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Elizabeth II Charles II Farthing Crown Silve... : English Bulk Lots

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 169
English Bulk Lots s to to (243), mainly base metal issues with some minors, in mixed grades with some later dates in lustrous grades

Auction 166
English Bulk Lots Crowns (4) 1819 LIX VF, 1820 LX 2 over 1 Fair, 1890 GEF and lustrous, 1893 LVI Fine, s (5) Charles I mintmark (P) Fine, 1689 First Shield VG, 1707 Roses and Plumes Fine, 1820 Fine, 1850 About Fine. s (2) 1787 Hearts Good Fine, 1887 Jubilee Head EF. Pre-1947 silver £25.15 face. Pre-1920 silver £1.57 1/2 face. s (94) includes plenty of pre-1920 issues. Crowns a further group (19) 1951 (2), 1953 (4), 1960, 1960 Polished Dies (2), 1965 (4), 1972 (2), 1977 (4), 1980, EF to UNC. Silver Jubilee 1977 in - UNC, World Crowns (6) Gibraltar (5) 1967 (3), 1968 (2), Jersey 1966 GEF to UNC, along with a quantity of s, Pennies and (lot), s to , in mixed circulated grades, Decimal Coinage , , Five Pence (lot) most in lustrous grades, total weight around 29 Kilos

Auction 161
English Bulk Lots 1860 Beaded Border VG/Fair as part of a group of s to to (201) includes plenty of and collectable n issues, in mixed grades with some later coins EF to UNC and lustrous

Auction 160
English Bulk Lots Roman s (30) VG to Near Fine, Lead Tokens and Tallies (32) and Post-Medieval (32, one holed) various designs, some uniface, in mixed lower grades, Detector finds (1.4 Kilos) mostly to issues in base metal, in mixed lower grades, s (15) and s (7) EF to UNC, Brass s (18) George VI and Elizabeth II issues, EF to UNC and lustrous, Australia (50) Pennies (27) and (23) in mixed grades to VF, Spain (33) and Portugal (8) 19th and a few mostly base metal issues with a handful in , Medal and s a small group (12) late 19th and early 20th Century in base metal, in mixed grades, GB and World a small group (18) includes modern - crowns, in mixed grades to UNC, Pre 1947 silver £2.20 face, Pre 1920 £0.27 1/2 face, World 20th Century (13) in mixed grades a few in silver, GB Base metal issues () Halfcrowns (13), s (2), Shillings (14), s (130), s (50), Pennies (212), Halfpennies (52), s (144) in mixed circulated grades, Provincial Mint Pennies (12) 1912H (8), 1918H (1), 1919H (1), average circulated, (5) 1986 Games, 1995 Peace Dove (2), 1996 Euro 96 Football (2) EF to UNC and lustrous, Decimal 1971 NVF, GB and World (over 11.5 Kilos) includes some redeemable currency, (total weight around 20 Kilos)

Auction 159
English Bulk Lots 1916 Lustrous A/UNC, s (2) 1856 R over E in VICTORIA, NF/F, 1863 VG, as part of a group of s to Farthings to includes high grade and collectable n material also with minors, in mixed grades with plenty of lustrous pieces (lot, around 2.6 Kilos)

Auction 155
English Bulk Lots s to to a in an album (130) Halfcrowns (12), s (5), s (29), s (25), s (3), s (19), Threepences (3), s (9), Pennies (15), Halfpennies (10), along with 1851, India Maharajas of Kangra , Ireland Shilling 1689 Aug in mixed grades with a few lustrous

Auction 154
English Bulk Lots A in an old mahogany cabinet to Crowns to (250) , includes Crown 1696 VG, 1676 Fine, plenty of other including n and before, in mixed grades

Auction 154
English Bulk Lots s (59) 1951, 1953 (7), 1965 (9), 1972 (2), 1977 (10), 1980 (20), 1981 (10), World modern crowns in cupro-nickel (6), and others mostly or similar (26) GVF to UNC and a 1953 Plastic Set UNC, along with Crowns to s to the majority 19th and and in base metal, includes some items and some modern - Crowns, in mixed grades some later coins lustrous (around 2.4 Kilos)

Auction 147
English Bulk Lots A in a cabinet s to s to includes many in , also a few ancients and partially completed Whitman folders in mixed grades (lot)

Auction 146
English Bulk Lots A mixed group of varying types - mixed grades s - s some including pre 1900 issues in , high grade mostly the majority with good lustre, George V from circulation but many from provincial mints and a bag of Chanel Islands including n types (lot)

Auction 141
English Bulk Lots s (3) 1693 Fine with small S.I , 1843 Fair, 1906 GVF, as part of a group of Crowns to s Hammered to includes plenty of , in mixed grades, also s (3) 1977, 1980, 1981 FDC in the cases of issue, Year Set 1982 UNC in wallet, Unofficial set, mixed dates, Crown First Day Cover 1981 Charles and Diana UNC

Auction 134
English Bulk Lots s 1970 (2) FDC, Plastic Set 1953 UNC, s Hammered (3) Rose, Charles I Maltravers, Harington, as part of a group of to s to Farthings, issues etc. includes some pre-1947 issues, in mixed grades (lot) contained in five small wooden boxes

Auction 133
English Bulk Lots to s to s (26) includes some in , in mixed grades to UNC £90

Auction 125
English Bulk Lots s to s - a in a carrying case (528) with strength in generally in mixed lower grades, a few damaged or holed, the later dates better with some lustrous items

Auction 119
English Bulk Lots - a in two albums (745) Crowns to includes Crowns (15), s (3), s (75), Florins (63), s (113), s (91), s (10), s (60), s (26),

Auction 115
English Bulk Lots s to s - in mixed circulated grades some in UNC some scarcer dates noticed includes plenty of £360

Auction 115
English Bulk Lots s to s to includes some in , 1869 (3), 1871, 1895 2 mm (20), 1902 Low Tide (4), 1918KN (35), 19

Auction 109
English Bulk Lots s to - includes some earlier including in collectable grades plus a few foreign and toke

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