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330 14th Indian Olympic Games Bombay 1950 52mm diameter in gilt bronze Obverse: The Gateway of India, XIV INDIAN OLYMPIC GAMES BOMBAY 1950 and the Olympic rings, Reverse: Classical athlete riding a quadriga, weight 55.54 grammes, GEF in soft pouch case. Cataloguers note: The 1950 Indian Olympics were held in Bombay for the second time. The Games were due to be held in Bengal, who were unable to stage the event, and at just three months notice, Bombay organised and staged the Games. The Games were held between 4th and 13th February 1950. £50 - £150
331 Canada 1967 100th Anniversary of the Canadian Confederation 31mm diameter in brass, UNC in the original plastic seal £10 - £20
332 Church and Sunday School related (23) commemorative medals in base metal includes Robert Raikes (12 different) and Church Lads Brigade (10) in mixed grades £70 - £100
333 Cliché medals (2) the first undated by Phillips Aldershot of London, uniface and 32mm diameter Obverse: Angel holding two laurel wreaths facing, with sun and seascape behind, the second 32mm diameter undated and uniface depicting a standing woman above a kneeling man crowning him with a laurel wreath, loosely based on the style of 'Art is Obtained Through Labour' by Nicolas Reyers (c.1780) both EF with light gold tone £25 - £50
334 Coronation of George IV 1821 35mm diameter in gold an unfinished pattern of the Official Royal Mint issue by B.Pistrucci (Eimer 1146a), of similar style design. Obverse: Bust Left Laureate, GEORGIUS IIII D.G. BRITANNIARUM REX F.D. Reverse: George IV enthroned, left, crowned by Victory, behind, before him stand Britannia, Hibernia and Scotia PROPRIO JAM JURE. ANIMO PATERNO, the pattern however with differing reverse exergue legend thus: INAUGURATUS/ DIE. /ANNO MDCCC in three lines. The B.P initials on the right of the exergual line have the following stop approximately 0.75mm from it's extreme right edge, whereas on the standard Royal Mint issue the stop following the initials is around 1.5mm from the extreme right edge. Weight 33.00 grammes. GVF with some contact marks and edge nicks. We note an example of this rare pattern exists in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Fifth Avenue, New York. Our research has only uncovered the Metropolitan Museum example as well as the medal offered. See also the Gold Coronation of George IV Official Royal Mint issue 1821 medal also offered in this sale £3,000 - £4,000
335 Coronation of George IV 1821 35mm diameter in gold by B.Pistrucci Eimer 1146a Obverse Bust left Laureate GEORGIUS IIII D.G. BRITANNIARUM REX F.D. Reverse: George IV enthroned, left, crowned by Victory, behind, before him stand Britannia, Hibernia and Scotia PROPRIO JAM JURE ANIMO PATERNO in exergue: INAUGURATUS/ DIE. JULII. XIX. /ANNO.MDCCCXXI Weight 31.31 grammes. VF/GVF. See also the unfinished pattern example of this medal also offered in this sale. £2,200 - £2,600
336 Coronation of William IV 1831 33mm diameter in Gold Eimer 1251 Obverse WILLIAM THE FOURTH CROWNED SEP:8 1831 Reverse ADELAIDE QUEEN CONSORT CROWNED SEP:8 1831 The Official Royal Mint Issue VF with some edge nicks, Ex-mount, in a contemporary red round case £2,000 - £2,500
337 George Washington Centenary Medal 1876 25mm diameter in brass, Obverse: Bust left GEORGE WASHINGTON 1876, Reverse: Stars and Stripes on shield Eagle and arrows above with banner E PLURIBUS UNUM, Fine, holed at the top as issued £10 - £50
338 Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria 1887 Eimer 1733b 77mm diameter in Bronze The official Royal Mint issue by J.E.Boehm/F Leighton, Obverse: Bust left Crowned and Veiled. VICTORIA REGINA ET IMPERATRIX. Reverse Enthroned figure of Empire, facing, flanked by standing figures of Science, Letters and Art left, opposite those of Industry and Agriculture right, at their feet below Empire are Mercury reclining and Time. Above: two cherubs displaying shields inscribed MDCCCLXXXVII and MDCCCXXXVII and V.R.I in a wreath between . IN. COMMEMORATION. Exergue. Five linked shields inscribed ASIA AMERICA EUROPE AUSTRALASIA and AFRICA, EF with a spot by IMPER on the obverse, in the red box of issue £120 - £150
339 Holborn Restaurant 1874 (struck around 1895) 69mm diameter and weighing 209 grammes, struck in lead with a bronzed finish Eimer 1640, BHM 2990. Obverse: A group of figures congregated around a grand entrance HOLBORN. In exergue: RESTAURANT ESTd. 1874, Reverse: Couples dancing on a large ballroom floor. Below PRESENTED BY THE PROPRIETORS, Henri Gros Esq. Dec 17th 1895, VF. A total of 34 inscriptions are so far recorded of the recipients of the medal between 1893 and 1897. Established in 1874, the restaurant was the grandest establishment of its kind in London and held a unique position in London social life. Many of its facilities were available for private hire. The King's Hall could accommodate 500 diners. The room is described as the 'Home of Golf, Hockey and Tennis clubs holding Annual Reunions'. The restaurant operated until 1954. It was demolished in 1955. £50 - £100
340 Juan Martin de Pueyrredon 1776-1850 Commander of the Hussars during the British Invasion of Buenos Aries 1806, Teatro Ateneo 1910, approximately 30mm diameter irregularly shaped in pewter? A/UNC £40 - £60
341 Kings and Queens Dassier cast modern issues, each obverse depicting monarchs and titles, the reverse with details of Birth, Date of Accession and Death, each 40mm diameter in bronze (100, One silvered, Six gilded) GVF to A/UNC £25 - £75
342 Kings and Queens Dassier cast modern issues, each obverse depicting monarchs and titles, the reverse with details of Birth, Date of Accession and Death, each 40mm diameter in bronze (94, Two silvered) GVF to A/UNC £25 - £75
343 Man's First Landing on the Moon 1969 a 5-piece set each 40mm diameter in silver and numbered 512 on the edge, comprising 1) First Flight in Space/Yuri Gagarin 12.IV.1961 Alan B. Shepherd 5.V.1961 2) Apollo 8, 21-27.12.1968/F.Anders - F.Borman - J.Lovell, 3) Apollo 9 Lunar Module 3-13th March 1969/McDivitt - Schweickart - Scott, 4) Apollo 10 May 1969/E.Cernan - T.Stafford - J.Young, 5) Apollo 11 The First Men on the Moon - The Conquest of Space 20-7-1969/N.Armstrong - M.Collins - E.Aldrin all Silver Proofs, FDC in the white box of issue with certificate, stating only 1000 sets issued £100 - £150
344 Map of the World : Eastern and Western Hemispheres (c.1820) 74mm diameter undated, in white metal by T.Halliday, possibly struck by Edward Thomason, Eimer 1139a, Obverse: Detailed Map of the Eastern Hemisphere, the continents AFRICA, ASIA, EUROPE and NEW HOLLAND (Australia) identified together with countries and some cities, Reverse: Detailed map of North and South America identified, together with countries and islands GEF boxed with good surfaces, rare £40 - £120
345 Masonic mostly Stewards medals 1920s to 1970s (21) , many by Toye, Kenning and Spencer one in .625 gold the others in silver, enamelled, the enamelling in excellent condition, three are in soft cases £360 - £500
346 Medal GB London Guys Hospital by Waterlow & Sons Ltd. London 1930, awarded to Beatrice B.Whyte September 1951, 258.1 grammes in pewter? EF with some contact marks, Masonic Silver Medal Hertford Military Lodge of M.M.M 32mm diameter in silver, EF, Romania Fantasy Medal King Carolvs 45mm diameter in bronze, with HP monograms (3) on the edge EF £65 - £90
347 Medals (16) includes Israel (9) in bronze (6) and in .935 silver (3), State Medals (8) and USA The Society of Medalists (7) Crown-sized or bigger, in bronze, 1970s and 1980s issues, Medallic Art Co. New York Leonardo da Vinci and Mona Lisa 64mm diameter in bronze, all but one boxed EF to UNC £50 - £75
348 Medals a small group (8) includes Victoria Golden Jubilee 1887, inscribed on the edge' Won by T.Woodsin Boat Race Competition 1887', Edward VII Coronation, George V Coronation, George V Silver Jubilee, George VI Coronation, and Prince Charles - Investiture as the Prince of Wales (2) mostly local issues, many NEF to UNC £75 - £100
349 Medals in Silver (9) Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee 1897 26mm diameter in silver The Official Royal Mint issues Eimer 1817 (4) NVF, GVF (2), and NEF. Edward VII Coronation 1902 The Official Royal Mint issues Eimer 1871 (2) 56mm diameter GEF toned with small edge nicks, and 31mm diameter NEF/GVF with small spots, George V Silver Jubilee 1935 The Official Royal Mint issues 32mm diameter Eimer 2029b NEF and EF both toned, Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh Silver Wedding 1972 51mm diameter in silver by D.Cornell Eimer 2125 Obverse: Busts left conjoined, the Queen wearing a bandeau. SILVER WEDDING ANNIVERSARY OF THE QUEEN AND THE DUKE OF EDINBURGH 1947-1972, Reverse: Two Royal Shields and crests, each within the Garter with crowned cypher of the Queen above and that of Prince Philip below, UNC in matt finish boxed with certificate £75 - £150
350 Medals, Medallions and Jettons (114) 19th and 20th Century a wide variety includes Prize, Coronation and Jubilee types and more, in mixed grades to GEF £110 - £130
351 Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee 2002 38mm diameter in 22 carat gold by J.Butler. Struck by The Royal Mint, Eimer 2206. Obverse: A standing figure of the Queen in Coronation robes. 1952 2002 across the fields ELIZABETH REGINA, Reverse: The Queen advancing right along a crowd of well-wishers, below: FIFTY YEARS OF SERVICE, above: GOLDEN JUBILEE, FDC in the Royal Mint box of issue with certificate, number 092 of an issue limited to 250 pieces £1,000 - £1,500
352 Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee 2002 38mm diameter London Mint issues in base metal (706) Brass (100), Goldine (136), Bronze (470) Lustrous UNC to BU, (currently being offered on internet websites between £4-£10 per piece), TTT Moneycorp Ltd. 20 Years in Foreign Exchange 1979-1999 45mm diameter in base metal (73) Lustrous UNC with prooflike finish, UK 25 Ecu 1992 Pattern UNC, France 20 Euro Pattern 1997 UNC £0 - £390
353 Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee 2002 38mm diameter London Mint issues in Brass (755) UNC £0 - £375
354 Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee 1897 Argentina issue 34mm diameter in silver by J.D (?) Eimer 1822 Obverse: Bust of the Queen, left, veiled, SEMPER HONOR, NOMENQUE TUUM LAUDESQUE MANEBUNT 1837-1897. Rev: Flags of Great Britain and Argentina, crossed, IN COM. LX ANN. ACC. VICTORIAE BRITT. REG. IND. IMP. BUENOS AIRES. A/UNC and with an attractive golden tone with touches of blue and green £80 - £120
355 Tokens and Medals (519) 20th Century in base metal, in mixed grades £100 - £150
356 Tokens and Medals (535) 20th Century in base metal, the majority National Transport Tokens, in mixed grades with many lustrous £60 - £80
357 Tokens and Medals 19th and 20th Century (137) , a wide variety, the vast majority in base metal in mixed grades to UNC £120 - £150
358 World Tokens, Jettons, Medals and Medallions (90) a wide variety of types, in mixed grades to UNC £40 - £50
359 Year of the Three Kings 1936 a 3-medal set by W.H.Hasler Ltd George V and Queen Mary Silver Jubilee 1935, Edward VIII accession and Abdication 1936, and George VI and Queen Elizabeth Coronation 1937, each 32mm in plated bronze, GEF in the black case of issue £60 - £80
360 Naval Victories 1794-1816 a set of medals each 23.5mm diameter (6) each depicting the victor and the Battle as follows: 1) EARL HOWE ADMIRAL OF THE WHITE K.G, Reverse: THE FRENCH FLEET DEFEATED OFF USHANT 1 JUNE 1794. 2) ADMIRAL EARL ST. VINCENT Reverse: THE SPANISH FLEET DEFEATED 14. FEBy 1797. 3) ADM. VISC. DUNCAN Reverse: THE DUTCH FLEET DEFEATED 11 OCTr 1797, 4) ADMIRAL SIR S.SMITH, Reverse: ACRE DEFENDED. BONAPARTE REPULSED. SYRIA SAVED. 20 MAY 1799. 5) ADM. VISC. NELSON K.B.D. OF BRONTE Reverse: NILE 1.AUGt 1798, COPENHAGEN 1.APRIL.1801, TRAFALGAR 21 OCT. 1805, 6) ADMIRAL LORD EXMOUTH Reverse: ALGIERS AUGUST 1816, All in Gilt bronze, around EF in a brass round box 27mm diameter and 13mm deep with NAVAL VICTORIES and an ornate pattern on the lid £430 - £480
361 Queen's South Africa 1899 with 4 clasps Transvaal, Orange Free State, Defence of Ladysmith, and Elandslaagte awarded to Pte. J.Cragg 4280 5th Dragoon Guards and King's South Africa 1902 with 2 clasps South Africa 1901 and South Africa 1902 awarded to Pte. J.Cragg 5980 7th Dragoon Guards a pair NEF to EF with some scratches £250 - £500
362 World War I 1914-1918 British War Medal and Victory Medal pair to 49052 Pte. J.E.Morgan EF with ribbons and name tag with chain, World War II trio Defence Medal, War Medal and 1939-45 Star GEF with all ribbons and with accompanying letter showing recipient V.W Walton (Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment) was killed in action £20 - £40
363 World War I British War Medal, World War I Victory Medal, awarded to G.F.Howard L.CK. MTE. R.N and Long Service and Good Conduct medal to G.F.Howard P.O.CK. HMS Vindictive NVF to VF with ribbons, boxed £65 - £95

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