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Ancient Coins : Auction 113

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 113
Ancient Coins A mixed and varied group , , general unattributed mixed grades a few pleasing with some in (124)

Auction 113
Ancient Coins Alexandrian (2) of The Great. Rev bust of Sol (1) (2) one of these fake & a small Constantine (1)

Auction 113
Ancient Coins imported coinage circa 150 BC - 50 BC Spink 5 type C (Ambiani) Disintegrated Head Mack 26, Van Arsdell 44 NVF

Auction 113
Ancient Coins Coins of the (22) each representing a different Emperor some in in mixed grades in the box with certificates

Auction 113
Ancient Coins Otho 69 AD. Rev. Victory flying R, 195 -197 AD Rev STG L. holding Olive branch & shield, With a good quality fake Sili

Auction 113
Ancient Coins Indo- (34) small 12-15 mm diameter many with on horseback, in need of further research, generally VG-GF

Auction 113
Ancient Coins Metal Defector finds (nearly 4 kilos) mostly dirty and low grade or unidentifiable, but a large group and including some artefacts

Auction 113
Ancient Coins , & miss struck Barbarous Radiate of Tetricus miss struck with parts of two heads on the Obv: Fake . Edward

Auction 113
Ancient Coins (2) Republican L. Velarius Acisculus. Siliqua of Valentinian, Head of cles Head of Heracles

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