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Kent : Bonds and Shares

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 138
Bonds and Shares , Policy, Insurance , fire policy, 1881, large vignette of horse and fire fighting implements, black, VF. (1).

Auction 134
Bonds and Shares U.S.A., and Great Easton Co., unissued $1,000 bond, 1872, very attractive vignette of 'Boone being rescued by Kenton', black & green, with coupons, VF. (1).
£32 London Coins : A134 : Lot 78 : U.S.A., Kentucky and Great Easton Railway Co., unissued $1,000 gold bond, 1872&#...

Auction 128
Bonds and Shares , 7 certificates, Carriage Co. Ltd, 1907, Co. Ltd., 1893, Boots Pure Drug Co. Ltd., 1907, signed by Jessie Boot, East y Co. Ltd., 1911, Self-Acting Sewing Machine co. Ltd.,1884, Workman Clark & Co. Ltd., 1920, and Iberian Iron Ore Co. Ltd., 1894, mostly VF. (7)

Auction 124
Bonds and Shares U.S.A., 11 railroad bonds, and Great Eastern Co., bond for $1,000, 1872, vignette of ‘Boone rescued by Kenton?, unissued, North Eastern Co., 2 x bonds for $1,000, 1909, un, no vignette, and Lehigh Valley Railroad Co., 7 x registered bonds for $1,000, 1938-48, three colour types, and registered bond for $5,000, 1934, vignette of train approaching workmen, cancelled, mostly VF. (11).

Auction 123
Bonds and Shares , share certificate for £50, 1802, on vellum, cut for cancellation and damage to bottom left otherwise very fine.

Auction 123
Bonds and Shares , 9 policies, Alliance, 1878, & , 1911, & London & Globe, 1870, , 1893, Northern Plate Glass, 1912, West of , 1869, Scottish Union, 1876, County , 1854, and Fire, 1895, all with vignettes, mostly, F-VF. (9).

Auction 123
Bonds and Shares , 9 policies, Law Union, 1888, Atlas, 1887, Sun Office, 1842, Guardian, 1860, North and Mercantile, 1907, Caledonian, 1903, Fire, 1907, Union, 1888, and Royal Exchange, 1851, all with vignettes, also Sun Fire receipt 1845 and Prudential war bond policy certificate, 1919, mostly F-VF. (9).

Auction 123
Bonds and Shares , 3 colliery certificates, Brynlloi y Co. Ltd., certificate for one share 1874 black with coupons, Bettws Llantwit Colliery Ltd. certificate for one share 1873 black with coupons, also Snowdown Colliery Ltd. certificate for preferred ordinary sh 1912 vignette of colliery, red, all VF. (3).

Auction 122
Bonds and Shares U.S.A., and Great Eastern Co., unissued bond for $1,000, dated 1875, attractive vignette of Boone being rescued by Kenton, black & green, with coupons, AVF. (1).

Auction 121
Bonds and Shares , 20 certificates, dated 1847-1948, titles include, Co. Ltd., 1889, Oriental Inland Steam Co., 1860, Estuary Co., 1847, Crown Mines Ltd., bearer warrant, 1912, Consort Reef Gold Co. Ltd., 1888, Nidderdale Lead Mining Co. Ltd., 1865, Gold Reefs of West Ltd., 1900, Consolidated Copper Co., bearer warrant, 1912, A.W. Gamage Ltd., 1911, East y Co. Ltd., 1909, Guapo (Trinidad) Oil Co. Ltd., debenture made out to Michel Ephrussi, 1912, (the Ephrussis were an important Jewish family, connected to the s), United Mexican s Ltd., 1919, mostly F-VF. (20).

Auction 121
Bonds and Shares , 19 certificates, British Controlled s Ltd., 5 x certificates, 4 types, all 1931, Refineries Ltd., 2 types, both 1929, Premier Oil and Pipe Line Co. Ltd., 1911, British Motor Spirit Co. Ltd., 1923, Anglo-n Asphalt & Bitumen Ltd., 1927, Mocimboa Sisal (Holdings) Ltd., 1929, ies Corporation Ltd., 1898, vian Corporation Ltd., 1936, Palmarejo and Mexican Fields Ltd., 1946, Forest Mills of Ltd., 1913, Maclaurin Coal Products Ltd., 2 types, both 1929, Russo-n Oil Co. Ltd., 1913, and Tustanovice Petroleum Ltd., 1908, mostly VF. (19).

Auction 121
Bonds and Shares , Consolidated ies Corporation Ltd., bearer warrant for 50 sh, 1901, very ornate with vignette of mine, coast and cliff, black & dull red, with coupons, folded, otherwise AVF. (1).

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