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Twenty Dollars : World Cased and Proof Coins

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 159
World Cased Plated State Quarters (50) in 10 five coin presentation boxes,. Sovereign Nation 6 coin mint sets (3) Sioux, Loy Coyotes and Santa Ysabel, Dollar 1986 with gold highlighting, Presidents Dollars gold plated (26), Half Dollars (6) Morgan Dollars (2) silver collection bright circulated - Unc, fantasy 1933 Twenty Dollars 10cm diameter and a fantasy "gold" pocket watch (plated)

Auction 155
World Cased 1908 No Motto, Long Rays Breen 7365 EF, in a London Mint box with certificate

Auction 155
World Cased 1928 Breen 7413 EF in a London Mint box with certificate

Auction 155
World Cased s (27) 1968, 1969 Cook , 1970 Visit, 1971, 1972, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981 Royal Visit, 1982 Takahe, 1983 50th of the Coinage, 1984, 1985 Black Stilt, 1986 Kakapo, 1987 National Parks Centennial, 1988 Yellow Eyed Penguin, 1989 Games, 1990, 1991 Rugby World Cup, 1992, 1993 Kingfisher, 1994, 1995 Tui, 1996 Kaka, One Dollar Silver Proofs 1972, 1973, 1975, 1976, 1977 Waitangi Day/, 1978 25th Anniversary/Parliament, 1979, 1980, 1981 Royal Visit, 1982 Takahe, 1983 Royal Visit, 1983 50th Anniversary of Coinage, 1984 Chatham Island Black Robin, 1985 Black Robin, 1986 Kakapo, 1986 Royal Visit, 1987 National Parks, 1988 Yellow-eyed Penguin, FDC in the boxes of issue, Proof Set 1990 a 5-coin set in silver One Dollar to Five Cents all in silver FDC in the box of issue with certificate, Coin and Banknote set 1996 II 70th birthday Banknote Twenty Dollars ER001800 UNC and Five Dollars 1996 Silver Proof FDC in the case of issue with certificate, along with Proof sets (2) these stuck to the case linings we think dated 1972 and 1973 (dates on the card certificates) these nFDC

Auction 154
World Cased World (4) 100 Vatu 1995 Official Portrait 5 oz. Proof, Twenty Dollars 1996 Queen Mother - Lady of the Century 60th Birthday (1960) with grandchildren 5 oz. Silver Proof, Ten Pounds 1997 Golden of II and 5 oz. Silver Proof, Guernsey Ten Pounds 1998 Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother 5 oz. Silver Proof all nFDC to FDC in the Westminster boxes of issue with certificates

Auction 154
World Cased 1972 10th of Independence KM#61 nFDC in the case of issue with certificate

Auction 152
World Cased Twenty Dollars 2002 II bimetallic Gold and Proof KM#634 FDC in the box of issue with certificate

Auction 152
World Cased 2002 FDC in the red box of issue with certificate

Auction 149
World Cased , Official Coins of the USA (11) comprising Dollars, s and others, 2000 Presidents of the USA an 8-coin set in silver FDC in presentation box with certificates plus World -sized includes Legends of the Oceans series, and others (8), issues FDC others in mixed grades

Auction 148
World Cased 1996 the Lady of the Century 5oz. FDC in the box of issue with certificate

Auction 146
World Cased 2009 West Point Ultra High Relief BU in the impressive box of issue with certificate and book

Auction 142
World Cased Australia Twenty Dollars 2001 Bimetallic Proof Ten Dollars (20) 1982 games Silver Proof, 1985 Silver Proof, 1986 Silver Proof, 1987 Silver Proof, 1988 Governor Philip at Port Jackson Silver Proof, 1989 Silver Proof, 1989 Birds of Australia Kookaburra Silver Proof, 1990 Cockatoo Silver Proof, 1991 Black-necked Stork Silver Proof, 1990 Silver Proof, 1991 Silver Proof, 1991 Emperor Penguin Silver Proof, 1992 Silver Proof, 1997 Endangered Species Black Cockatoo Silver Proof, 1998 Endangered Species Hairy nosed Wombat Silver Proof, 1999 The Past Silver Proof, 2000 The Present Silver Proof, 2001 The Future Silver Proof, 2005 of the PGA Silver Proof, Five Dollars Silver Proofs (9) 1996 Sir Donald Bradman, 1998 Flying Doctors, 2002 , 2005 Gallipoli, 2006 City of Sport, 2007 Year of the Lifesaver, 2007 The Ashes, 2008 Northern Territory, 2008 Centenary of Rugby League, One Dollar Silver Proofs (12) 1995 Waltzing Matilda, 1999 Last Anzacs, 1999 Majestic Images, 2000 Proclamation Cartwheel Penny, 2000 HMAS II, 2001 Centenary of the , 2003 Golden Pipeline, 2003 n , 2004 Eureka Stockade, 2007 Sydney Harbour Bridge, 2008 Coat of Arms, 2009 60 Years of Australian Citizenship, 50 Cents Silver Proofs (3) 2000 Visit, 2002 50th of the , 2003 50th Anniversary of the , Holey Dollar and Dump 2003 Silver Proof FDC in the cases of issue with certificates

Auction 142
World Cased 1924 EF with some contact marks , in a London Mint box with certificate

Auction 142
World Cased 200th of the Nation 2010 a 3-coin and single banknote set comprising 2010 , 2010 (2) Dolores h and Hidalgo/Pavòn, these FDC, plus Banknote 200 s Hidalgo UNC in the box of issue, number 125 of only 500 sets issued

Auction 141
World Cased 2000 a 3-coin set The First Official Coins of the New comprising Twenty Dollars , Ten Dollars Trimmillium, and Five Dollars - FDC in the wooden box with certificate

Auction 138
World Cased an Coins (5) and The World's Smallest Gold Coins (7) a 12-coin set comprising 1908 EF, 10 1913 VF/EF, 20 1873 EF, 1865 VF, 1864A GEF, (3) 2 Diners 2008 , 2 Diners 2008 Verge de Lourdes, 2 Diners 2008 Beethoven, (2) 2 2001 Mahatma Ghandi, 2007 Bald Eagle, 20 s 2007 Gold Elephant 1/50th , Gold eagle copy 2003 11mm diameter in the style of the 1933 the smaller coins FDC, all coins expect one with certificates

Auction 134
World Cased Lady of the Century (3) 1996 5 nFDC boxed with certificate, 100 Vatu 1995 5 ounce Silver Proof FD cased as issued, no certificate, Papua New 10 Kina 1998 5 ounce Silver Proof FDC cased as issued, no certificate

Auction 131
World Cased 2000 nnium struck in .999 FDC in the box of issue with certificate

Auction 114
World Cased (2) 1972 KM#61, Ten Dollars 1972 KM#60 both issues FDC in the black plastic hinged cases as issued with certi

Auction 114
World Cased 2000 nnium FDC boxed as issued with certificate

Auction 113
World Cased The d States Eagle Coin comprising 1897 EF, Ten Dollars 1898 EF, Five Dollars 1887 S EF, 2 1/ 1889 VF but

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