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Cardiff : Medals

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 164
Medals Medals in an aluminium carrying case (6) 1897 Queen , 56mm diameter, the official issue in silver GEF boxed, 1897 Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee 25mm diameter EF, Visit to the City of 1907 King and Queen Alexandra 52mm diameter in bronze About UNC in the round box of issue, of King 1911 31mm diameter in silver, the official Royal Mint issue GEF in the box of issue, of George V 1935 31mm diameter in silver, the official Royal Mint issue EF in the box of issue, Investiture of as the 1969 45mm diameter in silver UNC, Medals a 3-piece set 1936 The Three English Kings of 1936 each 51mm diameter in bronze, UNC in the box of issue with certificate, along with Crowns 1951 (2) UNC in the boxes of issue, one accompanied by a Threepence stamp 'The Okapi'

Auction 161
Medals 19th and 20th Century in bronze (9) - Chancellor of University 1834 Eimer 1273 by T. VF, Earl of Eldon, Lord Chancellor 1827 Eimer 1197 by C.Voigt, NEF, Lord s Flagship 'The ' 1897 37mm diameter, struck from copper of the vessel after breaking up, GVF, St. George's Hall Opening 1854 44mm diameter by J.Mayer/Allen & Moore, A/UNC, and Queen Alexandra Visit to 1907 - The Queen Alexandra Dock (2) VF cleaned and EF, Queen 1887 39mm diameter by Heaton GEF, Queen Victoria 39mm diameter, by the Heaton Mint EF holed, Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria 1897 56mm in bronze the original issue Eimer 1817 VF with some heavier edge knocks

Auction 161
Medals of Queen 1897 56mm diameter in bronze Eimer 1817 the Official issue, GEF, visit to The Queen Alexandra Dock, 1907 52mm diameter in bronze Eimer 1900 Obverse: Busts right, conjoined KING.EDWARD VII. QUEEN ALEXANDRA Reverse: City Arms in the centre. TO COMMEMORATE THE VISIT TO THE CITY OF CARDIFF OF THE KING & QUEEN & H.R.H. PRINCESS VICTORIA ON THE OCCASION OF THE OPENING OF THE QUEEN ALEXANDRA DOCK 13th JULY 1907 Below: SIR W.S CROSSMAN Kt. LORD MAYOR, J.L.WHEATLY TOWN CLERK, UNC with some residual lustre

Auction 159
Medals Queen 1897 Eimer 1817 56mm diameter in bronze the Official issue GEF with a few small spots, Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee 1897 Eimer 1819 46mm diameter in bronze by G.G.Adams Obverse conjoined young and old heads of the Queen, left, VICTORIA REG:IMP: 1837 1897, Reverse: Royal Arms UNITED IN LOYALTY, IN PROSPERITY, IN ENTERPRISE within a central frame, Around, various flora separating fifteen compartments, each inscribed with a Colony or Protectorate UNC, Queen Alexandra Dock Opened 1907 52mm diameter in bronze by Spiridion & Son, Eimer 1900, Obverse Busts right, conjoined, KING EDWARD VII . QUEEN ALEXANDRA, Reverse: TO COMMEMORATE THE VISIT TO THE CITY OF CARDIFF OF THE KING & QUEEN & H.R.H PRINCESS VICTORIA ON THE OCCASION OF THE OPENING OF THE QUEEN ALEXANDRA DOCK 13TH JULY 1907. Below: Sir W.S.Crossman Kt. Lord Mayor of Wheatly Town Clerk UNC and nicely toned

Auction 158
Medals Edward VI King's Medal 48mm diameter in silver, Obverse: With the tomb of William of Wykeham within its chantry, B. WYON and ETIAM SEPULTI VIVIT FAMA WYKEHAMI; Reverse bare head of facing left, EDWARDVS VII REX ET IMPERATOR HONOREM PROPOINT edge: GUY SEELY LEACH.1904, Note: Guy Seely Leach was a headmaster at and served as a Captain in ( Light Infantry) and is referred to in the book 'Memories of an SOE Historian' by Michael Richard Daniell Foot, along with Edward VII and Queen Alexandra Visit to the City of 51mm diameter in bronze (2) EF and GEF, Prince Albert Edward (as ) and n Exhibition 1886 (2) 52mm diameter in bronze the first UNC in a Heaton box, the box in fair condition, the second GEF, to Princess Alexandra of 1863 in white metal Eimer 1564 UNC boxed (6 pieces in lot)

Auction 152
Medals visit to The Queen Alexandra Dock, 1907 52mm diameter in bronze EF, Medal Edward VII 1902, 37mm diameter in bronze EF, Edward VII (3) and (1) Coronation & Memorial medals, white metal issues. EF, Exhibition medals (4), International Indus Exhibition 1851 by Allen & Moore; 1851, by , struck at exhibition; International Exhibition 1862 by Pinches, another with portrait of , all white metal issues. EF

Auction 151
Medals Medals a small group (9) Board of Agriculture 1793 48mm diameter in copper Eimer 853, of 1821 48mm, diameter in copper gilt, Coronation of 1902 56mm diameter in bronze the official issue, Queen Alexandra Dock Opened 1907 52mm diameter in bronze Eimer 1900, Coronation of 1911 the official Royal Mint issue Eimer 1922 51mm diameter in bronze, of George V 1935 a local issue in base metal pierced for suspension, plus School medals (3) 1855, 1900 and , in white metal for attendance and good conduct in mixed grades average NVF-VF

Auction 147
Medals Religion related medals (20) includes Baptist Union 20th Century Fund, w/m., Missionary Society 1899, w/m., Emancipation Centenary of , bronze, Myers Coverdale, Bishop of , publication of First English 1535-1835 w/m. (2), English Bible Tercentenary 1835, w/m., Missionary Society Centenary 1895, bronze; Robert Raikes Sunday School medals (9), Sunday School Centenary, 1885, w/m., Wesleyan Methodist medals (3). Generally VF. (20).

Auction 142
Medals Medals (4) Queen 1897 56mm diameter in bronze the official issue EF, King and Queen Alexandra Visit to the City of in bronze EF pierced at the top, of Edward VII 1902 The official Royal Mint issue A/UNC boxed, The German Lusitania Medal 1915 replica EF boxed

Auction 139
Medals World (5), W.A.&H.I.U. Show 1910, bronze Obv. artist at easel, Sports medal by L.Cariat bronze, G.B. Technical School medal (session 1899-1900), Life Saving Society Medal 1933, bronze, Medal 1953 issued by the National Playing Fields Assoc., bronze. EF.

Auction 129
Medals Medal 1902, silver, 56mm., issue. In case of issue, EF. Coronation Medal 1937, silver, 57mm. Royal Mint issue, test mark to rev otherwise GVF, together with two other bronze medals, Coronation and Docks (4)

Auction 125
Medals G.B medals (6) University bronze medal (1880 3 miles 2nd T W Walker Pemb. Coll.), Polytechnic Technical Schools , bronze medal to L Shattock 1911 Day School of Architecture 1st Year Drawings. The Daily Telegraph Cup Rifle Competition between teams of the Regulars & s in the Home District 1906, bronze. Esquilant Trophy by J.W.Minton, bronze. King visit to to open Queen Alexandra Dock 1907, bronze. Confectioners & Bakers Medal, silver to J Wood Whitburn, hallmarked 1903. EF.

Auction 124
Medals & Medals (11) in bronze and white metal many issued by Towns or Councils. Together with an E.VII Medal Commemorating the King's visit to 1907. Generally good very fine or better.

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