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Medals : Auction 110

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 110
Medals A picture medal 1974 by Toye, Kenning and Spencer Struck in Bronzed Gilding Metal 78 mm unscrews depicting printed scen

Auction 110
Medals A of medals and s (150) many earlier 20th Century with the majority in base metal plus a few in silver, some of the medals with or

Auction 110
Medals Medal Eimer 1816 by F. 76 mm in White Metal GEF, Sinking of the Lusitania 1915 Eimer 1941A 56 mm boxed, U.S.S Enterprise 68 mm M

Auction 110
Medals Medals of 1902 Eimer 1871, 1911 Eimer 1922 both 31 mm and struck in Silver ( issue) these about EF.

Auction 110
Medals Duke Of 5 oz Silver Medal 2002 Duke Of Wellington Obverse, Britannia 2002 Reverse FDC in Case of issue with certificate

Auction 110
Medals Elizabeth Our Queen set of 25 .925 Silver ingots by Pinches depicting major events during the reign of Queen FDC in plush wooden presenta

Auction 110
Medals Silver 25 mm portrait medal Obverse GEORGIVS.D:G:M:B:F:ET:H:REX:F.D with Reverse of lion and unicorn flanking coat of arms DIEU ET MON DROIT

Auction 110
Medals Medal 1810 struck in Copper by Kuchler Eimer 1008 Reverse with Arms of , Lord Radnor's Medal for Salisbury's Jubile

Auction 110
Medals Medallic and Paranumismatic Issues including one in gold a varied and useful group with s, toy and model money, prize medals etc. (lot)

Auction 110
Medals s Cunard Maiden Voyage 1969 Silver 65 mm Eimer 2115 UNC, 1981 Eimer 2140 of and Lady Silver 57 mm FDC, Falkland

Auction 110
Medals Medals and s (some boxed) plus a few tokens struck in various metals (49) mixed lower grades, plus Duke Of Governor of Plym

Auction 110
Medals Order Of the Garter 1678 (1613-1680, Elector of ) Obv.EN HONNEUR DU SOVERAIN DU TRES NOBLE ORDRE DE LA IARTIERE, Rev DU TRE HAUT

Auction 110
Medals Exposition Medal 1857 Obverse portrait of III facing left, Reverse EXPOSITION.UNIVERSELLE.DE.MDCCCLXVII.A.PARIS Angel and Globe struck

Auction 110
Medals The First International Bank Ingot comprising ingots from 50 different countries, 40 grams each in .925 Silver FDC and cased in the wooden

Auction 110
Medals The Genius of Leonardo da Vinci a of 50 .925 silver medals each depicting Da Vinci greatest works , each medal 52 mm and weighing 51.6 gram

Auction 110
Medals The Medallic History Of and the Sea by Pinches, a set of 100 .925 silver 44 mm Medallic issues encapsulated in four albums w

Auction 110
Medals United Nations First Day Covers with Medals 39 mm in .925 Silver (5) FDC in an album, plus First day covers including medallic issues fo

Auction 110
Medals Medal Eimer 1315 struck in gold 36 mm Obverse with draped bust wearing a bandeau, Reverse Victoria enthroned, receiving a crown fr

Auction 110
Medals Medal Eimer 1315 struck in gold 36 mm Obverse with draped bust wearing a bandeau, Reverse Victoria enthroned, receiving a crown fr

Auction 110
Medals Medal struck in Copper 33 mm Eimer 1251 Obverse WILLIAM THE FOURTH CROWNED SEP:8 1831 Reverse ADELAIDE QUEEN CONSORT CROWNED SEP

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