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London Coins Auction 164
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638 18th Century (3) Carlisle recaptured, Jacobite rebels repulsed 1745 35mm diameter in copper by Wolff, Eimer 597 Obverse Bust right, draped, GUL.DUX. CUMB: DELICIAE. MILITVM NATUS . 15. APR: 1721 Reverse: The Duke of Cumberland, as a warrior, shield decorated with the bust of the King, attacks a hydra, with a city in the distance PRO. PATRRE. ET. PATRIA, in Exergue: REB: EX.ANG.PULLSI & CARL. REDACTUM. DEC.1745. Fine with some surface corrosion. Frederick the Great - related (2) Battles of Lissa and Rosbach, 1757 48mm diameter in brass, Obverse: An equestrian figure facing left, sword drawn, FREDERIC .DG.BORVS.REX.ET.PROTESTANTI,M DEFENSOR, in exergue, LISSA. DEC. 5 Reverse: Scene from the battle of Rosbach QUO. NIHIL. MAJUS. MELIUSVE, in Exergue ROSBACH. NOV.5 1757 NEF toned, German States - Prussia, 1757 Victory over Austria at the Battle of Prague, Frederick the Great. 48mm diameter in brass by J.G.Holtzhey, Obverse : Half length bust right, armoured, FRIDERICVS MAGN. D.G.REX. BORVSS. EL.BRAND.DVX SILES Reverse: Winged personification of Victory at centre kicks Austrian Empress Maria Theresa knocking off her crown, with lightning bolts extending over the Empress' head; to the right a shield with inscription 'VICTORIA FRIDERI / CI MAGN. ALBISIL. FAMA PRVDENTIA VIRTVTE. In exergue: AVSTIR.EXERC.PROPE.PRAGEVNDIT-CAESO ET PRAGA OBSESSA VI MAJI MDCCLVII. VF £75 - £125
639 19th Century (11) covering the period 1842 to 1897 a wide range of subjects covered including The Great Exhibition 1851, Royal Naval Exhibition 1891, Opening of the Royal Exchange 1842, Golden Jubilee 1887 and Diamond Jubilee 1897 types, many in white metal, in mixed grades to EF £50 - £100
640 19th Century a small group (6) Coronation of George IV 1821 49mm diameter in white metal, Obverse bust left GEORGIUS IV. D:G: BRITT: REX F:D: Reverse the King enthroned is crown at the Coronation ceremony, Exergue: GEO: IV: CORONAT: MDCCCXXI VF. Coronation of George IV 1821 45mm diameter in bronze Manchester and Salford local issue, Fine with some edge knocks. Princess Charlotte and Leopold 1816 Royal Nuptials celebrated Carlton house 2nd May 1816 45mm diameter in white metal NEF pierced at the top. London Bridge opened 1831 Eimer 1245 29mm diameter in brass, Obverse THE FIRST STONE OF THE NEW LONDON BRIDGE WAS LAID BY JOHN GARRATT ESQr LORD MAYOR OF LONDON ON THE 14th MARCH 1824AND OPEN'D BY THEIR MAJESTIES AUGUST 1st 1831 in 10 lines, Reverse a 5-arched bridge spanning the river with ships, CARRIAGEWAY 33 1/2 FT.LENGTH OF BRIDGE 782 Ft CENTRE ARCH I50..SIDE ARCH I40, Good Fine, along with Halfcrown 1830 William IV type reverse enamelled in 4 colours, and an imitation Two Pounds 1823 on a loop mount, these both around Fine £30 - £60
641 A carrying box containing Commemorative medals (68), includes some in silver and boxed some from the early part of the 20th Century, in mixed grades £140 - £180
642 Accession of William IV 1830 30mm diameter in silver by W.Wyon after F.Chantry, Obverse: GUILELMO IIII D:G: BRITANNIAR: REGI F:D: Reverse: ADELAIDE REGINA CUDI JUSSIT MDCCCXXX, a trident below, all within a wreath, as Eimer 1220 but unlisted in silver in this size EF and unusual £50 - £100
643 Act of Grace and Free Pardon 1717 45mm diameter in bronze, by J.Croker, Obverse bust right, laureate, armoured and draped, GEORGIVS. D:G: MAG: BR: FR: ET. HIB: REX: F:D. Reverse: Winged figure of Clemency standing, leaning against a column, touches a serpent's head with a caduceus, CLEMENTIA.AVGVSTI. In Exergue MDCCXVII UNC with minor cabinet friction and with traces of lustre, a few small darker tone spots barely detract £75 - £125
644 Act of Union 1707 47mm diameter in silver by J.Croker, Eimer 424 Obverse: Bust left crowned and draped, ANNA. D:G: MAG: BR: FR: ET. HIB: REG: Reverse: British shield within the Garter, crowned, upon a pedestal inscribed with the double cypher of A R supported by a lion and a unicorn, MAII I.MDCCVII Good Fine, Battle of Ramillies 1706 34mm diameter in silver by J.Croker, Obverse: ANNA. D:G: MAG: BR: FRA: ET. HIB: REG. Reverse: Map of the conquered provinces, displayed by two Fames, a town in the distance, GALLIS .AD. RAMELLIES. VICTIS. XII. MAII. MDCCVI, in exergue: FLANDR: ET. BRABANT:RECEPT: Good Fine £50 - £100
645 Algeria 'Compagne Generale Transatlantique' Algiers to Marseilles 1935 68mm diameter in bronze, Raymone Delamarre St 1935, Obverse: Algerian Horseman on horseback, the bay of Algiers behind, Reverse: Cruise ship and Map of the Algeriian and French coastline A/UNC with minor cabinet friction £50 - £80
646 Argentina - Installation of Public Powers in the City Port of La Plata 1884 57mm diameter in bronze by J.Domingo Obverse Sun rising over a scene of the Port, with cattle and sheep grazing in the foreground INSTALACION DE LOS PODEROS PUBLICOS DE LA PROVINCIA EN LA CUIDAD DE LA PLATA, Reverse: 15 DE ABRIL DE 1884 A LOS 17 MESES DE COLOCADA LA PIEDRA FUNDAMENTAL BAJO LA ADMINISTRACION DEL DOCTOR DARDO ROCHA with in a wreath UNC with a few minor spots £20 - £30
647 Argentina delegates with the Government of Chile (2) 25 May 1903 57mm diameter both in silvered copper, Obverse a train emerging from a tunnel, in the foreground, a tree with the arms of Chile and Argentina within it's branches GVF and NEF £25 - £35
648 Argentina Inauguration of the Port La Plata 1883 57mm diameter in bronze by Y.H.Podesta Obverse Sun rising over a scene of the Port, with cattle and sheep grazing in the foreground INAUGURACION DEL PUERTO LA PLATA, Reverse LA PROVINCIA DE BUENOS AIRES LO INICIA EL 8 DE DECEMBRE 1883 Y LO LIBRA AL COMERCIOEL 30 DE MARZO DE 1890, within a wreath A/UNC £20 - £30
649 Argentina Inauguration of the Port La Plata 1883 57mm diameter in bronze by Y.H.Podesta Obverse Sun rising over a scene of the Port, with cattle and sheep grazing in the foreground INAUGURACION DEL PUERTO LA PLATA, Reverse LA PROVINCIA DE BUENOS AIRES LO INICIA EL 8 DE DECEMBRE 1883 Y LO LIBRA AL COMERCIOEL 30 DE MARZO DE 1890, within a wreath UNC or near so with a small spot on the obverse £20 - £30
650 Battle of Turnhout 1597 Victory of Prince Maurice over Spain, 51mm diameter in silver by G.v.Bijlaer, Eimer 68, Obverse: Belgian Lion left, holding a sword and arrows. SOLI. DEO. HONOR. ET. GLORIA. Reverse: Text in 11 lines:-ORDINVM. AVSPICIIS. PRINCIPIS. MAVRITII. DVCTV. HOSTE. AD TVRNHOVTVM. CAESO DECEM. OPIDIS. ET. TRIBVS. ARCIBVS. EXPVGNATIS. ET. TOTA CISRHENANA. DITIONE. PACATA. 1597 strong GVF with some contact marks £1,200 - £1,500
651 Brigitte Bardot 41mm diameter in bronze undated (1967) Obverse Three-quarters facing portrait of Brigitte Bardot, Reverse Silhouette of the actress with the Titles of many of her films UNC in green case £20 - £30
652 Canada 1939 Royal Visit (2) 32mm diameter in silver, the first UNC and fully lustrous, the second Lustrous UNC with small tone spots £30 - £40
653 Capture of Sardinia and Minorca 1708 40mm diameter in bronze, by J.Croker, Obverse: Bust left, draped, ANNA. D:G: MAG: BRI: FRA: ET. HIB: REG: Reverse: Victory stands on a coch floating in the sea; on eiuther side, beyond, are two islands. SARDINIA. ET.BALEARIS. MINOR. CAPTAE, in Exergue: MDCCVIII Eimer 434, EF £60 - £80
654 Charles I Royalist badge Oval, cast in silver by T.Rawlins, Obverse: Bust right, crowned and draped, CAROLVS. D.G. MAG. BRITAN. FRAN. ET. FRAN. ET. HIB. REX. FI.D Reverse: Bust left, draped, HENRETTA. MARIA. D.G.MAG. BRITAN.FRAN. ET. HIB. REG., with suspension loop on the edge, 38mm x 29mm, Eimer 166b, MI.I 355/216, 11.89 grammes, GVF and with some tooling in the fields, very rare in this high grade £1,500 - £2,000
655 Charles II Presentation Medal c.1683 53mm in silver by J.Roettier, Obverse: Bust right, armoured and draped, CAROL. II. D.G. ANGL. SCOT. FRAN. ET. HIB. REX. Reverse: Royal Arms within the Garter, supporters and crest. Exergue: Motto on ribbon, EF or near so with signs of expert repair in the fields, visible under magnification, nevertheless the piece retains much eye appeal. Eimer notes that the style of portrait places the piece in the latter part of the reign, and the Royal Arms suggest it may have an official function or may have been an award piece £100 - £200
656 Chile International Exposition 1875 First Prize Medal 67mm diameter in copper by A.Dubois A/UNC with some light deposit in the hair £20 - £30
657 Coronation of Charles II 1661 29mm diameter in silver by T.Simon, Eimer 221 The official Royal Mint issue, Obverse Bust right, crowned and draped, CAROLVS.II. D.G. ANG. SCO. FR. ET. HI. REX. Reverse: the King enthroned, left, is crowned by Peace hovering above EVERSO. MISSVS. SVCCVRRERE. SECLO. XXIII. APR. 1661 EF or near so nicely toned with some contact marks £380 - £450
658 Coronation of Edward VII 1902 (2) 56mm diameter in silver Eimer 1871 the official Royal Mint issue Obverse: Bust right crowned and draped, EDWARD VII CROWNED 9.AUGUST 1902, Reverse: Bust right, crowned, veiled and draped, ALEXANDRA QUEEN CONSORT, below, a ribbon inscribed 9.AUG.1902 EF lightly cleaned, now retoning, in the red box of issue, 56mm diameter in bronze Eimer 1871 the official Royal Mint issue Obverse: Bust right crowned and draped, EDWARD VII CROWNED 9.AUGUST 1902, Reverse: Bust right, crowned, veiled and draped, ALEXANDRA QUEEN CONSORT, below, a ribbon inscribed 9.AUG.1902 GEF with a couple of small spots, in the red box of issue £50 - £60
659 Coronation of Edward VII 1902 64mm diameter in silver by E.Fuchs, Obverse : Conjoined, crowned and draped busts right, KING EDWARD VII QUEEN ALEXANDRA, Reverse: Female figure seated right, displaying an oval shield, inscribed 26 June 1902 and bearing the Royal Arms, looks towards Westminster Abbey beyond, above: a radiate crown Eimer 1870, Fine £30 - £60
660 Coronation of Edward VII 1902 The official Royal Mint issue 56mm diameter in bronze EF as part of a group of Tokens and Medals (170) includes some reproduction and fantasy items, in mixed grades £50 - £100
661 Coronation of George I 1714 34mm diameter in silver by J.Croker, the official Coronation issue, Eimer 470, Obverse: Bust right armoured and draped GEORGIVS. D:G. MAG: BR: FR: ET. HIB: REX. Reverse the King enthroned right is crowned by Britannia, Exergue: INAVGVRAT. XX. OCT. MDCCXIII Good Fine/Fine with grey tone £40 - £60
662 Coronation of George II 1727 34mm diameter in silver by J.Croker Eimer 510 the official coronation issue Obverse Bust left Laureate, armoured and draped, GEORGIVS. II. D.G. MAG. BR. FR. ET. HIB. REX. Reverse the King enthroned right, is crowned by Britannia, VOLENTES.PER.POPULOS.Exergue: CORON.XI.OCTOB.MDCCXXVII VF or slightly better with two light edge bruise and some contact marks, along with Coronation of Caroline 1727 34mm diameter in silver by J.Croker, Eimer 512 the official Coronation issue Obv. Bust Left CAROLINA. D.G.MAG.BR.FR.ET.HIB.REGINA. Rev The Queen standing flanked by Religion and Britannia. HIC.AMOR.HAEC.PATRIA Exergue CORON.XI.OCTOB. MDCCXXVII EF or near so the reverse with some blue toning, the edge a little uneven with some striations possibly once filed £100 - £150
663 Coronation of George IV 1821 35mm diameter in by Pistrucci, the official Royal Mint issue in copper, Eimer 1146 Obverse Bust Left Laureate, Reverse George IV enthroned, left, crowned by Victory, behind, before him stand Britannia, Hibernia and Scotia PROPRIO JAM JURE ANIMO PATERNO in exergue INAUGURATUS DIE. JULII.XIX.ANNO.MDCCCXXI EF with some light contact marks £60 - £80
664 Coronation of George V 1911 as Eimer 1922 31mm diameter, the official Royal Mint issue but struck in lead, EF, stated by the vendor to be one of only 2-3 known £60 - £80
665 Coronation of William and Mary 1689 53mm diameter by G.Bower, Eimer 310b the cast issue, Obverse: GVLIELMVS.ET.MARIA. D.G.MAG.BR.FR.ET.HIB.REX.ET.REGINA, Reverse: The King and Queen enthroned, beneath a canopy of state, two bishops support a crown above their heads, IDOLOLATRIA. SERVITVTE. . PROFLIGATIS. RELIGIONE. LEGIB. LIBERTAT. RESTITVTIS, Exergue 1689, EF with a gentle edge bruise below the date, pleasing and seldom offered £350 - £450
666 Coronation of William IV 1831 33mm diameter in gold by W.Wyon, C on truncation, obverse after F.Chantry, Obverse: bust right, WILLIAM THE FOURTH CROWNED SEP: 8 1831, Reverse: Bust right, diademed, ADELAIDE QUEEN CONSORT. CROWNED SEP: 8 1831, Eimer 1251 The official Royal Mint issue, NEF with some contact marks, Rare £2,500 - £3,500
667 Crystal Palace, Sydenham 1854 (2) Eimer 1487 41mm diameter in white metal by Pinches VF and EF, both contained in the original brass shells as issued by Pinches of London, The International Exhibition 1862 36mm diameter GVF holed, in the original brass shell as issued, The International Exhibition 1872 30mm diameter in white metal by J.S.Wyon and A.B.Wyon Sr. UNC in the round card box of issue £40 - £80
668 Death of Oliver Cromwell 1658 49mm diameter, a cast copy of the large Dutch Medal, Eimer 200, as MI i 435/85, Loon II, 420, 31.1 grammes, Obverse: Bust left, laureate and armoured, OLIVAR. D.G. R.P. ANG.SCO. HIBERNIAE. PROTECTOR, Reverse: A shepherd attending his flock near an olive tree, NON. DEFITIENT. OLIVA. SEP.3 1658, VG with some of the legend weak, differing from the Eimer illustration in that the edge has a heavy toothed border £30 - £60
669 Death of Winston Churchill 1965, 56mm diameter in silver by F.Kovaks for Spink, 80 grammes. Obv. bust facing with books & paint brushes on a shelf, Rev. " Very Well Alone" from cartoon by David Low. Lustrous UNC with a pleasing tone £25 - £35
670 Edward VII related (7) 1902 Coronation medals, the official Royal Mint issues, 31mm diameter in silver (2) GVF to EF one boxed, 1902 Coronation Medal 56mm in bronze, the official Royal Mint issue NEF, 1902 Coronation Medal Eimer 1870 in bronze by E.Fuchs, Reverse: female figure seated, right, displays an oval shield and bearing the Royal Arms, looks towards Westminster Abbey beyond; above a radiate crown EF, Visit to Dartmouth 1902 38mm diameter in white metal Obverse: Conjoined busts right, Reverse: King facing on ship, with two lions alongside, EF, 1902 Coronation in base metal Crowned bust right, Reverse: Legend in 12 lines detail the birth, marriage and crowning of the King NEF with attempted piercing at the top £30 - £50
671 France 1917 Homage of the National Work of the War Invalids 90mm diameter in bronze Reverse SI VOUS VOULEZ QU'AU NOIR SEJOUR, CETTE AME S'EN AILLE FLEURIE, CUEILLEZ LES L'AURIERS D'ALENTOUR: MON FILS EST MORT POUR LA PATRIE within a wreath above fallen soldier with spear and sword EF £25 - £35
672 France Napoleon Clichés (8) undated, includes monument, bust on monument, uniface, by F.Andrieu, in mixed grades to EF £60 - £80
673 France Universal Exposition 1878 86mm diameter in bronze by E.Oudine Obverse Allegory of the Exposition crowning Arts, Commerce, Industry and Agriculture EXPOSITION .UNIVERSELLE INTERNATIONALE MDCCCLXXVIII, Reverse: Two cherubs hold a map of the Exposition NC with traces of lustre £40 - £50
674 France, Oeuvre de La Soupe 1917 70mm diameter in bronze by G.Petit 1917 Obverse Mother and Child seated at a Table being served a bowl of soup, Reverse: four children seated eating bowls of soup UNE OEUVRE DE VIE PENDANT LA GUERRE, UNC toned £20 - £30
675 France, Premier Empire. Napoléon I. 1804-1814. 66mm diameter in bronze, Coronation Festivals. By Galle and Jeuffroy. Design by Prud’hon. Dated Frimaire L’An 13 (November-December AD 1804). NAPOLIO IMPERATOR., laureate head left; GALLE FECIT. below / TVTELA PRAESENS, Napoléon, in Roman military dress, seated right on curule chair, holding eagle-tipped sceptre, receiving Paris, turreted and draped, standing left; in background to right, cherub at rudder of ship; N in star above; Exergue: EPVLVM SPOLLEMNE/ IMPERATORIS IN CVRIA/ VRBANA · FRIM · A · XIII; on exergue line, PRUDHON DEL JEUFFROY FEC. Bramsen 358; Julius 1296. EF, darkly toned £50 - £70
676 GB a mixed group (8) Lord Nelson's Flagship the 'Fourdroyant' 1897 37mm diameter in bronze, Fine, along with mostly local issues (7), Queen Victoria 1887 Golden Jubilee 39mm in bronze, issued by the Sunday School Institute GEF, Queen Victoria 1887 Golden Jubilee 38mm diameter by 'Far Famed Cakes & Biscuits' EF, Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria 1897 Reverse: In Commemoration VICTORIA 1837-1897 EF, a local issue, Edward VII and Queen Alexandra Accession 1901/Coronation 1902 38mm diameter in bronze UNC, Coronation of Edward VII 1902 Eimer 1870 Reverse: a female figure, seated look towards Westminster Abbey, above: A radiate crown, 32mm diameter in bronze, A/UNC, Investiture of the Prince of Wales 1969 38mm diameter in silver UNC, numbered on edge, The Royal Wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer 1981 31mm diameter one ounce of silver UNC toned £65 - £75
677 Germany (11) - Weimar Republic 1928 Presidency of Paul von Hindenburg Lustrous UNC with some hairlines, Germany - Weimar Republic 80th Birthday of President von Hindenburg 1927D Munich Mint 36mm diameter in .900 silver (4) generally Lustrous UNC or near one with a small edge nick, Germany Industrial Exposition in Berlin 1844 (6) by D.Loos, L.Okensuss and E. Schilling (signed obverse: LOOS D. LORENZ Z.; signed reverse: SCHILLING F.).  Obverse: Germania sitting on rock (inscribed: SEID EINIG) with wreath in hand and broad sword on lap - ERINNERUNG AN DIE AUSSTELLUNG DEUTSCHER GEWERBSERZEUGNISSE ZU BERLIN 1844.  Obverse exergue: GERMANIA.  Reverse: steam locomotive on stone bridge surrounded by wreath containing five different cartouches depicting industry and commerce, VORWAERTS MIT DEUTSCHEM FLEISSE UND DEUTSCHER KRAFT'.  45mm diameter in bronze, plain edge generally UNC or near so £150 - £200
678 Germany 1895 80th Birthday of Otto Von Bismarck 38mm diameter in silver by Oertel EF £80 - £100
679 Great Seals of the Realm, an impressive six piece collection of medallic 5 oz. pure silver issues depicting the Royal seals of Victoria, Edward VII, George V (2), George VI and Elizabeth II, superbly engraved and well presented with detailed historical documentation Satin finished UNC and cased as issued. Number 207 of the 1,000 limit £450 - £650
680 Investiture of Prince Charles as Prince of Wales 1969 58mm diameter in silver as Eimer 2118 with alternate reverse, toned UNC and boxed. Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee 1977 44mm diameter in silver, by John Pinches, Prooflike UNC in the blue box of issue with certificate. Death of the Duke of Windsor 1975 38mm diameter in silver Eimer 2124, by G.A.Holman, Obverse: Edward Duke of Windsor 1894-1972, Reverse: A Crown upon a full blown rose UNC in the box of issue, as part of a group (10) includes base metal coronation and Jubilee issues in mixed grades to EF £50 - £100
681 Investiture of Prince Edward as Prince of Wales 1911 35mm diameter in silver by W.Goscombe John, Eimer 1925 The Official Royal Mint Issue Obverse Bust Three-quarters left, crowned and draped, CARNARVON IVLY. XIII. MCMXI across the field, INVESTITVRE. OF. EDWARD. PRINCE. OF. WALES. K.G. Reverse Caernarvon Castle, the Welsh Dragon below, ARWISGIAD.IORWERTH TYWSOG.CYMRU.M.G, a radiate sky decorated with the Prince's crest within Garter, crowned choice UNC in the Royal Mint box of issue, a most attractive and desirable example £50 - £60
682 Italy the 5th Rome Exposition 1903 41mm diameter in gilt bronze Obverse bust left VITTORIA EMANUELE III RE D'ITALIA Reverse: V ESPOSIZ.CAMPIONARIA INTERNAZ. ROMA MCMIII UNC and lustrous £20 - £30
683 John Kendal, Turkish Siege of Rhodes 1480, Italian cast medal, 55mm diameter, Eimer 19,General of Infantry to the Knights of St John. Obverse: Bust, right armoured, IO. KENDAL. RHODI. TVRCVPELLERIVS, Reverse: Armorial shield, TEMPORE. OBSIDIONIS. TVRCHORVM. MCCCCLXXX, Eimer states this is the first medal to honour an Englishman. Later striking and gilding, GF/NF with old collector's ticket, we note that this medal has been given the highest value for any base metal medallion £1,000 - £1,500
684 Kings and Queens by Dassier, Bronze Restrikes, a 34-piece set in a Westminster box VF to UNC a few with surface residue £50 - £80
685 Kings of France (8) each 52mm diameter in bronze by Caqué depicting Louis VII, Louis VIII, Louis IX, Dagobert II, Philippe II, Childebert II, Thierri I, and Glovis III, the reverses with details of each King' life, all medals having been previously stuck to card now with traces of the removal on the reverse otherwise EF to UNC £50 - £80
686 Medal Churchill 'Salute The Great Coalition 1940-1945' 102mm diameter in bronze BHM 4413 awarded to James Stuart comes with stand, VF with some uneven toning, along with Five Pound Crowns 1993 Coronation 40th Anniversary UNC (2), Crowns (6) 1953, 1965 (2), 1977, 1981 (2) EF to UNC, Medals (4) Charles Edward Stuart 1720-1788 undated modern issues 39mm diameter in bronze (2) UNC, Lord Herbert of Chirbury Founder of the Royal Welch Fusiliers, 23rd of Foot, Tercentenary Medallion 1689-1989 (2) UNC (2), USA Half Dollar 1967 EF, along with a modern Fantasy of a Ryal, Mary Queen of Scots in base metal, on the card of issue £50 - £100
687 Medallic Issues (8) Sir Winston Churchill - Greatest Britons, Icons of a Nation - The Red Arrows, Concorde - The Legend, Milestones in Flight, Princess Diana - Her Life in Jewels, the Engagement Ring, Prince William and Catherine Middleton Engagement Announcement, Prince William and Catherine Middleton, the Kiss on the Balcony, The Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, The Reign of Queen Elizabeth II, all Crown-sized in base metal many with coloured reverses or with inset jewels, UNC and Lustrous £20 - £40

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