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Ecu : World Cased and Proof Coins

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 161
World Cased Maple Leafs (14) 2003, 2004 (2), 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 Reverse frosted, with horse privy mark, 2014 with maple leaf srity mark, 2015 with maple leaf security mark, 2016 with maple leaf security mark, 2017 Reverse frosted with cockerel privy mark, Lustrous UNC Canada Dollars (2) 1958 A/UNC and lustrous with flecks of toning, 1964 town Lustrous UNC still sealed in the mint envelope

Auction 159
World Cased GB and World sets (5) GB Executive Set 2012 FDC in the box of issue with certificate, GB 'The Year of the Three Kings' comprising Crowns (3) 1935 GEF, 1937 EF and Edd VIII Medal 2011 in .925 silver UNC, in a Westminster box with certificate, The US Presidential Dollar Collection 2007-2010 a 16-coin set plated EF to UNC in the Westminster box of issue, Crown 1977 UNC in slide case a 13-coin set 2011 One Dollar (13) in gold-plated - UNC with colour photo reverses, in a Westminster box with certificates, //Cook Islands 2012 II a 13-coin set in gold plated cupro-nickel, UNC with colour photo reverses, in a Westminster box with certificates

Auction 158
World Cased World, Mint Set 1988 and Euro Set 2003, Mint Set 1978 Soccer, 1974 (8 coins), Proof Set (8 coins) 1976, 3 coin proof set 1967 5,10 and 25 Gourdes toned Unc Lichtenstein Euro Pattern Set 2004, 2 coin mint set 1967, Mint Sets 1985 and 2004, Mint Set 2002, UK Ecu Mint Sets (2), S B Anthony Dollar 6 coin mint set 1979-1980, S B Anthony 3 piece First Day of Issues coin and cover set, Sacagawea 4 coin coloured dollar set, Virgin Islands Mint Set (6 coins) 1974, Cased Crowns 25 Florins 1986, 3 Ngultrum 1979, Cocos Keeling Dollar 2005, East Caribbean $10 1980, $1 1979, West 500 Francs 1972 BU, base metal issues in presentation packs £2, 5 Kwacha 1995, UK Euro Pattern and £1, 500 L along with Half and Quarter Dollars 1883 about Fine and probably weakly struck fantasies in silver mostly Unc - FDC cased as issues some with toning

Auction 155
World Cased World a wide variety, cased items, some , sets, promoters fantasy strikes including ECU sets and more (lot)

Auction 155
World Cased The Official s a 52-coin set 1991-1998 includes 48 in silver, the majority Crown-sized silver proofs, with 5 sized s, in two MDM cases with 55 certificates, the additional three from an unrelated set

Auction 155
World Cased the Bushranger Collection Two Dollars 2003 a 4-coin set each Proofs 2 ounces of .999 silver, with coloured reverses showing Ned Kelly, Captain Thunderbolt, Mad Dan Morgan and Ben Hall FDC in the box of issue with certificate, United Kingdom Ecu Set 1992 a 7-coin set 10 Ecu to One Tenth Ecu Piedfort Proofs in the red box of issue, Calendar medal 2000 76mm diameter in silver by the UNC boxed, 1897 in base metal, the reverse showing the four previous longest reigning monarchs, George III, Elizabeth I, Edd III and Henry III VF, along with a tray with 37 base metal medals, each depicting a different President of the 1789-1974

Auction 153
World Cased GB and World Proof and Mint Sets (7) and Singles (11) GB s (2) 1999 Red Leather Deluxe, 2000 Executive Set, Five Pound Crown 1996 II 70th Birthday Proof, Two Pounds 1997 Silver proof Piedforts (2) nFDC to FDC in the boxes of issue with certificates, 4000 Kwacha a 3-coin set 2000 portraits Proof FDC in a Westminster box with certificate, State Quarters a 12-coin set each coin with a different coloured portrait of Elvis Presley, UNC boxed as issued, Crowns 2001 a 6-coin set Harry Potter Silver proofs FDC in the Mint box of issue, GB and World an 14-coin set includes Historic Coins of the , and Historic Coins of , along with Silver Britannias (3) a varied set, some with certificates, in mixed grades in a Westminster box, Shipwrecked Coins a 4-piece set of low grade n cobs in a Westminster box with certificate, Medal 2002 Duke of Britannia Medal 5 ounce Silver Proof FDC in the Westminster box with certificate, Crown 2002 Peter Rabbit Silver Proof with coloured reverse, 2002 Peter Pan Silver Proof with coloured reverse, FDC in the boxes of issue with certificates, Five Pounds 2006 plated silver with ruby and emerald set into the reverse BU in the case of issue with certificate, - The Work Continues issues (4) Gibraltar Crown 2002 Silver Proof, Isle of Man Crown 2002 Silver Proof, Ten Dollars 2002 Silver Proof and South Two Pounds 2002 Silver proof, FDC in the boxes of issue with certificates, along with GB Five Pound Crown 2000 Queen Mother Numismatic first day cover with stamps, UNC as issued

Auction 153
World Cased Crowns (11) 1992 s Cup Proof, 1995 Airct of - Silver Proof, 1997 Manx Cat Silver Proof, 1997 Golden Silver Proof, gold plated (2), 1997 Leiv Eiriksson Silver Proof, 1997 Fridtjof Nansen Silver Proof, 2000 Joey Dunlop Silver Proof, 2000 Birth of Christ Silver Proof, 2000 Silver Proof (2), 25 Pounds 1993 Nigel Mansell Silver Proof, 10 Pounds 1993 Nigel Mansell Silver Proof, 5 Pounds 1999 RNLI Silver Proof, Fifty Pence (3) 1991 Christmas Silver Proof, 1994 Christmas Silver Proof, 1996 Christmas Silver Proof, 25 Ecus 1994 Silver Proof, 15 Ecus 1994 Silver Proof, 10 Euros (5) 1996 (certificate no.5) Silver Proof, 1997 200th of the Birth of Schubert Silver Proof, 1997 Silver Proof, 1998 Manannan Legend (certificate no.1) Silver Proof, 1998 125th Anniversary of the Isle of Man Railway Silver Proof (certificate no.2), 15 Euros 1996 100th Anniversary of the First Performance of La Boheme, nFDC to FDC in the Mint boxes of issue most with certificates, along with Crown 1997 Flight of Mohammed Silver Proof in capsule, no certificate, 1997 50th Anniversary of and , Silver Proof FDC in capsule, Ten Pence 1992, Five Pences 1994 (7) EF to UNC

Auction 151
World Cased The Official s a 58-coin set 1991-1998 includes 54 in silver, the majority -sized silver proofs, a few sized s, in two MDM cases as issued, 54 with certificates

Auction 150
World Cased 10 Ecu 1995 Presidency of the EU January-June 1995, Proof Piedfort by Richard Falkiner FDC in the box of issue, one of only 35 with the signed certificate

Auction 148
World Cased 50 Ecu 1990 Krause 'Unusual World Coins' X#3 Proof FDC with certificate, in a green box originally for the £1 coin

Auction 146
World Cased 1965 One Puffin and Half Puffin each in and FDC in the case of issue, UK Euro Patterns 1992 by Spink 10 Ecu to 1/10th Ecu (7 coins) Piedfort Set UNC in a red case, UK Euro Patterns 2002 a 9-coin set by INA 5 Euro to 1 Cent UNC in the maroon case with certificate

Auction 144
World Cased World (6) 1974 1100th of Settlement FDC boxed, 10 Shillings 1966 Proof nFDC boxed, Ireland 10 Shillings 1966 UNC in slide case, Ireland 10 Ecu 1990 Proof FDC in capsule, Ireland 1 2000 Silver Proof FDC boxed with certificate, 10 Euro 2003 UNC in the blue case of issue with certificate

Auction 140
World Cased , and (31) these dating from the early part of the 20th Century, the vast majority in , in mixed grades to EF plus modern an Euro/ coins (6) these mostly UNC, in a box

Auction 140
World Cased (4) Fifty Pence 1977 Silver Proofs (2), 1992 40th of Reign of Elizabeth II Silver Proof, 1999 Winston Silver Proof, St. Helena Crown 1977 Silver Jubilee Silver Proof, Crown 1977 Silver Jubilee Silver Proof, (2) Two Pounds 1985 40th Anniversary of Silver Proof, 1978 Visit Silver Proof, Two Pounds 1999 Total Solar Eclipse Silver Proof, Turks and Caicos 10 Crowns 1979 10th Anniversary of the Investiture of Silver Proof, United Kingdom Ecu 1992 Silver Proof, Medals (2) 2002 Silver Proof, Airct Corporation Inaugural Flight of Silver Proof nFDC to FDC in the cases of issue with certificates

Auction 140
World Cased World Proofs (12) (6) Twenty Cents 2000 Masterpieces in design series (3,all different), Twenty Cents 1998 Parliament House Florin Reverse, Coat of Arms/Florin reverse from 1938, 50 Cents 2000 Visit, 5 Dollars 1994 /Clarence House, 5 Dollars 2001, 2001 Queen Mother, Dollar 1994 Queen Mother nFDC-FDC in capsules, 14 Ecus (2) 1993 Eurotunnel FDC in the cases

Auction 138
World Cased Ecu Collection By MDM (69) in 3 boxes 65 in mostly crown sized from a wide variety of an Countries coins dated in the 1990s FDC as issued with certificates, along with a few unrelated issues including GB £5 crowns

Auction 138
World Cased 50 1990 Krause 'Unusual World Coins' X#3 nFDC in the green case, the case damaged

Auction 138
World Cased (7) Ten 1990 , 5 Ecu 1990 Silver Proof, 1990 - Proof, 1995 Silver Proof, 2000 nnium Silver Proof, 1988 Frosted Cupro-Nickel Proof, FDC in the boxes of issue with certificates, 1966 Pearce UNC in box

Auction 137
World Cased 10 Marks (12) 1972G UNC, 1987J GEF, 1989J A/UNC, 1990J Order UNC, 1992D Civil Pour-le-Merite Order About UNC, 1995D Rontgen GEF, 1995J Peace and Reconciliation UNC, 1997D Heine A/UNC, 1997F Diesel Engine UNC, 1997J Melanchthon UNC, 1998F 50 Years of the Deutsch Mark A/UNC, 1999D 50th of Bundes Republic Constitution GEF, GB 2008 Executive Set includes the I 450th Anniversary of Five Pound Crown and the Prince of 60th Birthday Five Pound Crown FDC boxed as issued with certificate and booklet, the box with some damage to the corners and State Quarter Collection (50) in mixed grades, gilded, in a presentation box some old adhesive labels may have slightly soiled each outer case

Auction 130
World Cased Eurozone in (142) the majority sized some a little smaller most denominated in Euros (these more recent dates) or s these generally from the 1990s a wide an interesting group from many different countries all FDC and in plastic capsules, no apparent duplication and accompanied with a quantity of certificates

Auction 130
World Cased UK 2005 Executive Set, Five Pound Crown 2003 Proof, One Pound 2004 Silver Proof Piedfort, Fifty Pence 1992/3 Silver Proof, Twenty Pence Britannia 2003 Silver Proof nFDC-FDC cased as issued with certificates, 1 Rand 1985 Parliament Silver Proof (no certificate), 100 Patacas 1998 Silver Proof boxed FDC with certificate, 2004 Silver Proof Set comprising a 6-piece set One Dollar, Half Dollar, One Dime, Five Cents (2), and One Cent and a 5-piece set comprising State Quarters from , , , and FDC cased as issued with certificate

Auction 129
World Cased 5 Dollars Maple Leaf (16) 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005 UNC, Australia Five Dollars 1995 series (3) William Light, The Rush Era, and Cobb and Co. Coaches Proofs, Australia 2 Dollars 2oz. Kookaburra (3) 1993, 1995, 2002 Silver Proofs, 1 Dollar 1 oz. Kookaburra (2) 1996 Silver Proof, 2004 Superior Bullion Quality, One Dollar Kookaburra 2005 Silver Proof with gilded Kookaburra BU-FDC, Australia 5 Dollars Kookaburras (2) 1990, 1991 UNC, Australia 1 Dollar 1 oz. Kookaburra (8) 1994, 1995, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003, UNC in capsules with accompanying certificates, Australia Silver 1 Dollar Kangaroos (14) 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 Proof, 2003, 2004, 2005 Proof, 2007 BU-FDC, Australia Five Dollars The Great Explorers (5) 1993 Cook, 1993 Flinders, 1993 Lawson, Blaxland and Wentworth, 1994 Mawson, 1994 Leichhardt Silver Proofs FDC in capsules with certificates, 'The ' (10) comprising Turks and Caicos 20 Crowns 1993 (8) Silver Proofs (7), Five Crowns 1992, 1 Pa'Anga 1993 Silver, and Crown 1993 Silver Proof these UNC-FDC in capsules with certificates, (3) Two Pounds 1993 Silver Proof, Crowns (2) 1972 Silver Proof, 1978 Silver Proof, Gibraltar 2.8 Ecus (2) 1993, 1994 UNC, Australia and ANZAC 75th 1990 Five Dollars a 2-coin set comprising Australia 5 Dollars and New Zealand 5 Dollars Aluminium Proofs FDC cased as issued, World 80th Birthday issues (7) comprising GB Crown Silver Proof and 6 world issues in -, 5-Crown sets 1982 and 1987 UNC cased, Isle of Man 4-Crown Set 1984 UNC cased, plus medal 'Sir Walter Scott' in base metal GEF

Auction 129
World Cased World 'The Official ECUs' a 12 coin set 11 of which are , mostly -sized from a variety of an countries, UNC-FDC in the MDM box of issue with certificates, 70 s 1995 190th of the of silver 5oz FDC cased as issued no certificate

Auction 125
World Cased World cased Singles mostly -sized (20) boxed FDC most with certificates, 2.8 s 1993 - UNC boxed, s England's Ashes 2005 (2) one Silver Proof FDC boxed the other cupro-nickel UNC boxed, Medals Tower Mint Crown sized Nickel Silver issues (5), all UNC boxed, plus Medal 1937 26mm in silver EF

Auction 125
World Cased Dollars (6) 1879 (2), 1882S, 1885O, 1890 (2) VF-A/UNC in boxes, Mint Set 1996 a three coin set comprising Five Dollars Koala in .995 , Five Dollars Nugget in .999 and One Dollar Kookaburra in .999 boxed as issued with certificate, United Kingdom Ecu Set 1992 a 7-coin set Ten Ecu to One Tenth Ecu UNC in the wallet of issue, USA Lincoln Cent Mis-strike struck about 80% off-centre UNC, Roman s (2) Gallienus 253-268, Claudius II us 268-270 About Fine

Auction 122
World Cased 2000 Bimetallic Proofs (8) from a variety of countries FDC with certificates, Two Pounds 1997 Proof FDC, GB Five Pound Crowns (2) 1999 Silver Proof FDC, 1996 Queen's 70th Birthday Silver Proof FDC, Five Dollars 2002 Silver Proof FDC, Five Pound Crown 1999 Diana UNC in RM wallet, Year Set 1997 UNC in RM wallet, Five Pound Crown 1999 A/UNC, plus GB and World 20th Century issues, covers (2), Banknotes £5 Gill (1) £1 Page (14) includes a consecutive run of 10 notes, in mixed grades to UNC

Auction 119
World Cased 50 Dollars 1995 Proof, 70 Ecus 1995 Proof, 100 Vatu 1995 Queen Mother Portrait Silver Proof these the impressive 5 oz. issues, Queen Mother 'Lady of the Century' series (4) T

Auction 110
World Cased World, 50 Leke 1988 KM#62 16.15g Boxed with certificate, 5 1989 Proof in wooden box, 1000 Pesetas 1995 Proof FDC KM#952

Auction 102
World Cased s (4) 25 s 1994, 15 Ecus 1994 and 1995, 10 Euro 1998 KM711,712,714 and 909 all FDC and in plastic capsules

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