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Egypt : Bonds and Shares

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 151
Bonds and Shares (7), S.A. Building Lands of Egypt, £4 share certificates dated Alexandria 1905, green (5), Egyptian Estates Ltd certificates for 10 sh, dated 1905, orange with vignettes of Khedive & camels (2). VF. (7)

Auction 132
Bonds and Shares , Workers Bank Ltd., bearer certificate for one ian pound share, Tel-Aviv 1924, text in English and Hebrew, feint underprint of map of Palestine, blue, red seal, with coupons, VF. (1).

Auction 132
Bonds and Shares , 14 wide bonds and certificates, dated, 1924-86, titles include, Merlimau Pegoh Ltd., 1950, Combined ian Mills Ltd., 1930, Nanwa Mines Ltd., 1947, Compagnie Bordelaise des Comptoirs ins, 1920, Kokumbo () Co. Ltd., a little duplication, mostly VF. (14).

Auction 125
Bonds and Shares , 3 certificates, Egyptian Commercial and Trading Co. Ltd. 1866, Boulangerie Mecanique Hygienique d?Egypte 1899, ornate border incorporates rural scenes, and Egyptian Land Investment Co., 1905, rural vignette at top, all VF. (3).

Auction 125
Bonds and Shares , 9 bonds and certificates, dated 1896-1933, titles include, Chemins de Fer de la Basse-Egypte, 2 types, both 1896, Egyptian Consolidated Lands Ltd., 1920, Wardan Estate Co., 1906, Egyptian General Omnibus Co., 1933, Egyptian Delta Light s Ltd., 1904, mostly F-VF. (9).

Auction 125
Bonds and Shares , Jardins & Vignobles d?Egypt, bearer certificate for five sh, 1947, very attractive design with large borders incorporating grapes, palm trees and other fruits, black on bright blue, with coupons, VF. (1).
£20 London Coins : A125 : Lot 51 : Egypt, Jardins & Vignobles d?Egypt, bearer certificate for five shares, 1947, ve...

Auction 125
Bonds and Shares , 4 certificates, s d?Alexandrie (Egypte), 1899, Chemins de Fer de la Basse-Egypte, 1912, Alexandria & Ramleh Co. Ltd., 1903, and Aboukir Land Co., 1961, mostly VF. (4).

Auction 123
Bonds and Shares , 49 bonds and certificates, dated 1887-1956, titles include, n National Co. Ltd. 1903, S.A. Bulgare de Carrieres 1924, Cairo Railways and Heliopolis Oases Co. 1907, Comp. General de Minas y Sondeos 1901, Mines de Balia-Karaidin 1925, Daggafontein Mines Ltd. 1936, Armavir-Touapse Railway 1909 , Railway Co. Ltd. 1887, copies of unissued bonds bearing the portrait of King Farouk of 6 types, Electricity and Ice Supply Co. 1929, mostly an, a little duplication, F-VF. (49).

Auction 123
Bonds and Shares , 20 bonds and certificates, dated 1854-1975, titles include, Dominion Stores Ltd., 4 x certificates, 3 types 1929-32, Seaboard Cotton Compress Co. 1889, Cotton Manufacturing Co. unissued, Parker Pen Co. 1975, ian Cotton Ginners & Exporters 1937, La Indus 1854, Cotton & Jute Factory Ltd. 1888, Russian Troitzk £20 bond, City of 1908 £20 bond, mostly VF. (20).

Auction 123
Bonds and Shares , 35 bonds and certificates, dated 1904-1940, titles include, Western Dominion ies Ltd., debenture 1906, National s of 1909, Railway circa. 1912, Banco Central Mexicano 1905 & 1908, ian Delta Light Railways Ltd. debenture 1904, Nationalist s 4 x bonds 1926, T.Hellawell & Co. Ltd. 13 x certificates 1928-40, mostly F-VF. (35).

Auction 121
Bonds and Shares , 5 certificates, Société Fermiere d?Orman-Abou-Ballah, 1884, Société Financière d?Egypt, 1863, Land Bank of Egypt, 1905, L?Union Fonciére d?Egypte, 1905, and Egyptian Enterprise and Development Co., 1906, all decorative with vignettes, all with coupons, mostly F-VF. (5).

Auction 121
Bonds and Shares , 22 bonds and certificates, dated 1886-1968, titles include, and Western Co., certificate, 1889, Gulf, Mobile and Railroad Co., certificates, 1951 & 1963, , New Haven and Hartford Railroad Co., bond, 1912, , and Co. Ltd., certificate, 1914, Credit National, bond, 1919, Chemins de Fer de la Basse-, certificates, 1896 & 1912, Tientsin-Pukow , bond for £100 part repaid, with coupons, 1908, (poor) Banque Industrielle de Chine, certificate, 1920, mostly F-VF. (22).

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