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London Coins Auction 164
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800 A small collection of Roman Silver (8) Denarii Antoninus Pius RIC 301, Caracalla (2) M ARTI PACATORI rev and RIC 82, Hadrian (2) RIC 267, and RIC 297, Septimus Severus (2) RIC 120c and 182, Severus Alexander RIC 40, a high grade group generally GVF - EF £600 - £700
801 Ancient Bronzes, Artefacts, Lead Tokens and a Jeton (41) a varied selection in mixed grades £70 - £90
802 Ancient Greece Cyrene, Cyrenaica, 250BC Obverse: Diademed head of Zeus-Ammon facing right, Reverse: K-O I-N O-N, Silphium plant with four leaves extruding, Koinon issue, Fine with a slightly uneven tone £40 - £80
803 Ancient Greece Nomos Ptolemaic 246-222BC, Obverse: Ptolemy I wearing aegis, Reverse: Libya wearing taenia, Kyrene Mint, Fine or better £40 - £80
804 Ancient, Milled and Tokens, a varied group (26) Drachm Alexander the Great, Antoninianus Gordian III, Ae2 Julian II Reverse Bull left, Byzantine Nummi (8), Penny Edward I London Mint, Farthings 17th Century (4) Ireland Penny Elisabeth I 1601, Farthings (3) Charles I Rose (2), Royal (1), Sixpences Ex-Shipwreck William III (3) 1969 (2) and a worn Chester Mint with the date not visible, in mixed lower grades £60 - £120
805 Byzantine Gold Hyperon Nicophoros VF or better with pleasing and bold portraits £370 - £420
806 Denarius (4) Trajan (98-117AD) Reverse Victory standing left Good Fine/Fine with some flan cracks: Septimus Severus (193-211AD) Reverse: Emperor standing left, sacrificing over tripod altar VF/About VF. Elagabus (218-222AD) Providence standing left, holding a rod and cornucopia, leaning on a column NEF with a few small flan cracks. Severus Alexander (222-235AD) Reverse: Mars standing left hold olive branch and spear, Near EF with an edge crack at 9 o'clock £100 - £120
807 Egypt Ae30 Ptolemaic 246-222BC Ptolemy III Euergetes Diabol, Obverse Head of Zeus wearing tainia ПTOΛERMAIOY BAΣIΛEΩΣ, Reverse: Eagle standing left on thunderbolt. No symbol in left field. Tyre Mint Fine £25 - £50
808 Fourre Denarius Claudius, imitative type. AD 41-54. (2.67g). Roman-British imitation. Copying a Rome mint issue of AD 46-47. TI CLAVD CAESAR AVG P M TR P VI IMP XI, laureate head right / SPQR/ P. P/ OB CS in three lines within wreath. North Suffolk 20-32 (dies C/3); cf. RIC I 41; cf. von Kaenel type 26; cf. RSC 87. EF, lightly toned, the plating almost completely intact. An exceptional example £375 - £425
809 Gold Solidus Leo, Reverse: Victory standing, Constantinople Mint VF £320 - £360
810 Julius Caesar Ar. Denarius (47-46BC) Diademed head of Venus, right / Aeneas advancing left, carrying palladium in right hand and Anchises on left shoulder CAESAR downwards to right, 16mm, 3.87 grammes, VF/GVF nicely toned the obverse with some surface marks £400 - £500
811 Kingdom of Macedonia, Alexander III (336-323BC) Drachm 4.18 grammes, Obverse: Head of Heracles right, Reverse Zeus seated, holding eagle, Ivy leaf in left field, Price 1763, Fine or better £60 - £80
812 North France Tin Potin - Leuci Tribe 50BC, Boar type. Obverse: Head left with hair in three strands. Reverse: Boar facing left, Fine £40 - £80
813 Persia, Arch Aemmenid Empire Silver Siglos (2) Persian King wearing a quiver pointing a bow to the right, one with bee and triskelion countermark, 5.55 and 5.56 grammes, VG to Fine £50 - £100
814 Promoters Ancient Group (3) Ptolemic Dynasty and Alexander The Great Silver Tetradracmns Fine - VF each in a Westminster presentation box with certificates, along with The Franklin Mint The Janus Coin Roman Republic 2nd century BC VF in a presentation box with certificate £75 - £100
815 Roman (12) Denarius (10) and Egypt, Alexandria Billon Tetradrachm, and Byzantine Follis holed, in mixed grades VG to VF £75 - £100
816 Roman Ae Sestertius Antoninus Pius,146AD Obverse: ANTONINVS PIVS PP TRP, Laureate Head right, Reverse: Antoninus in triumphal quadriga, holding eagle-tipped sceptre, COS IIII SC, 31mm diameter, Fine or slightly better £75 - £150
817 Roman Ae Sestertius Tiberius and Germanicus Gemellus 19-37/8AD and 19-23/4 AD, Reverse: Crossed Cornucopiae with winged caduceus between, RIC42, BMC 95, 24.8 grammes, Rome Mint Fine £200 - £400
818 Roman Ae26 Trajan Antioch 98-99AD Obverse: AYTOKP KAIC NEP TPAIANOC CEB ГEPM. Reverse: DHMAPX E≡ YПAT B with 2 lines legend in laurel wreath, dated COS II Good Fine £40 - £80
819 Roman Ar Siliqua Julian II (362-363AD) Reverse: VOTIS/X/MVLTIS/XX in four lines within a wreath, PCONST in exergue, 2.06 grammes, RIC 309 VF toned with many surface scratches, along with a further small group (5) of Roman these in lower grades VG to NF £50 - £75
820 Roman Denarius, Augustus, Obverse Bare head left, Reverse: Mars standing left, with aquila and standard SIGNIS PECEPTIS RSC 259, BMC 414 Good Fine with some edge nicks £20 - £40
821 Roman in silver (11) and bronze (1) Republic to late Empire mixed grades Fair - GVF £75 - £150
822 Sassanian Drachms (9) 6th and 7th century types, VF to GVF, one with a small hole £150 - £200
823 Sassanian in silver (6) including Khusru II, generally VF £100 - £150
824 Seljuks of Rum, Silver Dirhem, Ghiyath Ai Din Kay Khusru II (AH634-643) Siwas Mint, Obverse: inscription around Sun above lion to right, (Sun in Leo) Reverse: Inscription in a square frame and around, 2.99 grammes, About EF and lightly toned, the reverse with slight weakness in places £100 - £200
825 Silver heavy Siliqua Constantius II as Augustus 337-361AD Obverse: Diademed bust right DN CONSTANTIVS AVG, Reverse: FELICITAS REPVBLI CE. VOT XV M VLT XX in wreath Good Fine with some old thin scratches £75 - £150

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