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Investing in Coins : Advice and Tips


Collector's coins are a commodity rather than a 'paper' investment and as such supply and demand factors will affect prices. Historical price trends are clearly relevant too when any purchase is made with an eye to investment. It is recommended that these factors are researched either on the internet, reading numismatic literature, or appraisal from coin dealers, and periodic attendance at a major dedicated auction.

Important and Specific

There are less obvious but in our view crucial additional and specific factors concerning firstly grade and authenticity, and secondly entry price which must be fully understood.


  1. Grade and Authenticity

    An independent assessment of grade and authenticity of all coins purchased has been obtained which has a solid likelihood or guarantee of being accepted by the mainstream market when the product is resold.

  2. Entry Price

    The current trade price (and hence the cost of entry into the market which will be the difference between the price being offered to you and the current resale trade price) is transparent and verifiable.