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Elizabeth II Victoria Pennies Bronze : English Bulk Lots

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 156
English Bulk Lots (43) 1854 Plain Trident, 1858 Small date WW, 1858 Large Date No WW GVF to NEF, with issues, some scarce, to includes many in collectable grades £120

Auction 151
English Bulk Lots s to includes pre-1920 and pre-1947 issues (62) comprising Halfcrowns (6), s (21), s (37), s (11), Silver 3d (1), (3) plus Pennies (94), (32), and s (20) to in mixed grades, plus an additional group of GB (6) 1994, 1997, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, Gaming Tokens (2) 1797 Spade type EF, plus World bronze issues (11) in mixed grades some EF

Auction 150
English Bulk Lots to Pennies, , and s includes some scarcer dates, Pennies an additional group in 3 Whitman Folders 1881-1962 missing only 1883 and 1951, in mixed grades, Pennies and Halfpennies a further group Pennies (over 800) Halfpennies (over 1200), Farthings to Victoria (30), s (70), Pennies by date in tubes 1912H , 1932, 1934, 1939, 1940, 1944, 1945, 1946, 1947, 1948, 1949 in mixed circulated grades, plus a quantity of and Elizabeth II in base metal in mixed grades (total weight over 28 Kilos)

Auction 150
English Bulk Lots 1831 GF as part of a group of GB and World includes loose and in an album to , a small group of Victorian items, and tokens etc., Paper Money Gill and Somerset signatures £43 face in mixed grades a few UNC

Auction 146
English Bulk Lots A mixed group of varying types - mixed grades s - s some including pre 1900 issues in , high grade mostly the majority with good lustre, George V from circulation but many from provincial mints and a bag of Chanel Islands including n types (lot)

Auction 125
English Bulk Lots Crown 1951 UNC, s (5) 1947 (2), 1948, 1949 (2), 1950 , 1951, s (4) 1948, 1950 Proof, 1951, 1970 Proof, s (14) 1937 Scottish Proof, 1949 Scottish, 1950 Scottish Proof, 1950 English Proof, 1951 English Proof, 1953 Scottish Proof, 1953 Scottish (2), 1959 Scottish (4), 1959 English, 1970 Scottish Proof, Five Pence 1981 Proof, s (10) 1927 Proof, 1937 Proof, 1948, 1950 Proof (2), 1950, 1953 Proof (2), 1953, 1970 Proof, 1953, Penny 1970 Proof, (2) 1950 Proof, 1953, 1953, EF-FDC, and to , Penny, and Farthing 1901 EF in a dated box, Pennies 1936 (2), 1937, 1948 (8) A/UNC-UNC with good lustre, Queen Halfcrowns to Farthings a complete set of £sd in a Sandhill album and Crowns 1953-1981 the majority in high grades with lustre

Auction 119
English Bulk Lots - (160) Pennies (52), (71), s (37) in mixed circulated grades

Auction 103
English Bulk Lots and s (76) , (31), Pennies (21) pre - some lustrous

Auction 103
English Bulk Lots a hoard - , - many better grade with a proportion lustrous (lot)

Auction 102
English Bulk Lots - mixed collectable grades several BU (43) £55

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