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London Coins Auction 167
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1822 A carrying case containing 3 Leuchtturm trays, one tray without the outer plastic, in good second-hand condition £25 - £35
1823 A small box the lid showing a view of Windsor castle 23mm diameter containing Royal Family medalets Queen Victoria, Prince Albert, Princess Alice, Prince Alfred and the Princess Royal GVF to EF £30 - £50
1824 Balance Scales (4) for Sovereign and Half Sovereign £100 - £120
1825 Balance Scales, George III for Guineas in outer wooden boxes scarce (3) and in good condition for age £250 - £300
1826 Blank flan Bronze Penny sized 30.5mm diameter each side with a raised rim, no signs of design or borders, Good Fine £30 - £40
1827 Boxes for slabbed coins, wooden, seven boxes for a single slab, sixteen boxes for 5 slabs £0 - £50
1828 China and Earthenware items, many crockery items, cups and saucers a mixed group with some matching items, mainly from three sets includes Alfred Meakin items (42 items) along with a large framed print : 'The Roman Army', from the Sunday Times 1969 and 1972 a very informative and detailed print describing weapons, ships, marches, soldiers, the various camps and a Time-line of historical events. Very good condition. To be removed by the buyer from the auction on sale day, no postal service £10 - £30
1829 Clubs and Societies Silver Badges (121) a collection in album pages, most are of a musical or sports theme with many clubs and societies represented, some with coloured enamelling, 1886-1952 the majority are 1920s and 1930s issue, in mixed grades £1,000 - £1,200
1830 Cycling Club Fobs and Badges (88) a collection in album pages, a varied group with many different clubs and societies represented, 1920s to 1960s issues, the majority dating from the 1930s with most in silver, some enamelled, many in excellent condition, with good quality enamelling £500 - £600
1831 Empty Boxes for 1937 4 coin gold set (3), 1911 Long Set, 1887 Long Set average condition for age £80 - £100
1832 Enamelled Coins (21, two holed) all but one with the reverse designs enamelled, comprising Crown 1819 (6 coins), Crown 1822 (7 colours), Halfcrown 1817 (6 colours), Halfcrown 1834 (5 colours), Halfcrown 1836 (5 colours), Halfcrown 1887 (6 colours), Florin 1896 (6 colours), Shilling 1819 (5 colours), Shillings 1826 (4) 3 colours (2), 6 colours (2), Shillings 1887 Jubilee Head (4) 4 colours (2), 5 colours (2), Sixpences (5) 1816 Obverse (3 colours), 1826 (2 colours), 1887 Jubilee Head Withdrawn type (3) 4 colours (2), 5 colours (1). of varying quality workmanship, the larger coins generally with the better quality work £400 - £650
1833 Enamelled Coins (4) Crown 1819 Reverse (7 colours), Crown 1887 Reverse (6 colours), Crown 1890 Reverse (7 colours), and Halfcrown 1826 Reverse (5 colours), all with very good workmanship, along with GB penny 1884 and Mexico Peso 1866 both with the designs having the field cut away, all are pin mounted and in good condition £130 - £160
1834 Engraved (2) of Naval and Military interest, George V Pennies (2) the first engraved Sgt. H.Lawson 203722 C of E 4th K.O.Y.L.I, the second engraved '8.A.M. /18 DEC. 1942. / BRETWALDA . S.S./ 4N. 15. W./ J.A.LEECH. VG to Fine. Note:- The S.S.Bretwalda was sunk by a German U-boat on it's voyage from North Africa to Belfast on this date, along with Token Birmingham Taylor and Challen Minting Machinery Coining Press 1903 NVF with uneven tone £20 - £40
1835 Engraved an unusual uniface piece on an irregular c.50mm diameter thin flan in silver, weight 10.99 grammes, Britannia seated left with shield, cornucopia and trident holds an olive branch, within a motto REGIMENT OF BANK OF ENGLAND VOLUNTEERS. In exergue below: EMBODIED MDCCXCVIII in two lines, in the basic style of a Bank of England Dollar of the period, VF toned, on close examination the flan has many straight lines to the edge, a most unusual piece and will appeal to collectors of engraved coin and collectors of Bank of England memorabilia alike £100 - £300
1836 Halfpenny Victoria Bun head VG made into a weight, unusual £30 - £50
1837 Lindner Trays (6) each with 20 slots, coin flip size, in good second-hand condition £0 - £20
1838 Masonic and Buffalo ornate badges with ribbons and pins one 1912 the other 1926 boxed and in good condition £25 - £50
1839 Medals, Tokens and Paranumismatic items a large and varied group (lot, over 6 Kilos) includes some machine tokens, Co-op tokens, fantasy and replica items, in mixed grades £300 - £400
1840 Medals, Tokens, Machine and Telephone Tokens, mostly modern issues (over 1000 pieces, over 7 Kilos) many different types represented, in mixed grades £100 - £150
1841 Metal Bust of George IV as Prince Regent 100mmx 80mm fine detail appears to be in gilded brass, EF £30 - £50
1842 Millionaires/Museum Collection Fantasy Crown 1644 Oxford 22mm diameter struck in 22 carat gold and Rhodium plated Prooflike UNC £120 - £180
1843 Mint Error - Mis-Strike Halfpenny 1739 double struck the obverse showing two exergues and part of a duplicated date, the obverse with a doubled portrait profile and interestingly a long die-break, possibly the actual die-break piece, and thereby causing the doubling £20 - £30
1844 Mint Error - Mis-Strike Halfpenny 1872 obverse and reverse both double struck, two dates visible around 6mm apart, Fine/Near Fine the obverse with some old scratches, an unusual piece £100 - £150
1845 Mint Error - Mis-Strike India 1/12 Anna 1877, KM#483 the 1 of the date and the 1 of the fraction both barely visible under strong magnification GVF, along with a normal example in NEF for comparison, a highly unusual striking error £50 - £100
1846 Mint Error - Mis-Strike India Rupee Obverse brockage (1862-1876) with VICTORIA QUEEN legend, approaching Fine, a rare and unusual piece £25 - £75
1847 Mint Errors - Minor Mis-Strikes World (23) damaged flans, laminations and more, from a wide variety of countries, in mixed grades to GEF £25 - £50
1848 Mint Errors - Mis-Strikes (11) a varied group, includes some on thin flans, in mixed grades £25 - £50
1849 Mint Errors - Mis-Strikes (13) GB (12) planchet clips (8) Sixpences (6) 1948, 1949, 1956, 1962 (2), 1967, Pennies 1967 (2), Cut or flattened edges (3) Halfpennies (2) 1922, 1967 and Farthing 1884, a blank flan for a round Decimal £1 and a Pakistan Quarter Rupee 1948 with a slight multiple striking over a small part of the rim, in mixed grades to EF £70 - £90
1850 Mint Errors - Mis-strikes (2) Penny 1868 with a minting flaw obliterating the first 8 of the date and part of the 6, VG and unusual, Decimal Five Pence 2006 weak strike with much of the legend partly or completely missing, the Queen's head also weak though oddly the tiara seems struck normally, About Fine and extremely unusual £10 - £20
1851 Mint Errors - Mis-Strikes (4) Shilling 1839 a spectacular double strike with a section of another similar coin overstruck between 12 and 3 o'clock on the reverse, the additional piece being 12mm across, and extending beyond the rim of the original coin, showing part profile of the Young Head. GVF and holed at the top. Decimal Ten Pence 1973 struck off centre on a 29mm diameter flan with around 3mm blank flan excess around the edge in parts. The additional excess also having a straight cut top edge which does not obstruct the edge of the coin, UNC and lustrous with some odd scuffs, these probably occurring at the time of minting. Decimal Ten Pence undated Large size a spectacular off-centre strike with just 11mm of the coin visible on the 28mm diameter flan, unusually some edge milling remains, this being on the part of the coin that shows part of the Lion, in an area that would normally be in the centre of the coin, GVF and highly unusual. Decimal Two Pence 1971 with a large planchet clip from 8 o'clock to 11 o'clock on the obverse, thus only the R of REG remains and the last 1 and lower tip of the 7 of the date NEF/EF with some scratches, and retaining some mint lustre £100 - £200
1852 Mint Errors - Mis-Strikes (93) misshapen flans, Spread flans, damaged flans, weak strikes and more, along with a further group of blank flans (15) in mixed grades £60 - £80
1853 Mint Errors (2) Penny 1967 struck off-centre on a 28mm flan UNC with traces of lustre, Decimal One Penny 1999 struck off-centre and with 4mm blank flan between 7 o'clock and 1 o'clock on the obverse £50 - £75
1854 Mint Errors, Mis- strikes (15) includes Gothic Florin two reverses joined together, other laminations, planchet flaws and clips and an aluminium calendar medal in mixed grades £10 - £30
1855 Ornamental and decorative China and Earthenware items, includes Royal Doulton Disney 101 Dalmatians figurines, Carltonware, Hamilton Collection 'Country Kittens' an 8-piece set of decorative plates. Hamilton Collection Cameo Kittens a 6-piece set of decorative plates, this set in the boxes of issue, also some Delftware items (62 pieces in lot) £20 - £50
1856 Paranumismatic including Market Tokens Spitalfields, Borough Market. Transport Tokens, Commemoratives and more (lot) £350 - £450
1857 Pocket watch Elgin with glass missing, along with a mixed group of cases, a hand-held mirror, the mirror unclear, in mixed condition £50 - £100
1858 Sovereigns scales (3) two are early in wooden boxes, one with the holder broken, plus another 'Simmons Improved Sovereign Balance' in mixed condition £50 - £100
1859 The Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II 1977 Stamp Replicas in Sterling Silver a 25-piece set by Hallmark Replicas Ltd, over 482 grammes of silver nFDC to FDC with light toning, in the locking wooden box of issue with certificate and booklet, along with book ' A Portrait of Royalty' by F.Marcus Arman FRSA' and an additional 3 small stamp ingots Victoria 1840 (0.81 grammes), Victoria 1865 (0.67 grammmes) and Edward VII (0.75 grammes) Lustrous UNC £160 - £200
1860 Twopence 1797 Peck 1077 Fine, made into a smuggler's box £10 - £20
1861 Twopence Commonwealth as ESC 2160, Bull 224, a contemporary counterfeit struck on a generous larger flan, the design rendered crudely, evenly struck and weighing correctly at 1.0 grammes, Fine, an interesting study piece £75 - £125

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