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London Coins Auction 171
Grange Hotel Bracknell, Charles Square, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1ED

September Auction Catalogue

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London Coins Auction 170
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400 Accessories a large group includes a quantity of Abafil Display Trays, also Coin Albums, Westminster and Promoters-style boxes, coin boxes, a carrying box and more, varied state (lot) £0 - £50
401 Accessories a mixed group includes a large Wooden medal cabinet with 6 drawers, total size 575mm x 375mm x 290mm, Storage boxes, Westminster-style or similar (13), Lindner carrying boxes (2) , each containing 4 Lindner trays, both lockable with keys, a Leuchtturm Aluminium case containing 4 display trays, lockable with key, Mini Coin Albums (2), Albums (2) a Whitman Album for a GB type set Edward VII to Elizabeth II and a USA Washington Quarter Album, Books (2) Coins of the World by Richard G.Doty, and Check Your Change by Rotographic Ltd and certificates (12) for the Concorde Milestones Coin Collection, all in good second-hand condition (total weight over 25 Kilos) £0 - £50
402 Accessories Display trays (7), Lindner Trays (2), Presentation boxes (2), capsules and a carrying case with 3 Lindner trays includes (one with no outer plastic slide), in mixed used condition £25 - £50
403 Books (10) includes English Milled Coinage by Cope and Rayner, 1975, The Gold Sovereign by Michael Marsh 1980, The Gold Half Sovereign by Michael Marsh 1982, English Proof and Pattern Crown-Size Pieces by Linecar and Stone 1968, Seaby's Coin and Medal Bulletin (3) 1952, 1953 and 1971, in Fair condition £0 - £50
404 Ceremonial Gurkha belt with Decorative Buckle and India One Rupee (16) attached dated 1862-1918 all around Fine, cleaned £80 - £100
405 Coin Cabinet professionally made 290mm x 295mm x 170mm lockable with key, takes 14 trays, only 9 are present, these to take varying coin sizes, almost all felts are present, in very good second hand condition £0 - £50
406 Countermarked Crown 1819 LIX ESC 216, Bull 2013 the obverse with H&P in an incuse rectangle, Countermark Fine, host coin VG £30 - £40
407 Enamelled Coins (59) includes many 1977 Crowns, and a small group of George VI, fair workmanship, a colourful lot, varied state £100 - £120
408 Enamelled Crown 1819 reverse enamelled in 6 colours, fair workmanship, the obverse with pin mounting fixtures £15 - £25
409 Engraved Crown William and Mary the obverse engraved :- M.Hughes Llwinglaes, the reverse engraved:- A Gift of my Revered father 1805, Fair, unusual to see engraving on a high denomination coin of this period £85 - £125
410 Engraved Love Token Farthing-sized - Obverse: 'I think on me when this you see' 1826, Reverse: J.M, W,M E,M in three lines VF £150 - £200
411 GB and World Counterstamped Coins and Tokens (21) 18th and 19th Century in mixed grades along with a Bronze 24mm token with C on reverse, in mixed grades, worthy of further research £45 - £60
412 Gold Jewellery 9 carat chain with 8 Sovereigns a USA $5 and France 20 Francs attached, gross weight 132 gramms £4,000 - £5,000
413 Isle of Man Tram Tickets, issued by the Manx Northern Railway Co. Ltd (around 175) £175 - £225
414 Mint Error - Mis-Strike Straits Settlements 50 Cents 1891 KM#13 the coin has a split flan, done sometime after minting as both faces of the coin are correctly struck, Good Fine with some contact marks £120 - £150
415 Mint Error Mis-Strikes (2) Jersey Two Pounds 1998 (2) Obverse and reverse not struck, on lettered edge bimetallic blanks, as struck £70 - £80
416 Mint Errors - Mis-Strikes, United Kingdom INA Fantasy Pattern Euro errors (11) 2 Euros (2) 2002 apparently struck in brass with the outer ring plated, 2003 struck in copper and weighing 13.24 grammes, 50 Cents 2003 with different reverse design: large 50 to right, with globe and dove to left PROVA PROBE believed unique, 9.6 grammes, 10 Cents (2) 2003 struck in copper, 6.27 grammes (normal issue 4.8 grammes) with a sample goldine issue for comparison, 2 Cents (3) 2003 (2) both struck in nickel each 5.47 grammes, UNC and lustrous, and an undated issue (2002) reverse brockage, 2 Cents 2002 the obverse with a tall raised lip over 1mm high, 1 Cent an obverse and reverse uniface pair (2002) each struck in silver, an unusual group, A/UNC to UNC £40 - £100
417 National Rifle Association Life Member's Pass (c.1900) 44mm diameter in ivory, holed at the top, Obverse: Two figures - an archer and a rifleman standing, below SIT PERPETUUM, within an inner circle, NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOICIATION FOUNDED 1860. Reverse: T Wright / and a handwritten 'E.Military 3' below, LIFE MEMBER'S PASS NOT TRANSFERABLE VF holed a the top, an unusual piece £100 - £150
418 Political Engraved Penny 1806 obverse engraved To Perpetuate Royalty £50,000 a Year to a German Whelp Leopold. Obverse 1833 Machinery the Order of the Day Hamburg £25 - £40
419 Proof Set boxes (12) Boxes for 1937 4-coin Gold Sets (2), 1887 4-coin Gold Set, 1902 13-coin Long Matt set, 1927 Card boxes (3), 1927 Hard boxes (5), in Fair to Good Second-hand condition £100 - £120
420 Proof Set boxes (6) for 1887 set (11 coins), 1902 Long Set (2), 1902 Short set, 1927, 1951, a box for a set of 9 Edward VII Sovereigns, along with a large group of empty boxes for coins and medals, various sizes, many for sizes 50mm diameter or larger (108), in varied condition £75 - £100
421 Proof Set cases for 1887 Long sets (4) two are square Seaby cases, another has the wording 'JUBILEE COINAGE ISSUED ON THE COMPLETION OF THE FIFTIETH YEAR OF THE REIGN OF HER MOST GRACIOUS MAJESTY QUEEN VICTORIA 1837-1887, in fair condition £100 - £150
422 Royal Mint Trial Designs compiled by a Mr.A.Wiseman, who was paid by the Royal Mint to make these designs, which include the original hand drawn sketches. The Mint subsequently chose not to use them, apart from the Gateshead Millennium Bridge idea, which was then used on a similar design on the One Pound coin. Some design ideas are included which were used on the Queen's Beasts series. The subjects cover Heraldic, Fauna, Sir Christopher Wren, Castles and Palaces and other supplementary designs. There are a total of 28 designs with 2-5 drawings and photos of each in a large book. This is a unique book purchased by the Vendor from the artist. The drawings depict many elegant designs and would make an interesting addition to any Numismatic Library £1,950 - £2,250
423 The World's Great Historic Seals a 50-piece set in sterling silver each 37mm diameter from Magna Carta (1215) to the Establishment of the State of Israel (1948) Lustrous UNC each on descriptive page of historical background, in the large brown Franklin Mint album of issue with promotional literature £200 - £250
424 Toy Money (12, all different) Lauer types GB (11) and a Germany 10 Mark VF to GEF £25 - £50

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