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Books Many : Misc Items

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 164
Misc Items s a large lot includes English Hammered Coinage by J.J.North Volumes 1 and 2, Roman Coins And Their Values 1970 edition, by David Sear, Roman Coins Volumes I to V 1979 by Seaby, Greek Coins and Their Values, Second Edition 1966 by Seaby, also includes many titles on Indian Coins, and useful titles on Roman and Greek Coins (large lot in two heavy containers). Room buyers only must be cleared by the buyer from the Bracknell auction room

Auction 164
Misc Items Numismatic s (45) a good variety with many on Ancient coins, includes 4 volumes of Indo-Scythian by R.C.Senior. Room buyers only must be collected on sale day by the buyer

Auction 163
Misc Items s a large and wide ranging selection (62) includes many useful titles, particularly in Hammered and Ancient Coins: Celtic Coinage of Britain by R.D. Van Arsdell, The History And Coinage of The Roman Imperators 49-27BC by David.R.Sear, The John Brooker Collection - Coins of Charles I by J.J.North and P.J.Preston-Morley, The Herbert Schneider Collection of English Coins Volumes I and II, Roman Coins and Their Values Volumes I, II, III and IV by David Sear, Roman Coins Volumes I, II, III, IV and V by Seaby, s and s in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford Volumes I, II and III by D.M.Metcalf, Greek Coins and Their Values by David R.Sear, Byzantine Coins and Their Values by David R.Sear, Sylloge of Coins of the British Isles (13 Volumes) includes Anglo-Saxon by J.D.A.Thompson, Anglo-Saxon Pennies Aethelred II by Georg Galster, University Collection, Reading - Anglo Saxon and Norman Coins/ Royal Coin , Stockholm Anglo-Norman Pennies, Bristol and Gloucester Museums - Ancient British Coins and Coins of Bristol and Gloucestershire Mints , R.P.Mack Collection Ancient British, Anglo-Saxon and Norman Coins, by R.P.Mack, Museums in East Anglia - The Morley St. Peter , Anglo-Saxon - Angevin coins and later Norwich Coins, by T.H.McK.Clough, American Collections - Ancient British, Anglo-Saxon and Norman Coins by Jeremiah D.Brady, Polish Museums - Anglo-Saxon and later British Coins, by Andrzej Mokolajczyk, The Norweb Collection - Tokens of the British Isles 1575-1750 Part II Dorset, Durham, Essex and Gloucestershire by R.H. THompson, Royal Coin Cabinet Stockholm, Part IV, Anglo-Saxon Coins Harold I and Harthacnut 1035-10452 by T.Talvio, The Norweb Collection - Tokens of the British Isles 1575-1750 Part III Hampshire to Lincolnshire, by R.H.Thompson and M.J.Dickinson, The Norweb Collection - Tokens of the British Isles 1575-1750 Part IV Norfolk to Somerset, by R.H.Thompson and M.J.Dickinson, The J.P.Mass Collection of English Short Cross Coins 1180-1247 by Jeffrey P.Mass, along with a host of other useful titles (total lot consists of 62 books), Room Buyers only, to be removed from the room on the day of the sale

Auction 158
Misc Items s (50) many are token-related includes some interesting and unusual volumes (lot), room buyers only must be taken from the sale room by the buyer £20

Auction 155
Misc Items Accessories includes an impressive with 16 drawers, 14 with display trays, also albums, capsules, digital s, a USB Microscope, and many pages of research and descriptions of Roman and Ancient coins, the research an interesting read

Auction 153
Misc Items s a large selection includes English Hammered Coinage by J.J.North Volumes 1 and 2, Coins of the British Commonwealth of Nations Volume 4 by F.Pridmore, India, a balance scale and many other useful publications, in mixed second hand condition (total weight over 22 Kilos)

Auction 151
Misc Items s a wide selection (50), includes some useful titles such as English Hammered Coinage by J.J.North Volume 1 c.650-1272, 1963 Edition, and Volume 2 1272-1662 1975 Edition, The Provincial Token Coinage of the 18th Century by R.Dalton and S.H.Hamer, The 19th Century Token Coinage by W.J.Davis (includes valuation sheet), English and Scotch Coinage by George Bell and Sons, 1885, The Pieces of Great Britain and the British Commonwealth Second Edition by Howard W.A.Linecar, and many others, in mixed condition

Auction 146
Misc Items s and Accessories in 3 large boxes, the books include many useful titles, Krause coins and paper money, Spink, Coincraft catalogues, the accessories includes Lindner Trays (12) these in excellent condition

Auction 143
Misc Items s a comprehensive group including many useful titles - The Provincial Token Coinage of the 18th Century by R.Dalton and S.H.Hamer, Roman Coins by Seaby, World Paper Money Eighth Edition hardback by Pick, World Paper Money Specialized issues Fifth Edition by Pick, along with Spink/Seaby Standard Catalogues 1996, 2007, 2010, 2011 and more (25 books in lot) all in good condition

Auction 138
Misc Items s 'The Coinage of Great Britain' by Michael J.Freeman, the pre-production copy owned by Michael Freeman showing various annotations before the book went to press. (The jacket untitled unlike the standard edition) includes hand typed and hand-written lists of values for 1983 and 1984, Good condition and a historically important insight into the workings of the author prior to the publication of the second edition in 1985. Book 'English Tin and Bronze Coins in the British Museum 1558-1958' by C.W.Peck Second edition 1964, the copy owned by Michael J.Freeman, no dust jacket, in fair condition and including notes and annotations by Mr. Freeman who acquired many of Peck's when it was sold through Spink. We have Michael's school teacher to thank for his extensive insights into the bronze series as she attracted his interest through a charity collection the teacher administered, requesting the children to donate Michael was immediately attracted to the variety he noticed in the collection spurring him on to extensive studies of the series leading to his book first published in 1970. A rare opporty to acquire historically significant and original workings.

Auction 137
Misc Items s and Accessories, Books (14) including Tokens of the 20th Century by William Boyne, Salisbury's Local Coinage by C.M.Rowe, London Tradesmen's Tokens Beaufoy by Jacob Henry Burn 1855, 17th Century Tradesmen's Tokens by J.L.Wetton, Lanire and Cheshire Tokens by Nathan Heywood, Krause World Coins 1801-1900 4th Edition, Krause World Coins 1901-2000 34th Edition, Krause World Coin 2001-date 2nd Edition, Krause Unusual World Coins 4th Edition, a 10 tray plastic cabinet includes many felts, a home-made cabinet 8 trays with felt inlay, plus home made flat coin display trays in mixed condition

Auction 134
Misc Items s a large group includes many useful reference titles, Freeman 1970, ESC 1992, Standard Premium List of all Rare d States and Early American Coins by Wayte Raymond 1930 First Edition, Krause catalogues etc. the vast majority coin-related, dating back to the 1930s, in mixed condition, total weight over 28 Kilos so unsuitable for posting

Auction 126
Misc Items s and magazines (66) includes many 'Coin Monthly' from the 1960s to 1980s, varied state

Auction 117
Misc Items Coin 5 tray plastic with a key, along with a large quantity of numismatic s with many useful titles such as Coincraft Standard Catalogue 1

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