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New York : Medals

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 158
Medals 1851 74mm diameter in white metal Eimer 1461var. Obverse Bust left within a wreath HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS PRINCE ALBERT, Reverse: View of the Exhibition Building THE CRYSTAL PALACE FOR THE GRETA EXHIBITION OF AKLL NATIONS IN HYDE PARK LONDON OPENED BY H.M.G MAJESTY VICTORIA MAY 1ST 1851 Exergue: PROPOSED BY H.R.H.PRINCE ALBERT, DESIGNED BY JOSEPH PAXTON ESQ.F.L.S.ERECTED BY FOX,HENDERSON,& CO. -DIMENSIONS- LENGTH 1848 FEET. WIDTH 456 FEET, HEIGHT OF PRINCIPAL ROOF 66 FEET, HEIGHT OF TRANSEPT 108 FEET, GLAZED SURFACE 900,000 SUP FEETOCCUPIES 18ACRES OF GROUND, ESTIMATED VALUE £150,000 EF, Exhibition of the Industry of All Nations , 1853 74mm diameter in white metal, Obverse: View of Crystal Palace, Reverse Four allegorical female figures representing attributes of industry EF

Auction 149
Medals and World Medals (72) includes , Relief of Heusden 1787, silver 38mm., pierced GVF & Souvenir Penny from with view of Woolworth Building and other U.S. medals

Auction 149
Medals International Philatelic Exhibition 1936 Rider on galloping horse, aded to Fred Schulze, reverse inscribed GIBRALTAR AND MALTA (COMBINED) silvered with gold horse and rider EF, International Philatelic Exhibition 1933 (2) 89mm x 69mm in bronze EF boxed, to Fred Schulze, , and 42mm x 38mm in silver, and , GEF boxed, International Philatelic Exhibition Basle 1948 40mm x 40mm silvered EF boxed, inscribed MALTA awarded to Fred Schulze Birmingham, all except the first in original cases, along with Birmingham Philatelic Society (2) the 'La Trobe' medal 1942-1943 Mafeking, in silver awarded to Fred Schulze, EF boxed, Birmingham Philatelic Society 1936 in base metal UNC boxed

Auction 139
Medals Exhibition 1960 a 2-piece set comprising Crown 1960 Polished Dies and Medal 39mm in diameter in bronze 1960 Eimer 2101 UNC, along with Medals 1924 (2) Eimer 1991 28mm in bronze EF, Nobel Industries Ltd Struck at the British Empire Exhibition with company logo below 36mm diameter in bronze EF

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