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Bowcher : Medals

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 160
Medals of 1902 76mm diameter in silver by Spink/F. Eimer 1869, Obverse: Busts right conjoined, crowned and draped, EDWARD VII ALEXANDRA Reverse: Helmeted figure of the Mother country holds a crown aloft; children of the left, and Britannia seated, right. Abbey in the distance. GOD SAVE THE KNIG Exergue: CROWNED JUNE 26TH 1902, UNC with matt finish, much scarcer than the issue

Auction 158
Medals 1917 45mm diameter in silver by F. Eimer 1959b Obverse: Bust Three-quarters left, draped, head facing, DAVID LLOYD GEORGE MCMXVII Reverse Britannia as standing, facing, VICTORIA PER LABOREM A/UNC and lustrous with an attractive and colourful tone, in a maroon box

Auction 158
Medals Linnean Society, the -Wallace Medal 1908 48mm diameter in bronze by F., Obverse Bust Left LINN:SOC:LOND: 1858-1908 DARWIN, Reverse Bust three-quarters facing LINN:SOC:LOND: 1858-1908 WALLACE GEF with a hairline scratch in the obverse field, in Pinches box. Note: Wallace, a trained surveyor and architect, devote himself to natural history, and originated, independently of Charles Darwin, the theory of natural selection. This medal commemorates the publication of their joint paper by the Linnean Society. A special meeting was held during which Wallace was presented with an example in gold.

Auction 149
Medals 1917, by F., bronze, 65mm., obv. bust facing, rev. Britannia standing (Eimer 1959). GVF.
£40 London Coins : A149 : Lot 884 : David Lloyd George 1917, by F.Bowcher, bronze, 65mm., obv. bust facing, rev. Britannia standing (Eim... London Coins : A149 : Lot 884 : David Lloyd George 1917, by F.Bowcher, bronze, 65mm., obv. bust facing, rev. Britannia standing (Eim...

Auction 138
Medals Christian IX and Louise, Visit to the 1893, issued by the Corporation of the City of London, by , bronze, in case of issue.(Eimer 1783). EF.

Auction 137
Medals 1897, Corporation of medal by F., bronze, 76mm. In case of issue (Eimer 1815). Cleaned otherwise EF.

Auction 135
Medals 1897 Eimer 1816 Obverse Bust left crowned, laureate, draped and veiled, IN COMMEMORATIONEM ANNI REGNI LX in the field. VICTORIA. DEI GRA: BRITT: REGINA. FID: DEF: IND: IMP MDCCCXCVII Reverse Arms in the centre; below, THE A.D. 1897and a vignette containing 4 clasped hands, inscribed PEACE LOVE AND UNION. Aborder of 50 shields of British Colonies and Protectorates, each identified 76mm diameter in bronze by F. GEF

Auction 133
Medals Franco- Exhibition, 1908, by F., bronze , 63mm. (2) aded to Bros. & Co Ltd. In Vaughton cases of issue (Eimer 1903). EF

Auction 133
Medals Franco- Exhibition, 1908, by F., bronze , 63mm. aded to The Schultze Gun Powder Co. Ltd. (Eimer 1903). EF

Auction 131
Medals King of Christian IX and Princess Louise visit to the city of London 1893 75mm diameter in bronze Eimer 1783 Obverse Busts conjoined and draped, the Princess diademed, the King uniformed, CHRISTIANUS IX ET LOUISE D:G: DANIAE V: G: REX ET REGINA + Reverse Londinia seated left almost facing, beside a pedestal decorated with the Danish shield right, holding a streaming pendant with the inscription WELCOME CHRISTIAN IX TO LONDON beyond a facade of the Guild Hall Exergue: 8th July 1893 by F., issued by the Corporation of London, in the original black box, with inscription on the lid 'In Commemoration of the Visit of the H.M. THE KING OF DENMARK to the . THE RT.HON. SIR STUART KNILL, BART.. Lord Mayor 8th July 1893, SIR JOSEPH RENALS. KNT, SIR WALTER WILKIN, KNT Sherriffs. ALFRED BROOKMAN ESQ Chairman of the Committee, with description of the medal on the green lining

Auction 127
Medals 1897 (8) medals by Spink, bronze, all 38mm. and having the same obverse by F., reverses cover Peace, , Cape Colony, , Town Hall, Longest Reign, Heirs to the Throne, Love Peace & Union. GEF

Auction 110
Medals Medal Eimer 1816 by F. 76 mm in White Metal GEF, Sinking of the Lusitania 1915 Eimer 1941A 56 mm boxed, U.S.S Enterprise 68 mm M

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