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Grange Hotel Bracknell, Charles Square, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1ED

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Royal Mint : World Bulk Lots

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 158
World Bulk Lots A mixed group including and Mint Sets, Proof $10 Prince Charles, s, Tokens these generally in sets such as Los es 1984 s transport token set, a parcel of foreign stamps and more

Auction 156
World Bulk Lots Coronation of Edward VII 1902 the official issue 30mm in GEF toned as part of a group of World (82) 19th and a wide range of countries including , , , , , and more includes many silver items and plenty of high grade material, a useful group

Auction 154
World Bulk Lots Papal Seal in lead, Boniface VIII 1294-1303 Good Fine, s (2) Diamond Jubilee 1897 25mm diameter, VF, Edward VII Coronation 1902 31mm diameter GEF both Official issues in , as part of a group of World 19th and (124) includes a few in silver in display trays in mixed grades to UNC, includes some token issues

Auction 149
World Bulk Lots The 20 Centuries AD Coin comprising a World coin from each century includes many minors, in the wooden box, original purchase price of £495

Auction 146
World Bulk Lots s (6) 1955, 1957 (2), 1963, 1964 town, 1966, Maria Thaler 1780 Restrike, s (2) Edward VII Coronation in 31mm diameter, the official Royal mint issue (2) EF to Lustrous UNC

Auction 145
World Bulk Lots 1901 Marsh 496 UNC or near so in a box with certificate

Auction 144
World Bulk Lots GB and World , mostly base metal with a few in , includes some Year Sets and singles (total weight approximately 2 Kilos)

Auction 143
World Bulk Lots 1998 Prince of 50th Birthday , 2010 100 Years of Girl guiding Silver Proof FDC in the boxes of issue, Five Pound Crown 2007 Diamond Wedding UNC in the wallet of issue, as part of a group of GB and World (44) in two boxes, includes some World Silver Proof Crown sized items, plus a photo frame containing Second World war Victory Set comprising George VI coinage 9 coins to , a set of 7 stamps and 3 replica miniature s

Auction 140
World Bulk Lots GB and World a miscellaneous group includes Euro Sets (8) UNC in the wallets of issue, Modern Pattern 1879 3-coin set UNC, USA Dollar 1795 a modern copy in lead UNC, GB 1997 UNC in wallet, plus GB and World 0.8 Kilos in mixed circulated grades

Auction 138
World Bulk Lots s (4) 1966 to (2), 1956 Twin set , 4 Doubles and (6 coins), 1971 , Year Sets (9) 1985 (2), 1986 (2), 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1992, 1972 Wedding Silver Proof, 1985 Liberation UNC in the wallets of issue, Two Pounds Henry I 1989 UNC in the wallet of issue, Coin First Day Cover Two Pounds 1985 UNC in the wallet of issue

Auction 134
World Bulk Lots 100 Halala () AH1397-1977 KM#59 a rare date BU with very minor bag marks, Krause lists at $325 in UNC and states struck only as samples for the Saudi Government by the (4)

Auction 132
World Bulk Lots A mixed group with some modern issues, the remainder being an earlier group mostly mid coins and notes from circulation with strength in British including paper money from and

Auction 130
World Bulk Lots GB and World a mixed group includes some Flat pack GB s, Year Sets, plus bags of GB and World mainly modern in mixed grades (lot)

Auction 125
World Bulk Lots Diamond Jubilee 1897 the official issue 56mm in as part of a group of World issues, (28) 19th and mainly in silver in mixed grades, a couple holed, (26) 17th to 20th Century includes some token issues and a few in silver, in mixed circulated grades, one holed, 1922 UNC, 1898 A/UNC with traces of lustre, 5 Rappen 1912 EF, 1 Ore (2) 1885, 1902 VF-EF, 1831 Fine

Auction 122
World Bulk Lots GB and World in album pages along with sets and cased items including issues, other material in tins and bags (lot in 2 boxes)

Auction 121
World Bulk Lots , Union of South Africa, 1937 Coronation , , 57mm dia., another 33mm. dia.,,both in ", Pretoria" cases of issue. Extremely fine & scarce issues (2)

Auction 116
World Bulk Lots A mixed group with a an Hammered AR of Philip, n , 1957, 1586 and Jetons and others (17)

Auction 114
World Bulk Lots FAO (114) 1970-1975 in six album pages all UNC in the original folders, 1965-1967 £sd set, Royal Mint First and last set, Year S

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