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London Coins Auction 169
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364 Accessories - Proof Set boxes for 1937 Gold Sets (4) all in good second-hand condition £60 - £80
365 Books (7) English Silver Coinage 1974 edition by H.A.Seaby and P.A. Rayner. Seaby Standard Catalogue 1980, Spink Standard Catalogue 2015 Pre-Decimal Issues, Spink Standard Catalogue 2015 Decimal Issues, Coin Year Book 1981, English Coinage 600-1900 by C.H.V.Sutherland, Coins For Pleasure and Investment by Anthony Dowle and Patrick Finn, all in good second-hand condition, along with a small group of accessories, flips ,album pages and a stock box £0 - £20
366 Coin Blanks (94) a mix of sizes and metals, plus two uniface pieces, one with George VI Crowned bust and a Netherlands Machine token, in mixed circulated grades £20 - £50
367 Coin Cabinet professionally made 245mm x 200mm x 145mm with trays, with all felts, lockable with key in good second-hand condition with a few scratches to the top £0 - £20
368 Coin Cabinet professionally made 330mm x 330mm x 180mm with 14 trays, with all felts, lockable with key in good second-hand condition with some scratches to the top £0 - £20
369 Coin Cabinet Professionally made, 14 trays, lockable with key 295mm x 295mm x 170mm, in excellent second-hand condition, similar cabinets new cost in the region of £250 £0 - £50
370 Enamelled Coins (21, two holed) all but one with the reverse designs enamelled, comprising Crown 1819 (6 coins), Crown 1822 (7 colours), Halfcrown 1817 (6 colours), Halfcrown 1834 (5 colours), Halfcrown 1836 (5 colours), Halfcrown 1887 (6 colours), Florin 1896 (6 colours), Shilling 1819 (5 colours), Shillings 1826 (4) 3 colours (2), 6 colours (2), Shillings 1887 Jubilee Head (4) 4 colours (2), 5 colours (2), Sixpences (5) 1816 Obverse (3 colours), 1826 (2 colours), 1887 Jubilee Head Withdrawn type (3) 4 colours (2), 5 colours (1). of varying quality workmanship, the larger coins generally with the better quality work £250 - £500
371 Engraved Crown William and Mary the obverse engraved :- M.Hughes Llwinglaes, the reverse engraved:- A Gift of my Revered father 1805, Fair, unusual to see engraving on a high denomination coin of this period £125 - £250
372 First Day Covers with gold foil stamps (5) 1980 Indian Art - Chilkat Tlingit, 1981 Balltle of Yorktown 200th Anniversary, 1981 200th Anniversary of the Battle of the Virginia Capes, 1981 Kennedy Space Centre - Understanding the Sun, 1981 James Hoban - White House Architect, UNC on the envelopes of issue, Scotland Staffa gold foil stamps (3) 1981 Royal Wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer, 1982 The Royal 21st Birthday of HRH The Princess of Wales, 1982 Pope John Paul II Visit to Great Britain, all UNC in the folders of issue £15 - £30
373 Medals, Tokens, Machine Tokens, Fantasies and Replica Items, along with an additional group of plastic gambling tokens, in mixed grades (lot, over 4 Kilos) £45 - £65
374 Millionaires Collection Fantasy Gold Double Leopard 4 grammes of 22 carat gold, a modern restriking of one of Britain's most famous coins, Lustrous UNC, with promotional literature £120 - £180
375 Mint Error - Mis-Strike Decimal Ten Pence 1973 struck off centre with 3mm blank flan from 8 to 2 o'clock the excess with a straight edge between 10 and 12 o'clock, no edge milling present, Lustrous A/UNC and unusual £75 - £125
376 Mint Error - Mis-Strike Decimal Ten Pence struck way off-centre (date off-flan) with around 17mm blank flan only 3 legs of the lion are visible with no body, the remainder off the flan, the obverse has no part of the Queen's head visible above the neck VF and highly unusual to see any coin struck this far off-centre £50 - £100
377 Mint Error - Mis-Strike Decimal Two Pence 2006 struck off centre on a 21mm diameter flan, most of the legend missing between 10 o'clock and 5 o'clock on the obverse and correspondingly from 7 o'clock to 12 o'clock on the reverse, Lustrous UNC, the obverse with a few small spots £40 - £60
378 Mint Error - Mis-Strike Shilling 1839 No WW a double striking with part of another similar coin with clear obverse, overstruck from 12 to 3 o'clock, the edge milling intact other than on the overstruck part of the coin, VF and bold, holed at the top £100 - £150
379 Mint Error - Mis-Strike Silver Threepence/Groat Victoria Young Head Obverse brockage GVF and highly unusual £250 - £300
380 Mint Errors - Mis-strikes (2) Livonia Solidus 17th Century struck off-centre with the date off the flan, one side showing two part-coins on the same flan EF, German States - Wurttemberg medal? 1605 Obverse brockage WIRTEMBE FRI.D.G.DVX Crowned figure standing, in Coronation robes Fine, ex-mount £20 - £40
381 Mint Errors - Mis-Strikes, United Kingdom INA Fantasy Pattern Euro errors (11) 2 Euros (2) 2002 apparently struck in brass with the outer ring plated, 2003 struck in copper and weighing 13.24 grammes, 50 Cents 2003 with different reverse design: large 50 to right, with globe and dove to left PROVA PROBE believed unique, 9.6 grammes, 10 Cents (2) 2003 struck in copper, 6.27 grammes (normal issue 4.8 grammes) with a sample goldine issue for comparison, 2 Cents (3) 2003 (2) both struck in nickel each 5.47 grammes, UNC and lustrous, and an undated issue (2002) reverse brockage, 2 Cents 2002 the obverse with a tall raised lip over 1mm high, 1 Cent an obverse and reverse uniface pair (2002) each struck in silver, an unusual group, A/UNC to UNC £80 - £100
382 Mint Errors Mis-Strikes (6) Grenada 4 Dollars 1970 FAO KM#15 struck slightly off-centre with a small raised lip from 11 o'clock to 4 o'clock. The milling only shows on the raised lip, with the remainder of the edge plain A/UNC and unusual, Nigeria Halfpennies 1959 (2) KM#1 both struck without collars, off-centre with the central holes misaligned, struck on 22mm and 23mm flans respectively both lustrous UNC, Jersey 1/12 Shilling (3) 1960 Restoration Tercentenary struck without a collar on a 32.5mm diameter flan UNC with some lustre, 1966 (2) both struck slightly off-centre and on 33mm flans, EF cleaned and UNC with partial lustre £250 - £300
383 Pocket Watches (2) one by Heritage Collection, one by W.Gregory of Exeter, along with a selection of tie-pins, buttons, clips and a pair of ear-rings, along with a sheet of 1p stamps (25) £40 - £80
384 Postage stamps £64.67 face and additional First Class (3) unused, a wide variety £30 - £60
385 Prize Medals and Badges (10) Prize Medals (5) Sparkbrook & District Football League Prize Medals (2) 1932-33 Birmingham Cup Finalist in silver with blue enamel, Division 2 Runners-up 1933-34 with WLM makers mark in silver with blue enamel, Cycling Prize Medals (3) London - Woolwich 1949 in silver with light and dark blue enamel, 1st prize presented to E.Gagen Bromley R.C, Hampshire - Gosport Cycling club First prize presented to T.Dougal, Manchester Abbotsford Park Road Club undated, in bronze with green enamel. Badges (5) Gordon Smith Institute of Seamen, Nation Union of Railwaymen, The Edward Shelley Central School, Walsall, W.M.B.A enamelled badge with daffodil, The League of Ovaltineys in mixed condition £50 - £70
386 Silver Ingot One Kilo .999 silver by Johnson Matthey, London, and Gold Ingot One gramme of .999 gold by Swiss Bank Corporation, this in a sealed pack, EF to UNC £350 - £500
387 Sovereign holder in brass, 32mm diameter, in the form of a small fob watch, the base of the interior with the Bust of Edward VII facing right, in the style of the De Saulles portrait of the King, with decorative lid, in good condition £25 - £50
388 The British Definitive Stamp Replica Issue - The Penny Black - 20mm x 23mm, 12.41 grammes of 22 carat gold nFDC toned, in the box of issue £440 - £550
389 The Stamps of Royalty Stamp Replicas by Hallmark a 25-piece set in sterling silver 1970s issues total weight 484.1 grammes UNC, unboxed comes with certificate and booklet and three original invoices from 1975 of £24.50 each £140 - £180

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