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Coin Investment : Numismatic Portfolio Strategy

For the investment-minded London Coins Ltd offers the following service.

Groups of coins may be offered that fulfil the following criteria

  • They are priced significantly below book or retail levels, to reflect wholesale prices.

  • They have been independently graded.

  • They are British Coins which have a long established national and international market, with much and longstanding historical price data.

  • Their current total list price will be transparent and easily verifiable, also this list price will be automatically tracked over time by an on line service allowing the owner to always be aware of the value of his holding.

  • No specific coin type or series is being sought(1)

  • Low or zero commission buy back or exit strategies are available and will be discussed at the time of purchase.

  • An investment of between £5,000 and £250,000 is being considered.

The service can be tailor made and interested parties may contact us to discuss specific requirements or see Wealth Creation Products for our current standard investment based products.

The above offer is designed to avoid the pitfalls of investing in coins as outlined in our Invest In Coins web pages so it is important that these pages have been read.

Please see the following four pages concerning coins as an investment.

(1) Our discount to trade price offers will usually be for coins where collector demand is thin. Collector demand changes over time, at the time of writing Shillings and Guineas were very popular Farthings less so, therefore an investment strategy may be formed around bulk purchases of Farthings at a discounted price. The strategy being that when collector's habits change and Farthings become more collectable prices for them will firm up.