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International Exhibition 1862 : Medals

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 164
Medals Crystal Palace, Sydenham 1854 (2) Eimer 1487 41mm diameter in white metal by Pinches VF and EF, both contained in the original brass shells as issued by Pinches of , The 1862 36mm diameter GVF holed, in the original brass shell as issued, The International Exhibition 1872 30mm diameter in white metal by J.S. and A.B.Wyon Sr. UNC in the round card box of issue

Auction 161
Medals In White Metal a small group (4) The 1862 65mm diameter by Ottley, , Obverse Bust left HER MOST GRACIOUS MAJESTY QUEEN VICTORIA Reverse a side view of the building, THE INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION IN THE 25th YEAR OF THE REIGN OF QUEEN VICTORIA. OPENED 1st MAY 1862 DESIGNED BY CAPTAIN FOWKER.E. ERECTED BY MESSrs KELK AND LUCAS EF, The Houses of Parliament c.1847 44mm diameter, Obverse: View of the Houses of Parliament THE HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT LONDON C.BARRY ESQ. ARCHITECT, Reverse: Interior of the House of Lords, INTERIOR OF THE HOUSE OF LORDS EF, of Queen 1897 35mm diameter, unsigned, Obverse Bust left Crowned and Veiled, VICTORIA REGINA ET IMPERATRIX, 1897 below, Reverse Shields of , and Crowned IN COMMEMORATION OF THE SIXTIETH YEAR OF HER MAJESTYS REIGN, EF, and Exhibition 1901 38mm diameter Eimer 1858 unsigned, Obverse: Vignette containing busts of and Alexandra. NAVAL & MILITAREY EXHIBITION Exergue CRYSTAL PALACE 1901. Reverse: Vignette containing the conjoined busts of Victoria and Albert, below, Building . JUBILEE OF THE GREAT EXHIBITION HYDE PARK SYDENHAM 1851. 1901 EF in the packet of issue

Auction 161
Medals 1862 Prize medal 76mm diameter in bronze by L.C. the obverse after D.Maclise Eimer 1553, Obverse: Britannia seated, Left, surrounded by female figures bearing the products of Art, Science, Industry and Agriculture, a lion in the foreground, Reverse: 1862 LONDINI - HONORIS CA in 4 lines within a wreath, in two halves, an obverse and reverse pair, in the style of s, EF and unusual

Auction 153
Medals 1897 56mm in silver the official issue VF, Victoria Diamond Jubilee 1897 56mm in bronze the official Royal Mint issue EF, Victoria Diamond Jubill 1897 32mm in bronze Obverse Four generations of the , Four conjoined heads, VF, 1862 54mm in white metal VF, Victoria 'In ' medal in bronze GEF, 1953 45mm in base metal NEF

Auction 152
Medals 1862 s Medal Diademed Bust obv, FOR SERVICES rev Eimer 1554 55mm By copper Unc with the faintest touch of verdigris, along with Sir Soane 1834 façade of Bank of reverse 57mm copper Eimer 1278 Unc with some spots

Auction 152
Medals visit to The Queen Alexandra Dock, 1907 52mm diameter in bronze EF, Medal Edward VII 1902, 37mm diameter in bronze EF, Edward VII (3) and (1) Coronation & Memorial medals, white metal issues. EF, Exhibition medals (4), International Indus Exhibition 1851 by Allen & Moore; 1851, by , struck at exhibition; International Exhibition 1862 by Pinches, another with portrait of , all white metal issues. EF

Auction 150
Medals Minster 1829 44mm white metal and 1862 King of obv copper 40mm both Unc or near so

Auction 149
Medals Exhibitions (4) 1862 by Wiener, struck at exhibition, silver plated, another for 1862 exhibition by Pinches, bronze. Fine Art Exhibition 1874 by Morgan, bronze, named on edge. and Exhibition 1886, by , bronze. GVF. (4)

Auction 148
Medals Exhibitions (4), 1862 by A.Bovy, white metal, 1862, by Dowler, white metal (Eimer 155), London Fine Arts Exhibition 1873, by Morgan to C. Le Bosquet Catalogue no. 5262, lead, (Eimer 1622), Antwerp Exposition Anvers 1930, bronze, Fine or better. (4).

Auction 147
Medals Exhibitions (20), Exhibition of Art Treasures, 1857, w/m., 1862, Prize Medal (H.Hussey Vivian M.P. F.G.S. Juror Class 1), bronze, Fine Arts Exhibition 1873, gilded lead, and n Exhibition 1886, bronze, together with 16 other exhibition medals. Generally VF or better (20).

Auction 145
Medals Medals (10) of all Fine Arts 1874 51mm in bronze UNC, of Queen 1887 Leyland Free Library and Museum EF, Art Union of London 1849 Inigo Jones Reverse Banqueting House Whitehall 1616 54mm in copper EF, Universal Exhibition of London 1862 50mm in bronze EF, and the Foudroyant 38mm in copper VF with some spots, Prize Medal Muirkirk Photographic Association 1904 39mm in copper, Prize Medals (2) both aded to G.K.Murray the first 51mm diameter 1st High Jump Class II GEF boxed the second Athletic Sports 1931 G.K.Murray 3rd (equal) High Jump Open EF boxed, The Schneider Trophy 1981 51mm in bronze The Supermarine S6B UNC and lustrous, Destruction of the Armada 1588 Commemorates the of the 1988 Lustrous UNC

Auction 143
Medals 1862 by Ottley, Scottish s 1881, 1887, & Exhibition Crystal Palace 1901, 1902 and 1937, white metal issues. GVF.(6)

Auction 142
Medals 1862, s Medal, bronze, by W. , 55mm, rim stamped "D.K. Clarke". (Eimer 1554). Some contact marks otherwise VF.

Auction 141
Medals 1862 41mm diameter in silver Eimer 1556 by C.Schnitzpahn/J.Weiner Obverse Bust left TO THE COMMEMORATION OF HIS LATE R.H. THE PRINCE CONSORT ALBERT. Reverse: Façade of the Exhibition Building INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION 1862. Exergue: STAMPED IN THE BUILDING BY H.UHLHORN OF GREVENBROICH. PRUSSIA EF the obverse with speckled toning £50 London Coins : A141 : Lot 954 : International Exhibition 1862 41mm diameter in silver Eimer 1556 by C.Schnitzpahn/J.Weiner Obverse B... London Coins : A141 : Lot 954 : International Exhibition 1862 41mm diameter in silver Eimer 1556 by C.Schnitzpahn/J.Weiner Obverse B...

Auction 139
Medals 1862 Eimer 1556 41mm diameter in silver Obverse Bust left TO THE COMMEMORATION OF HIA LATE R.H.THE PRINCE CONSORT ALBERT Reverse Façade of the exhibition building INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION 1862 Exergue STAMPED IN THE BUILDING by H.UHLHORN of GREVENBROICH PRUSSIA. by Schnitzpan/Wiener GEF toned with a few light contact marks £90 London Coins : A139 : Lot 1404 : International Exhibition 1862 Eimer 1556 41mm diameter in silver Obverse Bust left TO THE COMMEMORAT... London Coins : A139 : Lot 1404 : International Exhibition 1862 Eimer 1556 41mm diameter in silver Obverse Bust left TO THE COMMEMORAT...

Auction 138
Medals 1862, by Wiener, white metal, stamped in the building (Eimer 1556) EF in card case of issue. Jutland Medal 1916 by Spink, white metal (Eimer 1951) GVF. Beekeepers Association silver medal, 44mm dia. in case. EF (3).

Auction 133
Medals 1862 and other medals by Ottley, eight white metal medals in damaged display case (lid detached), Prince Albert Memorial 1862, Chronology of the Reigns of , International Exhibition 1862 (6) slightly different designs and sizes. AEF

Auction 128
Medals " 1862, Prize Medal by L.C., bronze, 77mm. Rim stamped "" W.Brockedon & Co.Class XXIX"". Small scratch to obv. Field otherwise EF"

Auction 125
Medals 1862, s bronze medal by W. "For Services", rim impressed "F.A.Rainbow" (Eimer 1555). NEF.

Auction 123
Medals Assorted medals (6) including Recovery of Health rev. When we forget him may God forget us, copper . 1862, white metal, together with four other copper pieces. Generally VF.

Auction 111
Medals Copper, Bronze, White metal, and base metal a varied group mainly 18th and 19th Century (24) including 1862 51 mm in copper b

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