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French : Medals

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 158
Medals of 1831 55mm diameter in pewter NVF, Treaty 1814 in white metal Fine, as part of a group of medals (40) mostly 20th Century in base metal many commemorating s or Coronations in mixed grades many EF

Auction 155
Medals Medals a mixed group :- Prize medal Chronology of the Reigns of Britain to in white metal UNC boxed, of and 1937. The Confectioners, Bakers and Allied Trades Exhibition in bronze oval, UNC boxed. Photographic Society 1913 Prize medal 80mm diameter in brass reverse inscribed Class A Wilfred Harrison, A/UNC boxed. Eton College Regular attendance medal 46mm in bronze UNC boxed. Coronation of City of in white metal UNC boxed. Queen Victoria 1897 39mm diameter in white metal, by Restall, Birmingham, UNC and lustrous. Sir Isaac Pitman - Pitman's Metropolitan Schools Verbatim Reporting Competition Prize medal 41mm diameter in bronze UNC boxed. Coronation of Edward VII and Queen Alexandra 1902 31mm in brass pierced for suspension. uniface Pewter 1789 Beginning of (No.2) 77mm diameter by F. EF

Auction 154
Medals - General Marquis de Lafayette Defender of Medal 1824 by Francois Caunois, 47mm diameter in bronze, Callignon-412, Oliver-35. Signed on obverse, below bust at left: CAUNOIS FRENCH.   Obv: GENERAL LAFAYETTE - Bust of Lafayette facing right with legend (on bust truncation: ".1824."). Rev: THE DEFENDER / OF AMERICAN AND / FRENCH LIBERTY. / 1777-1824. / BORN IN CHAVANIAC, THE 6 SEPTEMBER, /1757. - Inscription within wreath. This medal was issued to commemorate General Lafayette's return visit to America in 1824. A/UNC and nicely toned

Auction 153
Medals of the Nile 1798 38mm diameter in bronze by T. Snr. Eimer 893 Obverse bust almost facing, uniformed, head three-quarters right, ADMIRAL LORD NELSON OF THE NILE BRITAINS GLORY AND DEFENCE, Reverse a engagement, ALMIGHTY GOD HAS BLESSED HIS MAJESTY'S ARMS Exergue FRENCH FLEET DEFEATED AUGUST 1.1798 A/UNC with traces of lustre
£150 London Coins : A153 : Lot 2044 : Battle of the Nile 1798 38mm diameter in bronze by T.Wyon Snr. Eimer 893 Obverse bust almost facing,... London Coins : A153 : Lot 2044 : Battle of the Nile 1798 38mm diameter in bronze by T.Wyon Snr. Eimer 893 Obverse bust almost facing,...

Auction 150
Medals Medals and Decorations First and , , German and (18) in mixed grades

Auction 146
Medals , Pauline Viardot 80th Medal by Heinrich Kautsch, Obv. Bust facing right, Rev., seated female with text GVF

Auction 143
Medals Assorted medals & s (20) Walthamstow Education 1907, bronze, Temperance Assoc. Medal silver & enamel, WW1 medal, L.C.C. school medals (2) , Territorial & Reserve Arras medal, silver, Lord 's Flagship Foudroyant copper from ship medal 1897 (Eimer 1813) and 13 other bronze medals. VF or better.

Auction 142
Medals (2) Jean Francois Ducis memorial medal by W. Gatteaux, bronze, 40mm. Republic Ministry of Hygiene silver plated medal by H. Ponscarme aded to Le Baud for vaccine 1900. In case EF (2).

Auction 139
Medals for housing improvement to Edouard Grosse 1898-1923 by Desmeth, silver, 50 x 60mm, child kissing hand of seated female & LA RECONNAISSANCE, rev with six line engraved inscription.

Auction 136
Medals Loss of Minorca 1756 34mm diameter in copper Obverse a Half-Length figure standing facing, holding a staff and a flag, a fort firing a cannon, left; a ship right: BRAVE. BLAKNEY. REWARD Exergue BUT. TO. B. GIVE A. CORD Reverse a Half-length figure of Byng left; receiving a purse, right WAS MINORCA SOLD BY. B.(yng) Exergue FOR. FRENCH GOLD. Eimer 653 Fine
£60 London Coins : A136 : Lot 1529 : Loss of Minorca 1756 34mm diameter in copper Obverse a Half-Length figure standing facing, holdi... London Coins : A136 : Lot 1529 : Loss of Minorca 1756 34mm diameter in copper Obverse a Half-Length figure standing facing, holdi...

Auction 133
Medals Franco- Exhibition, 1908, by C.H.Pillet, bronze, 55 x 70mm. , London 1909, silver by Vaughton. GVF.

Auction 127
Medals Capture of Bethune, St Vincent and Aire 1710 by J.Croker, bronze (Eimer 447), Lines Passed, Bouchain Taken 1711 by J Croker, bronze (Eimer 450) and 1713 by J.Croker, bronze (Eimer 458). EF/FDC.

Auction 124
Medals Sports medals (5) including R.N & Boxing Assoc. 1919, County Football Assoc. 1897-8, Diving medal, P.S.L. 1922 Bowling Medal and large sports Medal in bronze. Good very fine.

Auction 122
Medals Medals in silver (6), Chamber of ry Octagonal Medal by E.Rogat 1810; Orleans Horticultural Society Octagonal Medal by ; bank of Bayonne Octagonal Medal 1834; Versailles Arts & Agricultural Society Octagonal Medal; Academic Medal by ; Society of Education Medal by . Generally good very fine to extremely fine (6)

Auction 120
Medals an (19) mainly issues includes some in silver, in mixed grades

Auction 112

Auction 111
Medals Of /Belgian interest (8) including medal 1773-1839 MATHIEU IGN.VAN BREE DIRECTEUR DE L'ACADEMIE D'ANVERS Bust left 67 mm copper NEF, Obv.

Auction 104
Medals (4) SIEGE DE LA BASTILLE, by F. uniface 82mm impressive scene PRISE PAR LES CITOYENS DE LA VILLE DE PARIS LE 14 JUIT

Auction 101
Medals Admiral Howe 1794 Fleet Defeated off Ushant Eimer 856 EF two tiny rim nicks 41mm Silver

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