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London Coins Auction 167
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1740 Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee 1897 a 4-medal set, all are of the Official Mint issue design, the Gold 26mm diameter issue Eimer 1817b, A/UNC with a tiny rim nick, Silver 26mm diameter issue Eimer 1817b, NEF/GVF with blue/green toning, Silver 56mm diameter issue Eimer 1817a, UNC toned, and Bronze issue 56mm diameter Eimer 1817a, toned UNC with odd tiny spot, comes in the custom red case dated 1837-1897 designed for the five medal set, this group of four along with the gold 56mm diameter medal offered in the following lot £900 - £1,200
1741 Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee 1897 the large Official Royal Mint issue 56mm diameter in Gold, weight 90.59 grammes, Eimer 1817a, Choice UNC desirable thus, these large Royal Mint issues now very sought after, in the official red Royal Mint box of issue. Eimer shows a mintage of just 3725 medals minted £4,500 - £5,500
1742 Abolition of the Slave Trade 1807 36mm diameter in bronze by G.F.Pidgeon and J. Philip Eimer 984a Obverse: Two men stand facing each other, with hands clasped: beyond: five people dancing around a tree, WE ARE ALL BRETHREN, Exergue: SLAVE TRADE ABOLISHED BY GREAT BRITAIN 1807. Reverse: Arabic inscription (= sales of slaves prohibited in 1807, Christian era, in the reign of George III, Verily we are all brothers) VF or better the reverse with some spots and a slightly uneven tone £125 - £150
1743 Battle of Ramillies 1706, by J.Croker, silver, 34mm., Obv. Bust of Anne left, rev. central map of conquered provinces. (Eimer 419). Some wear VF. £300 - £600
1744 Capture of Tournay 1709, by J.Croker, bronze, 40mm., Obv. Bust of Anne left, rev. Pallas seated beside military trophies. (Eimer 437). EF. £150 - £250
1745 Charles I Death and Memorial 1649 (undated) 50mm diameter in copper by J.and N.Roettier Eimer 162a Obverse bust right armoured and draped, CAROL.D.G.M.B.F.ET.H.REX.&.GLOR.MEM. Reverse A hand issuing from heaven holds a celestial crown. Below: sheep in a landscape, VIRTVT. EX. ME.FORTVNAM. EX. ALIJS, NEF with some light contact marks, comes in the original round box £120 - £150
1746 Charles I Scottish Coronation 1633 29mm diameter in silver by N.Briot, Eimer 123, Obverse: Bust crowned and draped CAROLVS.DG.SCOTAE.ANGLAE.FR.ET.HIB.REX. Reverse: Thistle HING.NOSTRAE.CREVERE.ROSAE, In exergue Coron.18.IV NII . 1633 .R , NEF and Rare in this high grade, Ex-Matthew Rich Collection £600 - £700
1747 Charles I, Dominion of the Sea 1630 27mm diameter cast in silver, by N.Briot, Eimer 119b, Obverse: CAROLVS. D:G. ANG. SCO. FRAN. ET. HIB. REX. FIDEI. DEFENSOR. Reverse: A ship in full sail, left. NEC. META. MIHI .QVAE. TERMINVS. ORBI. In exergue .1630. NEF with some tooling in the fields £300 - £400
1748 Coronation of Caroline 1727 34mm diameter in silver by J.Croker, Eimer 512 the official Coronation issue Obverse: Bust Left CAROLINA. D.G.MAG.BR.FR.ET.HIB.REGINA. Reverse: The Queen standing flanked by Religion and Britannia. HIC.AMOR.HAEC.PATRIA, In exergue CORON.XI.OCTOB. MDCCXXVII NEF toned with some light contact marks £240 - £280
1749 Coronation of Edward VII 1902 38mm diameter in bronze by J.A.Restall, Obverse: Busts conjoined, right H.M. Edward H.M Queen Alexandra 1902, Reverse: Royal Borough of Kinghorn, on a banner, above a castle around which is a circular banner KINGORNE SCOMVNE, with CROWNED AUGUST 9th 1902 on a ribbon below. EF with a few small spots, in a box by Restall, Birmingham £15 - £35
1750 Coronation of Edward VII 1902 38mm diameter, weighing 25.25 grammes, in silver by Arthur Fenwick of Birmingham, BHM 3763, Obverse: Bust three quarters left in Coronation robes Obverse: EDWARD VII. KING & EMPEROR . GOD SAVE THE KING with E R 1901 in the field, Reverse: EDWARD VII KING OF GREAT BRITAIN & COLONIES ACROSS THE SEA & EMPEROR OF INDIA CROWNED 1902. Two shields inclined toward each other and overlapping. The left shield, representing the British Empire, is quartered with: (1) Star of India, (2) kangaroo – Australia, (3) scale balance – New Zealand and (4) beaver – Canada and with a small shield of the Cape Colony superimposed in the centre. On the right shield, the British Royal coat of arms. To the left, a garland with a rose (England), shamrocks (Ireland) and thistles (Scotland). To the right, a laurel branch. Above, the Imperial Crown. Two clasped hands across the divide between the shields at the bottom. GOD SAVE THE KING on a banner below. 355487 below the clasped hands, Other medals were made bearing this design, all used the number 355487, Lustrous UNC with touches of colourful toning, in a round red contemporary case £80 - £100
1751 Coronation of George I 1714 34mm diameter in silver by J.Croker, Eimer 470 The Official Coronation issue, Obverse: Bust right, armoured and draped GEORGIVS. D:G. MAG. BR. FR. ET. HIB. REX. Reverse: the King enthroned right is crowned by Britannia. Exergue: INAVGVRAT. XX. OCT. MDCCXIII About EF with attractive old grey toning £280 - £320
1752 Coronation of George II 1727 34mm diameter in silver by J.Croker Eimer 510 the official coronation issue Obverse Bust left Laureate, armoured and draped, GEORGIVS. II. D.G. MAG. BR. FR. ET. HIB. REX. Reverse the King enthroned right, is crowned by Britannia. VOLENTES . PER. POPULOS, in exergue: CORON. XX. OCT. MDCCXXVII. Fine £100 - £120
1753 Coronation of George V 1911 38mm diameter in bronze Obverse: Busts left, conjoined, H.M.GEORGE. V, R&I H.M. MARY, QUEEN. Reverse: TO COMMEMORATE THE CORONATION OF H.G.M GEORGE V . KING OF GREATER BRITAIN & EMPEROR OF INDIA, within an inner circle: BORN 3rd JUNE 1865/ MARRIED 6TH JULY 1893/ASCENDED THRONE 1910/ CROWNED JUNE 22nd 1911. Royal Coat of Arms and supporters above, with roses, thistle and shamrocks below UNC in a round contemporary case £20 - £30
1754 Coronation of James II 1685 34mm diameter in silver Eimer 273 the official Coronation issue Obverse: Bust right Laureate, armoured and draped, IACOBVS. II. D.G. ANG. SCO. FR. ET. HI. REX Reverse: A laurel wreath upon a cushion; above, a hand issuing from heaven. A. MILITARI. AD. REGIAM. Exergue: INAVGVRAT. 23. AR. 1685 by J.Roettier in an NGC holder and graded MS62, very rare in this high grade £1,000 - £1,200
1755 Coronation of William and Mary 1689 35mm diameter in silver by J.Roettier, Eimer 312, The Official Coronation Issue, Obverse: conjoined and draped busts GVLIELMVS.ET.MARIA.REX.ET.REGINA, reverse with Jove hurling thunder at Phaethon falling from chariot NE TOTVS ABSVMATVR, in Exergue INAVGVRAT .II.AP 1689 GVF with some small thin scratches £350 - £450
1756 Death of Mary (William & Mary) 1694, by Roettier, bronze, 49mm. VF with light contact marks. (Eimer 362). £100 - £150
1757 GB and World Medals (43) mostly earlier types including silver most in higher grades £200 - £300
1758 George VI Coronation Medal 1937, 32mm diameter in silver, with decorative edge mount, blue edge ribbon with one red and two white stripes GEF, Elizabeth II Coronation Medal 1953, 32mm diameter in silver with decorative edge mount, dark red ribbon with two narrow blue stripes and narrow white edges, EF with grey tone, both with ribbon and pin £35 - £45
1759 German States - Bavaria 1855 2 Gulden Restoration of the Madonna Statue Commemorative Issue, unlisted by Krause EF/GEF with some golden toning £120 - £150
1760 German States - Bavaria Medallic 2-Thaler' size issue 1893 41mm diameter in silver by A.Boersch for Prince Ludwig (the future Ludwig III) and Marie Therese 25th Wedding Anniversary. Obverse Busts left conjoined, LVDWIG PRINZ VON BAYERN MARIE THERESE ERZH. VON OESTERREICH. ESTE. Reverse a tree with the names of their 13 children, Edge reads GOTT SEGNE BAYERN, EF a pleasing and attractive piece £120 - £150
1761 London Institution membership or pass medal number 481 dated 1807, bronze, 43mm. Some wear AVF and SCARCE £40 - £60
1762 Medallic 50mm base metal recent issues (10) all depicting banknotes Unc in a presentation box with certificates £30 - £50
1763 Medallic Crown sized issues in base metal (15) some on stamp covers some with coloured images Unc - BU £50 - £60
1764 Medals (2) The Flight Into Egypt by Giotto (medal number 60) from the '100 Greatest Masterpieces' set by John Pinches 51mm diameter on the card of issue weighs around 65 grammes. The 99 other pieces from the set were featured in our last auction A166 as lot 1387. Lustrous UNC on the card of issue, the card with some folds. Chain Pier, Brighton constructed 1883 38mm diameter in silver Prooflike UNC with some toning £30 - £40
1765 Medals a wide variety (35) includes New Zealand Medal 1913 TO THE OFFICERS AND CREW OF H.M.S.NEW ZEALAND 36mm diameter in silver by W.R.Bock Lustrous EF and scarce, Coronation of Edward VII 1902 35mm diameter in silver Eimer 1872 VF, Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee 1897 26mm diameter in silver, Eimer 1817b the official Royal Mint issue, NEF, Coronation of King George V 1911 31mm diameter in silver, the official Royal Mint issue, Eimer 1922b NEF with grey tone, George II 1736 Dassier's series of English Kings and Queens 40mm diameter in bronze Eimer 525 EF, Battle of Lissa, Surrender of Breslau 1757 48mm diameter in brass Eimer 656 Near Fine, John Philip Kemble 1798 Eimer 888 52mm diameter in copper, Reverse: TRAGOEDUS ANGLICUS AET XLI.MDCCXCVIII Fine, scarce. Treaty of Aix-La-Chapelle 1798 (not in Eimer) Obverse: Bust of George II left GEORGIUS II . D.G. REX, Reverse: Britannia seated on shore with shield, cornucopia and trophies, PAX COMMERCII NUTRIX, Fine of better, as part of a group of 18th to 20th Century medals, two prize medals, with some in silver, also a cap badge Manchester Ship Canal, and a lighter case with a Rolls-Royce logo in mixed condition £150 - £300
1766 Medals mostly 20th Century types (37) includes Royal Visits, Jubilees and Coronations, all but one in base metal along with Prize medals The Royal Life Saving Society (2) awarded to B.Prior September 1937 and to Petty Officer. F.F.O Harbin July 1909 in mixed grades some EF to UNC £80 - £100
1767 Nelson and the Fourdroyant 1897 38mm diameter in bronze Eimer 1813, Obverse Bust facing uniformed three-quarters l, 'HORATIO VISCOUNT NELSON.' Ex BORN 29th SEPTEMBER 1758. DIED 21ST OCTOBER 1805. Reverse Ship at anchor without rigging, 'FOURDROYANT'. LORD NELSON'S FLAGSHIP' UNC with traces of lustre, in the round case of issue, along with Netherlands Bronze Sports Medal 1892 Royal Institute of the factory of C.J.Begeer toned UNC in the round fitted case of issue £35 - £55
1768 Nottingham Corn Exchange Company Subscribers Ticket 1850, bronze, 38mm. Edge bruising, Fair. Scarce. £20 - £30
1769 Oliver Cromwell Lord General 1650 Oval, uniface struck from an oval die on a round flan, 30mm x 26mm in silver by T.Simon, 20.16 grammes, Eimer 180, Bust of Cromwell facing, three-quarters right, OLI. CROMWEL. MILIT.PARL.DVX.GEN. a most pleasing NEF, and rare thus, Ex-Matthew Rich Collection £300 - £400
1770 Order of the Dogwood - Province of British Columbia, Canada awarded to The Rt.Hon. Sir Robert Bellinger, Lord Mayor of London 1966. 55mm diameter, 101.37 grammes of 10 carat gold, along with 18mm 10 Carat gold miniature. Obverse: The image of the Dogwood flower, Reverse: Provincial Coat of Arms. UNC, inscribed to the recipient in a presentation box, and accompanied by a 10 carat gold miniature similar in design. The predecessor to the Order of the Dogwood, called the Dogwood medallion was created by the provincial government in 1958 to mark the Centennial of the establishment of the Colony of British Columbia. In turn, the Order of the Dogwood was created by Order in Council during a provincial cabinet meeting held at Fort Langley on November 19th 1966 to mark the centennial of the union of the Colony of British Columbia with the Colony of Vancouver Island. At the conclusion of the meeting Lieutenant Governor George Pearkes (who was a future recipient of the honour) gave consent to the creation of the honour, then presented at the Douglas Day dinner that followed. The honour was then presented to the first 5 recipients:- Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, Viscount Amory (Governor of the Hudson Bay Company), Sir Robert Bellinger, Clarence Wallace, and Frank Mackenzie Ross. Mackenzie and Ross were present for the ceremony. The Order of the Dogwood was the highest provincial honour until 1989, when it was replaced by the Order of British Columbia. Other recipients of the award include Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, The Princess Royal (Princess Anne), and Princess Alexandra. The last recipient was Terry Fox (Canadian Athlete, humanitarian and cancer research activist) in 1980. Only 13 people have been awarded the Order of the Dogwood, and as the award was replaced in 1989 by the Order of British Columbia, there will be no future recipients. Sir Robert was a controversial London Mayor in 1966-1967 and was a stalwart of the Nation Savings movement. His time as Mayor from 1966-1967 coincided with the Harold Wilson Government which was eager to blame the City for the nation's economic woes. Rather than confine himself to ceremonial duties, Bellinger responded firmly on the City's behalf emphasising it's contributions through invisible earnings. He protested again when the Labour Government in October 1974 decided to abolish the 10 Pence savings stamp. Although the stamps paid no interest and was costly to administer it attracted £120 million a year from schoolchildren, housewives and factory workers. Bellinger hailed it as 'the grass roots of savings activity in this country'. He was appointed one of Her Majesty's lieutenants for the City in 1976, was also a trustee for St. Paul's cathedral and Chairman of the City of London's Freemans school. Bellinger had previously been knighted in 1964 and appointed GBE in 1967 He was Gentleman Usher of the Purple Rod (a role akin to treasurer) of the Order of the British Empire, and also held decorations from Belgium, Greece, Cameroon and Denmark. In his later years, Sir Robert became a director of Arsenal Football Club and was elected life president of the club in 1997. He died in July 2002. A rare opportunity to purchase an award only offered to 13 individuals including many Royal recipients. See also the impressive group of medals also awarded to Sir Robert Bellinger £2,000 - £3,000
1771 Peace of Utrecht 1713 Eimer 460 35mm diameter in silver by J.Croker, Obverse: draped bust left, ANNA . DG . MAG : BRI . FR : ET . HIB : REG . Reverse Britannia standing facing left, holding an olive branch, a spear and a shield, beyond ships to left and a farming scene to right COMPOSITIS. VENERANTVR. ARMIS. In Exergue MDCCCXIII GVF/NEF with an attractive old grey tone £200 - £250
1772 Presentation of The Reform Bill 1831 by H.C., bronze, edge bruising F., Reform Bill passed into law 1832, bronze & pierced (2 types), Reform League 1865, pierced w/m., Earl Grey, supporter of Reform, brass & pierced. Generally Fine (5) £30 - £60
1773 Prince James and the Legitimacy of Succession 1697, 25mm diameter in bronze by N.Roettiers, Eimer 376 Obverse: Bust left IAC: WALLIAE PRINCEPS, Reverse: Radiate Sun rising upon a calm sea, OMNIA. FACIT. IPSE. SERENA, Fine and unusual. Note: One of a series of medals in the 'Treaty of Ryswick - Fortunes of Prince James 1697' series, all by Norbert Roettier £15 - £35
1774 Prize Medals (3) 1934 25mm diameter in silver to D.Williams, O.T.C. Camp Strensall, GVF with suspension loop, Society of Miniature Rifle Club - The Bell Medal undated and unnamed 38mm diameter in bronze About EF, Society of Miniature Rifle Clubs - H.M. The King's Silver Jubilee 1935 32mm diameter in bronze EF with suspension loop £20 - £40
1775 Queen Victoria Coronation Medal 1838, by Halliday, white metal, 54mm. Ref. BHM 1821 (rare) and Eimer 1312. Pierced GVF. £50 - £70
1776 Queen Victoria Coronation Medal 1838, by Ingram, white metal, 55mm. Pierced GVF. £30 - £50
1777 Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee 1897 25mm diameter in gold Eimer 1817b A/UNC with a few very small contact marks visible under magnification, a very pleasing example, in the original Red box of issue £300 - £500
1778 Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee 1897 37mm diameter in bronze by Jenkins after T.Brock Obverse: Bust left crowned and veiled, VICTORIA REGINA ET IMPERATRIX 1837-1897, Reverse: Young portrait of Victoria left, VICTORIA AT HER ACCESSION 1837 NEF with an edge bruise £15 - £35
1779 Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee 1897 Argentina issue 34mm diameter in silver by J.D (?) Eimer 1822 Obverse: Bust of the Queen, left, veiled, SEMPER HONOR, NOMENQUE TUUM LAUDESQUE MANEBUNT 1837-1897. Rev: Flags of Great Britain and Argentina, crossed, IN COM. LX ANN. ACC. VICTORIAE BRITT. REG. IND. IMP. BUENOS AIRES. A/UNC and with an attractive golden tone with touches of blue and green £120 - £150
1780 R.J.Mitchell - Designer of the Spitfire Aircraft 1895-1937 Centenary of his Birth 1895-1995 Gold medal 38mm diameter struck in .916 gold and weighing 47.53 grammes, FDC in the Royal Mint box of issue with certificate and booklet, sadly R.J.Mitchell died at the young age of 42, meaning that, although he knew his Spitfire design was a success, he never saw the plane fly in World War II. He was awarded the CBE in 1932 as a result of his Schneider Trophy Seaplane successes. He never received honour recognition for creating the Spitfire, as official posthumous honours can only be received for gallantry and not for outstanding lifetime achievement. £1,400 - £1,800
1781 Royal Horticultural Society bronze medal To Lord Digby May 1951, 55mm. EF. Reverse engraved "To The Lord Digby D.S.O. M.C. Gdnr Mr. A.G.Smith for an exhibition of Rhododendrons1 May 1951". Lord Digby: Lord Lieut Dorset, Captain Coldstream Guards - DSO MC, served WW2, Malaya 1948-50, BAOR 1951-52, Member of Royal Agricultural Society, Royal Agricultural Society of Commonwealth & Royal Bath & West Society. £30 - £50
1782 Royalist Badge Charles I undated oval with suspension loop on edge 26mm x 36mm plain borders with suspension loop Eimer 167 variety, MII 360/231, Obverse: CAROLVS. D.G. MAG. ANG. FRA. HIB. REX (legend incuse), Reverse: Royal Arms within the Garter, crowned (incuse) Fine or better £400 - £550
1783 Royalist Badge Charles I undated oval with suspension loop on edge 37mm x 51mm, cast, with wreath borders, Obverse: Bust right, crowned and draped, CAROLVS. D.G.MAG. BRITAN. FRAN. ET. HIBV. REX. FI.D Reverse: Royal Arms within the Garter, crowned, Eimer 168, Good Fine/Fine, Rare £500 - £750
1784 Russia Medals (2) 1941-1945 in bronze, 1918-1968 50 Years of Soviet Armed Forces, an A.R.P cap badge, an award badge to Mr.J.Tidswell Simister Becontree Sunday F.Lg Loyal Service 1954, and pin badges (9) includes Liverpool Member Association Teachers of Dancing to J.Tidswell this enamelled and in silver in mixed condition £15 - £35
1785 The Pistrucci Waterloo Medal 200th Anniversary undated, struck 2015 to Pistrucci's original design, 80mm diameter in .999 silver UNC with matt finish, in the Royal Mint box of issue with certificate and booklet £75 - £100
1786 Tokens and Medal mostly 20th Century issues (99) in base metal with a few 18th and 19th Century types, in mixed grades £60 - £80
1787 World a wide variety mostly European issues, Belgium (6) Civil Decoration - Bravery, Devotion and Philanthropy, First Class enamelled, Belgium Civil Decoration - Belgium - Medal of the Order of the Crown (2) normally awarded for a minimum of 25 Years service in the Public Sector, Civil Decoration for Long Service in Administration, Order of Leopold II, Belgium First Class Long Service Award (pre-1952), Italy World War I War Cross of Merit, Syria 1967 Six-Day War medal, in mixed grades, East Germany Banner of Labour medals (2) UNC with ribbons and pins, both boxed, and East German Merit medal UNC boxed, Hungary (10) Meritorious Service Medal for the Nation, orange ribbon, Communist Police medal for Public Security (3) First Class, Second Class ands Third Class, Degree of Merchant Service Merit Medals 1956 (3), all UNC and boxed, Order of Labour Medals Established 1948 (3) First Class and Second Class (2) all UNC boxed, Poland (3) Medal of Merit on the Field of Glory Second Class 1944 in silver NVF boxed. The 40 Years of People' Poland Commemorative medal EF cased, Union of Veterans of the Republic of Poland and Former Political Prisoners (instituted 1965) UNC with miniature, comes with recipients book, Yugoslavia (6) Socialist Federal Republic '10 Years of Yugoslav Army' in gilt bronze, Medal for bravery, instituted 1943, in gilt bronze, Medal of National Merit (pre-1973 award) with Zasluge spelling in the legend, Medal of Labour (with ribbon bar), instituted 1945, Yugoslav Army Order for Bravery in gilt bronze (red ribbon with three narrow yellow edge stripes) (2), in mixed grades to EF £105 - £125
1788 World Medals (9) Germany (5) Welfare Institution Heilbronn for diligence and good behaviour undated (c.1870) Obverse: Eagle and Coat of Arms, Reverse: Für FLEISS und WOHLVERHALTEN (4) 30.5mm diameter, 11.31 grammes in silvered bronze, UNC and lustrous with pleasing and matching tone, along with K.Oberrealschule, Heilbronn Medal 30.5mm diameter in silvered bronze this on a thicker 3mm thick flan and weighing 18.8 grammes UNC and nicely toned, along with Peru, Lima medals 1821 San Martin (4) Obverse: LIMA LIBRE JURO SU INDEPENDENCIA EN 28 DE JULIO DE 1821, Radiant surface, Reverse: BAJO LA PROTECCION DEL EGERCITO LIBERTADOR DEL PERU MANDADO POR SAN MARTIN in eight lines within wreath, oblique edge reeding, 29mm diameter in silver, Fonrobert 8998, VF to EF £75 - £150
1789 Abyssinian War Medal 1869 to J.J. Jardine Gnr R.M.A. H.M.S. Argus. Solder marks to reverse, old brooch mount £300 - £400

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