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London Coins Auction 170
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1275 Angel Edward IV S.2091 mintmark Annulet, the obverse with a small heavier contact mark by the dragon's tail, and a thin obverse surface crack where a tiny hole is visible under magnification, 4.99 grammes Bold Good Fine, struck on a full round flan £2,600 - £3,200
1276 Angel Elizabeth I Sixth issue S.2531 Mintmark Crescent 5.09 grammes, Good Fine with some old contact marks and thin scratches, a rare issue, Elizabeth I gold pieces always popular and sought after £3,300 - £3,800
1277 Angel Henry VII type V with large crook-shaped abbreviation after HENRIC, S.2187 mintmark Pheon, 5.06 grammes, Fine evenly struck, a collectable example £2,000 - £2,500
1278 Angel Henry VIII Third Coinage, Obverse: Henric 8 legend, with annulet by Angel's head, Reverse: Ship with one annulet on it's side S.2300 mintmark Lis, 4.95 grammes, Bold Fine £2,000 - £2,500
1279 Crown Charles I Group I, First Horseman, type 1a Horse caparisoned with plume on head and crupper, S.2753 mintmark Cross Calvary, Reverse Square topped shield over long cross fourchee Good Fine or slightly better with a small flan crack by the G of D.G and some excess metal around the obverse mintmark £1,400 - £2,000
1280 Cut Halfpennies (15) and Farthings (3) mostly Fine, an interesting study group £100 - £200
1281 Farthing James I Harington 8 harp strings, IACO between sceptre heads, privy mark Fret GVF a high grade example of this normally poorly rendered series £120 - £180
1282 Fourpence-Halfpenny Elizabeth I Countermark Portcullis on an Edward VI Base issue Shilling, S.2546, weight 3.80 grammes, Countermark Near Fine, host coin Fair, short of flan between 11 and 1 o'clock, an excessively rare issue and rarely seen in any grade £3,500 - £4,500
1283 Groat 1644 Charles I Oxford mm floriated cross N2462 6 and 4 of date a little weak otherwise nearer EF than VF with a pleasing tone £900 - £1,200
1284 Groat Edward III Pre-Treaty, London Mint S.1565 3.97 grammes, VG with some clipping £15 - £30
1285 Groat Edward IV Second Reign, London Mint, Trefoils on cusps, No marks by bust S.2096 mintmark Small Annulet Fine with some long surface cracks, has possibly been fragmented at some time £60 - £80
1286 Groat Henry VI Annulet issue Calais/London mule, the Obverse with the Annulets at neck, the reverse with CIVITAS LONDON legend, 3.34 grammes, Fine £80 - £100
1287 Groat Henry VI Annulet issue, Calais Mint with annulets at neck S.1836 Fine, the reverse slightly better, the obverse with some surface marks £90 - £120
1288 Groat Henry VI Annulet issue, Calais Mint with annulets at neck S.1836 VF with bold portrait of the King £175 - £225
1289 Groat Henry VII Facing Bust London Mint S.2193 mintmark Lis upon Sun and Rose, 2.98 grammes, Good Fine with bold portrait and legend £60 - £80
1290 Groat Henry VIII Canterbury S2373 overall VF but with the portrait very sharp and bold desirable thus £450 - £650
1291 Groat Mary (1553-1554) S.2492 mintmark Pomegranate/- VG/Fine with pitted surfaces £25 - £35
1292 Half Sovereign Henry VIII S.2294 Mintmark Pellet in annulet, Fine or better on a slightly uneven flan, the reverse with some signs of flan stress below and to the left of the shield, 6.15 grammes, Henry VIII gold always sought after in all grades £2,000 - £2,500
1293 Halfcrown 1656 Commonwealth ESC 437, Bull 49, VF with small weak areas. A better strike than usually encountered on this issue, in an LCGS holder and graded LCGS 50, the only example thus far recorded by the LCGS Population Report £1,300 - £1,600
1294 Halfcrown Charles I 1646 Newark besieged S.3140A, 14.97 grammes, Good Fine and a bold example of this rare type £1,750 - £2,250
1295 Halfcrown Charles I Group III, Third Horseman, No caparisons on horse, scarf flies from King's waist, type 3a1 S.2773 mintmark Bell. Evenly struck with bold detail, 14.84 grammes, Good Fine and pleasing for the grade. Comes with two collector's tickets, Ex-Dr. Carter collection £40 - £80
1296 Halfcrown Charles I Tower Mint under Parliament, Group III, Third Horseman, No ground, with cruder workmanship, type 3a3 S.2778 mintmark Sun, 15.35 grammes, VF with little actual wear, probably about 'as made' touches of golden tone add to the eye appeal of this pleasing piece LCGS 50 and in their holder £60 - £120
1297 Halfcrown Charles I Tower Mint under the King, Group IV, Fourth Horseman, type 4, foreshortened horse, S.2779 mintmark Triangle in Circle, 14.85 gram, Good Fine and bold with gold toning, with an excellent portrait of the King £40 - £80
1298 Halfcrown Charles I Tower Mint under the King, Group IV, Fourth Horseman, type 4, foreshortened horse, S.2779 mintmark Triangle in Circle, 15.13 grammes Good Fine with some die stress on the surfaces £40 - £80
1299 Halfcrown Charles II Third Hammered issue, with mark of value and inner circles, no stops at obverse mintmark. MAG BRI FRA legend on obverse, S.3221, ESC 453, Bull 298 ,mintmark Crown. Obverse portrait VG or better, legends Good Fine, Reverse Bold Good Fine, with excellent eye appeal for the grade and type, a problem-free piece £200 - £400
1300 Hammered (3) Halfgroat Henry VI Calais Mint, Annulets at neck S.1840, 1.69 grammes, NVG, Sixpences James I (2) 1603 First Coinage S.2647 mintmark Thistle, 2.55 grammes, VG, darkly toned and clipped, 1604 First Coinage, Second Bust, S.2648 Mintmark Thistle, 2.79grammes, VG with some old scratches £40 - £50
1301 Hammered (3) Shilling Charles I Group D, Fourth Bust, No inner circles, Reverse: Round Garnished Shield S.2791 Mintmark Crown VG/Near Fine, Pennies (2) Henry III Long Cross Class 3C S.1364 London Mint, Moneyer Henri, VF struck off-centre, Class 3, S.1363 Fine with some weakness, Moneyer TOMAS the mint name (Canterbury) unclear £60 - £80
1302 Hammered a small group (5) Shilling Elizabeth I Second issue S.2555 mintmark Martlet Fine/Bold Good Fine struck on a slightly irregularly shaped flan. Shilling Elizabeth I Sixth Issue S.2577 mintmark Anchor VG/Fine with dull surfaces ,possibly a shipwreck coin. Sixpence James I First Coinage 1603 S.2647 mintmark Thistle About Fine/Fine with some old thin scratches on the obverse. Groat Edward Pre-Treaty period, Series G, S.1570 mintmark Cross 3 Near Fine/Fine with an old scuff on the reverse. Halfgroat Elizabeth I Sixth Issue, Two Pellets behind bust S.2579 mintmark Crescent, Fine £50 - £100
1303 Hammered Shillings to Penny (17, three holed) Edward I to Charles I Fair to Near Fine, some clipped £120 - £220
1304 Henry VIII Crown of the Double Rose HK crowned in fields on the obverse, Reverse: Crowned Shield, S.2273 mintmark Rose, 3.56 grammes, the legend a little weak in parts, approaching VF on a slightly wavy flan, overall a very pleasing piece with much eye appeal £1,500 - £2,000
1305 Laurel James I Third Coinage, Third Bust with small rounded head, ties further apart S.2638A, North 2113, mintmark Thistle, the smallest of holes by the E of REX close to the edge, 8.91 grammes, Near VF, a very pleasing example of this portrait £1,500 - £2,000
1306 Noble Edward III Treaty Period, London Mint, with curule-shaped X in the legend, S.1502 mintmark Cross Potent, 7.68 grammes, NVF and evenly struck £4,000 - £4,500
1307 Noble Henry VI Annulet issue, London Mint S.1799 Lis after HENRIC, annulets on reverse, with mullet after IhC, small scuff in IhC otherwise EF desirable thus £4,000 - £5,000
1308 Noble Henry VI First Reign, London Mint, Annulet by Sword Arm, and in one spandrel on the reverse, Annulet stops on the reverse, with mullet stop after IhC, S.1799, North 1414, Schneider 279, mintmark Lis NEF with some roughness to the edge between 1 o'clock and 3 o'clock, an excellent portrait of the King, an extremely attractive example with little actual wear £3,500 - £5,000
1309 Noble Richard II type IIIA French Title resumed, S.1656 VF, the reverse slightly better, the obverse struck from rusty dies but with bold portrait of the King, 7.73 grammes, Rare and very desirable in this grade £5,000 - £6,000
1310 Penny Aethelred II Crux type S.1148 Exeter Mint, moneyer Tuna, 1.49 grammes, VF with a small peck mark on the reverse £130 - £160
1311 Penny Edward I London Mint, Class 9b, 1.41 grammes, NVF with a little weakness in parts, displaying an attractive and colourful tone £50 - £60
1312 Penny Edward I York Mint Class 9 S.1408 1.12 grammes, Near Fine, Halfpenny Edward IV, London Mint, No Marks by neck S.2069 0.36 grammes, VG with tiny hole, clipped £25 - £35
1313 Penny Edward IV Second Reign, Durham Mint, with B by crown, Reverse with D in centre and V below CIVI also with an extra pellet in each quarter, similar to S.2119, possibly muled, King's face worn, otherwise Fine £30 - £40
1314 Penny Henry III Short Cross, London Mint, moneyer Walter, the Class not exactly identifiable due to the weakness on the King's face, 1.44 grammes, worn in the centre otherwise Near Fine £30 - £40
1315 Penny James I S.2661 mintmark Lis, 0.45 grammes, Good Fine, struck slightly off-centre £40 - £50
1316 Penny John London Mint, moneyer Rauf, Class 5C, 1.45 grammes, Good Fine the legends and portrait bold £60 - £80
1317 Penny Stephen Watford Cross Moline type S.1278 Fair/NVG with much of the legend indistinct £40 - £80
1318 Penny Stephen Watford Cross Moline type S.1278 moneyer Otbo--? Fair with only part of legend visible, weight 1.34 grammes, Fair, Rare £100 - £150
1319 Quarter Noble Edward III Series C, Reverse with Plume in centre, S.1496, North 1243 mintmark Cross 3, 1.89 grammes, Fine or slightly better, the edge a little uneven at 7 o'clock £700 - £800
1320 Ryal (Rose Noble) Edward IV Light Coinage (1464-1470) London Mint S.1950 mintmark Crown EF and sharply struck, 7.77 grammes, very desirable in this high grade £4,800 - £6,000
1321 Shilling 1645 Newark Besieged NEWARKE S.3142, Brooker 1224 Obverse Fine or better and bold, Reverse Fine, 5.87 grammes, comes with Studio Coins ticket '2/IV/2002 £600' £1,000 - £1,200
1322 Shilling 1653 Commonwealth ESC 987, Bull 124 Bright Fine with some weaker areas £150 - £200
1323 Shilling Charles I (1643) York Mint class I S2870 mm Lion bust in scalloped lace collar. Rev EBOR above square topped shield over cross Fleury, strong VF/GVF £800 - £1,100
1324 Shilling Charles I Group A First Bust, in coronation robes S.2781 mintmark Lis VF, minor weakness in places, and a small edge crack by D:G: £180 - £220

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