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London Coins Auction 169
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1055 Ancient Greece - Koson, Dynasts of Thrace Gold Stater (mid 1st Century BC) KOΣΩN, Roman Consul accompanied by two lictors, BR monogram to the left, Reverse Eagle left with wreath in it's beak, 8.57 grammes, RPC 1701 About EF £500 - £600
1056 Ancient Greece 480BC to First Century BC a wide ranging group (19) includes Apollonia Pontica Black Sea Silver Drachm VF, Apollonia Thrace Silver Diobol Fine, Thrace Cheronnesos Lion Hemidrachm (400-350BC) (2) GVF and VF, Histiaeia - Euboia Tetrobol (340BC to 330BC) NVF, Pergamon, Mysia AE10 Civic issue 310-284BC, Good Fine others generally VG to Good Fine, an interesting group worthy of further study £150 - £200
1057 Celtic Gold Stater - British Remic type, uninscribed, Reverse: Triple-tailed horse with wheel below, Obverse blank, type Qb, S.39, 5.96 grammes VF £500 - £600
1058 Celtic Units (4) Cunobelin (2) Horse/Griffin S.328, Helmeted Bust right, Reverse: Bull butting, TASC below S.340, the others worn and unattributed, Poor to VG £80 - £100
1059 Cilicia, Tarsos: Mazaios Satrap 361-334BC Silver Stater 22mm diameter, Obverse: Baal of Tarsos seated left, head facing, holding grapes and grain ear and eagle in right hand, sceptre in left hand, BLTRZ in Aramaic behind, M below throne, Reverse: Lion bringing down a bull, left MZDI in Aramaic above, Sear 5650, 11.01 grammes, EF struck off centre £280 - £350
1060 Roman and Ancient an accumulation (202), some with attributions, a good mix of types, mostly bronzes with a few in silver, also includes a small group of post-medieval lead tokens (23) and pre-decimal milled coinage detector finds (7) in mixed grades £200 - £400
1061 Roman and Greek (16) all with attributions a varied group with many emperors represented, in mixed grades VG to VF £160 - £200
1062 Roman Bronzes (11) Claudius AE23, Domitian AE27, Tiberius AE27, Severus Alexander AE25, Gordian III AE22, Antonius Pius AE28, Maximianvs AE26, Galerius AE27, Trajan AE27, VG to Near Fine, plus another two worn pieces, Antoninianus Aurelian (274-275) VF £120 - £150
1063 Roman Denarius (3) Commodus 186-187AD Rev. Pietas standing left RIC 146 Good Fine/Fine, Geta 200-202AD Rev. Geta standing left with baton and sceptre, trophy behind RIC 18 NVF with some edge cracks, Severus Alexander 228-231AD Rev.Victory running right, RIC 215 some surface cracks, Good Fine/Fine £80 - £100
1064 Roman Denarius (3) Commodus 189AD Rev.Securitas seated left holding globe, DES VI in exergue RIC 190var Good Fine, Severus Alexander 230AD. Rev. Alexander walking left, stepping on helmet, holding globe RIC 226 NVF with an edge crack, Elagabalus 221AD. Rev.Victory flying left, star in right field RIC 45, RSC 195, About VF £80 - £100
1065 Roman Denarius (3) Elagabus 219AD. Rev. Liberalitas standing left with abacus and cornucopia RIC 100, RSC 81a About VF/VF, Anoninus Pius 152-153AD Rev.Vesta standing left holding simpulum and palladium strong Good Fine with some edge cracks, Vespasian 75AD. Rev.Pax seated left, holding branch RIC 772, RSC 366 Near Fine £80 - £100
1066 Roman Denarius (3) Severus Alexander 226AD. Rev.Severus Alexander standing left, sacrificing over altar RIC 55, RSC 289 NVF, Vespasian 75AD. Rev.Pax seated left, holding branch RIC 772, RSC 366 Near Fine, Elagabus 219AD. Rev.Liberalitas standing left with abacus and cornucopia RIC 100, RSC 81a Good Fine with an edge chip £80 - £100
1067 Roman Denarius Geta (4) Early 209AD Rev.Geta standing left holding globe and short sceptre RIC 61a RSC 117 GVF, 201AD. Obv. bust right, draped and cuirassed, Rev.Caesar standing left in military attire, holding branch and inverted spear PRINC IVVENT RIC 15b, VF, 201AD. Obv. bust right, draped Rev.Caesar standing left holding branch and inverted spear PRINC IVVENT RIC 15a Good Fine, Geta as Caesar 202AD. Obv. Draped Bust right, Rev. Securitas seated left holding globe RIC 20, RSC 183 About VF £120 - £150
1068 The Roman Emperors Collection a 23-coin set, 19 in bronze and 3 in silver many different Emperors represented includes Thedosius I, Valentinian II, Gratian, Valens, Valentinian I, Julian II, Constantius Gallus, Constantius II, Constans, Constantine II, Crispus, Licinius I, Constantine the Great, Constantius I, Maximianus, Probus, Tetricus I, Claudius II, Gallienus, Gordian III, Severus Alexander, Septimus Severus and Aurelian in mixed grades VG to VF, comes in a blue presentation case, with some coins stuck into the case, would appear to be easily removable £75 - £100
1069 The Roman Empire 20-Emperor Collection 253 to 408AD comprising bronze issues from Gallienus, Claudius II, Aurelian, Probus, Diocletian, Maximian, Galerius, Constantine I, Licinius I, Constantine II, Constantius II, Constans I, Const.Gallus, Julian II, Valentinian I, Valens, Gratian, Valentinian II, Theodosius I and Arcadius VG to Fine in a presentation box with certificate £100 - £120

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