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London Coins Auction 159
Grange Hotel Bracknell, Charles Square, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1ED

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Proof Set : Misc Items

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 157
Misc Items Empty Boxes including one for the 1927 , a Lindner Tray and Three s in presentation packs

Auction 154
Misc Items s and singles empty boxes (37) comprising 1902 Long Set boxes (2), 1902 Short set box (1), 1937 card box and 1953 box, India 1946 box and others (31) in mixed condition, and a money box Lloyds Bank for s to s

Auction 153
Misc Items set boxes and Accessories (11 items), includes 1902 long set box, modern boxes (3) and more, varied state

Auction 152
Misc Items Accessories, Lindner Trays (4), a coin album, second hand with used pages, box 1927, Red boxes 1935 for the official issue (4), Whitman folders (4) varied state

Auction 150
Misc Items Box for the 1893 Proof Set original, fair condition the lid with some scuffs

Auction 150
Misc Items cases (5) 1887, 1902 Long Set (2), 1937 4-coin set (2)

Auction 149
Misc Items boxes for 1911 Long sets (3) in fairly good condition

Auction 149
Misc Items boxes for 1937 4-coin sets (5) in good used condition

Auction 148
Misc Items box for an 1839 set (15 coins) an original box in good condition with some wear to the edges of the base

Auction 148
Misc Items Boxes for s (4) 1902 Long Set (2) and 1937 card boxes (2) and others (3)

Auction 148
Misc Items Boxes and cases many for s (24) includes 1902 boxes (3) in mixed condition

Auction 147
Misc Items Box for the 1826 Proof Set a few scuffs, otherwise excellent condition

Auction 147
Misc Items Box for the 1839 Proof Set a few scuffs, otherwise excellent condition

Auction 147
Misc Items set and Maundy cases for following sets: 1911 £5 to1d (gold embossed excellent condition) 1902 short set card (2), 1927 deluxe, EII (2) 1937 and , 1937 Proof to , in mixed conditions

Auction 147
Misc Items boxes (14) includes 1902 and 1937 cases in mixed condition

Auction 147
Misc Items boxes (4) 1902 Short Set (2), 1911 Short Set fair condition with the string ties intact, 1893 hard case (10 coins) with emboss on the lid, fair condition

Auction 147
Misc Items boxes a group of privately made boxes (19th-20th century) for 1826 long set, 1887 long set, 1893 long set, RM 1902 long set (card) RM 1902 short set (card) RM 1911 long set (card) 1927 set RM deluxe, in mixed condition

Auction 147
Misc Items boxes a group of 11 privately made/RM boxes for 1887 and (2) 1887 silver (3) 1889 silver set, 1902 Sov-1d set(card) (2) 1911 £5 to 1d and 1928 Eire Proof set (card) 1927 (card) in mixed condition

Auction 145
Misc Items Accessories set boxes (4) 1937 , 1989 3-coin set, 1902 card (poor condition), 1927 card box, plus Lindner trays (7) and Abafil display trays (2), along with a few - s, in varied state

Auction 144
Misc Items s (2) one professionally made with 4 lift-out trays, lockable with key and set cases

Auction 144
Misc Items Accessories, comprising albums, s, cases and empty boxes (over 50 Kilos)

Auction 142
Misc Items Accessories a large group includes Aluminium carrying cases with trays (2), coin albums, and a selection of cases for items including 1927 and 1937 boxes, varied state (total weight approximately 25 Kilos) ROOM BUYERS ONLY NO POSTAL SERVICE

Auction 141
Misc Items Cases (7) 1927 cases (2), 1937 Proof Set case, 1937 Currency Set card case, 1893/1902 Square case (for 9 coins), a square red money case and a -size round case this possibly Victorian, the majority in very good condition

Auction 140
Misc Items Cases (empty) for s 1902 Long Set and 1937 15 coin set (5 cases) along with two Lindner Trays and other miscellaneous empty bases and cases, condition varies from usable second hand to good

Auction 138
Misc Items A selection of accessories includes boxes 1937 (2), 1950 (1) and a few assorted Whitman folders etc. Varied state

Auction 138
Misc Items Money 1848-1902 (13) a mixed group includes many in EF, plus lions from sets (11) EF-UNC, and modern museum tokens (2) UNC

Auction 134
Misc Items Accessories includes a number of empty boxes for 1950, 1951 and 1953 sets, a display box with 10 sliding trays, boxes etc. (lot) in varied state, ROOM BUYERS ONLY must be cleared from the sale room by the buyer on the day of the sale

Auction 132
Misc Items Aluminium carrying case (without coin slots) with a small group including a , some modern s, style s, medals etc. (lot)

Auction 107
Misc Items Cases a large selection of empty boxes, proof cases etc., including official boxes for long sets 1893 and 1902, and for 1927, 1

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