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Birmingham : Medals

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 156
Medals Duke of 1815 51mm diameter in white metal by Allen and Moore, , Obverse bust left, ARTHUR DUKE OF WELLINGTON , Reverse a monument with Britannia positioned to the left, crying, with a lion lying on the ground humbly and an angel offering a crown of laurels to the right. GVF

Auction 155
Medals 1897 the Official issue 56mm diameter in bronze UNC in contemporary box (not Royal Mint). 1902 56mm diameter in bronze the official Royal Mint issue A./UNC in the Royal Mint box. George V 1935 The official Royal Mint issue 31mm diameter in silver UNC toned, in the red box of issue. Coronation 1937 The official Royal Mint issue 31mm diameter in silver UNC toned in the red box of issue. Queen Victoria Golden Jubilee 1887 by W.O.Lewis, Reverse: Britannia standing on a seashore, with trident, shield and anchor, behind to her right a plinth with Crown, sceptre and drapery, in the distance, a ship and lighthouse, 46mm diameter in bronze UNC boxed. Sandy Horticultural Medal 1931 Reverse Sandy Place in silver boxed UNC, as part of a mixed group (16) includes many prize medals, EF to UNC boxed, and a Crown 1889 VF in a silver brooch mount, this boxed, along with an album of (88) mostly modern tokens with some wooden nickels, in mixed grades

Auction 155
Medals Medals a mixed group :- Prize medal Chronology of the Reigns of Britain to in white metal UNC boxed, of and 1937. The Confectioners, Bakers and Allied Trades Exhibition in bronze oval, UNC boxed. Photographic Society 1913 Prize medal 80mm diameter in brass reverse inscribed Class A Wilfred Harrison, A/UNC boxed. Eton College Regular attendance medal 46mm in bronze UNC boxed. Coronation of City of in white metal UNC boxed. Queen Victoria 1897 39mm diameter in white metal, by Restall, Birmingham, UNC and lustrous. Sir Isaac Pitman - Pitman's Metropolitan Schools Verbatim Reporting Competition Prize medal 41mm diameter in bronze UNC boxed. Coronation of Edward VII and Queen Alexandra 1902 31mm in brass pierced for suspension. uniface Pewter 1789 Beginning of (No.2) 77mm diameter by F. EF

Auction 155
Medals Queens of the British Isles a 9-medal set by the Mint each medal depicting a different monarch, each medal 44-45 grammes of .925 silver, UNC-FDC in the box of issue, one medal with a line of discolouration, The Campaign 1982 a 9-medal set each medal 25 grammes of .925 silver FDC in the case of issue with leaflet, 400th of the 1588-1988 Silver 5 ounce Medal by the UNC lightly toning, in the box of issue with certificate

Auction 153
Medals The of the British Isles the 42 medal set by The Mint cased

Auction 152
Medals Great British s, an impressive , by the Mint, housed in a large wooden lockable box, with key containing 52 x 50 mm medals each depicting a Regiment in active and the details of their achievements, along with a for each regiment, each medal around 45 grammes of silver, FDC in the impressive wooden box of issue, only the second such set we have offered

Auction 152
Medals Grand National 1809 Eimer 993, by T., 1821 Eimer 1145var, of 1863 Eimer 1563 51mm diameter by Ottley of , Exhibition of Art Treasures 1857 Eimer 1513 variety without floral border, Exhibition 1891 & Camperdown on obverse Eimer 1767, all white metal issues, NEF to EF (5)

Auction 152
Medals St 's College, New Oscott, 1838, by D. & R., silver, 56mm., view of exterior building and interior of college chapel. (Eimer 1325). GVF.
£30 London Coins : A152 : Lot 831 : St Mary's College, New Oscott, Birmingham 1838, by D. & R., silver, 56mm., view of exterior... London Coins : A152 : Lot 831 : St Mary's College, New Oscott, Birmingham 1838, by D. & R., silver, 56mm., view of exterior...

Auction 150
Medals 1897 by M.B. Ltd (Mint ), 40mm bronze & silver in red presentation case. Together with a similar, silver, in red round card case. 38mm. EF. See BHM nos. 3547, 3548 and 3549. Only 39 manufactured (3)

Auction 150
Medals Aston Hall 1858 Visit, Indus Exhibition 1858 visited by Prince Consort, 1887, Municipal Issue, 1830 by E Thompson large and impressive white metal, Scottish s 1881 McPhail large impressive design, Ramsay McDonald visit to 1929 mostly larger diameter issues and in high grades

Auction 149
Medals International Philatelic Exhibition 1936 Rider on galloping horse, aded to Fred Schulze, reverse inscribed GIBRALTAR AND MALTA (COMBINED) silvered with gold horse and rider EF, International Philatelic Exhibition Vienna 1933 (2) 89mm x 69mm in bronze EF boxed, to Fred Schulze, , and 42mm x 38mm in silver, and , GEF boxed, International Philatelic Exhibition Basle 1948 40mm x 40mm silvered EF boxed, inscribed MALTA awarded to Fred Schulze Birmingham, all except the first in original cases, along with Birmingham Philatelic Society (2) the 'La Trobe' medal 1942-1943 Mafeking, in silver awarded to Fred Schulze, EF boxed, Birmingham Philatelic Society 1936 in base metal UNC boxed

Auction 149
Medals Buildings (4), Abbey Church by Carter, (2) bronze & golded white metal, 50mm., Clifton suspension bridge opened 1864, by J. Moore, white metal, 45mm. Exchange opened 1844, rev. Statue, white metal, 38mm., edge knock. Good fine or better (4).

Auction 147
Medals Buildings and Architecture (3) Completion of Town Hall 1834, w/m., Destruction of Exchange 1838, w/m., Sir Soane 1834, bronze. AVF or better.

Auction 146
Medals Admiral Vernon/Capture of Portobello 1739 Obverse with 3/4 length portrait, Fine, and Challen Minting Machinery Coining Press 1903 EF with lustre, One Gulden 1854A NEF, Medal 1887 Hyogo and Ozaka EF, A.Negro Token Cooperativa Genova Fine, First Congress of Medicine 1902 Reverse Sphinx and Pyramids GVF, Medal of Jutland 1916 45mm diameter in Silver Eimer 1951 Toned UNC

Auction 146
Medals Football Medals (3) Dominian of Football Championship Connaught Cup Finals 1913 aded to J.Ryder Ormskirk and District Amateur Football League Runners up 1904-1905 awarded to M.Ryder Ormskirk Rovers by Vaughton of , plus a third medal unnamed, all three in silver NVF to GVF

Auction 145
Medals Silver ingots; Palaces by Mint, 12 x 31.8gms each, in wooden case. Queen's Visit to the U.S. 1976 (48.2gms), Royal Cyphers 1977 x 2 (42.8 gms each). The 100 greatest cars silver miniature (full set of 25 packets with 4 medals in each).

Auction 145
Medals Free Grammar School Present Edifice erected 1836 52mm diameter in bronze Obverse Bust of almost full face EDWARDUS VI LAUS DEO Reverse: View of the building FREE GRAMMAR SCHOOL BIRMINGHAM. FOUNDED BY KING EDWARD VI A.D 1552 REBUILT 1707. PRESENT EDIFICE ERECTED 1836 REV.FRANCIS JEUNE D.C.L. REV. SYDNEY GEDGE M.A.MASTERS C.BARRY ARCHITECT in 6 lines A/UNC toned

Auction 145
Medals The of HRH the and HRH Princess Alexandra 1863 51mm diameter in White Metal by Ottley of , Eimer 1563 EF, Series Numismatica (2) Ludovicvs Galvani (Physiologist) 41mm diameter in bronze, by , A/UNC, Ludovicvs Lacaille (Astronomer) 41mm diameter in bronze by Schmit A/UNC

Auction 143
Medals & Medals to7300 Pte A E Cox 19-Lond R. (St. Pancras Rifles), Opening of University Medal 1909, bronze . 1911, City of Birmingham issue, bronze. GVF.

Auction 142
Medals Discovery in Silver a 24-medal set by the Mint, each in .925 silver and weighing 40 grammes depicting the World's Great Explorers nFDC to FDC in red book-style cases of issue each with accompanying text

Auction 139
Medals Brewers and Allied Traders and Market (2) Cider in Cask and Bottled Cider prize medals 1913 44mm diameter weights 46.34 grammes and 46.30 grammes both choice UNC in Sulley and Rangers cases. Prize Medal Poultry Best Breed 1932-1933 40mm diameter in silver by P.Stall, aded to Miss N.B.Maddison GEF boxed
£140 London Coins : A139 : Lot 1340 : Canada Brewers and Allied Traders International Exhibition and Market (2) Cider in Cask and Bottled ... London Coins : A139 : Lot 1340 : Canada Brewers and Allied Traders International Exhibition and Market (2) Cider in Cask and Bottled ...

Auction 139
Medals 1851 by W.J., silver, struck in the building of the exhibition (Eimer 1463), 1902 by Vaughton, bronze, Coronation 1911, by The Mint, , bronze 52mm in case. AVF or better. (3).

Auction 139
Medals Grocery & Baking medals (6) Grocery and Allied Trades Exhibition 1925, silver, Federation of Master Bakers Assoc. and Allied Trades (bronze, silver & silver ), Master Bakers Exhibition, bronze, Grocers, Bakers & Confectioners Exhibition, bronze. GVF (6).

Auction 138
Medals James Watt & Co Bronze 37mm diameter, Obverse Boulton & Watt conjoined busts right. No legend J Moore F. 1871 below busts, Reverse JAMES WATT & CO. LATE BOULTON & WATT ENGINEERS LONDON. & SOHO BIRMINGHAM in six lines GVF with some rim nicks and a stain on the reverse, Ex-Michael Freeman
£22 London Coins : A138 : Lot 645 : James Watt & Co Bronze 37mm diameter, Obverse Boulton & Watt conjoined busts right. No l... London Coins : A138 : Lot 645 : James Watt & Co Bronze 37mm diameter, Obverse Boulton & Watt conjoined busts right. No l...

Auction 136
Medals Silver issues cased (11) several such as Fleur De Coin set, and 1977 , others from the Mint along with an uncased Jewish National Fund

Auction 133
Medals and Railway Medal 1838-1938 by J. Pinches, bronze, 65mm dia. Obv. view of Euston Arch, rev. thirteen line inscription (Eimer 2054). In card box of issue. Unc or near so

Auction 129
Medals Miscellaneous in bronze and white metal 1834-1932 (8) includes Town Hall, Toll Bridge, 1925 Railway VF-AU, Provincial issues 1902-1937 (7) in base metals GVF-AU

Auction 127
Medals 1911 by Mackennal, frosted silver, 51mm. (Eimer 1922), another by The Mint with boat and trumpeter's on reverse, bronze. Investiture of Edd 1911, Official issue, silver. All three in cases of issue and EF

Auction 121
Medals School Medals (3) Walthamstow Education Committee bronze medal awarded to P. Travers for regular and punctual attendance 1908; Alleyns School Dulwich C.J.Rappard, Class IV,100 yds.,1925, bronze; Schools in to L.A.Kirby on election to a foundation scholarship 1966, silvered metal. Extremely fine

Auction 118
Medals Winston in 22 carat Gold 32 mm diameter 33.8 grammes by A.Edd Jones Ltd of Obverse Churchill three-quarters facing l

Auction 103
Medals Pitt Club 1814 Pitt the younger silver 50 mm as per Eimer 1039, scarce gEF in a glass holder, City and Guilds 1914 Examination 50mm silver

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