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Hannover : World Bulk Lots

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 164
World Bulk Lots (14) (4) 1909D KM#996, 1912 KM#996, 1913 KM#996, 1911 90th Birthday of Prince Regent Luitpold KM#999, 3 Marks 1909J KM#620, 3 Marks 1914F KM#635, (7) 3 Marks 1913A 25th Year of the Reign of Kaiser Wilhelm II KM#535 (2), 1914A KM#538, s (4) 1861 Coronation of Wilhelm and Augusta KM#488 (3), 1871 KM#500, Thaler 1866B KM#230 EF to UNC most with lustre

Auction 163
World Bulk Lots (10) (3) 1913A, 1914A (2), - 5 Marks 1900E, 5 Marks 1913F, 5 Marks 1895D, Prussia 1913A 25th Year of Reign, Saxony-Albertine 3 Marks 1913 E Battle of Memorial, Bavaria 1840, 1864B, (3) 1914A, 1874A, s 1876F, (3) 1937J, 1938A, 1939A in mixed grades to EF

Auction 162
World Bulk Lots (20) -Cassel 2 1845 KM#608 Fine, 1855 Restoration of the Madonna Column in KM#465 GVF, Thalers (5) 1802A KM#368 Fine, 1871 Victory over KM#500 (2) EF and Good Fine, 1861 Coronation of Wilhelm and Augusta (2) KM#488 NEF and NVF, the second Ex-Reeves Auction 2/7/1976 Lot 1170, Prussia 1914 A Fine, 1910 A NEF, Saxe-Old- 1607WA Four Brothers KM#2 Fine, -Luneberg-- 4 Marien 1736 IAB KM#217 VF, One Mark 1898A NEF, Brunswick- 12 Mariengroschen 1674 KM#504 Fine, Cologne - Stuber 1744 Near Fine, Kreuzern (2) 1860 Fine, 1864 GF, Bavaria 2 Pfennig 1866 Good Fine, Prussia 3 Pfennigs 1872A, Schaumburg-Lippe 1858A Fine, Hesse-Cassel Silbergroschen 1853 Fine

Auction 154
World Bulk Lots (3) 1854B KM#220 GEF, 1814C KM#100.1 EF nicely toned, Thaler 1861 KM#852 GVF, 1840 Split legend EF

Auction 149
World Bulk Lots (8) 1785A Fine, Thaler 1808 Near Fine/Fine, 1833 EF toned, 16 Gute (2) 1792 VF, 1828 VF, 4 Schiilings (3) 1725, 1738 (2) all VG

Auction 134
World Bulk Lots and (11) German States (5) 1911D UNC Toned, 2 1/2 Silbergroschen 1850A UNC, 1862 UNC, 2 Pfennig 1856F Lustrous UNC, Kreuzer 1862 UNC with lustre, Germany (4) 1888A UNC, 1926E GEF, 4 Reichspfennig 1932A Toned UNC, 1951J A/UNC

Auction 132
World Bulk Lots (8) (2) 16 Gute 1832A Lustrous EF, 1855 NEF, Thaler 1871 Madonna with child KM#877 EF, (3) Five Marks 1903A GF, Five Marks 1907A GEF, Three Marks 1911A VF, (2) Five Marks 1908E GVF, Thaler 1867B Toned A/UNC

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