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London Coins Auction 164
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Grange Hotel Bracknell, Charles Square, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1ED

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Empire : English Cased and Proof Coins

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 162
English Cased Era of - Age of , Sovereigns (8) 1879S Shield NVF/VF, 1890M Marsh 134 GF, 1892 Marsh 128 VF, 1905 Marsh 177 VF, 1906 Marsh 178 GVF, 1912 Marsh 215 VF, 1914 Marsh 217 GVF, 1929SA Marsh 293 GVF with some edge nicks, Half Sovereigns (5) 1892 No JEB Marsh 481A Fine, 1897 Marsh 492 Good Fine/Fine, 1907 Marsh 510 NVF, 1908 Marsh 511 NVF, 1910 Marsh 513 NVF, these in two 'Age of Empire trays' accompanied by some certificates, these largely unrelated to the coins

Auction 162
English Cased Era of - Age of , s a 7-coin set comprising Sovereigns 1876 George and the Dragon Marsh 88 VF, 1900 Marsh 151 GF/NVF, 1909 Marsh 181 NEF, 1911 Marsh 213 GEF, 1931SA Marsh 295 EF, 1968 Marsh 306 Lustrous UNC, 2006 UNC and fully lustrous in the box of issue

Auction 162
English Cased Era of - Age of , s a 7-coin set comprising Sovereigns 1918I (2) Marsh 228 Lustrous A/UNC and Lustrous GEF, 1918S Marsh 278 Lustrous GEF, 1925 Marsh 220 (2) GEF and A/UNC, 1925M Marsh 243 GEF and lustrous, 1930SA Marsh 294 UNC or near so and lustrous, in the box of issue

Auction 158
English Cased The Height of Prosperity, s a 4-coin set comprising Sovereigns (4) 1900 GVF/NEF, 1901P VF/GVF, 1902M EF and lustrous with some contact marks, 1903S UNC or near so and lustrous

Auction 155
English Cased s 'Age of ' a 14-coin set comprising Sovereigns (14) 1857 with hanging tail from the top left of the 7 Fine, 1876S George and the Dragon Good Fine, 1879M WW buried in truncation Horse with medium tail VF, 1879S Shield Reverse GVF, 1884M Shield Reverse VF, 1889 D:G: closer to VF, 1889S D:G: closer to crown EF, 1892M NEF/EF, 1895M VF, 1899 NEF, 1900S NEF, 1901P GVF/NEF, 1902P About EF, 1903 NEF, in a wooden display box

Auction 155
English Cased s 'Age of ' a 14-coin set comprising Sovereigns (14) 1904 GVF, 1910S NEF, 1912 EF, 1914M NEF, 1915S NEF, 1917C NEF, 1918P NEF, 1926SA NEF, 1958 GEF, 1980 A/UNC, 2002 Lustrous UNC, 2005 Lustrous UNC, 2006 Lustrous UNC, 2009 Lustrous UNC, in the wooden display case of issue

Auction 136
English Cased Sovereigns (7) 1872 George and Dragon, 1896, 1896M, 1910, 1911, 1958, 2000 mixed grades in the "Era of Gold Age of " cased collection with book THE SOVEREIGN AND ITS GOLDEN ANTECEDENTS, and certificates

Auction 136
English Cased Five Pound Crown 2009 2012 When Men and Mountains Meet Proof, Two Pounds Britannia 2004 Proof, 2003 UNC, 2002 Proof, Gibraltar Five Pounds 2008 The Age of all UNC-FDC in soft pouches, Britannia One Pound Silver Proof Collection 2007 a 6-coin set each with a different reverse design FDC in the case of issue with certificate

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