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Farthing Charles I Richmond : Hammered Coins

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 158
Hammered Coins s (6) Oval (1), Maltravers (3), Rose (3) in mixed grades VG to NF £50

Auction 157
Hammered Coins s (8) 5 Harp strings, type 1c privy mark Harp, Peck 172, VF, Peck recorded only one example, this now thought to be better than the example in the Cooke collection, Type 1c Peck 174 privy mark Harp, Good Fine, Type 1c Peck 178, privy mark Lion passant, Type 1c, Peck 185 privy mark Mascle, GF/NVF Excessively rare, Ex-M.A.Brigg 1943, Ex-Dr.stone 1973, Ex-C.Cooke, Type 1c Peck 187 privy mark Nautilus, Fine on a pitted flan, Very Rare, Type 1d, Peck 196 privy mark Lion Rampant Good Fine, Very Rare, Type 1f Peck 202 privy mark Double Rose Type 4b Peck 277 About VF on a slightly ragged flan, Good Fine Very Rare

Auction 157
Hammered Coins s (18) Peck 116, 121, 128, 134, 149, 150, 151, 154, 156, 157, 160, 176, 191, 192, 193, 195, 199, 201, in mixed grades Near Fine to VF £300

Auction 157
Hammered Coins s (18) Peck 148, 155, 158, 159, 163, 165, 167, 168, 169, 173, 177, 179, 180, 182, 184, 189, 190, 280, and Maltravers (1) Peck 265 VG to VF £275

Auction 157
Hammered Coins s Ovals (5) no privy mark Peck 273 Near Fine, creased and straightened, Ex-T.Everson, Peck 275 type 4b privy mark demi Lis Good Fine, Peck 276 Type 4b privy mark Martlet Good Fine, Peck 282 type 4c privy mark Double Rose/none ,VF and pleasing, Ex-C.Cooke, Ex-Dr.stone, Peck 285 type 4c 9 jewels on reverse, VG/Fair, Ex-R.Shuttlewood

Auction 157
Hammered Coins s (5) Fine to VF, all Ex-Farthing Specialist £26

Auction 154
Hammered Coins s (2) Fair, Farthing token , East Dereham, Henrey Boddy W.33 Fair, Boy Bishop token GF, along with Jettons (6) 16th and 17th Century (6) Fair to Fine (2 holed)

Auction 153
Hammered Coins s Maltravers, and Rose types (20) in mixed grades mostly NF to Fine £95

Auction 153
Hammered Coins a small group (5) Fair, Penny S.2847 mintmark one pellet VF, S.2851 Fine, Rose VF, Farthing Fair

Auction 151
Hammered Coins s and Rose, Lennox, and Maltravers (46) a useful group , in mixed grades VG to Good Fine

Auction 150
Hammered Coins s (17) , class 9 with E R at the beginning of the obverse legend, Fair, Harington type I (2), James I Harington type 2 (5), (5) some with old collectors tickets, Charles I Rose (4, 1 holed) VG to VF, along with a Coin weight 22.5mm diameter in , for a with D XXX in two lines on each side, About Fine, an interesting group with many varieties and worthy of further study for the variety specialist

Auction 146
Hammered Coins s Rose and types (6) VG, Lennox (1) VF, , NF legend with some weakness, Farthing Edward I VG legend with some weakness

Auction 142
Hammered Coins s (7), (2) includes Harington, and Maltravers types, Fine to VF

Auction 142
Hammered Coins s (3) Lennox Fine, (2) and Rose types Near Fine to Fine

Auction 140
Hammered Coins s (4) (2) Lennox type 2 and type 3, (2) (1), Rose (1) average Fine

Auction 138
Hammered Coins s and (34) Lennox, Maltravers, and Rose types VG-Good Fine

Auction 134
Hammered Coins s (34) /Maltravers (12), Rose (22) Fair to Fine mostly with a green patina from having been underground £100

Auction 130
Hammered Coins s and Lennox, , Maltravers and Rose a mixed group (34) most appear to be detector finds, in mixed grades to Fine

Auction 126
Hammered Coins , s (7) (6), Rose (1) and an unattributed low grade Hammered in mixed grades VG-GF

Auction 107
Hammered Coins MM 9. S3196 E.F. £32

Auction 103
Hammered Coins Royal Type " " class 1F Mint Mark double Rose Peck 201 coloured so cleaned VF on a wavy flan

Auction 101
Hammered Coins s (3) Maltravers (2), (1) F-VF £36

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