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Grange Hotel Bracknell, Charles Square, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1ED

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City Of London : Medals

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 160
Medals of 1902 56mm diameter in bronze, the official issue A/UNC in the box of issue, this faded, 800 Years of Mayoralty 62mm diameter in bronze by the Royal Mint UNC toned in the box of issue with certificate, The medals a 4-piece set in bronze each 45mm diameter the obverses each with a different portrait, the reverse each with a different quote on a tablet UNC toned in the Pinches box with certificates, Anglo- Alliance 600th 90mm diameter in bronze by Vasco Berardo toned UNC, boxed, Fantasy Medallic strike 89mm diameter Lustrous UNC, boxed, Nickel Silver medals (2) Tintern Abbey 44mm diameter boxed UNC, Castle, St. Georges Chapel undated 44mm diameter boxed UNC, Windsor Castle, The Bull of Clarence 1982 in bronze 44mm diameter Lustrous UNC, boxed

Auction 160
Medals Medals (7) 1897 Eimer 1817 the Official Issue (2) EF and boxed. 150th of Administration of the 1983 57mm diameter in bronze Prooflike UNC, boxed with certificate. 900 Years of Abbey 1965 57mm diameter in bronze, UNC boxed with certificate. 800 Years of Mayoralty of the 1989 63mm diameter UNC boxed with certificate. Destruction of the 1588 51mm diameter in silver by the Mint UNC boxed. Royal Mint Medal 2012 60th Anniversary of Queen UNC boxed, along with Twopence 1797 Fine in a frame-style holder with London Mint certificate, Penny 1797 a modern replica by London Mint UNC in the box of issue with certificate

Auction 159
Medals Visit of Queen to the 1837, issued by the Corporation of London (2) two medals in a glass frame, presumed silver, sealed with a covering note Obverse VICTORIA REGINA, bust left diademed, Reverse a Façade of the Guildhall, Exergue: IN HONOUR OF HER MAJESTY'S VISIT TO THE CORPORATION OF LONDON 9TH NOV : 1837, the medals sealed in the frame and the colour considered to be the result of silver oxidising reacting to the glass. Both medals UNC, not examined on the reverse sides as sealed in the frame
£1,400 London Coins : A159 : Lot 534 : Visit of Queen Victoria to the City of London 1837, issued by the Corporation of London (2) two meda...

Auction 159
Medals III and Eugenie Visit to the 1855 77mm diameter in bronze, by B., Eimer 1496 issued by the Corporation of London, Obverse: Conjoined busts three-quarters left, Eugenie draped, NAPOLEON III ET EUGENIA GALLORUM IMPERATOR ET IMPERATRIX, Reverse: Britannia introduces to Londinia. CONCORDES SERVAT AMICITIA, in Exergue: LONDINI RECEPTI 19.APR.1855 UNC the reverse with very light cabinet friction, an excellent example of this high-relief piece

Auction 158
Medals Queen , Visit to the 1837 61mm diameter in bronze, by J.Barber, Eimer 1303, Obverse: Bust left crowned, Reverse: Victoria standing beneath a canopy, attended b y Britannia, is welcomed by the Lord Mayor: City Arms above, WELCOME. Exergue: IN COMMEMORATION OF HER MAJESTYS. VISIT. TO THE CITY OF. LONDON. NOVr 9TH 1837 THE. RIGHT. HONOR le JOHN. COWAN. LORD. MAYOR. About EF

Auction 157
Medals s 1990 50th of the Silver , along with Royal Mint Medallions in bronze (9) 1989 800th Anniversary of the Mayoralty, 1990 () Battle of 175th Anniversary, 1991 500th Anniversary of the Birth of , 1992 of the Office High Sheriff, 1993 Tercentenary of the Birth of Harrison, 1994 Tower Bridge (2), 1995 National Trust Centenary (2) UNC in the Royal Mint boxes of issue with certificate

Auction 152
Medals Temple Bar removed from The 1878, manufactured in lead from the roof, 110mm, in glazed brass mount. Issued by The Corporation of London (Eimer 1658). Uniface. EF.

Auction 151
Medals Prince Albert Victor of , Freedom of the , 1885 by G.G.Adams, bronze, 77mm. (Eimer 1717) in case of issue. GVF. Issued by The Corporation of London.

Auction 148
Medals 800th of The Mayoralty 1989, issues in silver and bronze, each 63mm., silver issue in case. EF. (2).

Auction 146
Medals Medals and tokens (17) a mixed group with many in silver includes Christ's Hospital UNC boxed, Brokers Pass James Hutchinson (c.1801) GVF, Horticultural Society Chelsea 1955 55mm diameter in silver GVF, 1966 900th of the of Hastings (2) 56mm diameter and 38mm diameter both EF, the remainder of interest mostly base metal in brass or white metal includes token issues in mixed grades

Auction 144
Medals , Visit to The 1837, by J. Barber, silvered white metal, 61mm dia., rev. Victoria stands beneath canopy. (Eimer 1303). Edge bruising with contact marks, fine

Auction 143
Medals 1989 63mm diameter in .925 silver 800th of Mayoralty UNC in the box of issue with certificate weight 152.42 grammes, City of London 1989 63mm diameter in bronze 800th Anniversary of Mayoralty UNC in the Royal Mint box of issue with certificate

Auction 139
Medals Exhibition 1924, bronze (Eimer 1987), Winston 1965 by L.E.Pinches, metal, Norman Conquest medal 1966 by Spink, gilt metal, in case. 1977 Lord Mayor of issue, silver in case, , 25th Anniversary 1978 by , silver gilt, in case. EF. (5).

Auction 139
Medals School 1834 58mm diameter in silver by B. Eimer 1279 Obverse Façade of the building CITY OF LONDON SCHOOL Exergue FOUNDED BY THE CORPORATION 1834 I.B.BUNNING ARCH Reverse Knowledge seated right instructs a youth who leans upon a tablet inscribed IOHN CARPENTER 1447 and decorated with the City Arms FOR THE RELIGIOUS & VIRTUOUS EDUCATION OF BOYS & THEIR INSTRUCTION IN LITERATURE & USEFUL KNOWLEDGE UNC in the black box of issue

Auction 138
Medals Christian IX and Louise, Visit to the 1893, issued by the Corporation of the City of London, by , bronze, in case of issue.(Eimer 1783). EF.

Auction 134
Medals Medal 1834 57mm in base metal cased, two gold prize medals, and a group of four as part of a group of GB and World coins and medals in mixed grades

Auction 131
Medals King of Christian IX and Princess Louise visit to the city of London 1893 75mm diameter in bronze Eimer 1783 Obverse Busts conjoined and draped, the Princess diademed, the King uniformed, CHRISTIANUS IX ET LOUISE D:G: DANIAE V: G: REX ET REGINA + Reverse Londinia seated left almost facing, beside a pedestal decorated with the Danish shield right, holding a streaming pendant with the inscription WELCOME CHRISTIAN IX TO LONDON beyond a facade of the Guild Hall Exergue: 8th July 1893 by F., issued by the Corporation of London, in the original black box, with inscription on the lid 'In Commemoration of the Visit of the H.M. THE KING OF DENMARK to the . THE RT.HON. SIR STUART KNILL, BART.. Lord Mayor 8th July 1893, SIR JOSEPH RENALS. KNT, SIR WALTER WILKIN, KNT Sherriffs. ALFRED BROOKMAN ESQ Chairman of the Committee, with description of the medal on the green lining

Auction 131

Auction 127
Medals , Visit to the 1837 by Barber, bronze, (Eimer 1303) AEF another in white metal by Barber (Eimer 1303). 1887, bronze official issue, 77mm. In red case of issue, FDC. (Eimer 1733).

Auction 127
Medals of , Visit to the 1880, by Adams, bronze 76mm., In case of issue. (Eimer 1668). EF. Issued by The Corporation of London
£130 London Coins : A127 : Lot 595 : George I of Greece, Visit to the City of London 1880, by Adams, bronze 76mm., In cas... London Coins : A127 : Lot 595 : George I of Greece, Visit to the City of London 1880, by Adams, bronze 76mm., In cas...

Auction 127
Medals Sir Joseph Whitworth Memorial Medal 1896 by , bronze in case. School Sunday School 1847, silver. 1885, bronze, pierced

Auction 126
Medals of 175th Medal 63mm diameter 5oz Silver UNC, 400th Anniversary 1588-1988 63mm diameter 5 oz Silver UNC, Tercentenary of the Revival of the Order of the Thistle 1987 63mm diameter 5oz Silver medal UNC, 800th Anniversary of the Mayoralty of the 1989 63mm diameter 5 oz Silver medal UNC, Bi- of the Launch of 'The Original' Lifeboat 1790-1990 medal 63mm diameter in Bronze UNC all in the original cases of issue with certificates

Auction 118
Medals Prince Albert Victor of Freedom of the 1885 77 mm diameter in copper Eimer 1717 EF, of the Duke and Duchess of 1893

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