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London Coins Auction 164
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826 Angel Elizabeth I Sixth Issue S.2531 mintmark Crescent some small weak areas on the reverse, 5.14 grammes, About VF, Very Rare, only the third example of the Sixth Issue we have offered in the last 15 years £3,800 - £4,500
827 Crown 1656 large 6 over small 6 over 4 ESC 9A GEF all detail sharp and crisp an exceptional piece £6,000 - £8,000
828 Crown 1656 Small 6 over 4, Normal N's ESC, Bull 11 VF or better and rare in this grade £3,000 - £3,600
829 Crown Elizabeth I mintmark 1 (1601) S.2582 the portrait with good detail, the reverse field with some contact marks, but free from stress marks so often encountered on this series, approaching VF with a small edge crack at 1 o'clock and some edge nicks £2,750 - £3,250
830 Crown of the Double Rose Henry VIII Second Coinage (1526-1544) Obverse with crowned HK either side of the shield, S.2273 mintmark Rose with a depression line between 2 and 3 o'clock on the obverse and with a small depression either side of the shield on the reverse, viewing recommended £1,600 - £2,000
831 Cut Farthings (24) a mix of types, Near Fine to Good Fine, a good study group, along with Penny Henry III in a box with booklet stating from the Brussels Hoard, Fine £80 - £120
832 Double Crown Charles I Group A, First Bust, in coronation robes, double arched crown with only the outer arch jewelled, S.2698 mintmark Lis VF a pleasing and even strike £2,000 - £2,500
833 Farthing James I Harington 8 harp strings, IACO between sceptre heads, privy mark Fret GVF a high grade example of this normally poorly rendered series £120 - £150
834 Farthings James I Royals (5) IACO between sceptres (4), IACO to right of sceptre head, average VF, one with a flan crack £50 - £100
835 GB and World Hammered and Ancient (33) a wide ranging group includes silver items, some cut Farthings and some fragments, in mixed grades £80 - £120
836 Groat Elizabeth I Second Issue S.2556 mintmark Cross Crosslet Near VF and pleasing £70 - £120
837 Groat Richard III, London Mint, RICARD legend, S.2154 mintmark Halved Sun and Rose VF a well struck example on a full round flan, plenty of eye appeal and very rare thus £2,200 - £2,600
838 Half Pound Charles I 1642 Shrewsbury Mint, No Plume in obverse field, S.2924 Mintmark Plume/-, VF and bold, on a full round flan £5,000 - £6,000
839 Halfcrown Charles I Tower Mint under King group 1 first horseman type 1a2 with horse caparisoned with plume on head and crupper, no groundline and with patterned area on caparison similar in style to Brooker 278 Ex Lingford then described as N2201 no rose or groundline, Spink 2764 Good VF on a bold flan exceptional eye appeal and clarity of design £3,000 - £4,000
840 Halfcrown Charles II Third Hammered Issue ESC 302, S.3321 mintmark Crown between two stops, 14.92 grammes, Fine/VF the reverse with a bold and clean strike, the fields practically free from marks bought Seaby Bulletin 1985 (Number 798) £500 - £600
841 Halfcrown Commonwealth 1652 an imitation weighing 12.13 grammes, Large figure 2 in date, centralized stop in value, re-entered N in ENGLAND, ESC 429, Bull 25, VG with some misty areas £120 - £140
842 Halfgroats, Hammered Pennies, Cut Halfpennies and Cut Farthings (106) a collection in two Lindner trays, includes some fragments, Aethelred II to Charles I, many different types represented, some with attributions, in mixed grades mostly VG to GF £200 - £400
843 Hammered (14) Shillings (3) James I mintmark Coronet. Charles I (2) Group D mintmark Crown and Group F mintmark Star. Groats (2) Henry V mullet on right shoulder, Henry VI Pinecone-Mascle issue, Calais Mint. Threepence Elizabeth I 1570 mintmark Castle. Pennies (2) Edward I London Mint, John Winchester Mint. Cut Halfpennies John (?) incomplete legends (2), Penny Elizabeth I no rose, undated, mintmark Greek Cross. Farthings (2) Edward I London Mint, Edward III (?) with legend incomplete. Scotland Bawbee Mary, First period before marriage, Edinburgh Mint, in mixed grades VG to Good Fine £100 - £200
844 Hammered a small group (5) Shillings (2) Commonwealth 1653 or 1655 (last digit unclear) Fair, Edward VI Fine Silver issue mintmark y S.2482 VG, Groats (2) Philip and Mary S.2508 mintmark Lis VG with a long flan crack, Henry VIII Posthumous Coinage, Southwark Mint, no mintmark the Reverse with T.C at the beginning of the legend struck over the top of the C of CIVITAS, VG, Halfgroat Henry VII facing bust issue, Canterbury Mint, Fine/Good Fine mintmark Tun £125 - £225
845 Hammered a small group (8) Sixpence Elizabeth I Milled issue 1562, Sixpence Elizabeth I date and mintmark unclear, Penny Henry II London Mint, Penny Henry III Canterbury Mint, Penny Edward IV clipped, Halfgroat Henry VII Canterbury Mint, clipped, Penny Charles I, I behind bust, mintmark pellets, Scotland Turner Charles I, Poor to Near Fine £40 - £80
846 Laurel James I Fourth Head variety, Tie ends form a bracket to value S.2638C mintmark Lis VF or slightly better, a very pleasing and evenly struck example £3,000 - £4,500
847 Noble Richard II London Mint (without flag) French Titles resumes III A Spink 1656, reverse with ILLORVM otherwise as Schneider 160 and corresponding with North 1303 (1) choice EF desirable thus £8,000 - £10,000
848 Penny Aethelred II Small Cross type S.1143 Lincoln Mint, moneyer Sunegod NEF evenly struck on a full flan £500 - £700
849 Penny Cnut (1016-1035) Short Cross type, London Mint, moneyer Godman S.1159 VF £100 - £175
850 Penny Cnut Short Cross type S.1159 Lincoln Mint, moneyer unclear VF with a very thin surface crack £400 - £500
851 Penny Coenwulf (796-821) moneyer Lul, Obverse: Legend begins at between 10 and 11 o'clock, Reverse: a large quatrefoil with LVL and a cross on the leaves, with pellets in each sector, uncertain East Anglian Mint early group, the reverse of similar style to the Coenwulf Penny offered in LCA A146, September 2014, Lot 2057, (this described as VF and somewhat bent, realised £1300 hammer price) differing by having three pellets by each L of the moneyers name rather than one, S.919, North 363 VF with some shortage of flan between 8 and 10 o'clock £750 - £1,250
852 Penny Commonwealth S.3222 reverse brockage Fine or better, unusual, Halfpenny Henry V Type C. Ordinary Bust, broken annulets by crown S.1794 Fine or slightly better with some edge chips, Ireland Penny Edward IV Second Reign, with large pellets by neck, Reverse with quatrefoil in centre, on a small flan as often, mint name not visible, parts of some letters off the flan on the reverse, Near Fine for issue £180 - £240
853 Penny Edward I EDW R legend, London Mint, Class 3B, drapery in circle segment, rounded chin, pearls in crown S.1388 Fine or slightly better £20 - £40
854 Penny Edward the Confessor, Pointed Helmet type, bust to right, S.1179 mint and moneyer unclear, GVF with a thin surface crack £800 - £1,000
855 Penny Stephen, facing bust, Cross Pommee (c.1154-1158) BMC7 Awbridge type Fine with many weak areas as often on this issue £150 - £200
856 Pound Elizabeth I Sixth Issue S.2534 mintmark Key over Woolpack, VF, the reverse with faint signs of a letter M above the ER on the reverse visible under magnification, an excellent portrait coin and still with much eye appeal, large Elizabeth I gold difficult to find in grades above Fine £10,000 - £14,000
857 Rose Ryal James I Third Coinage, Obverse: King enthroned, ornate back to throne, S.2632 mintmark Lis, 11.76 grammes, Fine or better and evenly struck, surfaces porous £7,000 - £8,000
858 Shilling Charles I Group F S.2799 mintmark Triangle in circle, GVF or better, attractively toned and with a superb and sharp portrait of the King, Charles I Shillings of this quality are seldom seen £500 - £750
859 Shilling Edward VI Fine Silver Issue S.2482 mintmark Tun, with some evidence of light tooling on the reverse, Fine with grey tone £30 - £60
860 Shilling Elizabeth I Sixth Issue S.2577 mintmark Escallop, Fine with some scratches and an old scuff on the obverse £70 - £90
861 Shilling James I Fifth Bust S.2656 mintmark Trefoil GVF with some double striking, an excellent portrait coin £800 - £1,000
862 Shillings (2) Charles I Tower Mint, Group E, Larger bust, single arched crown, Large XII, mintmark Anchor Fine, James I First Coinage, Second Bust, beard appears to merge with collar, mintmark Thistle, Near Fine/Fine, Sixpence James I 1606 S.2658 mintmark Escallop, VG the reverse slightly better, Sixpence Elizabeth I Fifth Issue 1579 Fair/VG, mintmark off flan, Groat Elizabeth I Second Issue S.2556 mintmark Martlet VG/NF, Penny Charles I no inner circles, no CR by shield, S.2845 no mintmark, Fine, creased with an edge chip £50 - £100
863 Shillings to Cut Farthings (99) includes one Scottish and one Irish issue, many different types included, some clipped or damaged, in mixed grades £200 - £300
864 Sixpence Charles I Group D, Fourth Bust, type 3a, no inner circles, Reverse: Round garnished shield, no CR, mintmark Crown Fine/Good Fine with creased and with a flan crack at 1 o'clock, on an irregularly shaped flan £90 - £120
865 Sixpence Charles I Second Milled Issue, S.2860, mintmark Anchor, GF/NVF the reverse with small digs £150 - £200
866 Sixpence Charles II Third Hammered Issue, undated with mark of value and inner circles, ESC 1510, Bull 319, S.3323 mintmark Crown (between stops) Fine, the reverse better, once bent, now re-straightened £220 - £280
867 Sixpence Elizabeth I Milled issue 1567 Small Bust S.2599 mintmark Lis, Fine for wear, with countermark N in the obverse field and 4-lobed countermark on the reverse, Electrotype Halfgroat Elizabeth I 1920's British Museum (Obverse only) Grueber 523 with accompanying ticket £100 - £120
868 Threehalfpence Elizabeth I 1573 S.2569 mintmark Acorn NVF with a flan imperfection on the reverse, comes with an old ticket stating 'Seaby 28/4/1959 £2/2/-' £75 - £100
869 Threehalfpences Elizabeth I (3) 1575 S.2568 mintmark Eglantine Fine or better, Smaller flan issues (2) 1575 S.2569 mintmark Eglantine Good Fine and 1562 S.2569 mintmark Pheon Fine, Threefarthings Elizabeth I 1573 S.2571 mintmark Eglantine Around Fine £275 - £325
870 Unite James I Second Coinage, Fifth Bust, S.2620 mintmark Tun, Near VF/VF the obverse with a small mark by the King's hand, the reverse with a small weaker area to the left of the shield £2,200 - £2,600
871 Unite James I Second Coinage, Fourth Bust S.2619 mintmark Coronet, Fine or slightly better, creased with W-shaped and X-shaped scratches on the reverse £1,000 - £2,000

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