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5 Dollars Niue Silver : World Cased and Proof Coins

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 159
World Cased The Rescued n Reserves 20 Kroner 1915 (h) VBP UNC boxed with certificate, 175th of the Penny Black Stamp 2015 a 2-piece set comprising One Tenth Crown in gold Proof FDC and Penny Black Stamp in protective holder, in a of issue with certificate, 50 Dollars 2015 10 ounce silver bar, SS Gairsoppa UNC in a London Mint Office box with certificate, Gibraltar Ten Pounds 2015 50th Anniversary of the of Sir Winston Gold Proof FDC in capsule with London Mint Office certificate, 2015 II Longest Reigning Monarch collection Crowns a 4-coin set each coin with a different portrait of Queen Elizabeth II 12 grammes of .925 silver, Proof FDC in a London Mint Office box with certificate, Winston Churchill - Inspiration to a Nation Gibraltar 2015 Two Pounds (4 coins of a 6 coin set) each with a different portrait of Churchill on the reverse, Prooflike UNC in silver plated , in the London Mint Office folder of issue, along with an additional 'We Shall Fight Them on the Beaches' reverse coin from the same set, this in an additional London Mint Office folder, Crowns (6) 1965 (3), 1977 (3), A/UNC to UNC, Silver Jubilee Medal 1977 UNC in slide case, and Silver Threepence 1883 VG in London Mint pouch

Auction 159
World Cased GB and World Proof and Mint sets a varied group comprising GB Two Pounds 2009 200th of the Birth of Charles FDC in the box of issue, GB Five Pound Crowns (2) 2008 450th Anniversary of the of I, 2007 Queen Elizabeth I and Diamond Wedding both UNC in the wallets of issue, 20 Dollars 2015 Maple Leaf shaped One Ounce Proof FDC in the Maple-leaf shaped holder boxed with certificate, Canada 20 Dollars 2012 Silver Proof Ultra High Relief FDC in the box of issue with certificate, Canada One Cent a 5-coin set 2012 with five different previously-minted reverse designs now all dated 2012 and struck in silver Proof FDC in the box of issue with certificate, One Dollar 2016 Queen Elizabeth II 90th Birthday Silver Proof the reverse with plating and black and white picture of Queen Elizabeth II as a baby with her parents King George VI and the , (2) Five Pound Crown 2015 Queen Elizabeth II - The Longest Reigning Monarch Silver Proof FDC in the box of issue with certificate, Two Pounds 1981 of and Lady Diana Spencer UNC boxed with certificate, 5 Dollars 2016 shaped Mount Rushmore One Ounce Silver Proof FDC, Medals (3) Flying Scotsman 2 ounce Silver Proof 50mm diameter FDC the reverse with a detailed colour picture of the famous steam engine in the NumisProof box of issue with certificate, The Avro Vulcan XH558 Medal 2 ounce Silver Proof 50mm diameter FDC the reverse with a detailed picture of the famous plane in the NumisProof box of issue with certificate, Royal Air Force - The Red Arrows One Ounce of .999 silver Proof FDC the reverse with coloured planes, trails and logo, in the box of issue with certificate

Auction 158
World Cased 50 Dollars 2015 bar SS Gairsoppa, 311.83 grammes of .999 silver UNC in a box with certificate and booklet

Auction 155
World Cased Sixty Dollars 2013 Giants of Art - 'The Creation of Adam' (12 bars) each bar .999 and weighing 80 grammes KM#1218-1228 (one piece curiously unlisted by Krause) FDC the 12 bars making up the entire scene in colour, FDC in the large and impressive wooden box of issue with certificate and booklet, only 750 sets issued £1,150

Auction 155
World Cased 2015 10 SS Gairsoppa UNC boxed with certificate

Auction 152
World Cased The Queens 2012-2013 (12) comprising One Dollar 2012 Proof with coloured reverse, Two Dollars 2013 (2)The Queens House Silver Proof and 'All This I Promise To Do' Silver Proof, Two Dollars 2013 (2) Remembrance Sunday and 'The Best Show of All' Silver Proofs, Five Dollars 2013 25th of Silver Proof, Five Pounds 2013 Windsor Castle Silver Proof, St. Helena and Ascension Five Pounds 2013 Silver Proof, GB Five Pound Crown 2013 A Vow Made Good Silver Proof, Five Pounds 2013 Corgi Silver Proof, One Dollar 2013 My Family Silver Proof, Five Dollars 2013 Changing of the Guard Silver proof all FDC on the blue cards of issue with certificates

Auction 147
World Cased the a 6-coin set comprising £5 1998, 10 Rupees 1997 Proof, 2 Dollars 1997 Silver Proof, 2 Dalasis Silver Proof 1997, 2 Dollars 1997 Silver Proof, and Dollar 1997 Silver Proof, FDC in the MDM box of issue with certificates

Auction 136
World Cased World Crown-size (12) (2) Kangaroo Dollar 2007, Kookaburra Dollar 2006, GB Two Pounds Britannia 2006, 10 Yuan (3) 2003, 2006 (2), Dollar 2005 (2) each with a coloured inset of a portrait of , Five Pounds 2005 Trafalgar, 10 Dollars 1992 Cook's Voyage, Five Pounds 2004 , Pa'Anga 1992 s 1996, nFDC-FDC in a presentation box

Auction 119
World Cased of Elizabeth II 1993 -Sized s (5) from , , , and , Solomon Islands 1995 Coronation of the 1937, Maple Leaf 1993 FDC in capsules a

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