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Army : Medals

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 162
Medals 2 stars and medals (9) together with five mounted on bar as worn, & Territorial Decorations, copies (3), Order of the , Civil, copy. Tilbury Deep Water Docks medal 1886, white metal. Good VF, last fair. (19).

Auction 162
Medals Copy or defective medals (13), V.C., G.C., N.G.S. bar , of bar Ava, 1861-66, Abyssinia 1867-68, Kabul to Kandahar Star 1880, Jummoo & Kashmir Star 1895, Ashanti Star 1896, (renamed), & Medals, South Medal 1982. (13).

Auction 160
Medals 1914, 40mm diameter in .900 silver, Obverse Soldier advancing right, carrying gun and flag, Reverse: crowned eagle stands right, with sword on a globe, with marching behind, WIR DEUTCHE FURCHTEN GOTT, SONST NICHTS AUF DER WELT A/UNC and nicely toned, comes with red box

Auction 158
Medals Queen 1897 (6) each 51mm diameter in bronze by Spink and Son Obverse Crowned Veiled head, laureate, the Reverses depicting Town Hall, and , Prime Ministers of 1837-1897, Commerce, Primates of All and The 1897 respectively GVF to EF

Auction 158
Medals , The s of the in , and 1808-1814 by Toye, Kenning & Spencer Ltd. 77mm diameter in silver , containing 13 printed Battle Histories, GEF in the box of issue, the tweezers normally supplied with the medal are missing

Auction 153
Medals and related bronze medals (4) 1808 - Arrives in the Peninsula 40mm by Brenet for Mudie, Eimer 988 EF, 1809 of Travera 40mm in bronze Eimer 999 by Mills/La Fitte, 1809 Passage of the Douro 40mm diameter by Brenet for Mudie Eimer 997, 1811 on the Tagus, 40mm by Petit for Mudie, all EF to GEF

Auction 152
Medals Temperance Assoc. Medals & Crosses (11). Silver (8), bronze (3). GVF.

Auction 149
Medals Society Medals and s(40) assorted types, some in groups. Together with an Medical cloth armband. Generally GVF. (40).

Auction 146
Medals Pride of the , 1818 36mm diameter in silver, unsigned, equestrian figure of left, Reverse rose, thistle and shamrock, Fine or slightly better, very rare, comes with old collector's ticket
£260 London Coins : A146 : Lot 1894 : Pride of the British Army, 1818 36mm diameter in silver, unsigned, equestrian figure of Wellington l... London Coins : A146 : Lot 1894 : Pride of the British Army, 1818 36mm diameter in silver, unsigned, equestrian figure of Wellington l...

Auction 146
Medals Knights Cross - Order of Orange, (1892-1927), boxed UNC, Miniatures a trio comprising Forces / 1945-1989, National 1939-1960 and 1953

Auction 145
Medals Group of Seven medals to Lt.Col W.H.West M.B.E. , M.B.E. 2nd type division, General Medal 1918 bar (2 Lieut . W.H.West, R.Berks R.), 1939-45, (8th bar) and Stars, & Medals. Together with a set of miniatures, Berks cap , family photographs, M.B.E. certificate dated 1942 and folder of papers and research.

Auction 144
Medals Group of five to Pte. J Walker, Oxf. And Bucks L.I., General 1895, two bars Punjab Frontier 1897-98, Tirah 1897-98 (5056 Pte. 2nd. Bn. Oxf. Lt.Infy), trio (5056 Pte 2/Oxf & Bucks L.I.), Long Service Medal, G.V.R issue (5056 Pte. J. Walker Oxf. & Bucks L.I.), mounted as worn on original ribbons VF. Sold with photographs and service details from the al Chronicle

Auction 143
Medals Assorted medals & s (20) Walthamstow Education 1907, bronze, Temperance Assoc. Medal silver & enamel, WW1 medal, L.C.C. school medals (2) , Territorial & Reserve Arras medal, silver, Lord 's Flagship Foudroyant copper from ship medal 1897 (Eimer 1813) and 13 other bronze medals. VF or better.

Auction 143
Medals Long & Good Conduct Medal E.II.R. issue, MINIATURES (22), silvered metal. VF.

Auction 142
Medals Group of six to W.O.2 A. Cornish, , General Medal bar (5612621 Cpl. A. Cornish R.E.), 1939-45 Star, Star with 8th bar, & Medals, Regular Army Long Service Medal, G.VI.R. issue (5612621 W.O. Cl. 2 A. Cornish R.E.). Mounted as worn, VF.

Auction 141
Medals group of four to Driver P Rogers, Horse Artillery. with bar to November 1914 (36933 Dvr. P. Rogers R.H.A.) and Medals??(36933 Dvr. P. Rogers R.H.A.) Long and Good Conduct Medal,GVR issue (1034938 Gnr P.L. Rogers R.A.). Good VF.

Auction 141
Medals Miniature Medals (11) I.G.S. 1908 & 1936, A.G.S. , G.S.M. South , , B.W.M., (3, two lacking suspension ring), Regular L.S.& G.C. (2). Generally GVF (11)

Auction 129
Medals , of India 1799-1826 with Clasp for AVA (First Burmese ) awarded to Assistant Surgeon Benjamin Burt, Field Hospital R.A, impressed naming. Short hyphen type. NEF/EF
£1,300 London Coins : A129 : Lot 965 : India, Army of India 1799-1826 with Clasp for AVA (First Burmese war) awarded to Assistant Surge...

Auction 129
Medals Group of six 1939-45 medals in card box of issue, 1939-45 Star, Star with 8th bar, Star & & Star, & Medals. EF.

Auction 127
Medals 1897 (6), St Peter's Eaton Square, bronzed, St Saviours Church Pimlico, silvered bronze (BHM 3582 & 3583), both 78mm. Another three bronze medals by Spink, "The " (BHM 3511), Town Hall (BHM 3604) and "/" (3514) and another general 1897 issue in bronze. Generally GVF or better

Auction 126
Medals group of six to Capt..G.Cowell n , 1939-45 Star, Star, & War Medals, General Medal G.VI.R. bar S.E. 1945-46 (Capt. G.Cowell10/7 Rajputs), Efficiency Medal G.VI Territorial (Lt. Indian Army) EF

Auction 126
Medals group of five to Sjt. W.R.Timblick R.A., 1939-45 Star, Star with 8th bar, War Medal, Efficiency Medal G.VI Territorial (1451834 Sjt. W.R. Timblick R.A.), With RA cap , ribbon bar and box of issue. EF

Auction 126
Medals , III medal by , Entry of the to Milan 1859, 50mm., bronze. EF

Auction 125
Medals group of seven, 1939-45 & (8th Army) & Stars, & War Medals. In glazed display case with two Safe Driving Medals. EF.

Auction 124
Medals Sports medals (5) including R.N & Boxing Assoc. 1919, County Football Assoc. 1897-8, Diving medal, P.S.L. 1922 Bowling Medal and large sports Medal in bronze. Good very fine.

Auction 123
Medals pair to Sjt Mjr. Adams Corps, Queen's 5 bars Cape Colony, Tugela Heights, Relief of Ladysmith, Transvaal and S.A.1901.(7208 S.S.Maj R.F.Adams A.S.C.). Army Long Service & Good Conduct, E.VII.R. issue (7208 1st Cl. S.Sjt.Mjr. A.S.C.). Toned, good VF

Auction 123
Medals Two groups 1939-45 Star, Star with North Africa clasp, Star, War Medal with forwarding slip. 1949-45 Star, Africa Star with 8th clasp, Italy Star, & War medals. With forwarding slip and box of issue addressed to Thos. Davis. EF

Auction 121
Medals Order of the , M.B.E. 1st Type Division awarded to Emily Curtis, Unit Administrator, Queen 's Auxiliary Corps. M.B.E. in case of issue with certificate of award dated June 1919. Together with other interesting original documentation. Mrs Curtis served at the Military Convalescent Hospital, Crownhill , retiring in 1919, served 1939-45 with the Civil at Caterham & lingham, (entitled to the Defence Medal) and died in 1952

Auction 121
Medals pair to Quarter Master / Lieut. A. Hollett, Medal (Q.M. & Lieut. A.Hollett) Correction to surname, L.S.& G.C., G.V.R.issue (4887 C.Sjt. A. Hollett North'd. Fus.). Hollett was appointed Q/mst. whilst serving with the 16th Batt. Chatsworth Rifles on 11.6. 1918. sold with copied card

Auction 104
Medals G. WASHINGTON GENERAL OF THE CONTINENTAL ARMY IN AMERICA around bare headed right facing bust, canons reverse pitted Fair and plugged at the top

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