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London Coins Auction 164
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763 A Gentlemen's Silver Dressing Table set, including Talc jars, and clothes brushes, together with a Holy Land ceremonial incense holder, along with a quantity of modern cupro-nickel Crowns and a small group of GB and World issues (lot) £50 - £70
764 Accessories - Cases (21) mostly Westminster in mixed used condition £0 - £20
765 Book 'Jetons, Medalets and Tokens - The Medieval Period and Nuremberg', Volume 1, by Michael Mitchiner, in excellent second-hand condition £30 - £50
766 Book 'Oriental Coins and Their Values, Non-Islamic States and Western Colonies AD600-1979' by Michael Mitchiner, in excellent second-hand condition £30 - £50
767 Book 'Oriental Coins and Their Values, The Ancient and Classical World 600BC-650AD by Michael Mitchiner, in very good second-hand condition £30 - £50
768 Books (2) The Herbert Schneider Collection of English Gold Coins Volume 1 (1257-1603) and Volume 2 (1603-20th Century) by Peter Woodhead, in very good second-hand condition £10 - £30
769 Books (6) Handbook of the Greek Coinage Series, as follows:- Volume 2 - Handbook of Coins of Sicily (Including Lipara) Sixth to First Centuries BC, , Handbook of the Coins of Northern and Central Greece Sixth to First Centuries BC, Handbook of the Coins of the Peloponnesos Sixth to First Centuries BC, Handbook of the Coins of the Islands Sixth to First Centuries BC, Handbook of the Coins of Northern and Central Anatolia Fifth to First Centuries BC, Handbook of Syrian Coins, Royal and Civic Issues, Fourth to First Centuries BC, each book by Oliver J.Hoover/CNG Inc., in excellent second-hand condition £30 - £60
770 Books (6) Seaby English Silver Coinage 1949 (2) one an interesting interleaved copy, Greek Coins and Their Values 2nd Edition 1966 by Seaby, The Coinage of Roman Britain by Gilbert Askew 1951, The Seventeenth Annual Report of the Deputy Master of the Mint 1886 (1887), Humphreys Coin Collectors Manual 1853, Bohn's Illustrated Library, in mixed second-hand condition £0 - £20
771 Books a large lot includes English Hammered Coinage by J.J.North Volumes 1 and 2, Roman Coins And Their Values 1970 edition, by David Sear, Roman Silver Coins Volumes I to V 1979 by Seaby, Greek Coins and Their Values, Second Edition 1966 by Seaby, also includes many titles on Indian Coins, and useful titles on Roman and Greek Coins (large lot in two heavy containers). Room buyers only must be cleared by the buyer from the Bracknell auction room £0 - £20
772 Books Krause World Coins 1701 - 1800 3rd Edition, 2001-Date 7th Edition, Unusual World Coins 4th Edition. Spink Coins of England 2016. Coin Yearbook 2009 and 2011. British Coins Market Values 2010 and 2016. Paper Money - Pick World Paper Money Modern Issues 18th Edition. Duggleby English Paper money 6th Edition. Aluminium Carrying Case with 5 trays, Lindner Tray, and an empty Euro Coin collection album, generally good second hand £30 - £90
773 Coin Cabinet Peter Nicholls Coronet For The Connoisseur Coin Collector - large professionally made coin cabinet 28 trays and 3 drawers, good second hand. This lot will be available for viewing at Bracknell during the sale and not before, pictures can be forwarded by email on request. £200 - £300
774 Coin Cabinet with 25 drawers lockable with key, most felts present, 335mm x 315mm x 305mm in good second-hand condition £20 - £50
775 Coin Weights (15) and Apothecaries Weights (3) 18th and 19th Century, in mixed grades with some EF £0 - £50
776 Countermarked Halfcrown 1848 8 over 6 ESC 681A countermark appears to be a crown over lettering or numbers, countermark and host coin Fair £80 - £100
777 Electrotype Charles I Shilling Pontefract besieged octagonal, reverse uniface, type as S.3150/3151 VF £75 - £125
778 Enamelled Crown George III 1817-1820 5 colours, good workmanship, on a pin brooch mount £50 - £100
779 Enamelled Double Florin 1887 in 6 colours, on a pin mount, good workmanship £30 - £50
780 English Copper, Tin, and Bronze coins in the British Museum by Peck as part of a group (28) includes a quantity of Numismatic Chronicles, Room buyers only must be collected on sale day by the buyer £0 - £20
781 Engraved Crown 1663 NVG with an ornate MB monogram engraved on the reverse £30 - £60
782 GB and World as part of a group of stamps, watches (3) and paranumismatic items (lot) £15 - £50
783 GB and World Mint Errors - Mis-Strikes (12) Nigeria Shilling 1959 KM#5 struck without a collar on a larger 24mm diameter flan, interestingly the coin still has the security edge, EF/AU, USA (2) Five Cents 1883 with IN GOD WE TRUST and FIVE CENTS weak or partially missing About UNC, Dime 1862S with die axis misaligned by around 45 degrees VG, India 2 Rupees 2003 struck off-centre with a raised lip around about a third of the coin NEF, GB (8) Halfpenny 1730 struck on a large, spread flan (very similar in appearance to the 1732 example in Peck plate 14, no. 844, but dated 1730) Fine with attempted holing, GB Penny 1962 on a thin flan and weighing 5.89 grammes VF, Small Planchet clips (5) Decimal Ten Pence 1969 NEF and Sixpences (4) 1961, 1967 (3) VF to EF, and Decimal Halfpenny Obverse struck normally, the reverse almost blank with a trace of reversed Queen's portrait, slightly off-centre with raised lip, along with Australia Penny 1964 with edge damage this possibly after minting VF £50 - £100
784 GB and World Toy Money (377) a wide variety of types in mixed grades to UNC £50 - £100
785 Mint Error - Mis-Strike Decimal One Pound 2016 struck off-centre with a raised lip from 7 o'clock to 12 o'clock on the obverse, the Queen's profile slightly doubled in this area, also the POU of POUND are double struck £15 - £45
786 Mint Error - Mis-Strike Decimal Ten Pence 1976 VF the coin on a split flan, with a thin section along the width of the edge being partially detached from the coin £20 - £50
787 Mint Error - Mis-Strike Off-metal strike East Africa Ten Cents 1942 struck on a cupro-nickel flan, weight 9.42 grammes, EF and nicely toned £25 - £75
788 Mint Error - Mis-Strike Penny Henry III Long Cross double struck with two distinct crosses and part inner circles VF and unusual £25 - £75
789 Mint Error - Mis-strike Third Farthing 1827 uniface obverse, struck without a collar on a large 18mm diameter flan, Fine and unusual £100 - £150
790 Mint Errors - Mis Strikes (3) Florin 1966, the designs on both sides, and the edge milling extremely weakly struck, Fine for issue, Decimal Pennies (2) 1971 struck on a smaller 19mm planchet GEF with traces of lustre, 1971 struck slightly off-centre and on a flan with taller rims, GVF and unusual £25 - £75
791 Mint Errors - Mis-Strikes (2) Decimal Ten Pence 1973 with a planchet clip NEF, Iran 2000 Dinars (2 Kran) AH1310 Near Fine struck around 10% off-centre with around 4mm blank flan £25 - £75
792 Numismatic Books (15) includes 10 different Krause World Coins and Paper Money titles. Room buyers only must be collected on sale day by the buyer £0 - £20
793 Numismatic Books (45) a good variety with many on Ancient coins, includes 4 volumes of Indo-Scythian by R.C.Senior. Room buyers only must be collected on sale day by the buyer £0 - £20
794 Paranumismatic including some Asian fantasies some in a presentation album, others include tokens, temple tokens, machine tokens and medals 18th - 20th centuries mixed grades (lot) £40 - £70
795 Tokens, Badges and Paranumismatic items, a varied group (around 0.8 Kilos) in mixed grades £50 - £100
796 Toy Money and Spielgeld (121) a wide variety, includes GB, Germany and Belgium, in mixed grades £40 - £80
797 Toy Money by Lauer (140) Shillings (31), Sixpences (37), Threepences (36), Pennies (35), and a 1 Mark Spielgeld, mostly as struck, many with lustre, in a contemporary box with playing cards on the top, presumed the original box of issue rare thus £300 - £400
798 Toy Money Victorian (70) and Spielgeld (28) a good selection of different denominations, in mixed grades £40 - £60
799 Weights (11) includes Coin weights (9) Charles I to George III, and apothecaries weights (2) one 1847, the other an undated issue, in mixed grades VG to VF £30 - £60

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