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London Coins Auction 170
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350 A mixed group a few campaign medals then a large assortment of commemoratives mostly 20th century base metal uncased issues (lot) £50 - £150
351 Azores - Camara Municipal Da Calheta, S.Jorge - Azores, July Festival 2002 69mm diameter in brass, with coloured reverse, Obverse: Coat of Arms with VILA DA CALHETA on ribbon below. CAMARA MUNICIPAL DA CALHETA . S. JORGE . ACORES, Reverse: festival de julio 2002 in four lines, on a scroll within a wreath EF. Weight 152.38 grammes. The July Festival is a festival including Local and Traditional music, Local Produce, Bullfighting, and will include Triangle Day , an initiative of the Association of Municipalities of the Triangle (AMT) and takes place in all the summer festivals of the six municipalities of the three islands . £20 - £40
352 Battle of Camperdown 1797 Obv facing Bust, LORD VISt DUNCAN OF CAMPERDOWN ADMIRAL OF THE BLUE. Rev Britannia seated beside a Lion BRITANNIA TRIUPHANT, in exergue DUTCH FLEET DEFEATED 11 SHIPS TAKEN 1797 Eimer 887 copper Unc £100 - £150
353 Battle of Waterloo 175th Anniversary Medal 63mm diameter 5oz Silver UNC in the Royal Mint box with certificate Unc with a pleasant tone developing, along with Battle of Britain Silver Medal 1990 49mm Proof FDC in the Royal Mint's box £100 - £150
354 Canada Medals (3) 1939 Royal Visit to Canada Set of 3 medals Obverse: Conjoined busts of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth crowned, left, no legend, Reverse: A map of Canada with the Royal Coat of Arms dividing the date above A.MARL VSOVE AD.MARE on ribbon above, REGEM.ET.REGINAM. CANADA below. the design shared by three types, Silver 32mm diameter VF, Bronze 31mm diameter EF/GEF with traces of lustre and light colourful tone, and Bronze 26mm diameter NEF £30 - £50
355 Commemorative and Campaign Medals (7) Investiture of Prince Edward as Prince of Wales 1911 35mm diameter in silver, by W.Goscombe John, The Official Royal Mint issue, Eimer 1925 GVF cleaned. Coronation of King George V 1911 31mm diameter in silver by B.MacKennal, the Official Royal Mint issue Eimer 1922 EF with an attractive grey tone. King George V Silver Jubilee 1935 32mm diameter in silver, The Official Royal Mint issue, Eimer 2029, by P.Metcalfe Toned EF with some contact marks, in the red box of issue. Sinking of the Lusitania 1915 55mm diameter in iron, Eimer 1941A, cast by K.Goetz VF. Coronation of George VI 38mm diameter in White Metal GVF with contact marks, holed with suspension loop and ribbon, World War I 1914-18 and Victory Medal pair to 199606 to Dvr.T.R.Hamley R.A GVF £50 - £100
356 Coronation Medals (3) Coronation of George IV 1821 35mm in Silver by Pistrucci Eimer 1146 The official Royal Mint issue, Obverse: Bust Left Laureate GEORGIUS IIII D.G. BRITANNIARUM REX F.D., Reverse George IV enthroned, left, crowned by Victory, behind, before him stand Britannia, Hibernia and Scotia PROPRIO JAM JURE ANIMO PATERNO in exergue INAUGURATUS DIE. JULII.XIX.ANNO.MDCCCXXI GVF cleaned. Coronation of Edward VII 9 Aug.1902 The Official Royal Mint issue Obverse: Bust right, crowned and draped, EDWRAD VII CROWNED 9.AUGUST 1902, Reverse: Bust of Queen Alexandra right, crowned, veiled and draped, ALEXANDRA QUEEN CONSORT, 31mm diameter in silver by G.W.De Saulles Eimer 1871 UNC or very near so with light cabinet friction, Coronation of George VI 1937 31mm diameter in silver by P.Metcalfe Obverse: Bust left, crowned and draped. George VI CROWNED 12 May 1937, Reverse: Bust of Queen Elizabeth left QUEEN ELIZABETH 12 MAY 1937 The Official Royal Mint issue EF with some hairlines £50 - £100
357 Coronation of Edward VII 1902 51mm diameter in bronze by Mappin & Webb, Obverse: ALEXANDRA QUEEN CONSORT - EDWARD THE SEVENTH. Crown above medallic busts three-quarters left and right, legends DIEU ET MON DROIT on ribbons below, Reverse: Britannia stands before Parliament, blowing trumpet GOD SAVE THE KING - GOD SAVE THE QUEEN// 26 JUNE 1902. Unlisted by Eimer, BHM3836. EF. The 26th June 1902 date shown on the medal is the original proposed date of the Coronation, which was cancelled due to the King having an appendix operation. The Coronation took place on 9th August 1902. £40 - £60
358 Coronation of Edward VII 1902 64mm diameter in silver by E.Fuchs Eimer 1870a, Obverse: Busts conjoined, crowned and draped, KING EDWARD VII QUEEN ALEXANDRA, Reverse: female figure seated right displaying an oval shield, inscribed 26 June 1902 bearing the royal Arms, looks towards Westminster Abbey, beyond, above, a radiate crown EF with some small scratches on the obverse and some small rim nicks, in a black presentation box £100 - £120
359 Coronation of George I 1714 34mm diameter in silver by J.Croker, Eimer 470 the official Coronation issue, Obverse Bust right armoured and draped GEORGIVS. D.G. MAG. BR. FR. ET. HIB. REX Reverse the King enthroned right is crowned by Britannia Exergue INAVGVRAT. XX. OCT. MDCCXIII VF with some surface marks, the reverse with some surface residue £150 - £200
360 Coronation of George IV 1821 48mm diameter in copper Obv. Left facing bust GEORGIUS IV D.G. BRITT REX F.D with P.K. & S. Direx beneath, Rev. King being crowned seated on the throne with four ecclesiastical figures GEO IV CORONAT. MDCCCXXI in exergue Unc £150 - £200
361 Coronation of King George IV 1821 35mm diameter in silver, by J.Croker, Eimer 1146 The official Royal Mint issue Obverse Bust Left Laureate, Reverse George IV enthroned, left, crowned by Victory, behind, before him stand Britannia, Hibernia and Scotia PROPRIO JAM JURE ANIMO PATERNO in exergue INAUGURATUS DIE. JULII.XIX.ANNO.MDCCCXXI 35mm in Silver by Pistrucci NEF with many contact marks £120 - £150
362 Coronation of William and Mary 1689 38mm diameter copper undated Obv. Right facing bust of William WILH. III.D.G.ANG..SCO FR.ET.HIB.REX.DEF.FID Rev. left facing bust of Mary MARIA D.G.ANG.SCO FR.ET.HIB. REGINA Unc desirable thus as medals form this era are scarce in such high a grade £220 - £280
363 Coronation of William IV 1831 33mm diameter in silver by W.Wyon Eimer 1251 The official Royal Mint issue after F.Chantrey, Obverse : Bust of William IV right, WILLIAM THE FOURTH CROWNED SEP:8 1831, Reverse: Bust of Queen Adelaide right, ADELAIDE QUEEN CONSORT. CROWNED SEP:8 1831 EF and lustrous the fields with some hairlines, retaining a prooflike appearance, with G.H.E initials on the edge £90 - £120
364 Coronations and Jubilees 1837-1953 a 7-medal set in silver, comprising Queen Victoria Accession/Coronation 1837/1838, 46mm diameter in silver, 1897 Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria 36mm diameter in silver, 1902 Edward VII Coronation 37mm diameter in silver, 1911 George V Coronation 38mm diameter in silver, 1935 George V Silver Jubilee 35mm diameter in silver, 1936 Edward VIII Accession and Abdication 35mm diameter in silver, 1937 George VI Coronation 35mm diameter in silver, UNC with Prooflike fields and some contact marks, numbered on the edge of each medal (Number 102) in a John Pinches box with certificate, only 250 sets issued £60 - £100
365 Cricket - The 2009 Ashes series England v. Australia Gold Proof Crown-sized 39.94 grammes of 0.916 gold, the odd fleck of toning otherwise FDC and retaining practically full mint brilliance, in the Royal Mint box of issue with certificate, Number 94 of only 150 pieces issued £1,800 - £2,200
366 Day of the Concorde medal in Stamp Cover with post stamp Heathrow Airport 21 Jan 1976. The Tower of London 900th Anniversary 9p stamp Sterling Silver replica cased with 4 mint conditioned stamps total value 53-1/2p. Danbury Mint Silver Ingot 4 July 1976. £35 - £70
367 Death of Isaac Newton 1727 33mm diameter in copper Eimer 506 Unc desirable thus £50 - £80
368 Football Association medal in gilt silver from 1956 for an England V.France (Amateur) International to L.Rockman as part of a group of Football Medals (8) all but one are named to L.Rockman as Referee or Linesman, dated range from 1948 to 1961, 7 are in silver some with coloured enamelling £100 - £120
369 France Eiffel Tower Bronze Medal Summit Ascension Souvenir 1889 42mm diameter in bronze Obverse: A view of the Eiffel Tower against a combination backdrop of other tall buildings and monuments of the World, LES TRAVAUX LE MONUMENT ONT COMMENCE A ETE INAUGURE LE27 JANV 1887 LE MAI 1889 in the field Exergue: .INVALIDES 105 : NOT.DAME 66: COLOGNE 159: OPERA 56: GR. PYRAMIDE 146 PANTHEON 83 ST.PIERRE 132. ARC DE TRIOMPHE 45. ROUEN 150 . OBELISQUE WASHINGTON 169 TOUR EIFFEL 300. Reverse: in 6 lines SOUVENIR DE MON ASCENSION AU 1er. ETAGE DE LA TOUR EIFFEL 1889 VF £20 - £30
370 France, Concours d'Elegance et de Confort Automobile, Ostende 1935, Plaquette 74mm x 84mm in bronze, by C. Devreese NEF with a few small spots £30 - £60
371 France, Exposition Coloniale Internationale, Paris 1931 68mm diameter in bronze by E.P.Blin for Teteger Obverse: Three heads conjoined, left, Reverse Two Elephants face to face, and Exhibition Building. PARIS 1931 GVF £30 - £60
372 GB and World Medals a mixed group in base metal (41) includes many Shooting prize medals, in mixed grades to UNC, along with a GB Crown 1951 UNC and Isle of Man Crown 1980 Proof UNC £35 - £50
373 Germany - Die Wacht An Rhein (The Watch on the Rhine) 1920 a bronze medal 56mm diameter by K.Goetz Obverse : Helmeted Bust of French Colonial Soldier, right. Reverse : A naked female tied to a symbolic male penis, GVF £50 - £75
374 Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria 1887 Eimer 1733 77mm diameter in Bronze The official Royal Mint issue. Obverse Bust left Crowned and Veiled. VICTORIA REGINA ET IMPERATRIX. Reverse Enthroned figure of Empire, facing, flanked by standing figures of Science, Letters and Art left, opposite those of Industry and Agriculture right, at their feet below Empire are Mercury reclining and Time Above two cherubs displaying shields inscribed MDCCCLXXXVII and MDCCCXXXVII and V.R.I in a wreath between . IN. COMMEMORATION. Exergue. Five linked shields inscribed ASIA AMERICA EUROPE AUSTRALASIA and AFRICA by J.E.Boehm and F.Leighton , NEF cleaned and now colourfully retoning, in a red contemporary box of issue with description card £100 - £120
375 Great Exhibition, Crystal Palace 1851 51mm diameter in white metal by Allen & Moore, Eimer 1462, BHM 2419 Obverse: Busts left conjoined and draped, the Queen diademed, above: symbols of the monarchy, with a wide wreath border. QUEEN VICTORIA & PR. ALBERT Reverse: In a large semi-circular section a three-dimensional view of the Exhibition building. THE INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRIAL EXHIBITION 1851. In the lower section. In Exergue: PROPOSED by H.R.H PRINCE ALBERT, DESIGNED BY SIR JOSEPH PAXTONESQ F.L.S. ERECTED BY FOX. HENDERSON & Co. - DIMENSIONS - LENGTH 1848 FEET. WIDTH 456 FEET, HEIGHT OF PRINCIPAL ROOF 66 FEET. HEIGHT OF TRANSEPT 108 FEET. GLAZED SURFACE 900000 FEET, SUP FEET OCCUPIES 18 ACRES OF GROUND ESTIMATED VALUE £150,000 in 9 lines, GEF and lustrous, the reverse with some minor contact marks, a most attractive example £40 - £60
376 Kings and Queens Dassier style cast modern issues, each obverse depicting Monarchs and titles, the Reverse with details of Birth, Date of Accession and Death, each 40mm diameter in bronze VF to A/UNC in a Westminster box £15 - £30
377 Kings and Queens of England a rare 43 miniature medal set in 22 carat gold, each piece depicting a monarch's portrait with shield in garter reverse and each piece individually hallmarked as 22 carat gold on the rim and weighing 3.12 grams, Unc and displayed in a presentation box (contains 3.95 ounces of pure gold) £6,000 - £7,000
378 Kirby Hall 1774 copper 32mm Obv. Right facing conjoined busts LIVING IN LAWFULL WEDLOCK 40 YEARS PET. MULLMAN A. 68 MARY CHISWELL A. 61 Rev. sun rising over the hall 28 APR 1774 Unc £80 - £120
379 London Stock Exchange Broker's Pass undated, (1837-1886) 41mm diameter in silver, by B.Wyon named to George Lawford (Died 9/8/1985). As Eimer 1239, Naylor 7c About EF with attractive grey toning, Ex-Dr.Martin Leibfried collection £250 - £300
380 Medallic Stamps The Empire Collection (25) all in .925 silver EF to UNC in the red case of issue with certificates £200 - £300
381 Medals a wide variety includes General Services Medal with S.E.Asia bar 1945-6, Africa Service Medal, Queen's South Africa Medal with two bars, South Africa 1902 and Cape Colony, First World War a group of 3 to 1447 Spr. H.Corke R.E British War Medal, Victory Medal and 1914-15 Star, First World War pair to 208301 Spr. A.J. Barker R.E. War Medal and Victory Medal, World War I British War Medal to PO.20435 Pte. J.G.Davies R.M.L.I, Second World War Defence Medal 1939-1945 , Second World War, War Medals (2), Efficient Service Medal George VI awarded to 83602 S.SJT. J.W.R.Griffiths R.E.M.F, in mixed grades to EF, along with a group of World medals (12) includes a Replica Iron Cross, along with decorative badges (3), Montreal Badges (2) and an Anchor pin badge, along with a gents base metal ring, along with a further group of cap badges (78) a wide variety, in mixed condition £300 - £500
382 Medals, Badges and Cap Badges in base metal, a wide variety 19th and 20th Century (52) includes many Coronation medals, with some local types, in mixed grades £80 - £100
383 Medical Heritage Society medal 1974 76mm diameter by Michael Hibbit, Obverse: 'The Great Experiment that man began upon himself, Medicine is not yet ended nor will it ever be completed 1974' all on a human head, Reverse: 'Medicine - The Relief of Suffering and Preservation of Life' , on edge: 24kt Electroplate over 1/20 14kt.GF', weight 310.71 grammes, UNC in the box of issue £100 - £150
384 Pope John Paul II Visit to Manchester 1982 (9) each uniface and 38.5mm diameter in bronze with suspension loop at the top, NEF to EF £20 - £30
385 Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer Royal Engagement 1981 38mm diameter in 9 carat gold, 29.29 grammes. Obverse: Prince Charles almost facing, within a wreath, CHARLES PRINCE OF WALES . BETROTHAL , Reverse: Lady Diana Spencer almost facing, within a wreath, LADY DIANA SPENCER . FEB 24th 1981, one of only 10 examples struck, UNC and lustrous with some handling marks, the only engagement medal made £350 - £400
386 Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer Royal Wedding 1981 38mm diameter in 9 carat gold, 29.04 grammes. Obverse: Conjoined busts of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer, CD monogram, and Prince of Wales Feather and motto, all within a garland of wedding bells, Reverse: St.Paul's Cathedral, ST.PAUL'S CATHEDRAL 29th JULY 1981 UNC and lustrous, with some toning, only 10 examples struck £350 - £400
387 Queen Elizabeth II 80th Birthday 2006 Lenticular Medals (2) each with the Obverse depicting a holographic portrait of the Queen, both 45mm diameter, the first in silver weighing 51.8 grammes, the second in nickel-brass, FDC in the Royal Mint boxes of issue with certificates £40 - £60
388 Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee 1897 a 3-medal set The Official Royal Mint issues, Eimer 1817 56mm diameter in silver UNC, 56mm diameter in bronze A/UNC and 26mm diameter in silver GVF/NEF toned, in the 5-medal red box of issue £130 - £160
389 Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee 1897 the large Official Royal Mint issue 56mm diameter in Gold, weight 83.04 grammes, Eimer 1817a, UNC a choice piece and desirable thus, the large Royal Mint gold issue now very sought after, in the official red Royal Mint box of issue. Eimer shows a mintage of just 3725 medals minted £3,500 - £4,500
390 Russia 1989 Lenin - The Ulyanov family 1879, Moscow Mint 72mm diameter in bronze, by G.Pravotorov Obverse: A young Lenin in a family group of 8 (Lenin seated on right) based on a photograph taken in Simbirsk (now Ulyanovsk) where Lenin spent his childhood/Reverse: State Historical and Memorial Museum, The Motherland of Vladimir Lenin, UNC with antique bronze finish £10 - £20
391 South Africa 1/2 Ounce Gold Medallion Nelson Mandela .999 Fine by The Mint of Norway in the wooden display case of issue with certificate £600 - £800
392 The Coronation Issue Medallic Gold Plated Silver Stamp Replicas (7) To Commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II 1953-1978, Unc in the red box of issue with certificates £70 - £100
393 The Kings and Queens of England a collection of 43 Silver Proof Florin-sized medals portraying each monarch from Edward The Confessor to Queen Elizabeth II. RSBS Mint Edition 1977 on the edges, each around 16.6 grammes of sterling silver, housed in a blue hardback album nFDC-FDC some with toning £350 - £450
394 The Stamps of Royalty Stamp replicas in silver (25) in the wooden box of issue, UNC, by Hallmark Replicas Ltd. £200 - £300
395 The Thomason Medallic Bible a 60-piece medallic set by Franklin Mint each piece 44mm diameter in copper depicting biblical scenes and verses from the Bible, Lustrous UNC in the album of issue, some with very light handling marks and toning £70 - £100
396 India General Service Medal with North West Frontier 1930-31 clasp, awarded to 8573 SWR.Mohd Dazim, Kurram Mil. Fine with ribbon £30 - £60
397 Medals a wide ranging group as follows:- World War I British War Medal 1914-1918 in bronze awarded to 6024 Pte. A. Liau S.A.N.L.G About EF and scarce. World War II Africa Service Medal awarded to 116779 P.J.Van Der Merwe EF. World War II General Service Medal with Palestine 1945-48 bar, awarded to AS.24027Cpl. J.Ramalaica A.P.C. EF. King's South Africa Medal with 2 bars South Africa 1901 and South Africa 1902 Fine/Good Fine. World War I British War Medals 1914-1918 (2) in silver, the first awarded to M2-076301 Pte. R.C.W Day A.S.C. VF, the second awarded to Cpl. D.A.O.Devine 1st S.A.I VF. First World War Victory Medals (2) the first awarded to M2-076301 Pte. R.C.W Day A.S.C. NEF, the second awarded to 709 Pte. T McKriel 1-Cape C.L.R. VF. World War I 1914-15 Star awarded to Pte. A.A.Willmott 10th Infantry VF. World War II Italy Star awarded to 544221 L.I. Van Hall VF. World War II 1939-45 Star and Africa Star both awarded to 94848 G.W.Williams GVF and NEF. World War II War medals 1939-1945 (2) the first awarded to 5506 E.E.Wasmuth, EF the second awarded to 251021 D.I.E Anderson, EF. World War II group of four, comprising 1939-1945 War Medal, Africa Service Medal, 1939-1945 Star and Italy Star awarded to N80414 S.Machidi GVF to NEF, World War I group of three awarded to Pte J.Oddie B-7852 Scottish Rifles comprising World War I War Medal 1914-18, World War I Victory Medal and 1914-1915 Star, the 1914-1915 Star named to L.Cpl J.Oddie VF to EF. World War II Defence Medal EF, (total 22 medals in lot) £350 - £550
398 Queen's South Africa Medal 1899-1902 Second type Reverse with 'ghost' date (date removed) awarded to 35518 G.Davies 4th.Bat. Imperial Yeomanry (mis-spelt Yeomanry on the edge) with three clasps:- Dreifontein, Paardeberg and Relief of Kimberley GVF with ribbon £75 - £150
399 Special Constabulary Long Service Medals Elizabeth II (2) both 36mm diameter in bronze no clasps, NEF and VF cleaned, the latter struck on a 3.5mm thick flan £50 - £75

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