medal was from c.1480-1490 with electrotypes made c.1880 £100 - £120
960 Medals and paranumismatic some cased a few in silver (lot) £40 - £75
961 Medals George IV to Elizabeth II (53) base metal types, plus a further group of Medals, Tokens and Gaming counters (66) in mixed grades £40 - £80
962 Naval Victories 1794-1816 a set of medals (6) each depicting the victor and the Battle as follows: 1) EARL HOWE ADMIRAL OF THE WHITE K.G, Reverse: THE FRENCH FLEET DEFEATED OFF USHANT 1 JUNE 1794. 2) ADMIRAL EARL ST. VINCENT Reverse: THE SPANISH FLEET DEFEATED 14. FEBy 1797. 3) ADM. VISC. DUNCAN Reverse: THE DUTCH FLEET DEFEATED 11 OCTr 1797, 4) ADMIRAL SIR S>SMITH, Reverse: ACRE DEFENDED. BONAPARTE REPULSED. SYRIA SAVED. 20 MAY 1799. 5) ADM. VISC. NELSON K.B.D. OF BRONTE Reverse: NILE 1.AUGt 1798, COPENHAGEN 1.APRIL.1801, TRAFALGAR 21 OCT. 1805, 6) ADMIRAL LORD EXMOUTH Reverse: ALGIERS AUGUST 1816, All in Gilt bronze, around EF in a brass round box with NAVAL VICTORIES and an ornate pattern on the lid £430 - £480
963 NumisProof medallic cased items in silver (5) Queen Elizabeth II Sapphire Jubilee undated (2016) 2oz. Silver Proof, the obverse with inset sapphire, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip 70th Wedding Anniversary undated (2017) 2oz. Silver Proofs (2), The Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Ms Meghan Markle undated (2018), The Dambusters 75th Anniversary undated (2018) 2oz. Silver Proof, all with coloured picture reverses, FDC in the boxes of issue with certificates £100 - £140
964 Olympic Games 1908 London, Commemorative Participation medal 50mm diameter by B.Mackennal, Eimer 1904 Obverse: Fame standing upon a globe, facing, head right with trumpet and palm branch ELIS ATHENS PARIS St. LOUIS LONDON IN COMMEMORATION OF THE OLYMPIC GAMES HELD IN LONDON 1908 Reverse a quadriga advancing left, driven by two standing figures, inscribed Laughton on the edge About UNC with a small edge nick £400 - £500
965 Ouzel Galley Society, Dublin c.1803 stated by the vendor to have been X-Ray tested 22 carat gold, unsigned. Obverse: A standing figure of Justice,CUIQUE SUUM Reverse: a galley left, OUZEL GALLEY with STEADY on a banner below 32mm (cf. W 2329ff). Holed at the top with loop-mount and ribbon attached. A file-mark on edge and with some hairlines in the fields, otherwise about EF, extremely rare.  In 1700 a complicated legal case involving a vessel called the 'Ouzel Galley' in the Port of London was referred to arbitration by merchants. They came swiftly to a good decision and on the basis of this example a society of Dublin merchants was formed to arbitrate in commercial disputes. The costs decreed against the parties involved were paid to charity. £1,000 - £1,500
966 Presentation Medallion 39mm diameter in silver Obverse :- PRESENTED TO C.ADAMS BY A FEW FRIENDS AS A MARK OF ESTEEM - NEWCASTLE UPON TYTNE 16TH JUNE 1848, Reverse with engraved Coat of Arms of the City, below a hallmark London 1845, in an ornate silver border, with suspension ring £70 - £100
967 Prize Medal 1871 Ormskirk & Southport Agricultural Society awarded to Mr. Wm.Birch, Stand Park, Netherton, for the best Cow or Heifer in the Show Ground Ormskirk Augt 1871, Reverse: An agricultural scene, GEF in silver lunette-style case £80 - £120
968 Prize Medal/Badge undated Shield shaped W.T.C Mixed Doubles Winners, in silver, 2.6 grammes, with hallmarks, Fine with three holes on the corners where once worn, Medal 1919 George V and Mary 'In Gratitude To Our Sailors From The Citizens of Bombay 1914-1919' Fine, Advertising Token T.G.Middlebrook Free Museum - The Bugle That Sounded the Balaclava Charge 32mm diameter in bronze, Good Fine, Farthing Evasion George II - George Rules/Britannia Isles, Shilling-size engraved token in the style of Simon de Passe 'Give Thy Judgements O God Unto The King/And The Righteousness Unto The Kings Son, Fine, Jetton France Louis XIII the Just Obverse: Bust right, draped/Reverse Crowned shield within a wreath CONSILIO NIL NISI Fine £25 - £45
969 Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee 1897 the large Official Royal Mint issue 56mm diameter in Gold, weight 90.59 grammes, Eimer 1817a, Choice UNC desirable thus, these large Royal Mint issues now very sought after, in the official red Royal Mint box of issue. Eimer shows a mintage of just 3725 medals minted £4,500 - £6,500
970 Russia - Count Alexander Suvorov Italian Campaign medal 1799 48mm diameter in bronze by C.H.Kuchler. Obverse Bust right, draped ALEX . SUWOROW PRINC . ITAL . COM . RIMNIKS. Reverse: A Roman Warrior standing, holds a woman's hand, kneeling Roman warrior to left (Diakov 248.1) GVF, scarce £100 - £120
971 Surrender of Pamplona 1813 41mm diameter in bronze, by N.G.A. Brenet /J.P.Droz, Eimer 1037. Obverse: Bust right, ARTHUR DUKE OF WELLINGTON, Reverse: Female figure of Pamplona surrenders her keys to an equestrian soldier in Roman dress. ENGLAND PROTECTS THE TOWN OF POMPEI, In Exergue: CAPITULATION OF PAMPELUNE, OCTOBER THE 31 MDCCCXIII. Old light tooling on the obverse, otherwise VF £90 - £120
972 The 100 Greatest Cars Silver Miniature Collection' silver ingots by John Pinches (issued 1975) each piece 16mm x 10mm and around 1.5 grammes Silver Proofs in the box of issue with detailed information book £75 - £150
973 The Great Airplanes a 50-ingot miniature set in sterling silver (c.1978-1979) UNC in the Franklin Mint box with detailed information booklet £100 - £200
974 The Mountbatten Medallic History Of Great Britain and the Sea by Pinches, a set of 100 .925 silver 44 mm Medallic issues encapsulated in four albums with printed accounts of the scenes depicted on each piece, UNC-FDC some with light toning, in the four albums of issue £800 - £1,200
975 The New Charter of the Order of St John 1926. Obverse: Bust of the Duke of Connaught in uniform and cloak with orders as Grand Prior, left, ARTHVRVS : CONN : DVX . MAG : PRIOR . IN . BRITT : OMN : ORD : HOSP : S : IOHIS : HIER'. Reverse: Port broadside view of a mediaeval ship of the Order under sail, another astern in the distance, a cross below on either side. ANNO PEREGRINATIONIS ET NOVAE CARTAE. MCMXXVI. 69mm diameter in silver by E.C.Dingli/C.Wright S.C, UNC with Mat finish £70 - £90
976 The Thomason Medallic Bible a 60-piece medallic set by Franklin Mint each piece 44mm diameter in copper depicting biblical scenes and verses from the Bible, Lustrous UNC in the album of issue, some with very light handling marks and toning £80 - £140
977 Union of Great Britain and Ireland 1801 49mm diameter in bronze by C.H.Kuchler for M.Boulton, Eimer 927var, Obverse Bust of George III left, armoured and draped GEORGIUS III. D:G. BRITANNIARUM REX. FID DEF&c. Reverse Britannia and Hibernia stand facing each other, their hands clasped. JUNGUNTUR OPES FIRMATUR IMPERIUM, UNC or very near so, nicely toned with a few small spots £130 - £160
978 Austria 25 Years Long Service Cross, pre-War or early War example, with black and yellow ribbon GVF £100 - £150

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