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London Coins Auction 166
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Grange Hotel Bracknell, Charles Square, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1ED

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Edward I Henry III London Mint Pennies : Hammered Coins

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 165
Hammered Coins (3) Long Cross , moneyer Henri, Henry III Short Cross, London Mint, moneyer Ricard, , all around Fine
£75 London Coins : A165 : Lot 2433 : Pennies (3) Henry III Long Cross London Mint, moneyer Henri, Henry III Short Cross, London Mint, mon... London Coins : A165 : Lot 2433 : Pennies (3) Henry III Long Cross London Mint, moneyer Henri, Henry III Short Cross, London Mint, mon...

Auction 165
Hammered Coins (2) Tealby Coinage, , s (2) Edward I/II/III both VG to Fine

Auction 164
Hammered Coins Hammered (14) s (3) mintmark Coronet. (2) Group D mintmark and Group F mintmark Star. s (2) Henry V mullet on right shoulder, Pinecone-Mascle issue, . 1570 mintmark Castle. Pennies (2) Edward I , . Cut John (?) incomplete legends (2), Elizabeth I no rose, , mintmark Cross. s (2) Edward I London Mint, (?) with legend incomplete. Mary, First period before marriage, , in mixed grades VG to Good Fine

Auction 163
Hammered Coins Hammered a small group (7) s (2) , , (4) Edward I, Edward III (2) Mint, with Crozier on obverse, and , Henry VI (this on a perforated flan), Cut moneyer Walter VG to Near Fine some with edge chips

Auction 162
Hammered Coins Hammered a small group in boxes (8) mintmark Tun, 1602 mintmark 2, Groats (3) , , Henry VI , Annulet issue, Second Coinage, mintmark Lis, Henry VII London Mint, (2) , Edward I VG to Fine in the boxes of issue with certificates, along with 1797 and 1797 VG to Fine these also in Westminster boxes with certificates

Auction 162
Hammered Coins (10) (4) VG to Good Fine, comes with old Glendinings envelope from 1976 Short Cross (2) HENRI ON CANT Good Fine, WILLEM ON LINC Fine, Long Cross (4) Fine/Good Fine, RICARD ON LINC Good Fine, struck off-centre, WILLEM ON NORW Fine with some weaker areas, NICOLE ON LVND Good Fine with a flan split in two places £300

Auction 162
Hammered Coins Hammered a small group (8) Type G Annulets in one quarter Fine and bold, Pennies (4) Edward I Mint NVG/Fine, Edward I Fine, , moneyer Nicole About Fine, Henry III Short Cross, King with , , moneyer EDWIN, Fine, (3) Edward III London Mint, About Fine, Henry V Broken Annulets either side of the portrait, Fine or better on a ragged flan, Annulet issue About Fine, weak in place with a good portrait,

Auction 157
Hammered Coins (2) Third Coinage , Pre-Treaty Period with annulet in each quarter of the reverse, Class C, S.1584, Good Fine, Second Coinage, type, Mint, Bishop Tunstall , CD beside shield S.2354 mintmark Star Good Fine, Ex-Stewartby Part 4 Lot 1627 (part), s Edward III London Mint (3) VG to Fine, Ex-Stewartby Part 4, part 1627 Edward III Fine with some flan cracks, Penny Third Coinage London Mint, Pre-Treaty Period with annulet in each quarter of the reverse, Class C, S.1584, Good Fine

Auction 155
Hammered Coins (5) , Class 5b, moneyer Willem NVF, Short Cross, London Mint moneyer Ilger, Fine or slightly better, Henry III Long Cross London Mint, Moneyer Nicole, Edward I , Class 2b Good Fine, Good Fine, nicely toned, the first four with old sales tickets

Auction 154
Hammered Coins s to a wide ranging group (45) Halfcrowns Charles I (2) S.2776 mintmark Triangle, S.2777 mintmark Star, s (11) Fine Issue S.2482 mintmark y, (4) Second issue S.2555 mintmark Cross Crosslet, Sixth Issue (2) S.2577 mintmark Key, S.2577 mintmark Tun, Seventh Issue S.2584 mintmark 1, (2) Second Coinage S.2655 Fourth Bust, mintmark Bell, Second Coinage 1607 Fifth Bust S.2656 mintmark Grapes, Charles I (4) Group E, S.2797 mintmark Triangle, Group F, larger bust S.2799 mintmark Triangle in Circle, Group G (under Parliament) S.2800 mintmark Sun (2) one struck on an uneven flan, s (9) Elizabeth I (5) 1562 S.2560 mintmark Pheon, 1562 Milled Issue (2) S.2595 mintmark Star, S.2596 mintmark Star, 1567 Milled Issue S.2599, Small Bust, mintmark Lis, 1579 Fifth Issue S.2572 Mintmark Cross, James I (2) First Coinage, First Bust 1603 S.2647 mintmark , Fourth Bust S.2658 mintmark Coronet, Charles I Group D, no inner circles, S.2813 mintmark Bell, Third Issue S.3323 mintmark Crown, Groats (4) , Light Coinage, Facing Bust issue S.2199 mintmark Pansy, Elizabeth I Second Issue, S.2556 mintmark Martlet, Charles II Third IssueS.3324 mintmark Crown, s (2) Elizabeth I Fifth Issue 1569 S.2573 mintmark Coronet, Elizabeth I Fifth issue 1578 S.2573 mintmark Greek Cross, s (7) Henry VI , Pinecone-Mascle issue S.1877 Mintmark Cross Patonce, Edward IV clipped, Henry VII Canterbury Mint S.2209 Mintmark Tun, Elizabeth I, Pellets behind Bust S.2579 mintmark Crescent, James I (3) Smaller Crown on Obverse S.2660 mintmark Trefoil, S.2659 mintmark Trefoil, S.2660 mintmark Thistle, Pennies (8) Long Cross (3), Henry III Short Cross (2), Edward I London Mint (3), Halfpennies (2) James I S.2663 (2) Near Fine to GVF the majority of the coins evenly struck and Fine or better, with some nearer VF than Fine, a pleasing group

Auction 154
Hammered Coins Hammered a small group (12) mintmark (P) Fine or slightly better, on an irregular flan, s (2) , mintmark Cross 1 Fine, Facing Bust, mintmark Rose, (9) (2) London Mint moneyers Nicole and Adam, Edward I (5) London Mint (3), (1), (1), Edward II Canterbury Mint, Edward III London Mint, in mixed grades VG to VF

Auction 154
Hammered Coins (7) (4) moneyers Nicole (2), Henri, Henric, , moneyer Ion, , moneyer Willem and , moneyer Henri, Fine to Good Fine, along with s (2) About Fine one with an edge chip

Auction 154
Hammered Coins (3) Short Cross coinage S.1353 Class 6a , moneyer Rauf Good Fine, Class Vb , moneyer Nicole, Good Fine, Pre-Treaty third coinage Class 4 Fine with uneven tone, along with 1887 NEF toned, 1709 Plain NF

Auction 150
Hammered Coins (4) Long Cross, S.1368 moneyer Nicole NVF, Long Cross, Henry III Long Cross Class 3b, , moneyer Huge, VF, Henry III Short Cross Class 7b Canterbury Mint, moneyer Henri Good Fine, New Coinage Class 8c, , with arched band NVF
£110 London Coins : A150 : Lot 1772 : Pennies (4) Henry III Long Cross, S.1368 Canterbury Mint moneyer Nicole NVF, Long Cross, Henry III L... London Coins : A150 : Lot 1772 : Pennies (4) Henry III Long Cross, S.1368 Canterbury Mint moneyer Nicole NVF, Long Cross, Henry III L...

Auction 147
Hammered Coins Light Coinage, , Edward I to (9) VG to Good Fine

Auction 146
Hammered Coins Hammered and Ancient (6) mintmark Triangle, , (3) (2), Short Cross , Justin II Antioch Mint VG to Near Fine

Auction 145
Hammered Coins (2) Archbishop Neville Local dies with G and key by Neck, S.2062 About Fine/Fine, Edward I Bishop Bec, Mint S.1423 NF with some weak areas, Cut moneyer Henri Fine

Auction 133
Hammered Coins Hammered group (28) About Fine, Groats Mary S.2492 Poor, Second issue Good Fine, Elizabeth I 1569 mintmark Coronet Near Fine, s (2) Elizabeth I mintmark Cross Crosslet Fine on an uneven flan, S.3221 Fine on an uneven flan, Pennies (16) PAXS About Fine with a large fragment about 20% missing, issue VG, London (2), Henry III Canterbury, Edward I Fine, Edward II NVF, Post Treaty , Edward III Pre-Treaty 25% of flan missing Fair, Henry V About Fine with missing fragment, York Near Fine, Henry VII type Durham mint facing bust Good Fine, Sovereign type Bishop Wolsey TW beside shield Fine with some clipping, Henry VIII Posthumous issue fair, Elizabeth I without rose or date About Fine, clipped, Third issue About Fine, (4) Edward I Fine, Henry II Cut S.1344 Fine, Edward III Second Coinage VG, Henry VI Leaf-Trefoil issue Fine/Good Fine, s (2) Edward I London Mint Good Fine, Edward II London Mint Fine

Auction 130
Hammered Coins Hammered (15) mm Triangle in Circle, s Charles I (2), Groats (2) mis-struck with slanting crown, , 1583 mm Bell, Groat Henry VIII Profile portrait mm Castle, s (2) Henry VII, Henry VI, (4) Edward I (3) London (1), (2), (1), , in mixed grades average Fine

Auction 126
Hammered Coins Hammered (5). , 3rd coinage, mint, together with 3 and a short cross , class 6a, moneyer Willelm on . Mostly fine, the groat has some scratches on the obverse.

Auction 125
Hammered Coins Hammered (3). Includes , mint and long cross , moneyer Nicole on London, class V. Fine to very fine.

Auction 119
Hammered Coins Edward I (1279-1307). Bury s mint. Class 6b, 9b x 2, 10. Together with , Edward I farthing of and a of . The farthing is poor, the rest good fine to very fine. (7)

Auction 112
Hammered Coins & Half Pennies, Pennies from the mints of , Bury s, & . of 1827 (1

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