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Grange Hotel Bracknell, Charles Square, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1ED

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Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 165
World Bulk Lots - (4) 1914A KM#536 (2) GVF/NEF with some tone spots, GVF/NEF, 1912A (2) KM#527 Lustrous A/UNC, and lustrous UNC with a spot below the bust, along with 5 Marks 1969G Theodor Fontane 1819-1898 KM#125 issues (2) and Proof (1) the error striking lacking the top of the bridge of the nose and lacking in hair detail nFDC retaining much original mint brilliance

Auction 160
World Bulk Lots US Mint Mis-Strike 1992 without the plating as part of a group of (13) s (3), Dimes (4), 5 Cent (1) and Cents (5) 1889-1952 in mixed grades to EF

Auction 155
World Bulk Lots (9) (4) 1794 Talbot Fyan (3) VF to GVF, 'God Grant Peace' VF, Pennies (2) 1816 Edward Stephens VG, some scratches, 1818 second 1 over 2 Fine, Halfpennies (3) PURE COPPER PREFERABLE TO PAPER GF to VF, Halfpennies 18th Century Ireland - Dublin 1792 Camac (3), EF to GEF one with edge reading DUBLINOR

Auction 150
World Bulk Lots Mis-Strike Mint Chiang Kiang 20 (1903) off centre with around 3.5mm blank flan as part of a group of and Provincial (28) mostly late 19th and early in base metal, in mixed grades

Auction 149
World Bulk Lots World an accumulation (over 650) 19th and , the vast majority base metal types, includes a small group of minor mint s, in mixed grades

Auction 148
World Bulk Lots (3) Cent 1935, 2-1/ 1903, 1941 VF - EF s (2) VF, 5c 1899 Mint with extra letters showing above VICTORIA PCGS slabbed XF details cleaning, Penang 1/2 Cent 1787 Fine and Cent 1787 Fair the reverse smoothed

Auction 143
World Bulk Lots - Viraraya Rana Varma IV 1860-1880 VF, 1/8 Kahavana Anonymous Coinage (post 980) NVF, Cedin Mahmudye Mahmud II c.1835 Fine with some surface marks, Turkey Quarter Mahmud II Year 8 VF toned, 1/5 Muzaffar al-Din Shah AH1319 with date AH9301 KM#986 Fine, Turkey AH1223/Year 28 GF holed, India AH1215 (1800) Year 46 Plain edge KM#224 EF toned, plus India Fanams (4) VG to Good Fine

Auction 143
World Bulk Lots World (20) 19th and includes some issues, VF to GEF plus 500 Fils 1982 '500 Falsan' issue (15) in mixed circulated grades some of these with tape residue

Auction 142
World Bulk Lots (51) a mixed group includes some modern copies, in mixed grades, also Ten Cash issues (3) F to NVF plus c.1906 GVF, along with 50 s 2008 with CHIIE KM#219.3 (11) GVF-GEF

Auction 140
World Bulk Lots World, Mint Mis-strike 1911 with ONE CENT 1902 in reverse incuse on the obverse as though another coin has been on top during the minting process Fine on an oval flan, as part of a group of GB and World (34) 1885-1970 includes many in , in mixed grades to UNC

Auction 136
World Bulk Lots World Ancients to a varied group (29) includes some coins, tokens etc. in mixed grades

Auction 135
World Bulk Lots (150) a varied group 1 to includes 500 Fils 1982 with 500 Falsan coins (50) in mixed grades to UNC

Auction 131
World Bulk Lots World a small group of minor mint s (25), such as off-centre, planchet clips etc. from a variety of countries, in mixed grades

Auction 130
World Bulk Lots World (102) includes (35) with the 500 Fils 1982 Lion of Babylon coin, in mixed grades to UNC

Auction 130
World Bulk Lots World in two albums (142) mostly issues (110) includes 500 Fils 1982 KM#168a issues in mixed grades to GEF

Auction 129
World Bulk Lots World mis-strikes and minor s includes UK, , , , , , , , , , , , , and small group (25) in mixed grades to UNC

Auction 126
World Bulk Lots 500 Fils 1982 KM#168a with the ' 500 Falsan' legend (24) average VF some with tape residue, plus Iraq (49) (11) 1981 (2), 1982 (8), Dinar 1982 Conference, 500 Fils (8) 1973 (3), 1982 Lion (4), 1982 (1), 2 (24) 1970 with FAO 1250 on edge three times in relief (7), 1971 (2), 1972 (4), 1980 , 1981 FAO, 1982 Monument (2), 1990 (7), 50 Fils 1990, 1981, 1971 (3), 5 Fils 1975, these in mixed grades generally GVF to UNC, Coinage 100 Dinars 2004 (2), 50 Dinars (2), 2 (2) A/UNC to UNC

Auction 125
World Bulk Lots World s (22) a mixed group includes examples from the UK, , , , , , , , , , , , and others, in mixed grades

Auction 124
World Bulk Lots (7) all s 1980 NGC AU53 on foreign planchet 8.4 grammes, Ireland Ten Pence 1978 NGC MS64 on foreign planchet 7.1 grammes, Ireland Five Pence 1982 on foreign planchet 2.8 grammes NGC MS66, Ireland Five Pence foreign flan, date off flan ANACS MS64, Ireland Two Pence in -? on a foreign flan ANACS MS65, Ireland 1978 ANACS MS63 on a foreign flan, Ireland Penny 1985 in Nickel-? ANACS MS65, (2) 1999 September NGC PL66, 25 Cents 1999 November mule NGC PL65

Auction 101
World Bulk Lots 1982 Babylon Set 5/10/25/50/2 500 falsan and 1 KM159/160/161/162/163/168a/164 Unc

Auction 101
World Bulk Lots palm tree set 5/10/25//50/100/2 with 500 Fils and 1 KM125a/126a/127/128/129/130/165a/170 EF-Unc

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