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1168 Angel Edward IV Second Reign S.2091 Mintmark Heraldic Cinquefoil, 5.07 grammes, some roughness to the edge at 4 o'clock, About Fine with a tiny crack below the shield £700 - £1,100
1169 Angel Edward IV Second Reign, London Mint Mintmark Annulet to left of head S.2091, as Schneider 454 with no punctuation before TOR in the reverse legend. die rotation around 270 degrees, Fine with some surface cracks on and around the ship and shield and correspondingly on the obverse £2,500 - £3,000
1170 Angel Henry VII S.2187 mintmark Pheon, 4.99 grammes, VF gilded £1,000 - £1,200
1171 Angel Mary S.2490, North 1958, a mule of Schneider 710 obverse/Schneider 723 variety, with colon after Z rather than a single stop, an unusual die pairing. 4.72 grammes, Fine, possibly a detector find, all Mary gold very rare £3,000 - £4,000
1172 Crown Edward VI 1551 S.2478 mintmark y legends Fine and bold, the King on horseback and shield Near Fine with some weakness of strike, two small edge cracks barely detract £1,000 - £1,200
1173 Crown Edward VI 1552 S.2478 mintmark Tun, with an old scratch on either side, Fine with grey toning, the 1552 coin several times scarcer than 1551 £1,300 - £1,600
1174 Double Crown James I Second Coinage S.2622, North 2087, Schneider 34, mintmark Coronet, Fine, on a wavy flan, with some scratches before the bust, the edge suggests possibly once mounted, however the coins surfaces show no porosity, Ex-Spink Auction 14006 Lot 318, Ex-CNG E-Auction 280 Lot 496, Ex-Tradewinds Collection £1,000 - £1,300
1175 Farthing Edward I ER ANGLIE legend, no inner circle, Class 5 with crude wide crown, bust to edge of coin, Reverse: CIVITAS LONDON S.1446B, 0.36 grammes GVF a pleasing and problem-free example, all Edward I Farthings hard to find in better than Fine grade £120 - £150
1176 Gold Crown Charles I Fourth Bust, group D S.2715 mintmark Crown Good Fine £350 - £500
1177 Gold Crown Charles I Second Bust in ruff, armour and mantle, no inner circles, S.2711 mintmark Castle, some striations in the obverse field suggest signs of expert work otherwise Fine or better £550 - £650
1178 Groat Edward III Post-Treaty period (1369-1377) Pellet chain-mail below bust S.1638 GF Rare £300 - £450
1179 Groat Edward III Post-Treaty period, (1369-1377) Row of annulets below bust (chain mail) S.1638 mintmark Cross Pattée 4.36 grammes, Fine/Good Fine, Rare £1,200 - £1,500
1180 Groat Henry IV/V, Type A - muled with Henry IV obverse, light coinage type III. Obverse with Annulet to left of the crown and pellet to the right of the crown, 9 arches in tressure, S.1760, North 1385 mintmark pierced cross with central pellet, 3.75 grammes. Good Fine, bold and very rare £2,000 - £2,500
1181 Groat Henry V Class G S.1767, North 1388, 3.81 grammes, better than Fine and evenly struck. Comes with two old tickets stating 'Frowning Bust Class G. No mullet on breast Brooke (1930) IX. N8 P3, Potter IX/YIII. (note: Henry V definitive issues) Stewartby G, Whitton type G Brooke (1932), Delme-Radcliffe (90); D.Mangakis; Seaby 3/1961 ex-A.Carlyon-Britton; H.A.Parsons 1954 (301,part) £300 - £350
1182 Groat Henry VI (Restored) London Mint S.2082, North 1617, 2.82 grammes mintmark Restoration Cross, a small scuff on the obverse, Good Fine with a light crease £400 - £500
1183 Groat Henry VI Annulet issue S.1835/S.1836 mule with Obverse: Annulets at neck, mintmark Pierced Cross (Calais Mint Obverse), Reverse: Annulet in legend after POSVI and in two central quarters, CIVITAS LONDON (London Mint reverse) Fine with some weakness on the King' portrait £80 - £100
1184 Groat Henry VII Profile issue - Tentative issue S.2254, North 1743, mintmark None, 2.62 grammes, Fine or slightly better, creased, Ex-Lord Stewartby, Spink Auction 28/3/2017 Lot 1504 (part) £200 - £250
1185 Groat Henry VII Profile Issue - Tentative issue, Double band to crown, S.2254, North 1743 mintmark Cross Crosslet, 2.94 grammes Fine with some weakness on the shield £250 - £300
1186 Groat Henry VII Profile Issue - Tentative issue, Double band to crown, S.2254, North 1743 mintmark Cross Crosslet, 2.97 grammes GVF/NEF a bold and attractive coin, a few thin scratches on the reverse visible under magnification barely detract, a superior example of this rare and sought after issue, very desirable in this high grade £2,000 - £2,500
1187 Groat Henry VIII First Issue, Portrait of Henry VII in profile S.2316 mintmark Portcullis VF with even grey tone £180 - £280
1188 Groat Henry VIII Laker Bust D with Irish titles S.2338, North 1798, mintmark Pheon Fine with grey tone and an edge crack at 4 o'clock £300 - £400
1189 Groat Mary S.2492, North 1960 mintmark Pomegranate 2.07 grammes, VF with a few surface marks £400 - £500
1190 Groat Philip and Mary S.2508, North 1973 mintmark Lis, 1.93 grammes, Good Fine with some surface marks £230 - £280
1191 Groat Philip and Mary S.2508, North 1973 mintmark Lis, 2.17 grammes, VF with some old surface marks, rare in all grades above Fine £400 - £500
1192 Groat Richard III RICARD legend, S.2156 type 2b, mintmark Boar's Head 2, 2.47 grammes, some unevenness to the edge, otherwise VF, very rare and sought after in all grades £1,800 - £2,300
1193 Groat Richard III RICARD legend, S.2157, North 1679, mintmark Sun and Rose 2, 2.93 grammes Nearer VF than Fine, some old thin scratches on the obverse, obverse otherwise very pleasing with clear portrait, the reverse with one small weak area but overall very bold and pleasing, A very rare and sought after type, missing from many hammered collections, comes with old ticket £1,900 - £2,400
1194 Half Noble Edward III Treaty Period, Saltire before Edward, Curule-shaped X S.1506, North 1231 mintmark Cross Potent, 3.35 grammes Good Fine or slightly better £1,500 - £2,000
1195 Half Ryal Edward IV Light coinage (1464-1470) S.1959 mintmark -/Crown, weight 3.81 grammes, EF with excellent portrait £1,600 - £2,000
1196 Half Sovereign Edward VI, coinage in the name of Henry VIII, Tower Mint, S.2391, North 1865 mintmark Lis, 5.32 grammes, Fine with a small edge crack at 11 o'clock, a scarce and desirable type £1,500 - £2,000
1197 Half Sovereign Edward VI, coinage in the name of Henry VIII, Tower Mint, S.2391, North 1865 mintmark Lis/Arrow, 5.39 grammes, approaching Fine with dull surfaces £1,400 - £1,600
1198 Halfcrown 1653 Commonwealth ESC 431, Bull 28, 14.44 grammes, some weakness in parts, the legends bold, overall Fine or better with some golden tone £550 - £650
1199 Halfcrown 1654 Commonwealth ESC 434, Bull 40 , 14.32 grammes, Fine with grey tone, on a slightly porous flan with some surface marks £450 - £550
1200 Halfcrown Charles I 1644 Bristol Mint S.3007, North 2489, Brooker 977, 13.82 grammes, VF with some old scratches, some light porosity, overall bold and with much eye appeal, comes with ticket £1,000 - £1,200
1201 Halfcrown Elizabeth I Seventh issue S.2583 North 2013, mintmark 1, some small weak areas, approaching VF with a small edge nick around 3 o'clock, Rare, Ex-Spink Auction 14006, 22/9/2014, Lot 310 £1,500 - £2,000
1202 Halfcrown James I Third Coinage, Plume over shield S.2667, North 2123, mintmark Trefoil, 14.84 grammes, Fine with bold legend, some graffiti behind the King, Ex-Spink Auction 15004 25/3/2015 Lot 617 £380 - £450
1203 Halfgroat Edward III Calais Mint, Annulet on breast S.1623, North 1263, Fine with some weakness to the obverse legend, Rare, comes with ticket £200 - £250
1204 Halfgroat Edward III Fourth Coinage, Pre-Treaty Period S.1570 mintmark Cross 3 Fine £25 - £50
1205 Halfgroat Henry VI Pinecone-Mascle issue, Calais Mint S.1877 mintmark Cross Fleury/Plain Cross, 1.87 grammes, NVF, Ex- Glendining, Reigate hoard sale 8/12/1992, comes with old ticket £100 - £120
1206 Halfgroat Henry VII First Coinage, Archbishop Wolsey, York Mint, Keys and Cardinal's hat below shield, CIVITAS EBORACI reverse legend S.2326 Mintmark Star, Bold VF with attractive old grey toning £100 - £150
1207 Halfpenny Henry IV Light Coinage , Annulets by neck S.1737 North 1367 Fine with some weakness to the portrait, Rare £250 - £300
1208 Halfpenny Richard III S.2171, North 1688, struck off-centre so mintmark not visible Obverse: R [ICAR] D D[I] GRA REX, with edge crack by DON of LONDON and a surface stress crack. Near Fine/Fine and very rare, comes with two tickets £250 - £350
1209 Hammered a small group (8) Shillings (3) Edward VI Fine Silver Issue, (1551-1553) Mintmark Tun. James I Second Coinage, Third Bust mintmark Rose, S.2654. Charles I S.2799 mintmark Triangle. Sixpences Elizabeth I (3) 1561 mintmark Pheon. 1571 mintmark Castle. Milled issue 1562 mintmark Star. Groat Edward III Pre-Treaty, London Mint. Threepence Elizabeth I 1566 Smaller flan S.2565 mintmark Portcullis, NVG to Fine £60 - £100
1210 Hammered a small group (8) Sixpences (5) Elizabeth I 1570 mintmark Castle. 1575 mintmark Eglantine. 1595 mintmark Woolpack. milled issued 1562 mintmark Star, creased. James I First Coinage 1603 mintmark Thistle. Groat Edward IV Light Coinage S.2000 Quatrefoils at neck. Twopence Elizabeth I Sixth issue, mintmark A. Penny Henry III Short Cross London Mint, moneyer Ledulf, in mixed grades VG to Fine £100 - £120
1211 Hammered Groats to Farthings (27, one fragmented), Ancient bronzes (81, two holed) in mixed lower grades, along with a small group of artefacts and Paranumismatic items (6) World detector finds (4) in low grades, and a 'Token Congress 10' Replica Hammered Penny £40 - £80
1212 Laurel James I Third Coinage, Fourth Bust with very small ties, S.2638B, North 2114 mintmark Trefoil, 8.70 grammes, approaching Fine/Fine with a flan flaw in the obverse field £650 - £850
1213 Laurel James I Third Coinage, Fourth Bust with very small ties, S.2638B, North 2114 mintmark Trefoil, 9.13 grammes, Fine/Good Fine the obverse with some flan stress £800 - £1,000
1214 Noble Henry VI First Reign Annulet issue, Annulet by sword arm, and in one spandrel on the reverse. Mullet after IhC, S.1799 6.70 grammes, Good Fine or slightly better £2,000 - £2,500
1215 Penny Harthacnut Danish issue - Coiled Serpent type, Lund Mint (Sweden), S.1770 variant, 0.97 grammes, GVF with some surface cracks and two small flan perforations £200 - £250
1216 Penny Henry III Short Cross, Class 7 London Mint, moneyer TERRI, S.1356 Fine, this moneyer only known for London Mint £20 - £30
1217 Penny Stephen Cross Moline 'Watford' type S.1278, North 873, Obverse legend not struck up, much of the reverse legend not struck, remaining details Fine to Good, this issue always poorly struck £400 - £500

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