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New Zealand : Medals

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 158
Medals (3) 1937 57mm diameter by D.R.Golding Obverse: Bust right EDWARD .VIII.CROWNED.MAY.XII, in field MCMXXXVII in three lines, Reverse: Britannia seated, right holds a crown, upon which stands a Dove carrying an olive branch CANADA. INDIA. S.AFRICA.AUSTRALIA. NEW ZEALAND, Coronation 1937 33mm diameter in silver by Spink and Son Obverse Bust left in Coronation robes, CROWNED MAY 12 1937 Shield within Garter, crowned with supporters KING AND EMPEROR UNC in the Red Spink box of issue, Coronation 1937 44mm diameter in base metal Obverse Bust right in Coronation robes, crowned, HIS.MAJESTY.KING.EDWARD VIII Reverse: Standing Britannia facing, between two columns, holds a crown aloft, and a Union Jack flag EF

Auction 153
Medals - and (3) by S.G.M. 32mm diameter in base metal, Obverse with conjoined busts, Reverse all different, two showing Maori portraits, the other a Maori scene UNC and lustrous, and never previously offered for sale

Auction 153
Medals Medals a varied group (6) The 1851 Exhibitors Medal Obverse Bust of Prince Albert, Reverse EXHIBITOR around a globe, 44mm diameter in bronze , by W., surrounded by a wreath VF, Houses of Parliament opened 1847 43mm diameter in White Metal by J.Davis. Obverse conjoined heads of Queen and Prince Albert, Reverse a view of the houses of Parliament EF, South Eastern Railway/ 1886/7 oval 31mm x 37mm in bronze by Pinches, presented to a shareholder, Obverse Crowned and Veiled bust of Victoria, Reverse Crest and supporters, Oval containing bust of E.W.Watkin Chairman, the name erased on the reverse otherwise NEF, modern fantasy Crown UNC, GB Victoria Three Graces 1879 modern fantasy Silver Crown, UNC, a modern fantasy in gold plated cupro-nickel by Mint UNC, along with 'To ' gaming token 1837 EF

Auction 145
Medals 1772 Eimer 744a 43mm diameter in copper showing the distinctive die break to the left of the exergue. Obverse Bust of laureate. GEORGE III. KING. OF. GR. BRITAIN. FRANCE. AND. IRELAND ETC. Reverse Two Ships at sea RESOLVTION ADVENTURE. Exergue. SAILED . FROM. ENGLAND MARCH MDCCLXXII Fine for wear, with corroded surfaces as is normal on this issue, and showing the mount mark at the top as do all examples. Eimer states:- 'The medal was commissioned by naturalist and benefactor Joseph Banks (1743-1820) who was to have accompanied Captain James Cook on his second voyage (1728-1729) but withdrew at a late stage. These medals were distributed at more than 30 places and generally show up in a worn and weathered state. 2000 medals are said to have been produced made from an alloy of copper, lead, zinc and tin. A further 142 example were struck in silver and 2 in gold. All examples appear to have been struck from a cracked die, as does this example.' Only a handful of examples have been discovered, mainly in . Examples are held in the s of Te Papa and the National Museum of . A truly rare piece.
£1,100 London Coins : A145 : Lot 1099 : Resolution and Adventure Medal 1772 Eimer 744a 43mm diameter in copper showing the distinctive die b... London Coins : A145 : Lot 1099 : Resolution and Adventure Medal 1772 Eimer 744a 43mm diameter in copper showing the distinctive die b...

Auction 134
Medals Visit of King and Queen to 1911-12, silver, in 15ct gold glazed mount and chain, rim of mount engraved "H.M.S. Renown 1905-6 S. Bryant. Together with an attractive colour certificate to Bryant to commemorate the presentation of Medals by the Duke and Duchess of & in on 22nd June 1901.

Auction 119
Medals n and Medals (5), Medal for Distinguished ; N.S.W.10 Years Service Medal; 10 Years Service Medal East (New Zealand) Police Defense Medal; Police Medal. All except last replicas. Extremely fine. (5

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