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Elizabeth II George VI Crown Proof Set Colle... : English Bulk Lots

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 160
English Bulk Lots in an album, Year sets (7) 1953 Crown to , 1962 to , 1963 Halfcrown to Halfpenny, 1964 Halfcrown to Halfpenny, 1965 Crown to Halfpenny, 1966 Halfcrown to Halfpenny, in mixed grades mostly UNC 1970 Proofs Halfcrown to Halfpenny, then s 1971-1991 inclusive, also in album pages with the lions from the sets, UNC to nFDC, GB type to (34 coins) Crown to complete except for the 1902 Crown and Wreath Crown, in mixed grades to EF, George VI in an album comprising Year Set 1940 complete, Year Set 1943 complete except for the Silver , Year Set 1945 complete, Year Set 1948 complete, Year Set 1949 complete except for the Halfpenny, Year Set 1952 (4 coins) and Crown 1951 all housed in a red album, mostly EF, the 1946 and 1949 Threepences Fine

Auction 126
English Bulk Lots A mixed group with a of mostly 20 century base metal issues in an album, s 1985 then 1970 - 80 complete except for the 1975, Jersey 1966 Proof 2 coin cased sets (3) and 1957 and 1966 4 coin cased proof sets, GB Year Sets George V, and (21 sets) including issues and crowns some in high grades, 1965 Unc sets in wallets (14), a small collection of world coins in an album these mostly 20cty base issues and a selection of empty slide cases and boxes for year sets and crowns (lot in 3 boxes nearly 30 kilos) £180

Auction 125
English Bulk Lots A in Coin Albums and Library style cases some Whitmans s to s to (lot) some in tubes, in mixed circulated grades some later dates lustrous, plus 1970 FDC, Year Set 1983 UNC in case of issue this damaged, Guernsey 1966 UNC, Unofficial Year Set 1967 UNC, these UNC Israel s (3) The Peace Treaty Medal 1977 the Begain and Sadat Meeting 19/11/1977 Obverse facing busts 'JERUSALEM-BEGIN SADAT'S MEETING' in three languages, Reverse Sword broken by Peace dove with olive branch 59mm diameter in Plated by N.Basson, The Break Through to Peace Medals (2) Obverse Three heads of state in meeting, President Carter, Prime Minister Begin and President Sadat 'THE CAMP DAVID SUMMIT- A BREAK-THROUGH TO PEACE', Reverse 'May The Lord Give Strength to his People. May The Lord Bless His People With Peace' by Emanograph of Israel Ltd 59mm one plated, and one in Silver UNC

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