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Farthing Ireland 19th Century : Tokens

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 156
Tokens (2) 1792 John Wilkinson DH451K About Fine, DH 454B Good Fine both Very Rare, Pennies (2) Phoenix Ironworks (2) both 1813 W.1352 Fine once cleaned, and W.1353 NVF, Ireland - Dublin Advertising Token Geale and MacBride size (c.1806) Withers 1813 About fine with lightly pitted surfaces, 19th Century 1814 Lanarkshire, Hamilton DH43a with oblique edge milling Good Fine, Rare

Auction 153
Tokens Ireland Tokens 18th and (32) 8 Pence Ballyglunin and Menlough Castle M.I.Blake, Ballyglunin and Menlough Castle M.I.Blake, 4 Pence Ballyglunin and Menlough Castle M.I.Blake, all , (9) 1789 Wicklow - Cronebane (4), 1792 Camac DH42, 1792 Dublin R L J and Co., 1794 Dublin - Talbot Fyan DH308a, Dublin 1795 H S and Co. Plumes Reverse DH324, 1794 A C M Co., Halfpennies 19th Century (5) 1804 Dublin 1804 For the convenience of Trade, 1806 St. Patrick APOS 432. 1813 Dublin J.Miles 1819 Non-local, Harp reverse, 1820 Hibernicus, s 19th Century Dublin, Todd and Co. (Bell 2), Ferrar and Co (Bell 6), C and P McGlade Belfast (Bell 18), Pennies 19th Century (11) 1804 Bentley and Co. (Bell 1), Rare, 1813 Edward Stephens, James Street Dublin, 1813 Strabane, 1814 Edward Stephens (holed), 1815 Burke Hibernia 1816 Edward Stephens, 1818 Luke XX, Chap XXV Ver (2) , 1818 and Erin Go Bragh, 1820 Bust of George III/Crowned Harp, 1858 Cloghjordan William Hodgins Banker, ed, in mixed grades most around Fine, a few EF and lustrous, along with Ireland Farthing token Youghal this in low grade

Auction 152
Tokens (20) (1) D.17, (17) (2) and South 1811 D.101, D.121, (3), , Cossack mounted (scratched) D.92, (2) 1812 D.137, 1813 D.135, , 1812 D.38, , Nottingham 1813 D.18, (4), 1812 D.43, Stafford (2) 1801 D.96, 1803 D.97, 1811 D.107, 1813 D.10, Lanark, 1813, , Warwick 1811 D.93, 1813 D.42, Ireland, Dublin 1814 , E.Stephens D.22, Wellington and Erin Go Bragh 1814 D.17 , Welthamstow 1811 D.19, Somerset, Bristol 1811 D.119 in mixed grades to GVF

Auction 150
Tokens Ireland s (9) Fine to Good Fine £100

Auction 145
Tokens s Ireland (2) Cork William Fitzgibbon and Co Merchants, Cork, About Fine, Dublin Cannock White & Co. Drapers, Dublin and Cork 14 Henry Street, Dublin, 1813 Dublin E.Stephens Obverse bust of , About Fine, once cleaned, Ireland 1901 Lustrous UNC

Auction 141
Tokens Ireland Dublin 1794 DH328 GEF, 1669 Dickinson 53-56 Town Arms Fine
£32 London Coins : A141 : Lot 909 : Halfpenny 19th Century Ireland Dublin 1794 DH328 GEF, Farthing 17th Century Dorset 1669 Dorchest... London Coins : A141 : Lot 909 : Halfpenny 19th Century Ireland Dublin 1794 DH328 GEF, Farthing 17th Century Dorset 1669 Dorchest...

Auction 120
Tokens 1813 Workhouse, Robert Blake , Pennies (5), 1787, (10) includes Anglesey (3), s 19th Century (2) in mixed circulated grades, Ireland 1805

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