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Ferdinand : World Bulk Lots

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 162
World Bulk Lots an (7) Fine with dark tone, Real and Isabella, issue, Burgos Mint GVF, - Provence, Carlin or Gillat, Robert (1309-1343) VF toned with a pleasant, even strike, - Savoy Soldo 1568 Fine, Spain (2) - Castile and Leon Noven Alfonso X (1252-84) Seville 0.8 grammes VF, Castile and Leon Billon Cornado Alfonso X (1252-84) VF, - Holland an imitative issue of the England Short Cross type Fine

Auction 162
World Bulk Lots and Related (6) Austria Thaler II (1564-1595) Hall NVF, Austria 1714 KM#1546 Fine, Austria 30 Kreuzer 1807 KM#2149 Fair, Austria 100 Kronen 1923 KM#2832 NVF, Thaler 1759 KM#358.1 VG, Austrian Quarter 1793 KM#38 Near Fine/Good Fine with some nicks and adjustment lines

Auction 153
World Bulk Lots (7) (3) 17-- J Segovia Mint Near Fine with some weak areas, 1761 JV VG, 1808AI VG, 16 Maravedis 1664 Seville Mint NVF, 8 Maravedis 1624 ed issue, Fine, 2 Maravedis 1720 Mint VG, Pepion o IV (1295-1312) Lion and Castle About Fine

Auction 145
World Bulk Lots - (47) 1968 Birth of Robert Koch, 1969 -, 1969 -Nickel Lettered edge (Rare), 1969 Heinrich Hertz, 1970 Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen, 1971 Johannes Kepler, 1972 Meissen, 1972 Brahms, 1973 Lilienthal, 1974 Reis, 1975 International Womens Year, 1975 Thomas Mann, 1976 von Schill, 1977 Jahn, 1978 Anti-Apartheid, 1978 Klopstock, 1979 Einstein, 1980 Von Menzel, 1981 Riemenschneider , 1982 Frobel, 1982, Weimar, 1982 Wartburg, 1983 Wittenburg Church, 1983 Eisleben Proof, 1983 Max Planck, 1984 Von Lutzow, 1984 (2), 1985 Dresden Zwinder, 1985 Caroline Neuber, 1986 Dresden Womens Church, 1987 Heinrich von Kleist, 1986 Potsdam Sanssouci Palace, 1986 Potsdam New Palace, 1987 Red City Hall, 1987 Haupstadt, 1987 Universal Time Clock, 1987 Nikolai Quarter, 1988 First Railroad, 1988 Barlach, 1988 Rostock, 1989 Carl von Ossietzky, 1989 Muhlhausen, 1989 Zwickau, 1990 Postal Service, 1990 Zeughaus Museum, 1990 Kurt Tucholsky, UNC to nFDC

Auction 132
World Bulk Lots One (5) 1903, 1904 S, 1917, 1961 Jose Rizal, 1967 Bataan Day, EF-UNC, Piso (3) 1969 Aguinaldo, 1970 Paul VI (2, one in ), 5 Piso 1975 Marcos EF-UNC

Auction 112
World Bulk Lots (16) Hammered issues (6) Henry III, Henry IV and and Isabella, Mexico City 1778, Two Reales 1735, 1737, One Real 1751,

Auction 112
World Bulk Lots 1728 KM#182.2 Fine but ex-mount, 1885 KM#S17 GVF, Thaler II GF

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