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Books Accessories : Misc Items

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 161
Misc Items s and accessories with a selection of Krause Mischler World Coin catalogues covering different centuries with a group of over twenty numismatic reference books these mostly covering specific countries along with empty coin albums, folders boxes and stock boxes (lot in 4 boxes), room buyers only no postal service, this lot must be cleared from the Bracknell Grange Hotel auction room by the buyer £32

Auction 156
Misc Items Accessories and s a large group in 5 boxes, Books include Krause World Coins 5th Edition, English Coinage 1992 by P.A.Rayner, Spink Standard Catalogue 2011, World paper Money 1961-present 10th Edition, Coins Market Values 2014, accessories include boxes, empty cases, display boxes, wooden storage boxes, coin albums and a home-made glass topped , (Total weight around 40 Kilos) Room bidders only, no postal

Auction 155
Misc Items Accessories includes an impressive with 16 drawers, 14 with display trays, also albums, capsules, digital s, a USB Microscope, and many pages of research and descriptions of Roman and Ancient coins, the research an interesting read

Auction 152
Misc Items s and accessories includes useful titles such as Krause World Coins, World paper Money Post 1961 and Pre 1961 editions, Spink catalogues (3) 2002, 2012, 2013, English Paper Money by Duggleby all in good second-hand condition, along with an aluminium case containing five 24-coin trays, this in good second-hand condition (total weight 19 Kilos) £60

Auction 147
Misc Items s and Accessories Michael Gouby (3) Coinage 1860 - 69, Bronze 1860 - 1970, Bronze Penny 1860 - 1901 Specialised Edition, Peck Tin and Bronze 2nd Edition, Marsh Sovereign and , Linecar Coin Designs, The Sovereign, The Soho Mint, Retrographic Grading British Coins and Collectors Coins 2008, Coin Yearbooks 2005/07/08/10/14, Porter The English , Collectors Coins 1991, Spink Coins of England (8) 2007 - 2014 complete Freeman 2006 Edition, Rayner ESC, Zoom Digital Microscope, Electronic Pocket Scales and Spink Jigsaws (3) all very good second hand

Auction 146
Misc Items s and Accessories in 3 large boxes, the books include many useful titles, Krause coins and paper money, Spink, Coincraft catalogues, the accessories includes Lindner Trays (12) these in excellent condition

Auction 146
Misc Items Aluminium Case 400mm x 250mm with 6 trays, lockable with keys, fair condition along with small carrying case with trays and s including Pick and Spink along with other accessories

Auction 145
Misc Items s and Accessories including a carrying case and trays, deed box, and presentation boxes

Auction 137
Misc Items s and Accessories, Books (14) including Tokens of the 20th Century by William Boyne, Salisbury's Local Coinage by C.M.Rowe, London Tradesmen's Tokens Beaufoy by Jacob Henry Burn 1855, 17th Century Tradesmen's Tokens by J.L.Wetton, Lanire and Cheshire Tokens by Nathan Heywood, Krause World Coins 1801-1900 4th Edition, Krause World Coins 1901-2000 34th Edition, Krause World Coin 2001-date 2nd Edition, Krause Unusual World Coins 4th Edition, a 10 tray plastic cabinet includes many felts, a home-made cabinet 8 trays with felt inlay, plus home made flat coin display trays in mixed condition

Auction 131
Misc Items Coin First Day Covers (14), a small group of GB and World banknotes (37), as part of a group of s and accessories includes Lindner Trays (4), Lindner Aluminium carrying case, World Paper Money 1368-1960 11th Edition, in mixed condition

Auction 125
Misc Items s (4) English , Tin and Coins in the British Museum Second Edition by C.W.Peck, fair condition, The Bronze Coinage of Great Britain by Michael J.Freeman 1985 Edition, English Coinage from 1649 by P. Alan Rayner 1974 Edition, British Silver Coins since 1816 by Peter Davies as part of a lot of Accessories, a large accumulation in seven boxes of albums, cases, coin envelopes, coin capsules, Coindex boxes, stock boxes etc. in varied condition, ROOM BUYERS ONLY MUST BE CLEARED FROM THE SALE BY THE BUYER ON THE DAY OF THE SALE

Auction 124
Misc Items Accessories and s, including Peck and Seaby/Spinks catalogues, carrying cases with trays, albums, vynals etc (lot). Room buyers only must be removed from the auction room on the day of the sale by the buyer

Auction 124
Misc Items s and Accessories empty albums, hartbegers, trays and some useful books, Krause, Schneider, Seaby, ESC, Brooker and others (some titles with several copies), (lot in six boxes). Room buyers only must be cleared from the auction room by the buyer

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