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Greece : Medals

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 161
Medals Operations against the Italians and the Germans 1940-1941 up to the of (134, with one extra ribbon), 32mm diameter in bronze, by E.Kelaides, VF to EF with the original ribbons, we note these being offered on internet retail websites at $60 each, Fire Cross 1914-1918 (35) UNC with ribbons, of modern appearance, Order Sign for Honour and Peace (20) UNC some with 1946, 1947, 1948 and 1949 buckles, or combinations EF to UNC some on cards, along with a box of ribbons, pins and buckles

Auction 159
Medals Major General Claude Martin AH1211 Obverse: Bust right LABORE . ET .. CONSTANTIA Reverse: Legend in Urdu in 3 lines, (Puddester. 796.1; Prid. 400A; BHM 424) Good Fine/Fine with some light verdigris as part of a group of GB and World a varied selection includes 30 Drachma 1963 A/UNC, Queen 1897 medal 25mm diameter in silver, the Official issue, EF, Shilling 1902 UNC, Penny 1788 VG, includes many India 1/12th Anna these silvered, a small group of 18th Century Tokens in mixed grades (lot)

Auction 146
Medals Patron's Medal 1930, bronze, in case. , Bank of Greece 60th Medal, silver, edge nicks AVF. , Horticultural Society of Picardy medal, silver. n Marine Corporation medal bronze, pierced. 1759-1959 Anniversary medal by P. Vincze, silver plated & numbered 32, in case. Together with three uniface medals (8)

Auction 139
Medals , medal in silver (80gms.), stamped "999", 55mm., obv. six small portraits with crown above, rev. Royal Arms surrounded by text in Greek. In case. EF.

Auction 127
Medals of , Visit to the 1880, by Adams, bronze 76mm., In case of issue. (Eimer 1668). EF. Issued by The Corporation of London
£130 London Coins : A127 : Lot 595 : George I of Greece, Visit to the City of London 1880, by Adams, bronze 76mm., In cas... London Coins : A127 : Lot 595 : George I of Greece, Visit to the City of London 1880, by Adams, bronze 76mm., In cas...

Auction 123
Medals World Crown sized Silver Medals (8) World Cup 1998 (4) depicting , France, and , 1996 , 1996 Eire, 1996 Sweden, 1997 , all Proof FDC in .999 Silver in capsules with certificates, of Lissa 1757, Surrender of as Eimer 656 Obverse Equestrian figure facing left FREDERIC KING OF PRUSSIA Exergue Rosbach Nov 5 Reverse Infantry attacking a fortress WE SUBMIT PRISONERS OF WAR Exergue Breslau Breslau Dec 20 1757 Fine, Eimer states that many similar medals of this type were struck, plus World Banknotes (2) 20 Francs 1935 Pick 39e 11/4/1935 Good Fine, 10 Marks 1971 Pick 28 Six digit number Fine

Auction 122
Medals 1887 80mm diameter in copper Eimer 1732 issued by the Corporation of , VF with some verdigris on the reverse, of Visit to London 1880 76mm in copper Eimer 1668 VF, 1844 Obverse: A.BANDIERA,E.BANDIERA,MORO,RICCIOTTI, NARDI,BERTI,VENERUCCI,ROCCA,LUPATELLI, E CONSORTI, Exergue A MEMORIA ED ESEMPIO Figure lighting torch within Reverse ORA E SEMPRE/ E FEDE NOSTRA/ GIOVARE-l'ITALICA LIBERTA/ MORTIMEGLIO CHE VIVI within wreath NVF some pitting, Practical Pathology Session 1909-1910 in copper and eye-shaped William James Edgar EF

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