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Hollom Fforde Page Bank Of England Consecuti... : English Banknotes

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 163
English Banknotes of 10 Shillings & 1 Pound (61), 1 Pound (51) with signature varieties O'Brien (4), (5), (5) & (37), 10 Shillings (10) with signature varieties O'Brien (1), Hollom (2) & Fforde (7), FIRST series, REPLACEMENT and some ly numbered runs seen, mixed grades, many in high grade inc. Uncirculated £100 London Coins : A163 : Lot 1341 : Bank of England collection of 10 Shillings & 1 Pound (61), 1 Pound (51) with signature varieties... London Coins : A163 : Lot 1341 : Bank of England collection of 10 Shillings & 1 Pound (61), 1 Pound (51) with signature varieties...

Auction 162
English Banknotes (70), a very interesting and varied with FIRST RUN, LAST RUN, EXPERIMENTAL, REPLACEMENT and ly numbered runs seen, O'Brien 1 Pound B283 series A01N, B281 first run series A01, and a number of notes, 10 Shillings, 1 Pound & 5 Pounds a selection of replacement notes, Hollom 10 Shillings B295 first run series 01A, 1 Pound, a collection of replacement notes and first and last runs, 5 pounds 2 replacement notes, 5 Pounds (28) in 2 consecutively numbered runs, Page 1 Pound B339A scarce series 81R, first run notes series A01 and A01N, 50 Pounds series C12 348300, signature range O'Brien to with values from 10 Shilling to 50 Pounds, plus a on Tees Bank 5 Pounds note, mixed grades veiwing recommended

Auction 160
English Banknotes GB (72), 10 Pounds, 5 Pounds, 1 Pound & 10 Shillings, signed , , O'Brien, , , , , and , ly numbered notes, notes, first and last series notes all seen in this collection, most notes in EF or better, a superb collection worth viewing

Auction 159
English Banknotes & (125) in 2 albums and some loose, range from to 5 Pounds, Bradbury, , , , , O'Brien, , , , & Gill, 1st & last runs and s seen, including runs, mixed grades, a very interesting and varied collection of English banknotes, viewing recommended

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Buy English (British) Banknotes

London Coins holds auctions every three months in Bracknell, Berkshire with a dedicated section for English Banknotes. This section covers all paper money issued for use in England, Bank of England issues, Treasury Notes and provincial issues.

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