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Coin Investment : Managed Growth Plan

With this plan your group of coins stays with us, we continue to trade it selling items to collectors at retail price levels on an ongoing basis, and reinvesting the profits. See it as an actively managed coin stock we are trading for growth.

With your initial sum we will purchase coins that in our experience seem keenly priced or discounted below usual collector price levels for whatever reason which could be a sudden over supply of a certain coin series which may temporarily overwhelm available collector funds, or a lull in interest in a given series causing certain coins to be offered in the market at unusually generous discounts. Later when the market for these changes usually as new collectors enter the field our strategy is to resell to at a profit thus generating growth.

We of course also have an eye on general market trends and endeavour to ensure your group of coins comprise choice and rare items which have a historical trend of price increase.

An online valuation "tracker" is available which allows you to monitor your holding at all times.

In It Together

We take no commission for dealing with your holdings and no transaction fees. When you decide to terminate which you can do at any time we will take 20% of any profit generated so we will only take a profit if you do.

Exit strategies available are

  1. Sell to us at trade price, we guarantee to make an offer at between 60% and 70% of the current list retail price level.
  2. Enter you group into one of our quarterly auction sales at zero commission rates.
  3. Take the coins. (we must of course be given the opportunity to realise our commission, so you will be able to take your coins after consideration of our cash offer and by paying to us 20% of any profit which you would have received if you would have taken our cash offer).

Minimum investment £10,000, maximum on application depending on market conditions and stock availability.

We strongly recommend you read our general information on coins as an investment which includes strategic information and important advice and tips.