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London Coins Auction 167
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322 Ae Follis Maximianus 302-303AD Thessalonica, Obverse: Laureate head right/GENIO POPV-LI ROMANI Genius standing left holding patera and cornucopia, Mintmark dot TS dot VF £25 - £35
323 Ancient bronzes (31, one holed) many different types represented, in mixed circulated grades, we noticed three WRL fantasy issues, also includes a medieval jetton this around Fine £15 - £35
324 Ancient bronzes a mixed group Greek Imperial (10), Byzantine (6) and Roman 3rd Century (15) in mixed grades £85 - £100
325 Ancient Greece - Corinth Silver Stater Pegasus Obverse: Helmeted bust of Athena, left, with mailed neck guard, Wheel symbol in right obverse field, Pegasi #143 8.45 grammes, VF £50 - £100
326 Ancient Greece - Persis Silver Drachm Darius I, c.150BC 18mm diameter, 3.52 grammes, Obverse: Head right, with short beard, wearing satrapal head-dress surmounted by crescent/ Reverse: Fire Altar with superstructure in the form of stepped battlements. Ahura-Mazdaa hovering above, to left the King standing right, to right a bird perched on standard. Sear 6194. EF and sharply struck £100 - £175
327 Ancient Greece - Persis Silver Hemidrachm Manchihr II mid 2nd Century AD 14mm diameter, 1.30 grammes, Obverse: Diademed bust of Manuchtir to left, wearing tiara decorated with crescent, Reverse: Diademed bust left, Near EF with a hint of tone £30 - £60
328 Ancient Greece Ar Tetradrachm. Macedon. Philip III 323-317BC. Obverse: Head of Herakles right, wearing lion's skin head-dress, Reverse: Zeus seated left holding eagle and sceptre, M in left field, with B below chair. Cf.S.6748 GVF £140 - £180
329 Ancient Greece Gold Stater IONIA, Magnesia ad Maeandrum. Circa 125-120 BC. AV Stater 8.4 grams. Euphemos, son of Pausanias, "magistrate”. Draped bust of Artemis right, wearing stephanos, hair drawn together and tied in the back, bow and quiver over shoulder / Nike, holding kentron in right hand, reins in left, driving fast biga of horses right; MAΓNHT above, EYΦHMO ΠAYΣANI in two lines below. Good VF £3,500 - £5,000
330 Ancient Greece -Thasos, Thrace Silver Tetradrachm. (After 148BC) Obverse Head of Dionysus right, wreathed with ivy/ Reverse: HPAKΛEOYΣ ΣΩTH POΣ ΘAΣIΩN, Herakles standing left with club and lion's skin, M to left, BMC 72, 16.23 grammes, VF or better on a dished flan £75 - £125
331 Ancients Greek and Egypt (30) Miletos, Ionia, One Twelfth Stater late 6th Century BC, an imitative issue, bronzed with traces of silver plating Obv: Head of Lion, Rev: Star Ornament within incuse square. Kyzikos,Mysia (Asia Minor) Silver Hemiobol, Obv: Forepart of running boar with tunny facing upward behind, Rev: Head of roaring lion with K retrograde above, all within an incuse square. Kamarina, Sicily (413-405 BC) Onkia (Uncia) Obv: Head of Gorgon, Rev: Owl holding lizard, with KAM to left, a single pellet denoting the unit of currency. Macedonian Kingdom Philip II (359-336 BC) Ae18 Obv: Head of Apollo, right with hair bound with tania, Rev: Naked youth on horse, right, little lettering still visible. Macedonian Kingdom/Empire of Alexander (336-323 BC) Ae20 Uncertain Mint, Obv: Head of Heracles in lion-skin head-dress, Rev: AΛE≡ANANAP Bow and Quiver above with club below. Antigonid Kingdom Demetrios Poloirketes (294-288 BC) Ae14 uncertain mint, Obv: Head of Demetrios right wearing crested Corinthian Helmet, Rev: Prow of galley with BA above. Antigonos Gonatas (277-239 BC) Head of Young Heracles clad in lions skin, Rev: Naked youth on horse right, BA in upper fields. Perseus (179-168 BC) Ae19 Head of Perseus wearing winged cap with raised sword to right, Rev: Eagle with wings open standing left on thunderbolt below. Thracis (Bulgaria) Lysimachos (323-281 BC) Ae14Obv: Head of Heracles, right clad in lions skin, Rev: two-line inscription within corn wreath. Mesopotamia, Persia, Asia Minor Seleukos I, Nikator (312-280 BC) Ae19 Obv: Winged Head of Medusa, Rev: Bull butting BAΣIΛEΩΣ ΣEΛEYKOY and ≡ in field below. Antiochos II (261-246 BC) Ae12 Obv: Diademed Head right, Rev: Apollo seated naked on Omphalos, the sacred stone of Delphi, holding bow and arrow BAΣIΛEΩΣ ANTIOXOY (partly off flan). Seleukos II, Seleukid Kings, Kallinikos (246-226 BC) Ae17 Obv: Head of Athena in crested Corinthian Helmet, Rev: Nike standing left holding palm EY in field to left. Antiochos IV, Epiphanes (175-164 BC) Ae Chalkos, Obv: Radiate head right, Rev: Tyche enthroned and holding Nike with bird at feet, inscription mostly off flan, Antiochos VI Serrate Unit Obv: Head of Antiochos as Dionysus, right, radiate and wreathed with ivy, Rev: Elephant advancing left holding torch with his trunk ΣTA over star in right field EПIфANOYΣ ΔIONYΣOY below. Antiochos VIII (121-96 BC) Ae19 Obv: Radiate Head right, Rev: Eagle standing left sceptre in background. Antiochos IX (113-95 BC) Ae19 Obv: Diademed head right, Rev: Zeus seated left holding Nike and sceptre AK below. Egypt - The Ptolemaic Kingdom Ptolemy I, Soter (305-283 BC) Ae27 Obv: Laureate Head of Zeus, Rev: Eagle standing left on thunderbolt legend unclear. Ptolemy II, Philadelphos (285-246 BC) Ae28 Obv: Laureate Head of Zeus right, Rev: Eagle standing left on thunderbolt, with wings open, AM in left field. Ptolemy V, Epiphanes (204-180 BC) Silver Didrachm Obv: Draped Bust of Ptolemy right, as Dionysus diademed and wreathed in ivy, ornamented pole over shoulder, Rev: Eagle standing left on thunderbolt, wings open. Ptolemy VI, Philometor and Cleopatra II (180-145 BC) Ae28 Obv: Head of Cleopatra I as Isis, Rev: Eagle standing left on thunderbolt, wings open, monogram ПA to left of eagle. Kingdom of Syracuse - Sicily Heiron II (275-216 BC) Ae18 Obv: Head of Poseidon, left, wearing tainia, Rev: Ornamented Trident Head between two dolphins dividing IEPΩ - NOS in lower field. Republic of Syracuse - Sicily (214-212 BC) Ae22 Obv: Laureate Head of Apollo, left, Rev: Castor and Pollux on horseback, right. Thessalian League, Thessaly, Central Greece, 196-146 BC Ae20 Obv: Laureate head of Apollo, right Rev: Athene Itonia. Kingdom of Pontus - Black Sea, Crimea and Asia Minor - Mithradates VI, Eupator 'The Great; (120-63 BC) Obverse: Head of Athena, right wearing triple-crested helmet ornamented with Pegasus, the winged horse, Rev: Pegasus standing, facing, holding harp (hooked sword) and head of the Gorgon Medusa, whose body lies at his feet. City Issue of the Roman Republic - City of Leukas, Akarnania (West Coast of Greece) after 167 BC, Obv: Head of Young Heracles in lions skin, Club right, legend unclear. Tarsos Cilicia, after 164 BC, Ae16 Obv: Turretted head of Tyche, Rev: Sandan standing right, on winged and horned lion, carrying bow-case and sword. City of Tyre, Phoenicia (Lebanon) after 126 BC, Ae15 Obv: Veiled and Turretted Head of Tyche right, Rev: Galley left. Graeco-Punic Coinage Carthaginian Republic - 250-200 BC, Ae18 Obv: Head of Tamir left, wreathed, Rev: Head and Neck of horse, right. Hispania (Spain) under the Barcids Ae16 Mint of Gades (Cadiz) Obv: Head of Tanit left, Rev: horse prancing right with star above. Kingdom of Numidia (Northern Algeria) Micipsa (148-118 BC) Ae26 Obv: Laureate Head left, Rev: Horse galloping left, letters below. Juba I (60-46 BC) Ae26 Obv: Head of Zeus Ammon right, Rev: Elephant walking right, legend unclear, short of flan, short of flan from 8-10 o'clock. In mixed grades VG to Good Fine an extremely varied group and worthy of further study £300 - £400
332 Ancients Greek and Roman in an album (66), includes some fantasy issues, in mixed lower grades £50 - £80
333 Anglo-Saxon Ar. Sceat S.792 Series D Obverse: Bust left, Reverse: Plain Cross with pellets in angles NEF and bold £30 - £60
334 Byzantine Gold Histamenon Romanus III (1028-1034) Constantinople Mint +his XIS REX REGNANTInM Christ enthroned facing, nimbus cross behind head, holding book of gospels and raising right hand, double border / QCE bOHQ RWMAnW, Romanus on left, wearing a saccos and loros and holding cross on globe, with four dots on the fold of robe hanging below, being crowned by Mary, nimbate on right, MQ between their heads, double border. £130 - £160
335 Byzantine Gold Scyphate Histamenon Nomisma Constantinople Obv Christ enthroned, Rev Constantine Fine £100 - £180
336 Byzantine Gold Solidus Anastasios I 491-518AD, Constantinople Mint (4.41 grammes) Obverse: Helmeted bust three-quarters right, facing/ Reverse: Angel standing left holding jewelled cross /CONOB in Exergue below. Star in right field only, GVF £400 - £700
337 Celtic Gold Stater. Cunobelin - Wild Type Obverse: Corn ear dividing CA MV. Reverse: Horse right, with branch above. Privy Mark Pellet below branch and Pellet with traces of surrounding circle below the horse, above the letter V in CVNO, S.285, Van Arsdell 1931/1, 5.21 grammes, About EF, minor surface marks only, a very bold example and scarce in this high grade £2,000 - £2,500
338 Celtic Gold Stater. Gallo-Belgic imported coinage. C.150 BC - 50 BC. Gallo-Belgic A (Ambiani) Obverse: Laureate head left. Reverse: Horse left with ornaments around. Mack 3; S.2; VA 12. 8.56g. NVF and scarce £3,000 - £4,000
339 Cyprus - Kition Tetradrachm Alexander III (325-320BC) Kiton, Cyprus, in the name and types of Macedon, struck under King Pumiathon. Obverse: Head of Herakles right, wearing lions skin, Reverse: Zeus seated left, holding sceptre, with K in left field VF on a slightly irregular flan £100 - £150
340 Group of mixed silver and bronze ancients. Mostly Roman imperial and provincial bronzes. A silver stater of Rhodes and three denarius. Two other Greek pieces which are modern copies. Poor to Good fine some with verdigris. [35] £200 - £250
341 Macedonian Kingdom Drachm in silver Philip V 221-179 BC Head of Philip Obv, club with thunderbolt outside wreath reverse nicely toned EF or near so £150 - £300
342 Roman (50) all but two in bronze, Good to Good Fine £50 - £100
343 Roman a small group (9) includes Antoninianus, Antoninus Pius, Denarius Faustina, Ae Follis Diocletian (5), Ae20 (2) Constantinus and Antoninus Pius in mixed grades Near Fine to Near VF £50 - £100
344 Roman Antoninianus Aemilian (253AD) Obverse: Bust right, radiate and draped IMP AEMILIANUS PIVS FEL AVG, Reverse Hercules standing right, resting on club and holding bow, lion's skin on left arm ERCVL VICTORI, RIC 3b RCV 9832 EF/VF with excellent portrait, rare thus £120 - £150
345 Roman Antoninianus Herennia Etruscilla, Antioch Mint, 250-251AD, Obverse: Bust right with hair in ridged waves, Reverse: PVDICITIA AVG Pudicitia seated left. Drawing veil from face RIC 65 scarce and a lustrous GEF £60 - £80
346 Roman Antoninianus Herennia Etruscus. Rome Mint 250-251AD. Reverse: PIETAS AUGVSTORVM Sprinkler, Simpulum, Jug, Patera and Lituus RIC143 Lustrous and well struck GEF £70 - £90
347 Roman Bronzes Ae3, Ae4, Follis, Sestertius (46) in a Lindner tray, a wide variety of Emperors includes Gratian, Constantius, Constans, Valentinian I, Delmatius, Theodora, Saloniona, Helena, Magnentius, Theodosius, Constantine I and more, mostly VG to Good Fine £140 - £200
348 Roman Denarii (2) Plautilla (198-211AD) Obverse: Bust right, draped PLAVTILLAE AVGVSTA, Reverse: Plautilla and Caracalla clasping hands. 3.42 grammes, RSC 10, RIC 361, NVF. Julia Soaemias, Obverse: Bust right, draped, IVLIA SOAEMIAS AVG, Reverse: Venus standing half left, holding apple and sceptre, star in right field, RSC 8 VF with some flan stress and edge cracks, scarce £40 - £70
349 Roman Denarius (3) Rome L.Marcius Philippus. 17mm diameter, 3.23 grammes Philip V of Macedon right diademed, Reverse: Equestrian Statue the horseman carrying laurel branch, Near Fine, Rome. C.Poblicius Malleolus (96BC) Bust right, laureate, L.METEL behind, Reverse: Roma seated left on shields, holding sceptre, crowned by Victory standing, in exergue ROMA VF, Rome Plautius, Bust of Leuconoe right, draped, diademed, behind, dolphin swimming downwards, Reverse: Jupiter standing in quadriga, left, RCV376, RSC12 Good Fine £50 - £100
350 Roman Denarius Geta Caesar 198-209AD Obverse: P.SEPT GETA CAES PONT Bare-headed bust draped, right, Reverse: VICT . AERN Victory hovering left, shield below, Laodicea Mint with distinctive small neat bust. RIC 101, GEF with superb dark and lustrous tone, rare thus £75 - £100
351 Roman Denarius Lucilla (161-169AD) Obverse: Draped Bust right, LVCILLAE AVG M ANTONINI AVG F, Reverse: Vesta standing left, sacrificing from a simpulum over a lit altar left, holding palladium, 3.2 grammes, RSC 92, RIC 788, some edge cracks, excellent surfaces, the reverse with very little actual wear, EF, EX-M.Trenerry (£125) £30 - £50
352 Roman Gold Solidus Leo (4.47 grammes) (c.462-466AD) Obverse: Helmeted bust three-quarters right, facing/ Reverse: Victory standing left holding jewelled cross VICTORIA AVGGG S /CONOB in Exergue below, star in right field only RIC 605, GVF £400 - £700
353 Roman Tetradrachm Hadrian. Alexandria. Reverse: Nilus reclining left, crocodile right, at his side, LIZ in left field= Year 17 (132-133AD) S.3740, GVF £75 - £100
354 Sassanian Drachm Khusru II (590-627AD) Good Fine with old grey toning £20 - £40
355 Sassanian Hemidrachms (10) NVF to NEF £140 - £180
356 Sassanian Hemidrachms (10) VF to NEF £140 - £180
357 Sassanian Hemidrachms (10) VF to NEF £140 - £180
358 Sassanian Hemidrachms (15) VF to NEF £150 - £280
359 Sassanian Hemidrachms (15) VF to NEF £150 - £280
360 Sassanian Hemidrachms (15) VF to NEF £150 - £280
361 Sassanian Hemidrachms (15) VF to NEF £150 - £280
362 Sassanian Hemidrachms (16) VF to NEF £150 - £280
363 Sestertius Julia Maesa (218-222AD) Obverse: Draped bust right, Reverse: Pudicitia reclining, RIC 417, 19.44 grammes, Bold Good Fine/Near Fine with some pitting £50 - £100
364 Sestertius Marcus Aurelius Reverse: Salus standing left, holding patera and cornucopia, 20.27 grammes, about Fine with some green patina £40 - £80
365 Sestertius Titus (67-69AD) Reverse Pax standing left with olive branch and cornucopia RIC 423 Fine £80 - £120

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