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Great British Monarchs

The Great British Monarchs Collection

This collection will include a coin for each British monarch from the Restoration of the Monarchy in 1660 to the current time.

A rare opportunity to aquire a complete collection of all English Monarchs from this period.

This fabulous collection will contain a coin from the reign of the following monarchs.

Charles II 1660 - 1685
James II 1685- 1688
William & Mary 1688 - 1694
William III 1694 - 1702
Queen Anne 1702 - 1714
George I 1714 - 1727
George II 1727 - 1760
George III 1760 - 1820
George IV 1820 - 1830
William IV 1830 - 1837
Victoria 1837 - 1901
Edward VII 1901 - 1910
George V 1910 - 1936
George VI 1937 - 1952
Elizabeth II 1952 - Present

Each coin supplied will be a genuine coin of the realm and would have circulated at the time. Just imagine the history, just imagine whose hands, whose pockets and which cash boxes and tills these coins could have been through.

Value For Money

Antique British Coins have published independent price guides. We guarantee that the coins we supply are in line with these valuations ensuring that your collection not only has great historical interest but has been supplied at a cost effective price.

Wealth Creation

Antique British Coins have shown consistent growth in value over the long term, and we expect this trend to continue. For those who have an eye to wealth creation all our collections have an optional on-line valuation tracker allowing you year on year and at any time to see the latest list price valuation of your holding. Also London Coins will provide free exit strategy advice and support to any of our clients or their heirs if they wish to place their collection onto the market.

How Do We Do It

The coins in The London Coins Collections are not readily available off the shelf as they can not simply be manufactured like the modern series in line with predicted customer demand. Instead they must be sourced by professional market operators such as London Coins. Over time we purchase many collections as they come onto the market, we also run one of the UK's largest coin auction houses and have a network of fellow dealer suppliers built up over many years. This allows us to source coins required by our clients and the London Coins Collectors series relies on this operation. As these collections are not available off the shelf, collectors must subscribe and over a period of time by paying a monthly instalment coins are supplied as we source them.

This is a novel and unique opportunity to acquire a genuine collection stretching back to the sixteen hundreds. For years we have been supplying coins to dealers now for the first time we offer our specialist collection forming skills to the wider market.

Storage and Display

All London Coins Collections are accompanied free of charge by two storage systems.

Display - flat covered trays designed to contain the entire collection in a display format with attribution tickets beneath each coin (see next page)

Storage - a file index style box for more compact archival storage


Paramount to a coins value is its authenticity and its grade of preservation. All coins we supply have been assessed by Coin Grading Services UK LTD who guarantee the coin is genuine and attach the correct grade of preservation. They also encapsulate each coin in a tamper proof holder designed for long term protection and easy storage.

Price as at January 2011

Initial Downpayment £350
Then £100 per month for 24 months
Total List price when complete will not be less than £2,750.

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