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London Coins Auction 162
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Grange Hotel Bracknell, Charles Square, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1ED

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Gaming Counters To : Tokens

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 159
Tokens Counters - Imitation Guineas and s (52) all with attributions taken from W.Bryce Neilson 'A Thousand Guineas', also Trader's Tokens/Checks (18) a wide variety includes 10 and 5 Shilling denominations, in mixed grades

Auction 158
Tokens Counters and Spielgeld, also GB and World Toy Money, includes USA, Italy, Germany, includes Weimar Republic types and Denmark issues, a in 6 stock boxes, many different dates and types represented, also a small group of s in and white metal, also includes a few items of Toy paper money in mixed grades (lot)

Auction 157
Tokens Counters, To Hanover tokens, transport tokens and more (190) in mixed grades £80

Auction 155
Tokens Tokens a wide ranging group includes 18th and , Counters, tokens, and Canadian Bank tokens (64), in mixed lower grades

Auction 155
Tokens s, counters and tokens a mixed group (13) includes Admiral Vernon medal and Medal 1924, in mixed grades

Auction 154
Tokens Tokens and s a varied and interesting group (14) Edward VII Visit to 1903 31mm diameter by Spink and Son NEF, Wirral and Birkenhead Agricultural Society 52mm diameter in awarded to Messrs Peter Patrick and Son for anti-sag gate hangings 1906 EF, France Watch fob of Schloss & co 1889 Universal Exposition 31mm diameter in silver, which reproduces in miniature the prize won by Schloss and Co. at the 1889 Exposition, NVF with fob mount at top, Argentina Constitution Jura 1854 32mm diameter in silver Fine, George III Golden Jubilee 1810 Eimer 1007var. 42mm diameter in , Good Fine, Counters (3) George III, Anne and Maria Theresa obverses VG to Fine, USA Hard Times Token (c.1837) 'The Constitution as I understand it', 'Roman Firmness' reverse, Fine, Duchess of Token 1774 in copper by J.Kirk Fine, some scratches, token by Sparrow of Bishopsgate, 1823 Ironmongers, reverse hot air balloon, 'ASCENDED AT OXFORD JUNE 23 1823' Good Fine, token or medalet George IV 1821 21mm diameter in copper Fine, Political and Social Series 1794 DH1016 edge 'CURRENT EVERY WHERE', Fine, plus an unidentified ancient coin

Auction 152
Tokens Tokens, Counters, Toy money a wide ranging group (80), in mixed grades

Auction 152
Tokens s, Tokens, Counters,. Mardi Gras Tokens (over 650) in mixed grades to UNC

Auction 151
Tokens s (2) James Warwell Draper, Dickinson 25/6 VG a detector find, Edward Penny Dickinson 215/216 VG date not visible, 1811 Workhouse Fine, Numismatic Society 1973 in , as part of a group of tokens, medals, counters etc., (36) largely in base metal, in mixed grades, along with USA Numismatic Society Medals Royal Visit to USA 1976 (22) UNC in slide cases, comes with display stands

Auction 146
Tokens Tokens, s, Counters, Paranumismatic etc. (approximately 5 Kilos) in mixed grades

Auction 145
Tokens A miscellaneous group (101) includes Pennies and 18th and , Tokens, Counters, Hop Tokens, Tokens, Toy Money etc. in mixed grades to UNC

Auction 143
Tokens (9), Pennies 18th Century (2), 18th Century (1), Penny (1), 19th Century (1), plus a small bag (18) of Counters, copies, toy money and a Victoria weight, in mixed circulated grades

Auction 142
Tokens Tokens, s, Counters etc. a varied group (32) in mixed grades
£50 London Coins : A142 : Lot 1158 : Tokens, Medals, Gaming Counters etc. a varied group (32) in mixed grades London Coins : A142 : Lot 1158 : Tokens, Medals, Gaming Counters etc. a varied group (32) in mixed grades

Auction 141
Tokens Tokens (63) mostly VG to Fine, Counters (To Hanover and Good Old Days etc.) (19), Transport Tokens (8) 1d Green (4) and 1 1/2d Purple (4) in mixed grades

Auction 137
Tokens Tokens, s, tokens, counters, paranumismatica etc. (89) in base metal, a varied group in mixed grades

Auction 136
Tokens 18th to (26) a varied group includes some 'GOOD OLD DAYS' counters, plus USA (7) North Tokens (2) Fine and Good Fine, Dimes (2) 1875 (holed), 1925, (3) 1900, 1926, 1936 in mixed grades to Fine

Auction 131
Tokens A varied group GB and World includes Tokens, Hop Tokens, Hammered, Counters, Guinea/ weighing scales (2), a Sovereign/ weighing scale, in mixed grades (small lot)

Auction 117
Tokens Tokens, Counters, Fruit Machine Tokens, Tokens etc. a varied group, in mixed grades

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