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Great Exhibition : Medals

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 158
Medals 1851 74mm diameter in white metal Eimer 1461var. Obverse Bust left within a wreath HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS PRINCE ALBERT, Reverse: View of the Exhibition Building THE CRYSTAL PALACE FOR THE GRETA EXHIBITION OF AKLL NATIONS IN HYDE PARK LONDON OPENED BY H.M.G MAJESTY VICTORIA MAY 1ST 1851 Exergue: PROPOSED BY H.R.H.PRINCE ALBERT, DESIGNED BY JOSEPH PAXTON ESQ.F.L.S.ERECTED BY FOX,HENDERSON,& CO. -DIMENSIONS- LENGTH 1848 FEET. WIDTH 456 FEET, HEIGHT OF PRINCIPAL ROOF 66 FEET, HEIGHT OF TRANSEPT 108 FEET, GLAZED SURFACE 900,000 SUP FEETOCCUPIES 18ACRES OF GROUND, ESTIMATED VALUE £150,000 EF, Exhibition of the Industry of All Nations , 1853 74mm diameter in white metal, Obverse: View of Crystal Palace, Reverse Four allegorical female figures representing attributes of industry EF

Auction 154
Medals Exchange 1844 43mm diameter in White metal EF, 1851 in white metal 38mm diameter NEF as part of a group of medals and Tokens (46) these mostly 19th and 20th Century in mixed grades

Auction 153
Medals Medals a varied group (6) The 1851 Exhibitors Medal Obverse Bust of Prince Albert, Reverse EXHIBITOR around a globe, 44mm diameter in bronze , by W., surrounded by a wreath VF, Houses of Parliament opened 1847 43mm diameter in White Metal by J.Davis. Obverse conjoined heads of Queen and Prince Albert, Reverse a view of the houses of Parliament EF, South Eastern Railway/ 1886/7 oval 31mm x 37mm in bronze by Pinches, presented to a shareholder, Obverse Crowned and Veiled bust of Victoria, Reverse Crest and supporters, Oval containing bust of E.W.Watkin Chairman, the name erased on the reverse otherwise NEF, modern fantasy Crown UNC, GB Victoria Three Graces 1879 modern fantasy Silver Crown, UNC, a modern fantasy in gold plated cupro-nickel by Mint UNC, along with 'To ' gaming token 1837 EF

Auction 149
Medals 1851, by W., silver, 38mm., Struck at the Exhibition (Eimer 1463). In case. EF. & scarce in silver.

Auction 146
Medals The 1851 Eimer 1462 variant 45mm diameter in white metal by Allen and Moore, Obverse text in 15 lines, Reverse a view of the Exhibition Building in high relief THE BUILDING AT LONDON FOR THE INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION 1851 UNC or near so and lustrous £75

Auction 145
Medals s, bronze and white metal (14) includes 1851 Exhibitor's medal bronze, 1937 silver, Hyde Town Hall 1885 w/m, Lusitania 1915, St. Georges Hospital 1933 bronze cased, 1911 w/m. and Jubilee 1937 bronze, Gardening and tennis medals, bronze (2). Together with World medals (5), bronze. Generally GVF (14)

Auction 145
Medals 1851 38mm diameter in White Metal Obverse Bust left H.R.H. PRINCE ALBERT below: STRUCK IN THE BUILDING OF THE EXHIBITION Reverse Arms and supporters . GREAT EXHIBITION OF THE INDUSTRY OF ALL NATIONS. LONDON 1851 by W.J.. UNC with minor cabinet friction and almost full mint lustre, rare in this grade, comes with the accompanying issue ticket

Auction 143
Medals 1851, Exhibitor's Medal, bronze, unnamed, Crystal Palace Handel Exhibition 1857, bronze (Ernest Pauer), Harris Theatre Drury Lane medal by Ed. Lanteri, bronze, GVF

Auction 126
Medals Medals a varied group (28) 19th and 20th Century includes , medals etc. generally in base metal with some holed, in mixed grades

Auction 103
Medals The 1851 Prince Albert obverse The Building reverse extravagant 79mm white metal By Ottley pleasing and sharp EF some minor thin scra £28

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