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Israel : Medals

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 160
Medals Victories 1704 40mm diameter in silver by G.Hautsch, Eimer 411, Obverse: Bust left, draped, ANNA D.G.MAG. BR. FR. ET. HIB. REGINA Reverse: Britannia Seated beneath a palm tree decorated with three shields, inscribed DE GALL ET BAVA AD DONAWERD / GERMANIA LIBERATA HOSTIB FVGAT / DE GALL ET BAVAITER AD HOCHSTAD beyond; GIBRALTAR and a fleet. DIVES TRIVUMPHIS ANGLIA, Exergue: FRETO GADITANOCCVPAT. CLASSE. GALL. FVGATA. MDCCIV. Edge: IN OMNI GENTE. QVAE ADVIERIT NOMENTVVM MAGNIFICABITVR SVPER TE DEVS ISRAEL.IVDITH. XIII 31 EF toned the obverse with some contact marks, the first of this type we have offered
£650 London Coins : A160 : Lot 1757 : British Victories 1704 40mm diameter in silver by G.Hautsch, Eimer 411, Obverse: Bust left, draped, ... London Coins : A160 : Lot 1757 : British Victories 1704 40mm diameter in silver by G.Hautsch, Eimer 411, Obverse: Bust left, draped, ...

Auction 160
Medals GB and World (54) Medals, includes some issues Crown-sized and in Silver, these UNC to FDC in the boxes of issue, and some interesting State medals in bronze (5) UNC boxed, along with some modern reproduction material, Numismatic covers and souvenir packs EF to UNC

Auction 157
Medals St. Patricks Day Medallic First Day Covers by the Franklin Mint (2) 1975 The Triumph over the Devil's Demon Birds on the Mountain Croagh Patrick c.439AD FDC on the envelope of issue with stamp, and 1978 St. Patricks Final Years FDC on the envelope of issue with stamp, both in the packs of issue with certificates, The 41st International Eucharist Congress 1976 a Medallic First day cover, medal FDC with stamp as issued. The United Nations 1974 Peace Medal in silver FDC in the pack of issue, plus a further group of medals (5) The 1976 Presidential Debate Eyewitness Medal, Mission to 1976 Eyewitness Medal, The 1977 Presidential Inaugural Eyewitness Medal, The 1977 Eyewitness Medal, President Sadat Visit to 1977 Eyewitness Medal these in sterling silver in the boxes of issue with certificates

Auction 154
Medals Moshe Dayan and Yitzhak Rabin 1967 a 4-piece set in bronze of Zahal (2) and of (2) UNC in presentation box, along with covering letter from 1967

Auction 151
Medals Thos Medallic History of the Scriptures Volume III, an 8-piece set of White metal s 73mm diameter, includes Jeraboham ordering the Man of God to be seized, Reconciliation between Jacob and hid brother Esau, Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego in the fiery furnace, Absalom slain by Joab in the wood of Ephraim, The philistine David cutting the head of Goliath, Moses descending from the mount and finding the ites worshipping the molten calf, The Shun amites son restored to life on the prayer of Elisha and Joseph's brethren selling him to the Ishmaelite Merchants EF in a large bookform case

Auction 151
Medals , Birth of I 1716, by G.B.A., silver, 24mm., obv. Heads of Charles & Elizabeth, rev. female standing with child, 25mm. Cleaned, Fine, along with Worlds n Exposition , USA 1892-1893 bronze, cleaned with edge bruising, Home for the Aged - Sons & daughters of , brass, together with six other US medals and a Ferry token. Generally VF. (10).

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