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366 Angel Edward IV Second Reign S.2091 Mintmark Cinquefoil both sides, as Schneider 467 variety with REDEMPT legend, S.2091, North 1626, 5.07 grammes, VF bold and evenly struck with traces of old gilding, the edge a little bright at the top of the obverse but the surfaces show no obvious signs of mounting £1,800 - £3,000
367 Angel Henry VII Class V. with large crook-shaped abbreviation after HENRIC, S.2187 mintmark Pheon in an NGC holder and graded AU58 £2,400 - £2,800
368 Angel Henry VIII First Coinage, h and Rose on top of the shield S.2265 mintmark Castle, VF with a fissure running toward the centre of the coin, holed at 12 o'clock on the obverse £1,700 - £2,200
369 Angel Henry VIII First Coinage, Obverse with HENRIC? VIII legend, Reverse with h and Rose on top of the shield S.2265 mintmark Portcullis, Good Fine struck on a full round flan £2,200 - £2,800
370 Angel Henry VIII Third Coinage, Obverse with HENRIC 8 legend, annulet by angel's head and on ship S.2299, mintmark Lis, Reverse with h and rose on top of the shield, Good VF and always a popular type, our archive database shows we have handled far fewer examples of this type than the First Coinage type £2,400 - £3,200
371 Crown 1653 Commonwealth ESC 6, Bull 6, S.3212,with some scratches around the first M of COMMONWEALTH around VF, with a little doubling to some of the lettering, with some signs of old cleaning, now almost fully retoned, an evenly struck piece on a full round flan £2,000 - £3,000
372 Crown Edward VI 1551 Spink 2478 mintmark y Good Fine, bold and evenly struck £2,500 - £3,000
373 Crown Elizabeth I mintmark 1 (1601) S.2582 VF with some usual weaker areas these mostly in the shield, portrait pleasing, drapery sharp, even tone a very collectable example £3,000 - £4,000
374 Detector Finds a wide ranging group, includes Hammered Sixpences to Pennies, with some Cut Halfpennies, Cut Farthings and more, Ancients Denarii (3), Ancient bronzes (6), also includes Pre-1947 and pre 1920 Silver items, and a Spanish American Cob, (lot) in mixed grades a few holed £300 - £600
375 Groat Edward III Pre-Treaty period, mintmark Cross Pattee, with French title, R with wedge-shaped tail, S.1565 Bright Good Fine £25 - £50
376 Groat Edward IV Second Reign, London Mint, Fleurs on Cusps, no marks by bust, S.2098, North 1631 mintmark Pierced Cross with one pellet (XVIII). B's for R's in some parts of the legend, appears to be a 12-pointed Star in ADIVTORE [star]UM, NVF with some hairlines and an edge chip, an unusual type, comes with three old collectors tickets one dating from 1979 £150 - £200
377 Groat Henry VI Annulet Issue, with annulets on reverse, Calais mint S.1836 mintmark Incurved Pierced Cross, Fine, toned, Sixpence James I 1605 Second Coinage, Third Bust S.2658 mintmark unclear VG with some loss of flan £60 - £80
378 Groat Henry VII Tentative issue, Double band to crown, S.2254 mintmark Cross Crosslet (1504-1505) Good bold bust, approaching VF and rare thus £500 - £750
379 Groat Henry VII, Facing Bust issue London Mint, Type IIId S.2199A mintmark Anchor VF or slightly better and attractively toned, with some edge nicks, Groat Henry VIII Tower Mint Posthumous coinage, Reverse POSVI legend, with rose in right cross end S.2403 Portrait Fine, legends Fair £75 - £150
380 Groat Henry VIII Posthumous Issue in debased silver, Bristol Mint Reverse legend CIVITAS BRISTOLIE, S.2406, VF with pleasing portrait, a little weak in places, these pieces almost never seen in no better than Fine condition, this a far superior example and very rare thus £950 - £1,250
381 Groat Henry VIII Posthumous issue in debased silver, Tower Mint, Pellets in annulets in forks on the reverse S.2403 Mintmark Lis/Lis About Fine the reverse with some residual green on the reverse £75 - £150
382 Groat Richard III with RICARD legend S.2154 mintmark Halved Sun and Rose 1, Fine/Good Fine for wear, the portrait even and pleasing, the flan with a light crease, with an extended part to the edge at 4 o'clock, a rare piece this being only the second we have offered in 16 years £500 - £1,500
383 Groats (3) Edward IV (2) London Mint, Quatrefoils at neck, S.2000 Mintmark Sun, Good Fine with an edge crack, once cleaned. York Mint Quatrefoils at neck, E on breast, S.2012 mintmark Lis Good Fine and bold with an edge crack, Henry VI Pinecone-Mascle issue London Mint, S.1874 mintmark Cross Patonce VF toned, a little short of flan £60 - £120
384 Groats Henry VIII (2) Second Coinage Laker Bust B S.2337D mintmark Rose, Fine/Good Fine with grey tone, Second Coinage Laker Bust D, S.2337E mintmark Sunburst Fine with a flan chip and crack between 4 and 5 o'clock, Rare £60 - £120
385 Halfcrown Elizabeth I Seventh Issue mintmark 1 (1601) VF with good portrait and pleasing with a couple of small edge nicks around 7 o'clock on the reverse, Rare, Ex-London Coins Auction A153 Lot 2110 £2,000 - £2,500
386 Halfcrown Elizabeth I Seventh Issue S.2583 mintmark 1 (1601) EF with some signs of die stress, the fields attractive with traces of gold and blue toning, a very rare coin, especially so in high grade £2,400 - £2,800
Notice Halfgroat Edward III not Halfgroat Edward IV Room Bidders Only

Halfgroat Edward III Second Reign S.2103 London Mint Mintmark Cross Pattee Fine
£25 - £50
Notice Halfgroat Edward III not Halfgroat Edward IV Room Bidder Only Room Bidders Only

Halfgroat Edward III Second Reign, London Mint, S.2103 VF with very pleasing portrait, struck a little off-centre
£100 - £150
389 Halfgroat Henry VIII First Coinage, Profile issue, York Mint, Archbishop Wolsey, Keys and Cardinal's hat below shield (1514-1530) S.2325 mintmark Star, 1.50 grammes, Good Fine or better, our archive database stretching back to 2003 shows this is the first example we have handled. A rare and under-rated type £100 - £300
390 Halfgroat Henry VIII Second Coinage, York Mint, Archbishop Lee EL beside shield S.2348 mintmark Key, 1.32 grammes, a little double-struck in places, overall GVF with a sharp and even appearance £75 - £125
391 Halfpenny Edward IV Second Reign, Canterbury Mint, with C on breast S.2140, 0.42 grammes, Fine with some weakness in the legend, the portrait bold and clear £30 - £60
392 Hammered a small group (14) Groats, Pennies, Cut Pennies and a Charles I Farthing, a varied group, includes some useful pieces such as a Wodan face Sceatta Good Fine, and an Anglo-Saxon Sceat, VG to NVF £250 - £450
393 Hammered a small group (6) Sixpences (5) Elizabeth I (3) 1567 mintmark Lion, 1569 mintmark Coronet, 1587 mintmark Crescent, James I (2) 1604 mintmark Lis, 1605 mintmark unclear in mixed grades, along with Halfgroat Henry VIII Canterbury Mint WA by shield Archbishop Warham NVF £75 - £150
394 Hammered a small group (7) Sixpences to Cut Halfpennies Henry III to Elizabeth I in mixed grades, two clipped £40 - £60
395 Laurel James I Third Coinage, Fourth head with very small ties S.2638B GVF and evenly struck, the portrait profile with a little double striking £2,100 - £2,400
396 Laurel James I Third Coinage, Third, small rounded head with ties further apart. S.2638A Mintmark Rose, 9.06 grammes, GVF with a slightly weak area on the shield, a most pleasing example the portrait especially pleasing and an excellent example of this type £1,800 - £3,000
397 Noble Edward III London Mint, Treaty Period, Group b, Annulet before ED/WΛRD, Gothic N in ANGL, Ornaments -11-11, Ropes 3/2, Quatrefoils 4/4, Lis 4, S.1503, North 1232, Schneider 86, 7.67 grammes, a little weak on TRAN of TRANSIENS, otherwise bold VF and well struck £4,500 - £8,500
398 Noble Henry VI Annulet Issue (1422-1430) Annulet by Sword arm, and in one spandrel on the reverse. Trefoil stops on the obverse, annulet stops on the reverse S.1799 mintmark Lis, NEF with a thin scratch on the obverse, the portrait excellent and with super detail £3,000 - £3,500
399 Noble Henry VI Annulet issue, London Mint S.1799 Lis after HENRIC, annulets on reverse, with mullet after IhC, small scuff in IhC otherwise EF desirable thus £4,000 - £5,000
400 Pennies Edward I (10) London Mint Classes 1c, 1d, 2a, 2b, 4a, 4d, 10cf, Canterbury 3d, 3g, 4d About Fine to Good Fine £80 - £120
401 Pennies Edward I (12) London Mint Classes 2b, 3b, 3c, 3d, 3f (2), 4a, 4c, 10d, Canterbury Mint Class 4a (2), 4b Fine to Good Fine £100 - £120
402 Pennies Edward I (2) Class 2b, N's in legend reversed, London Mint S.1386, 1.38 grammes. VF nicely toned with some light deposit on the reverse, Class 10B Bury St. Edmunds Mint S.1418. 1.28 grammes. Fine £50 - £75
403 Pennies Edward I (8) London Mint Classes 2b, 3c, 4a, 4d, 4e, 5a, Canterbury Mint Class 3d, 4d About Fine to Good Fine £60 - £90
404 Pennies Henry III Long Cross (18) all moneyer Nicole London Mint type 3a (1), type 3b (12), type 3c (4), Canterbury Mint type 5b Fine to Good Fine £125 - £225
405 Penny Aethelred II Helmet type, S.1152 Lewes Mint, Moneyer Merewine, a rare type and a very rare moneyer for type at Lewes, weakly struck behind bust otherwise GVF £450 - £550
406 Penny Aethelred II Long Cross type, Exeter Mint, Moneyer Manna S.1151, 1.30 grammes, Near EF with touches of golden tone £200 - £400
407 Penny Cnut Quatrefoil type, Stamford Mint, moneyer Brunstan, S.1157 Well struck NEF £350 - £450
408 Penny Cnut Short Cross type, S.1159 York Mint, Moneyer Beorn, 0.96 grammes, Near EF with a very thin surface crack to the obverse visible under magnification £150 - £200
409 Penny Coenwulf Portrait issue on small flan, Reverse: Cross and Wedges type, Canterbury Mint North 344, S.920 Moneyer Werheard VF on a full flan with a small edge nick £2,000 - £3,000
410 Penny Edward I S.1389 Bristol Mint, Class 3c VF with a few small weak areas £25 - £75
411 Penny Edward the Confessor, Facing Bust/Small Cross type, S.1183, Moneyer BVREPNE, Wallingford Mint (PALI) North 830, 1.07 grammes, approaching EF, struck on a full round flan, a most pleasing example and scarce thus £175 - £350
412 Penny Edward the Elder, two-line type, moneyer LANDVC S.1087, a weakly struck area at 9-11 o'clock, and correspondingly so on the reverse, otherwise NEF £600 - £750
413 Penny Henry II Tealby HENRI: REX legend no pellets down side of shoulder left mantle not struck, Reverse: Cross and Crosslets, little of reverse legend or moneyers name struck, DEFR : ON: only is visible, S.1339, North 958/2 or 959, 1.45 grammes. Fine with some weak areas, Scarce £50 - £75
414 Penny Henry III Long Cross Class 3c S.1364 moneyer Henri (C's in reverse legend appear as O's) reverse reads HENRION LVIOE, Fine £25 - £50
415 Penny Henry III Long Cross S.1364 Class 3c London Mint, moneyer Henric NVF £25 - £50

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