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Coin Investment : Safe Haven Five Year Contract

Safe Haven Five Year Contract

London Coins will source for you a group of coins, which will be discounted below retail list levels(1) so the entry price represents wholesale or "trade" price levels.

We will give you a written guarantee that the least we will pay for your group after 5 years will be 15% greater than the initial purchase price.

However more lucrative exit strategies may be available and alternatively you may

  1. Enter your group into one of our quarterly auction sales at zero commission rates (we will of course provide an estimate of the likely result to assist your decision).
  2. Sell the coins yourself, in whatever way you see fit.
  3. Keep the coins.
  4. Sell the coins back to us at an agreed level higher than the minimum guaranteed levels. The cost of your initial purchase will be at a declared discount below retail list prices which may be 80%, 75% or 70% of the retail list price. During the term of your holding you will be able to monitor the latest list price of your group with an on line valuation report. We will make you a cash offer for your group at a 5 point spread below your initial discounted level.
    Example you invest £10,000 at an entry level of 80% of retail list prices so for your £10,000 you will receive coins with a list price of £12,500. At the end of your five year term we will make a cash offer of 75% of the then list price. So if over the five year term the list price of your material had doubled from £12,500 to £25,000 we will be offering £18,750 rather than the guaranteed 15% uplift of £11,500.

The safe haven plan is a no lose option and incentives London Coins to source for you a top quality group that has upward potential.

Don't forget also that where you exercise your own option such as option 1) and 2) above you can do this at any time, you will hold the coins and they are yours to do with as you see fit.

Minimum investment £10,000 maximum £250,000, subject to availability and market conditions see Investment Parcel Product List for the latest availability and entry prices.

(1) List prices of coins are a published catalogue or online list which represents the price dealers are likely to ask for a given coin if they have one in stock, the "trade" or dealers buy in price are usually less than this and generally range from 60% - 90% depending on collector demand for the coin in question. These list prices are based on market observations (trends) as monitored by the agencies issuing the lists.

We strongly recommend you read our general information on coins as an investment which includes strategic information and important advice and tips.

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