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British Empire : Medals

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 154
Medals 1897 76mm in white metal NEF, 1937 pin on the original card, as part of a group of Victoria to (30) mostly Coronation and Jubilee includes some local issues and a couple of school attendance medals, in mixed grades

Auction 150
Medals Exhibition 1924 () 36mm diameter in silver by J.Langford-Jones, Eimer 1989, struck and sold at the exhibition EF the reverse with a few surface marks
£24 London Coins : A150 : Lot 680 : British Empire Exhibition 1924 (undated) 36mm diameter in silver by J.Langford-Jones, Eimer 1989, st... London Coins : A150 : Lot 680 : British Empire Exhibition 1924 (undated) 36mm diameter in silver by J.Langford-Jones, Eimer 1989, st...

Auction 149
Medals Exhibitions (15) from assorted international events, including a Prize Medal 1865 and Exhibition 1924 , struck at exhibition, silver, from 1851, bronze & white metal. VF or better.

Auction 149
Medals Exhibition medals (6), Anvers 1894, bronze. Rouen 1896, silvered bronze, 1851 Exhibitor's Medal, bronze (Eimer 1459), another 1862 small medal, Exhibition 1925, bronze, Millenary 1886, bronze. Generally GVF. (6).

Auction 144
Medals of 1902 52mm diameter in bronze by G.Frampton Eimer 1872 Obverse Busts left conjoined and draped, EDWRDVS.VV.REX.ET.IMP.ET ALEXANDRA REG. Reverse Crown upon radiate circle, lion above, flanked by two trees decorated by the Scottish lion, left and the Irish harp, right Exergue: TO COMMEMORATE THE CORONATION OF KING. EDWARD. VI AND QVEEN. ALEXANDRA 1902A/UNC in the red box of issue, Exhibition 1924, by B. Mackennal / P. Metcalfe, 51mm., bronze, reverse Wembley Stadium with stylized lion (Eimer 1987) UNC in the red box of issue

Auction 142
Medals Order of The , O.B.E. 1st type division, hallmarked, in Garrard box of issue. GVF.

Auction 141
Medals Order of The , Commanders (C.B.E.) 2nd type, Civil Division, neck in case of issue. EF.

Auction 139
Medals Order of The , MBE, 1st type, civil division, in case for a ladies , Medal GVIR issue to Harry Symons. GVF. (2).

Auction 139
Medals Exhibition 1924, bronze (Eimer 1987), Winston 1965 by L.E.Pinches, metal, Norman Conquest medal 1966 by Spink, gilt metal, in case. 1977 Lord Mayor of issue, silver in case, , 25th Anniversary 1978 by , silver gilt, in case. EF. (5).

Auction 139
Medals Exhibition 1924, by B. Mackennal / P. Metcalfe, 51mm., bronze, reverse Wembley Stadium with stylized lion (Eimer 1987) EF

Auction 139
Medals Exhibition 1960 a 2-piece set comprising Crown 1960 Polished Dies and Medal 39mm in diameter in bronze 1960 Eimer 2101 UNC, along with Medals 1924 (2) Eimer 1991 28mm in bronze EF, Nobel Industries Ltd Struck at the British Empire Exhibition with company logo below 36mm diameter in bronze EF

Auction 138
Medals Fire-fighter Group of four to Ronald E Yeates 10264 Station Officer () Medal, 10 Year Long Bronze Medal, Exemplary Fire Service Medal and 1953 Medal

Auction 135
Medals 1897 Eimer 1816 Obverse Bust left crowned, laureate, draped and veiled, IN COMMEMORATIONEM ANNI REGNI LX in the field. VICTORIA. DEI GRA: BRITT: REGINA. FID: DEF: IND: IMP MDCCCXCVII Reverse Arms in the centre; below, THE BRITISH EMPIRE A.D. 1897and a vignette containing 4 clasped hands, inscribed PEACE LOVE AND UNION. Aborder of 50 shields of Colonies and Protectorates, each identified 76mm diameter in bronze by F. GEF

Auction 135
Medals O.B.E medal cased, aded to Ulric Earée in 1955 with paperwork showing the Seal of the Order of the

Auction 127
Medals Medal, E.II.R. for Meritorious , Civil Division (Anthony Henry Hazell). In case and brown box of issue. Mr Hazel served with the Southern Electricity Board and was aded the medal in 1972

Auction 126
Medals Exhibition 1924 Eimer 1987 Obverse Bust Left, Crowned and Draped, GEORGIVS V BRITT : OMN: REX ET IND : IMP : Reverse Stylized lion seated left, beyond a façade of Wembley Stadium, in exergue; BRITISH EMPIRE EXHIBITION 1924 51mm in diameter in Bronze designed by B.McKennal and P.Metcalf UNC Mint toned

Auction 121
Medals Order of the , M.B.E. 1st Type Division awarded to Emily Curtis, Unit Administrator, Queen 's Auxiliary Corps. M.B.E. in case of issue with certificate of award dated June 1919. Together with other interesting original documentation. Mrs Curtis served at the Military Convalescent Hospital, Crownhill , retiring in 1919, served 1939-45 with the Civil at Caterham & lingham, (entitled to the Defence Medal) and died in 1952

Auction 110
Medals Medal Eimer 1816 by F. 76 mm in White Metal GEF, Sinking of the Lusitania 1915 Eimer 1941A 56 mm boxed, U.S.S Enterprise 68 mm M

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