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Caque : Medals

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 149
Medals , I, Treaty of Campo Formio 1797, recognition of Sciences & Arts by , bronze, 55mm. France, Charles X Memorial Medal by /, 1795, bronze, 51mm. VF. (2).
£110 London Coins : A149 : Lot 899 : France, Napoleon I, Treaty of Campo Formio 1797, recognition of Sciences & Arts by Duvivier, bro... London Coins : A149 : Lot 899 : France, Napoleon I, Treaty of Campo Formio 1797, recognition of Sciences & Arts by Duvivier, bro...

Auction 147
Medals Medals (6) Alexander VIII by Hamer bronze 38mm., Sixtus IIII bronze 40mm. Cast, another Sixtus IIII bronze 44mm., Paul II bronze 42mm cast, Martin V bronze 41mm., Leo XIII by Bianchet silver, 30mm. Christ, portrait of on bronze medal, 64mm., I bronze medal 1822 by , 51mm., GVF -EF.

Auction 145
Medals The of HRH the and HRH Princess Alexandra 1863 51mm diameter in White Metal by Ottley of , Eimer 1563 EF, Series Numismatica (2) Ludovicvs Galvani (Physiologist) 41mm diameter in bronze, by , A/UNC, Ludovicvs Lacaille (Astronomer) 41mm diameter in bronze by Schmit A/UNC

Auction 143
Medals Visit to 1866 64mm diameter in White Metal by Ottley, Eimer 1587 EF with some surface marks, Victoria 1897 56mm diameter in bronze the Official issue Eimer 1817 EF with some spots, Montrose Academy Prize Medal 1839 51mm diameter in silver presented by Sir James Duke M.P. Obverse Building and Motto, Reverse 14 line inscription VF toned, Palais de L'Industrrie 1855 68mm diameter in Zinc by F. EF

Auction 142
Medals Memorial Medals (2) of 1135, metal, 40mm, tomb on reverse. Albertus Haller of died 1777, bronze medal by 40mm dia. AEF.

Auction 142
Medals , Exposition Universelle 1855, by , white metal, obv. bust of III, rev. view of building, medal GVF in damaged card caes of issue.

Auction 126
Medals , III medal by , Entry of the to Milan 1859, 50mm., bronze. EF

Auction 122
Medals Medals in silver (6), Chamber of ry Octagonal Medal by E.Rogat 1810; Orleans Horticultural Society Octagonal Medal by ; bank of Bayonne Octagonal Medal 1834; Versailles Arts & Agricultural Society Octagonal Medal; Academic Medal by ; Society of Education Medal by . Generally good very fine to extremely fine (6)

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